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Jim Dale is a Actor American born on 15 august 1935 at Rothwell, Northamptonshire (United-kingdom)

Jim Dale

Jim Dale
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Birth name James Smith
Nationality USA
Birth 15 august 1935 (85 years) at Rothwell, Northamptonshire (United-kingdom)
Awards Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

James "Jim" Dale, MBE (born 15 August 1935), is an English actor, voice artist, and singer-songwriter. He is best known in the United Kingdom for his many appearances in the Carry On series of films and in the US for narrating the Harry Potter audiobook series, for which he received two Grammy Awards, and the ABC series Pushing Daisies, as well as starring in Pete's Dragon. In the 1970s, Dale was a member of the National Theatre Company.


Early years
Dale was born to William Henry Smith and Miriam Jean Wells in Rothwell, Northamptonshire. He was educated at the Kettering Grammar School. He trained as a dancer for six years before his debut as a stage comic in 1951, when, at the age of seventeen and a half, he became the youngest professional comedian on the British stage. He performed two years' national service in the Royal Air Force.

Later years
Dale has lived in New York City since 1980. He was married to Patricia from 1957 until their divorce in 1977. They had four children. The eldest boy, Murray, was briefly a successful actor in the 1970s children's television series Boy Dominic. Middle son Adam, a successful aerial cameraman, is the winner of the Golden Arrow Award for Best Helicopter Cameraman. His youngest son, Toby, is, in his father's words, "a brilliant actor". All three live in London. Dale has five grandchildren. His only daughter, Belinda, died of leukaemia in December 1995. His first wife, Patricia, died in March 1977, after a long battle with cancer. In 1980, Dale married Julie Schafler, the owner of Madison Avenue's Julie: Artisan's Gallery.

Best films

Pete's Dragon (1977)

