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Janet Gaynor is a Actor American born on 6 october 1906 at Philadelphia (USA)

Janet Gaynor

Janet Gaynor
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Birth name Laura Augusta Gaynor
Nationality USA
Birth 6 october 1906 at Philadelphia (USA)
Death 14 september 1984 (at 77 years) at Palm Springs (USA)
Awards Academy Award for Best Actress

Janet Gaynor (October 6, 1906 – September 14, 1984) was an American film, stage and television actress and painter.

Gaynor began her career as an extra in shorts and silent films. After signing with Fox Film Corporation (later 20th Century Fox) in 1926, she rose to fame and became one of the biggest box office draws of the era. In 1929, she was the first winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performances in three films: 7th Heaven (1927), Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (1927), and Street Angel (1928). This was the only occasion on which an actress has won one Oscar for multiple film roles. Gaynor's career success continued into the sound film era, and she achieved a notable success in the original version of A Star Is Born (1937), for which she received a second Best Actress Academy Award nomination.

After retiring from acting in 1939, Gaynor married film costume designer Adrian with whom she had a son. She briefly returned to acting in films and television in the 1950s and later became an accomplished oil painter. In 1980, Gaynor made her Broadway debut in the stage adaptation of the 1971 film Harold and Maude and appeared in the touring production of On Golden Pond in February 1982. In September 1982, she sustained multiple injuries in a serious car accident which contributed to her death in September 1984.


Gaynor was married three times and had one child. Her first marriage was to lawyer Jesse Lydell Peck, whom she married on September 11, 1929. Gaynor's attorney announced the couple's separation in late December 1932. She was granted a divorce on April 7, 1933. On August 14, 1939, she married MGM costume designer Adrian in Yuma, Arizona. This relationship has been called a lavender marriage, since Adrian was openly gay within the film community while Gaynor was rumored to be gay or bisexual. The couple had one son, Robin Gaynor Adrian, born in 1940. They remained married until Adrian's death from a stroke on September 13, 1959.

On December 24, 1964, Gaynor married her longtime friend, stage producer Paul Gregory, to whom she remained married until her death. The two maintained a home in Desert Hot Springs, California and also owned 3,000 acres of land near Brasília.

Gaynor and her husband traveled frequently with her close friend Mary Martin and her husband. Actor Bob Cummings once quipped: "Janet Gaynor's husband was Adrian, but her wife was Mary Martin". A Brazilian press report noted that Gaynor and Martin briefly lived with their respective husbands in the state of Goiás in the 1950s and 1960s.

Best films

7th Heaven (1927)
State Fair (1933)
Street Angel (1928)
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (1927)
4 Devils (1928)

Usually with

Charles Farrell
Charles Farrell
(12 films)
Sonya Levien
Sonya Levien
(7 films)
David Butler
David Butler
(6 films)
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William Fox
(6 films)
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Hal Mohr
(3 films)
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Filmography of Janet Gaynor (46 films)

