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Jesse Ventura is a Actor American born on 15 july 1951 at Minneapolis (USA)

Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura
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Nationality USA
Birth 15 july 1951 (68 years) at Minneapolis (USA)

Jesse Ventura, né le 15 juillet 1951 à Minneapolis, est un acteur, ancien catcheur professionnel et homme politique américain. Il a été le 38e gouverneur de l'État du Minnesota.


Ancien membre des Underwater Demolition Teams, unités d'élite de l'US Navy dévolues à la démolition d'obstacles sous-marins et de préparation de débarquement, il fait ensuite une longue carrière dans le catch au sein de la WWE et à la WCW. Sa carrière de catcheur s'arrête en 1985. Il joue alors dans quelques films comme Predator ou Running Man (deux films d'actions dont Arnold Schwarzenegger est l'acteur principal).

Il commence sa carrière politique comme maire de Brooklyn Park dans le Minnesota de 1991 à 1995. Il est ensuite le candidat du Parti de la réforme pour les élections du gouverneur de 1998. Menant une campagne à petit budget avec des publicités inhabituelles appelant les citoyens à ne pas « voter pour la politique comme d'habitude » (vote for politics as usual), il est élu contre toute attente, gagnant de peu face aux candidats démocrate et républicain. Il quitte le parti de la Réforme un an après son élection à la suite de guerres intestines pour le contrôle du parti.

Il est gouverneur de l'État du Minnesota du 8 janvier 1999 au 6 janvier 2003, et ne sollicite pas de second mandat.

Comme gouverneur, Ventura supervise les réformes de la taxe foncière du Minnesota et la réduction de la TVA d'État. Parmi les autres initiatives sous son mandat, la construction du Métro léger de Minneapolis de la zone urbaine Minneapolis–Saint Paul et des coupes dans les impôts sur le revenu.

Il devient professeur invité à la John F. Kennedy School of Government de l'université d'Harvard en 2004. Il a depuis animé de nombreux shows télévisés. Il est ainsi le 23 novembre 2009, le présentateur d’un soir de WWE Raw, émission de catch de la World Wrestling Entertainment. Il a écrit plusieurs livres politiques.

Ventura reste politiquement actif et actuellement anime un show sur Ora TV et RT (ex Russia Today) appelée Off the Grid.

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Major League II (1994)

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Woodshop (2010)
, 1h30
Origin USA
Actors Jesse Ventura, Ross Marquand, Don S. Davis, Mitch Pileggi
Roles Mr. Madson

