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Jay Rodan is a Actor, Director and Scriptwriter British born on 15 may 1974

Jay Rodan

Jay Rodan
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Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 15 may 1974 (46 years)

Jay Rodan, né le 15 mai 1974 à Durban, en Afrique du Sud, est un acteur britannique. Il est également écrivain et réalisateur.

Né d'un père écossais et d'une mère sud-africaine d'origine écossaise, française et hollandaise, son enfance s'est résumée à voyager entre l'Afrique du Sud, l'Inde, laGrande-Bretagne et le Canada.

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The Game of Their Lives, 1h41
Directed by David Anspaugh
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Sports films, Association football films
Actors Gerard Butler, Wes Bentley, Zachery Ty Bryan, Jay Rodan, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Louis Mandylor
Roles Frank Wallace
Rating60% 3.049893.049893.049893.049893.04989
The film details the true story of the 1950 US soccer team which, against all odds, beat England 1–0 in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil during the 1950 FIFA World Cup. The story is about the family traditions and passions that shaped the players who made up this team of underdogs. One group of teammates were from The Hill neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri. Another group came from the Corky Row district of Fall River, Massachusetts.
Monsieur N., 2h
Directed by Antoine de Caunes
Origin France
Genres Drama, Thriller, Historical
Themes Political films, Histoire de France, Napoleonic Wars films, French Revolution films
Actors Philippe Torreton, Richard E. Grant, Jay Rodan, Elsa Zylberstein, Roschdy Zem, Bruno Putzulu
Roles Basil Heathcote
Rating66% 3.3460053.3460053.3460053.3460053.346005
Après la défaite de Waterloo, les Anglais exilent Napoléon Bonaparte à Sainte-Hélène, île minuscule perdue au milieu de l'Océan Atlantique. C'est ainsi que l’Empereur déchu, qui a eu l'Europe à ses pieds, se retrouve étouffé dans un lieu au climat hostile, où il devra rester jusqu'à sa mort. C’est là qu’il dicte ses mémoires et se construit son mythe.
Callas Forever, 1h50
Directed by Franco Zeffirelli
Origin France
Genres Drama, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Films about classical music and musicians, Musical films
Actors Fanny Ardant, Jeremy Irons, Joan Plowright, Jay Rodan, Justino Díaz, Manuel de Blas
Roles Michael
Rating65% 3.2980253.2980253.2980253.2980253.298025
The partially fictionalized film is set in 1977, the year in which Callas died, and centers on the making of a movie of Georges Bizet's Carmen. The diva, whose now-ragged voice is well past its prime, is persuaded to star in it by longtime friend and former manager Larry Kelly, who abandoned classical music to become a rock impresario. He insists by lip-synching to her old recording she will recapture her lost youth and leave behind a priceless legacy for her admirers, and his theory is supported by Callas confidante and journalist Sarah Keller.
Julius Caesar, 2h58
Directed by Uli Edel
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Biography, Historical
Actors Jeremy Sisto, Richard Harris, Christopher Walken, Valeria Golino, Chris Noth, Heino Ferch
Roles Marc Antony
Rating65% 3.298043.298043.298043.298043.29804
The series begins in 82 BC when Julius Caesar is an eighteen-year-old man. He is out in the town with his daughter Julia when news comes that Lucius Cornelius Sulla is just outside the city walls and intends to take the city with his army. The guards sent with the news post death lists on the senate door. When he sees that his father-in-law's name is there he rushes to his house to try and help him escape. However, Pompey arrests him and takes him to Sulla. Caesar's mother, Aurelia, asks Sulla to show him mercy; out of respect for her, he promises to let Caesar live if he divorces his wife, Cornelia, but Caesar refuses. Sulla lets him go but orders Pompey to kill him and bring his heart to him. Pompey follows Caesar and tells him to leave Rome, which he does. Pompey buys a swine's heart from the market and tells Sulla that the heart is Caesar's.
The Caveman's Valentine, 1h45
Directed by Kasi Lemmons
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about music and musicians, Musical films, Films about psychiatry
Actors Samuel L. Jackson, Colm Feore, Aunjanue Ellis, Anthony Michael Hall, Tamara Tunie, Jay Rodan
Roles Joey Peasley
Rating58% 2.901482.901482.901482.901482.90148
A former family man and pianist studying at Juilliard music school, Romulus Ledbetter (Samuel L. Jackson), now suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and lives in a cave in Inwood Park, New York. He believes that a man named Cornelius Gould Stuyvesant is controlling the world with rays from the top of the Chrysler Building, and that his mind is inhabited by moth-like seraphs. On Valentine’s Day, he discovers the frozen body of a young man, Scotty Gates (Sean MacMahon), left in a tree outside his cave. The police, including Romulus's daughter Lulu (Aunjanue Ellis), dismiss the man's death as accident however, a homeless ex-lover of Scotty tells Romulus that he was murdered by the famous photographer David Leppenraub (Colm Feore). Determined to discover the truth behind Scotty’s death and prove his worth to his daughter, Romulus manages to get an invitation through a former friend to perform one of his compositions at Leppenraub’s farm. What unfolds thereafter is a twisted tale of mystery, deception, and a man's struggle against his own mind.
The Triumph of Love, 1h52
Directed by Clare Peploe
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Théâtre, Films based on plays
Actors Mira Sorvino, Rachael Stirling, Ben Kingsley, Fiona Shaw, Jay Rodan, Ignazio Oliva
Roles Agis
Rating59% 2.9510552.9510552.9510552.9510552.951055
Dans un pays non identifié d'Europe au XVIII siècle, la fille d'un usurpateur a hérité du trône. Elle apprend que la reine a donné naissance à un prince, héritier légitime, qui a été envoyé secrètement vivre avec le grand philosophe Hermocrate.
The Lost Battalion, 1h32
Directed by Russell Mulcahy
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Historical
Themes Political films
Actors Rick Schroder, Michael Brandon, Jamie Harris, Jay Rodan, Adam James, Daniel Caltagirone
Roles Lt. Leak
Rating69% 3.497763.497763.497763.497763.49776
The movie follows the events and hardships suffered by the nine companies, roughly 550 men, of the United States Army 77th Infantry Division ("Statue of Liberty") that had been completely cut off and surrounded by German forces a short distance away in the Argonne Forest. The force was led by Maj. Charles W. Whittlesey, who was disparagingly described as a "New York lawyer" by his commanders. The battalion was part of what was supposed to be a three-pronged attack through the German lines. The battalion believed another American force was on its right flank and a French force on its left, not knowing that they had both retreated. The battalion lost contact with headquarters. Whittlesey sent several runners to headquarters, but none of them returned. He ended up having to rely on carrier pigeons to communicate. During the siege, American artillery began firing on the German position in the forest as the Americans cheered. However, the artillery began falling on the American line, killing numerous men in friendly fire. Whittlesey sends a pigeon to headquarters with a message saying they were being hit by their own artillery, saying, "For heaven's sake, stop it". The headquarters receives the message and stops firing. Witnessing the incident, the Germans attack the disoriented American force, but they are repelled by the Americans in fierce fighting and retreat back to their trenches.