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Jason London is a Actor, Scriptwriter and Grip American born on 7 november 1972 at San Diego (USA)

Jason London

Jason London
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Birth name Jason Paul London
Nationality USA
Birth 7 november 1972 (51 years) at San Diego (USA)

Jason Paul London (born November 7, 1972) is an American actor, best known for his role as Randall "Pink" Floyd in director Richard Linklater's film Dazed and Confused.

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51 (2011)

Directed by Jason Connery
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Horror
Actors Bruce Boxleitner, Rachel Miner, Vanessa Branch, Jason London, John Shea, Billy Slaughter
Roles Aaron 'Shoes' Schumacher
Rating35% 1.764891.764891.764891.764891.76489
Political and public pressure coerces the government into allowing two well-known reporters and their assistants limited access to the ultra-secretive Area 51. The group consists of 20-year news veteran Sam Whitaker; his camera-woman Mindy; Claire Fallon, an ambitious writer, journalist, and head of an acclaimed news blog called The Fact Zone; and her cameraman Kevin. The four tour the base and things go well for a while, but when one of the base's "occupants" attempts to liberate both himself and those of his fellow species, Area 51 changes from being a secured government facility to a place of horror.
Storm War
Storm War (2011)
, 1h22
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction
Themes Disaster films, American disaster films
Actors Jason London, Stacy Keach, Wes Brown, Erin Cahill, Lance E. Nichols, Gary Grubbs
Roles David Grange
Rating33% 1.6579451.6579451.6579451.6579451.657945
A series of freak weather occurrences around Washington, D.C. reunites two estranged brothers who are the sons of a once prestigious climate scientist. One of them suspects their father is behind it and upon further investigation, they discover that all of their father's enemies are dead - victims of freak weather accidents. Soon their suspicions are confirmed as their father hijacks radio and TV transmissions to relay the message that unless a certain Senator who canceled his United States Department of Defense contracts is handed over, the city of Washington D.C will suffer the consequences. As the brothers race to form a plan that can defeat their father, he lets loose a variety of diabolical weather weapons on the Smithsonian, Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, and National Mall.
Snow Beast
Snow Beast (2011)

Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Horror
Themes Films about animals, Natural horror films
Actors John Schneider, Jason London, Danielle Chuchran
Roles Barry
Rating35% 1.774951.774951.774951.774951.77495
In the Canadian wilderness, people have been mysteriously disappearing every year which is being investigated by Ranger Barry (Jason London). Jim Harwood (John Schneider) brings his rebellious daughter Emmy (Danielle Chuchran) with him to Canada following her suspension from school for punching another student. When in Canada, Jim meets with his associates Rob (Paul D. Hunt) and Marci (Kari Hawker) so that they can study the local lynx. They soon discover that there are no lynx or other wildlife in the area. They soon find themselves being stalked by a mysterious snow monster that is the cause of the disappearances.
Genres Fantasy, Horror
Actors Jason London, Robert Picardo, Leonor Varela, Griff Furst
Roles Yale
Rating36% 1.8203951.8203951.8203951.8203951.820395
A group of people who represent an oil company find a new place to drill. However, when they set off an explosion, it unleashes a wolf-like creature that kills all the workers.
The Terror Experiment, 1h22
Directed by George Mendeluk
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action, Horror
Themes Zombie films
Actors C. Thomas Howell, Judd Nelson, Jason London, Alicia Leigh Willis, Sarah Laine, Chuck Bush
Roles Cale
Rating35% 1.78931.78931.78931.78931.7893
Un terroriste s'introduit dans un immeuble sécurisé occupé par des employés de la C.I.A. Parvenant jusqu'au laboratoire, il provoque volontairement la fuite d'un gaz expérimental. Le fait de respirer ce gaz transforme les victimes en zombies agressifs. Rapidement la plus grande partie du personnel est touchée. Pendant ce temps les autorités cernent le bâtiment et empêchent les pompiers d'y pénétrer, au grand dam de la police locale. Un groupe de quelques survivants parmi lequel se trouve l'inventeur du produit va tenter de trouver une solution...
The Devil's Tomb, 1h30
Directed by Jason Connery
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, War, Thriller, Action, Horror
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Cuba Gooding Jr., Taryn Manning, Henry Rollins, Valerie Cruz, Bill Moseley, Ray Winstone
Roles Hicks
Rating37% 1.8639351.8639351.8639351.8639351.863935
An elite group of soldiers led by Mack (Cuba Gooding, Jr.), are sent by a CIA agent named Elissa Cardell (Valerie Cruz) to rescue her father, a scientist named Wesley (Ron Perlman), who is working on an archaeological dig site in the Middle Eastern desert. When they enter the dig site, which is a large underground laboratory, they encounter a priest who has strange boils all over his body. The team's medic, Doc (Taryn Manning) sedates the priest. Click (Brandon Fobbs) uses the dig site's terminal to activate the elevator and notices something codenamed the Gehenna Project and asks Cardell if she knows what it is but she denies knowing about it. Mack orders Nickels (Zack Ward) to stay and watch the priest while the rest of the team takes the elevator deeper into the dig site.
A Golden Christmas, 1h35
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romance
Themes Christmas films
Actors Andrea Roth, Nicholas Brendon, Elisa Donovan, Bruce Davison, Alley Mills, Jason London
Roles Mitch
Rating54% 2.7496852.7496852.7496852.7496852.749685
Jessica passe les fêtes de fin d'année avec sa famille. Ses parents décident de déménager, elle a donc l'idée d'acheter la maison dans laquelle elle a de nombreux souvenirs d'enfance, cependant une autre personne souhaite également acquérir la maison.
A Golden Christmas, 1h35
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romance
Themes Christmas films
Actors Andrea Roth, Nicholas Brendon, Elisa Donovan, Bruce Davison, Alley Mills, Jason London
Roles Mitch
Rating54% 2.7496852.7496852.7496852.7496852.749685
One summer a long time ago, a little girl and boy, Jessica and Michael, were brought together by a very special dog (a golden retriever). They played in the nearby woods all summer long; it was puppy love, and Michael pledged his love to Jessica. After the summer ended, they never saw each other again.
Sutures (2009)
, 1h23
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Horror
Themes Medical-themed films, Psychologie, Films about psychiatry
Actors Christopher John Thomason, Allison Lange, Jeff Burr, Jason London, Andrew Prine, B.J.Britt
Roles Detective Zane
Rating41% 2.062692.062692.062692.062692.06269
Une bande de jeunes croisent la route d'un chirurgien qui a tendance à opérer des patients bien portants. Ils découvrent qu'il fait partie d'une organisation qui fait du trafic d'organes...
The Devil's Tomb, 1h30
Directed by Jason Connery
Origin Russie
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Action, Horror
Themes Films about computing, Jeu
Actors Cuba Gooding Jr., Ray Winstone, Ron Perlman, Mikhaïl Gorevoy, Viktor Verjbitski, Taryn Manning
Roles Hicks
Rating51% 2.5750052.5750052.5750052.5750052.575005
Boris Gromov et ses assistants, Lebedev et Victor Pokrovski, inventent un programme informatique pour créer un commando de soldats d'élite. Le programme est un jeu vidéo enregistré sur un CD. Le jeu donne au joueur une nouvelle force, le transformant en soldat d'élite. Le joueur maîtrise dans sa vie réelle les capacités physiques décuplées de son personnage virtuel. Boris Gromov fabrique les CD dans un dirigeable amarré sur une base militaire secrète.
The Wishing Well, 1h30
Directed by David Jackson
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Christmas films
Actors Jordan Ladd, Jason London, Ernest Borgnine, Sally Kellerman, Tessie Santiago, Yeardley Smith
Roles Mark Jansen
Rating61% 3.098113.098113.098113.098113.09811
Slow Creek est une petite bourgade du centre des Etats-Unis. Là, se trouve un puits réputé magique. Un jour, la petite Abby Jansen, qui a récemment perdu sa mère et dont le père, Mark, dirige le journal local, fait un voeu. Peu de temps après, la célèbre journaliste Cynthia Tamerline est envoyée sur place afin de conscarer un article au phénomène. Elle rentre ensuite à New York mais le lendemain se réveille dans la ville de Slow Creek où tout a changé...
Killer Movie, 1h31
Directed by Jeff Fisher
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Horror comedy, Horror, Crime, Slasher
Themes Comedy horror films
Actors Paul Wesley, Kaley Cuoco, Jason London, Torrey DeVitto, Al Santos, Gloria Votsis
Roles Mike
Rating44% 2.2192.2192.2192.2192.219
Celebrity Jake Tanner (Paul Wesley) travels to a small town to film a reality TV-show about the town's hockey team. However, town local Jaynie (Leighton Meester) is soon murdered, being decapitated by a piece of wire hung up between two trees, but the murder is passed off as an accident. Jake meets with the show's producers, Lee (Cyia Batten) and Phoebe (Torrey DeVitto) who now want to investigate the murder.
Adventures of Johnny Tao
Directed by Kenn Troum, a.k.a. Kenn Scott
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Martial arts, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films
Actors Matthew Twining, Kelly Perine, James Hong, Ilram Choi, Jason London, Michael Gregory
Roles Jimmy
Rating42% 2.122482.122482.122482.122482.12248
Johnny Dow struggles to make a living at his small town gas station by charging motorists to see the electric guitar used by his late father, who was a one-hit-rock and roll wonder. Legend has it the guitar was carved in the shape of a dragon's head and made in part from an ancient spear his father found in the crater of a shooting star. When Johnny's friend Eddie stumbles upon the other half of the spear he releases an ancient demon hungry for power and destruction. Mika, a beautiful Chinese warrior who holds the secret to fighting Eddie and his army of kung-fu, sugar-craving warriors reveals to Johnny that the only way to stop the evil spirit is to use the first half of the spear - the dragon on Johnny's guitar! Together Johnny and Mika set out to fight Eddie and his army, reunite the two halves of the spear, restore peace to the town and - of course - save the world!
All Roads Lead Home
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Films about animals, Films about horses
Actors Vivien Cardone, Peter Coyote, Jason London, Vanessa Branch, Patton Oswalt, Peter Boyle
Roles Cody
Rating58% 2.902442.902442.902442.902442.90244
The story is about a 12-year-old girl, Belle, who loses her mother in a car accident. She is sent to her grandfather's for releasing all of the kennel dogs where her father works. When all the animals start to get sick and die in Belle's hometown, her father's veterinarian girlfriend struggles to find out what is killing the healthy animals. When Belle's father and his girlfriend visit, Belle's dog attacks the grandfather's farmhand Basham. Because Belle is now running the farm, she decides the dog should be put to death because that is what she learned on the farm. She learns this after running away with one of her grandpa's horses, two puppies, and the dog she will later decide to euthanize. She almost dies while running away in the middle of a torrential downpour when she slips and falls and goes unconscious on a pair of railroad tracks while a train approaches. Luckily, Basham saves her. When the dog is about to die, It is discovered that the food Basham was carrying contained a lethal mold that was killing the animals. The vet goes to the factory where the food was made and fixes the problem, ending the dog epidemic. Then, Belle's rich grandpa has an inn turned into a no-kill animal shelter. And they all lived happily ever after.