Class valedictorian Chris Johnson is a high school senior whose only interested in one thing: maintaining his 4.0 GPA and moving on to an Ivy League school. But when he blows up a classroom in a chemistry class mishap, he receives a devastating “F” that threatens his ambitions. So Chris strikes a deal with the school’s principal and agrees to spend one Saturday of detention in the woodshop in exchange for wiping the grade from his record. What Chris didn’t count on was having to survive the ex-Army Ranger who runs the woodshop, the eccentric students in class and one kid’s plan to blow them all up.
The Ringer
The Ringer (2005)
, 1h34
Directed by Barry W. Blaustein
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Medical-themed films, Sports films, Films about the Olympic Games, Films about disabilities
Actors Johnny Knoxville, Katherine Heigl, Brian Cox, Bill Chott, Jed Rees, Edward Barbanell
Rating57% 2.8998752.8998752.8998752.8998752.899875
Steve Barker (Johnny Knoxville) hates his job but after over two years of working, receives a promotion. His first duty is to fire his friend Stavi, who is the janitor. Steve fires Stavi (Luis Ávalos), but hires him to work around his apartment. Stavi gets three fingers cut off in a lawn-mower accident, and reveals that he doesn't have health insurance. Steve must raise $28,000 within two weeks to pay for the surgery to re-attach his friend's fingers. His uncle Gary (Brian Cox), owes $40,000 in gambling debts and suggests that they fix the Special Olympics in San Marcos, Texas in order to solve both of their financial problems. Steve, who competed in track and field in high school as well as being in the drama club, enters the Special Olympics in the guise of a high functioning young man with learning difficulties named Jeffy Dahmor. Gary, assuming that Steve will easily defeat the legitimate contenders, bets $100,000 that reigning champion Jimmy Washington won't win the gold medal. Despite initially being disgusted at pretending to be mentally challenged, Steve goes along with it for Stavi.
Stuck on You, 1h58
Directed by Frères Farrelly, Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy
Themes Films about families, Films about television, Buddy films
Actors Matt Damon, Greg Kinnear, Eva Mendes, Pat Crawford Brown, Cher, Seymour Cassel
Rating56% 2.8487452.8487452.8487452.8487452.848745
Conjoined twins Bob and Walt Tenor try to live as normally as possible. Outgoing and sociable Walt aspires to be a Hollywood actor, however, whereas shy, introverted Bob prefers the quiet life. They run Quikee Burger, a diner in Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard, that guarantees free meals to customers whose orders are not completed in three minutes, a testament to how skilled and in sync Bob and Walt are with each other. Though Walt is comfortable socializing with women, Bob is the shyer of the two, and carries on a long-distance relationship with a pen pal named May Fong whom he has never met in person, and who is unaware that they are conjoined twins.
The Master of Disguise, 1h20
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Fantasy
Actors Jennifer Esposito, James Brolin, Dana Carvey, Dylan Sprouse, Brent Spiner, Harold Gould
Rating33% 1.6526651.6526651.6526651.6526651.652665
In Palermo, Italy in 1979, Fabbrizio Disguisey, the latest in a long line of Italian secret agents known as "Masters of Disguise", breaks up a smuggling ring run by the evil Devlin Bowman but barely avoids getting caught (while disguised as Bo Derek). Bowman is arrested and Fabbrizio decides it best to keep his family's identity a secret from his infant son, Pistachio.
Joe Somebody, 1h38
Directed by John Pasquin
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romance
Actors Tim Allen, Julie Bowen, Kelly Lynch, Greg Germann, Hayden Panettiere, Patrick Warburton
Rating55% 2.750382.750382.750382.750382.75038
Joe Scheffer (Tim Allen) is a recently divorced single parent, and a talented audio/visual specialist at STARKe Pharmaceuticals, his place of employment. One day Joe pulls into the parking lot at work to find his co-worker Mark McKinney (Patrick Warburton) parking in a spot that has been reserved for those who have worked for the company for 10 years. However, McKinney has only worked there for 7 years. When Joe confronts McKinney about this, McKinney assaults him in front of his young daughter Natalie (Hayden Panettiere). Joe falls into a state of depression until Meg Harper (Julie Bowen), the Wellness Coordinator at STARKe, accidentally ignites a fuse in him when, in a fit of frustration, she asks Joe, "What do you want?" Joe is suddenly stirred to action by this question, and decides he wants a rematch to reclaim his dignity and self-respect, which he felt McKinney took from him.
Beyond the Mat, 1h42
Directed by Barry W. Blaustein
Origin USA
Genres Documentary
Themes Sports films, Documentary films about sports, Professional wrestling documentary films
Actors Mick Foley, Jesse Ventura, Dwayne Johnson, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Barry W. Blaustein, Paul Heyman
Roles Himself
Rating75% 3.798573.798573.798573.798573.79857
The film begins with director Barry Blaustein discussing his love for professional wrestling and clips of him viewing employees of the World Wrestling Federation and Extreme Championship Wrestling. He then decides to travel the United States over a three-year period, endeavoring to understand the mindset of someone who would voluntarily choose to become a professional wrestler. Blaustein interviews a wide variety of wrestling personalities and ascertains their motivations.
Batman & Robin, 2h5
Directed by Joel Schumacher
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Fantastic, Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Crime