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Bernardine (1957)
, 1h35
Directed by Henry Levin
Origin USA
Genres Musical
Themes Musical films, Films based on plays
Actors Pat Boone, Terry Moore, Dick Sargent, Janet Gaynor, Dean Jagger, Ernestine Wade
Roles Mrs. Ruth Wilson
Rating58% 2.912442.912442.912442.912442.91244
A singing teen pairs his military-officer brother with a dream-girl telephone operator new in town.
The Young in Heart, 1h30
Directed by Richard Wallace
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama
Actors Janet Gaynor, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Paulette Goddard, Roland Young, Billie Burke, Henry Stephenson
Roles George-Anne Carleton
Rating72% 3.637633.637633.637633.637633.63763
A family of con artists led by Colonel Anthony "Sahib" Carleton (Roland Young) and his wife Marmy (Billie Burke) are working the French Riviera in search of wealthy potential mates for their daughter George-Anne (Janet Gaynor) and son Richard (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.). Sahib, a former Canadian actor, passes himself off as a former officer who served with the Bengal Lancers in India where he was given his honorary name. George-Anne flirts with her Scottish suitor, Duncan Macrea (Richard Carlson), whom she dismisses when she learns that he is not rich. And while Richard puts the moves on wealthy Adele Jennings, Sahib cheats her father out of a large sum of money in a card game. When the local police confirm the true identities of the Carleton family, they provide them with complimentary train tickets to London and order them to leave the country.
Three Loves Has Nancy, 1h10
Directed by Richard Thorpe
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Janet Gaynor, Robert Montgomery, Franchot Tone, Guy Kibbee, Claire Dodd, Reginald Owen
Roles Nancy Briggs
Rating64% 3.2448053.2448053.2448053.2448053.244805
Malcolm Niles, un écrivain new-yorkais, apprécie une soirée romantique avec l'actrice Vivian Herford, jusqu'à ce que la mère de celle-ci arrive et parle mariage. Pour éviter ce mariage, Malcolm décide de partir en tournée de promotion à travers le pays, comme le lui a suggéré son ami et éditeur Robert Hanson. Lors d'une séance de signature dans une petite ville du Sud, Malcolm rencontre Nancy Briggs, qui ne montre aucun intérêt à ses livres et prévoit de se marier le soir même avec George Wilkins Jr. Lorsqu'il reçoit un télégramme de Robert lui annonçant que Vivian vient de quitte New York, il prend un train pour rentrer en ville, et y trouve Nancy, dont le fiancé ne s'est pas présenté lors de la cérémonie et qu'elle a l'intention de retrouver. Malgré ses efforts pour l'éviter, c'est à cause de Nancy qu'il rate une correspondance car il était en train de chercher les gants que la jeune femme avait oubliés. Il la retrouve à la porte de chez lui, car elle a découvert que non seulement George avait disparu mais qu'il n'étais pas comme elle le lui avait dit directeur de magasin. Comme elle n'a nulle part où aller, elle demande à Malcolm de l'aider à retrouver son fiancé. Il est sur le point de la jeter dehors mais, quand Vivian arrive, il lui dit qu'il est avec Nancy. Habitant chez Malcolm, Nancy prend une part de plus en plus importante dans la vie de ce dernier et dans celle de Robert. Malcolm commence à tomber amoureux d'elle, de même que Robert. Il le nie mais quand George réapparaît et réclame Nancy, il se bat avec lui. Malcolm finit par admettre qu'il l'aime et la demande en mariage. Peu après le mariage, Nancy et Malcolm s'embarquent pour l'Europe, mais elle réalise soudain qu'elle a oublié ses gants à terre, Malcolm court pour les retrouver mais ne peut revenir à temps au quai et voit le bateau s'éloigner.
A Star Is Born, 1h51
Directed by Jack Conway, William A. Wellman
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Musical theatre, Romance
Themes Films about films, Films about television
Actors Janet Gaynor, Fredric March, Adolphe Menjou, Andy Devine, May Robson, Lionel Stander
Roles Esther Blodgett aka Vicki Lester
Rating72% 3.646763.646763.646763.646763.64676
North Dakota farmgirl Esther Victoria Blodgett (Janet Gaynor) yearns to become a Hollywood actress. Although her aunt and father discourage such thoughts, Esther's grandmother (May Robson) gives her her savings to follow her dream.
Small Town Girl, 1h46
Directed by William A. Wellman, Robert Z. Leonard
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Janet Gaynor, Robert Taylor, James Stewart, Binnie Barnes, Lewis Stone, Andy Devine
Roles Katherine 'Kay' Brannan
Rating66% 3.3450753.3450753.3450753.3450753.345075
Kay Brannan (Janet Gaynor) is so bored with her life that she can barely tolerate her family and prospective suitor Elmer (James Stewart). A traffic diversion brings hundreds of Yale-Harvard football players through town. One of them, Robert Dakin (Robert Taylor), a socially prominent surgeon from Boston, asks her for directions to a popular roadhouse and takes her there to join in the fun.
Change of Heart, 1h17
Directed by John G. Blystone
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Children's films
Actors Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell, Ginger Rogers, James Dunn, Dick Foran, Beryl Mercer
Roles Catherine Furness
Rating61% 3.053723.053723.053723.053723.05372
After their graduation from college, friends Catherine Furness (Janet Gaynor), Chris Thring (Charles Farrell), Mack McGowan (James Dunn) and Madge Rountree (Ginger Rogers) move to New York City. Madge hopes to become an actress, lawyer Chris wants to work for a big firm, Mack aspires to being a radio crooner, and Catherine desires to be a writer. Although the quartet are great friends, their relationships are strained by their romantic entanglements, for Catherine is in love with Chris, who has eyes only for Madge, while Madge cannot make up her mind between Chris and Mack, who adores Catherine.
Servants' Entrance, 1h28
Directed by Walt Disney, Frank Lloyd
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Musical
Themes Musical films
Actors Janet Gaynor, Lew Ayres, Ned Sparks, Walter Connolly, Louise Dresser, Astrid Allwyn
Roles Hedda Nilsson/Helga Brand
Rating71% 3.590533.590533.590533.590533.59053
En Norvège, Heiress Hedda Nilson, une jeune fille de bonne famille dont le père est un riche banquier est sur le point de se marier. Persuadée que ses parents subissent un important revers financier, elle décide de trouver un emploi pour aider le foyer familial. Avec son fiance, Karl Berghoff, elle entreprend ainsi de vivre durant trois mois, le quotidien de gens simples en devenant elle domestique, lui chauffeur personnel....Mais bientôt les complications arrivent.
State Fair
State Fair (1933)
, 1h40
Directed by Henry King
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Musical, Romance
Themes Musical films, Films based on plays, Children's films
Actors Janet Gaynor, Will Rogers, Lew Ayres, Sally Eilers, Louise Dresser, Norman Foster
Roles Margy Frake
Rating67% 3.3918753.3918753.3918753.3918753.391875
Un fermier de l'Iowa et sa famille se rendent à la foire annuelle de Des Moines, la capitale de l'Iowa. Ses enfants y trouveront l'amour, avec plus ou moins de bonheur.