Themes Films about children, Medical-themed films, Batman films, Superhero films, Films about psychiatry, Super-héros inspiré de comics, Films set in psychiatric hospitals, Eco-terrorism in fiction
Actors Michael Paul Chan, John Glover, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vivica A. Fox, George Clooney, Chris O'Donnell
Roles Arkham Asylum Guard
Rating37% 1.853251.853251.853251.853251.85325
Batman and Robin fail to stop Mr. Freeze from stealing a cache of diamonds. They learn that Freeze was once a scientist named Victor Fries, who became dependent on a diamond-powered subzero suit following an accident in a cryogenics lab while working to save his wife, Nora, from a terminal illness called MacGregor's Syndrome.
Major League II, 1h45
Directed by David S. Ward
Genres Comedy
Themes Sports films, Baseball films
Actors Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, Richard Schiff, Corbin Bernsen, Jesse Ventura, Jay Leno
Roles himself
Rating55% 2.7999952.7999952.7999952.7999952.799995
Last season, the Cleveland Indians won the division title by beating the New York Yankees in a one-game playoff, but they were defeated in the ALCS by the Chicago White Sox.
Demolition Man, 1h55
Directed by Marco Brambilla
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Crime
Themes Sports films, Films about terrorism, Transport films, Films set in the future, Martial arts films, Political films, Road movies, Dystopian films, Chase films
Actors Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Sandra Bullock, Nigel Hawthorne, Benjamin Bratt, Bob Gunton
Roles CryoCon
Rating66% 3.348773.348773.348773.348773.34877
In 1996, psychopathic career criminal Simon Phoenix kidnaps a number of hostages and takes refuge with his gang in an abandoned building. LAPD Sgt. John Spartan uses a thermal scan of the building and finds no trace of the hostages, and leads an unauthorized assault to capture Phoenix. When he is captured, Phoenix sets off a series of explosives that bring down the building, and when the police search the wreckage, they find the corpses of the hostages. Spartan is charged with manslaughter, and he is incarcerated along with Phoenix in the city's new "California Cryo-Penitentiary", where they will be cryogenically frozen. During their time "in deep freeze", they are to be rehabilitated through subconscious conditioning.
Ricochet (1991)
, 1h45
Directed by Russell Mulcahy
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action, Crime
Themes Films about music and musicians, Hip hop films, Gangster films
Actors Denzel Washington, John Lithgow, Ice-T, Kevin Pollak, Lindsay Wagner, Rielle Hunter
Roles Chewalski
Rating61% 3.050513.050513.050513.050513.05051
Fils d'une famille défavorisée, Nick Styles s'est engagé dans la police. Une brillante arrestation, celle du criminel Earl Talbot Blake, lui vaut les honneurs de la presse. Styles gravit alors les échelons et devient procureur.
Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe, 1h30
Directed by Damian Lee
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Action, Adventure
Themes Films about extraterrestrial life, Films about extraterrestrial life
Actors Jesse Ventura, Sven-Ole Thorsen, Damian Lee, James Belushi, Marilyn Lightstone
Roles Abraxas
Rating27% 1.369911.369911.369911.369911.36991
Abraxas (Jesse Ventura) and Secundus (Sven-Ole Thorsen), are intergalactic police officers, or Finders, from a planet called Sargacia. Their race is physically similar to humans but with an expanded lifespan; Abraxas has been a Finder for almost 10,000 years. Each Finder is equipped with an Answer Box, which serves as a communicator and scanner. It can also detect any object from a distance based on the object's vibration. When testing for the Anti-Life Equation, the subject being scanned will disintegrate if they do not contain the equation.
Repossessed, 1h20
Directed by Bob Logan
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Horror comedy, Horror
Themes Films about religion, Films about television, Demons in film, Comedy horror films
Actors Leslie Nielsen, Linda Blair, Ned Beatty, Anthony Starke, Thom Sharp, John Ingle
Roles Himself
Rating48% 2.40182.40182.40182.40182.4018
Father Jedediah Mayii (Nielsen) casts out the devil from the body of young Nancy Aglet (Blair). Seventeen years later, in 1990, Nancy's body is possessed once again, however, while watching "The Ernest and Fanny Miracle Hour", a religious broadcast.
Directed by David Mitchell
Genres Action, Adventure
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Boxing films
Actors Michael Ironside, William Sanderson, Jesse Ventura, M. Emmet Walsh
Roles The Man
Rating53% 2.65472.65472.65472.65472.6547
A con-artist meets a tough fighter and sees him as her ticket to a better life. The two make an agreement and head off to New Orleans to arrange a match with "the man" - the mysterious king of bare-knuckled boxing. There are no rules for this man wins when the other dies.
No Holds Barred, 1h33
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action
Themes Sports films
Actors Hulk Hogan, Joan Severance, Kurt Fuller, Tom Lister, Jr., Mark Pellegrino, Bill Henderson
Roles Himself - Commentator #1
Rating44% 2.204162.204162.204162.204162.20416
Rip Thomas is the World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion, and his appearances on network television have been a thorn in the side of Brell, the head of the struggling World Television Network. The day after Rip's most recent title match, Brell attempts to bribe the champion into joining his network, but Rip declines the offer. After Rip disposes of Brell's thugs on his way home, Brell visits the No Count Bar, where he comes up with his own wrestling program called Battle of the Tough Guys. The show is successful due to the introduction of Zeus, an ex-convict and former protege of Rip's trainer Charlie. Zeus wins the $100,000 tournament and becomes Brell's prized fighter.