Usually with

Gerald Thomas
Gerald Thomas
(15 films)
Peter Rogers
Peter Rogers
(15 films)
Charles Hawtrey
Charles Hawtrey
(10 films)
Joan Sims
Joan Sims
(10 films)
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The Hunchback, 1h39
Directed by Peter Medak
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Horror, Romance
Themes Films about children
Actors Salma Hayek, Mandy Patinkin, Richard Harris, Edward Atterton, Nigel Terry, Jim Dale
Roles Clopin
Rating61% 3.0938853.0938853.0938853.0938853.093885
The year is 1480 in Paris. Dom Frollo, a highly religious man, adopts an abandoned, deformed baby on the steps of Notre Dame, believing him to be sent by God. He names the child Quasimodo and raises him as his son.
Unidentified Flying Oddball
Directed by Russ Mayberry
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Comic science fiction
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Time travel films, Comedy science fiction films, Children's films, Robot films
Actors Dennis Dugan, Ron Moody, Kenneth More, John Le Mesurier, Rodney Bewes, Jim Dale
Roles Sir Mordred
Rating53% 2.6547652.6547652.6547652.6547652.654765
La NASA décide de mettre en place un voyage spatial habité qui dispose de la vitesse de la lumière. Le nom de la navette ainsi que du projet dénommé "Stardust". Le voyage est à destination de l'étoile la plus proche de nous connu sous le nom d'Alpha du Centaure mais le ministre de la défense refuse ce projet car la durée du voyage dure 4 ans 1/2 pour y aller et autant pour y revenirainsi que 20 ans pour explorer le système de la dite étoile donc trop long pour des humains. Le ministre impose un ultimatum de mettre autre chose que des humains dans cette navette. Le professeur Zimmerman (chef du projet) téléphone à un jeune savant dénommé Tom Trimble pour construire un humanoïde (un robot de forme humaine) qui pourra effectuer le dit voyage, il devra parler et fonctionner. Tom Trimble construit l'humanoïde auquel il donne son propre visage et le nomme "Hermès", en référence au dieu grec des transports. Hermès a sa propre intelligence artificielle et apprends rapidement les connaissances dispensées par son créateur. Il a des réflexes humains et réagit comme un humain; ainsi il pourra expliquer les effets du vol durant ces 9 ans de voyage aller-retour. Hermès est présenté au ministre qui approuve le projet. Le jour du départ de la fusée transportant la navette, Hermès refuse de partir car il a peur de pas revenir alors Tom Trimble est envoyé à bord pour le raisonner, mais un éclair frappe la tour de décollage et fait partir accidentellement la navette avec Hermès et Tom encore à bord. Hermès est mis hors circuit sous le coup de la force du décollage et laisse seul aux commandes Tom Trimble. Trimble ne peut revenir sur Terre et il est obligé de faire le voyage. Trimble décide d'essayer de réparer Hermès mais pendant ce temps la navette déclenche la vitesse lumière. Trimble s'aperçoit que la navette tourne autour de la Terre puis atterrit. Il atterrit en Grande-Bretagne et il sort en scaphandre. Une jeune fille le prend pour un monstre et Trimble décide de la suivre à Camelot. Trimble s'aperçoit en chemin qu'il se retrouve dans l'Angleterre du VI siècle après J.C. au temps du roi Arthur.
Hot Lead & Cold Feet, 1h30
Directed by Robert Butler
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Action, Western
Themes Children's films
Actors Don Knotts, Darren McGavin, Karen Valentine, Jim Dale, Jack Elam, John Williams
Roles Eli / Wild Billy / Jasper Bloodshy
Rating61% 3.0984353.0984353.0984353.0984353.098435
Jasper Bloodshy (Dale) runs the rough-and-tumble town of Bloodshy—named after him because he founded it—which lives in fear of Jasper's gunslinging son Wild Billy (also played by Dale). Jasper has just found out he has another son named Eli (again, played by Dale), who lives in Philadelphia.
Pete's Dragon, 1h45
Directed by Don Bluth, Don Chaffey
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Musical, Animation
Themes Films about animals, Films about children, Films about magic and magicians, Films about music and musicians, Films about dragons, Musical films, Children's films, Films about child abuse
Actors Helen Reddy, Jim Dale, Mickey Rooney, Red Buttons, Shelley Winters, Sean Marshall
Roles Dr. Terminus
Rating63% 3.1999153.1999153.1999153.1999153.199915
In the early 1900s, a young orphan named Pete flees his abusive adoptive hillbilly family, the Gogans. As Lena Gogan and company pursue him ("The Happiest Home in These Hills"), an unseen force, which Pete calls Elliott, knocks them into a mud pit. The next morning, Pete and Elliott, a green and purple dragon who has the power of invisibility, share breakfast ("I Love You, Too") and visit Passamaquoddy, a village where the unseen Elliott, performing clumsy antics, causes Pete to be labeled a source of ill luck. Lampie, the drunken old lighthouse keeper, stumbles out of a tavern and encounters Pete. A mischievous Elliott makes himself visible, and a terrified Lampie runs into the saloon to warn the townsfolk ("I Saw a Dragon"). In a seaside cave, Pete scolds Elliott for causing trouble. Just as they make up, Lampie's daughter Nora appears, having spotted Pete earlier. She says that due to the ongoing tides from the sea, that it's unsafe for Pete to stay, thus leaving Elliott to remain there. She offers him shelter at the lighthouse, and they talk ("It's Not Easy"). Pete learns the story of Nora's fiancé, Paul, whose ship was reported lost at sea the previous year. Pete promises to ask Elliott about Paul, and Nora accepts, believing Elliott to be an imaginary friend.
Joseph Andrews, 1h44
Directed by Tony Richardson
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Action, Adventure, Romance
Actors Ann-Margret, Peter Firth, Michael Hordern, Beryl Reid, Jim Dale, Peter C. Bull
Roles The pedlar
Rating57% 2.854032.854032.854032.854032.85403
Lady Booby alias "Belle", the lively wife of the fat landed squire Sir Thomas Booby, has a lusty eye on the attractive, intelligent villager Joseph Andrews, a Latin pupil and protégé of parson Adams, and makes him their footman. Joseph's heart belongs to a country girl, foundling Fanny Goodwill, but his masters take him on a fashionable trip to Bath, where the spoiled society comes mainly to see and be seen, yet Sir Thomas really seeks relief for his sick foot, but drowns in the famous Roman baths. When the all but grieving lady finds Joseph's Christian virtue and true love resist her lusting passes just as well as the many ladies who fancy her footman, she fires the boy. On his way back on foot, he falls prey to highwaymen who rob him of everything, even the clothes on his back. He is found and nursed by an innkeeper's maid, which stirs lusts there, again besides his honorable conduct, but is found by the good parson. Meanwhile the lady consents to her cousin marrying below their station when learning the fiancée is Joseph's sister, Pamela. The parson barely escapes a wicked gentleman's totally unjust, all but gentle justice after being accused of the attempted rape committed by a squire he actually prevented and comes to learn ever more about a relevant child-theft by gypsies, but meanwhile he, Joseph and Fanny fall prey again to the rapist's utter debauchery.
Adolf Hitler - My Part in His Downfall, 1h42
Directed by Norman Cohen
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy
Themes Political films
Actors Jim Dale, Arthur Lowe, Bill Maynard, Tony Selby, Geoffrey Hughes, Spike Milligan
Roles Spike Milligan
Rating58% 2.949892.949892.949892.949892.94989
Aspiring jazz musician Terence "Spike" Milligan reluctantly obeys his call-up and joins the Royal Artillery regiment at Bexhill-on-Sea, where he begins training to take part in World War II. But along the way Spike and his friends get involved in many amusing - and some not-so amusing - scrapes.
Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World, 1h28
Directed by Joseph McGrath
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Science fiction, Fantastic, Comedy, Adventure, Horror
Themes L'adolescence, Films about animals, Films about education, Films about children, Comedy science fiction films, Films about dogs, Children's films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère, Films about school violence
Actors Jim Dale, Spike Milligan, Angela Douglas, Norman Rossington, Victor Spinetti, Molly Urquhart
Roles Jeff Eldon
Rating54% 2.704862.704862.704862.704862.70486
The story is about an Old English Sheepdog who accidentally drinks a liquid growth formula (a form of experimental fertilizer), and expands to gigantic proportions. Two criminals then steal Digby, and sell him to a circus. Digby, however, escapes by breaking his chains, and running at will across the countryside of the United Kingdom. The boy who owns Digby, as well as the scientist who worked on the growth formula, both realize that Digby is constantly increasing in size, and will soon cause enormous damage unless something is done immediately. The scientist finds out he has created a chemical that might reverse the growth formula. The British military, however, is attempting to solve the problem of the oversized sheepdog in their own way: by use of bombs and artillery.
Carry On Again Doctor, 1h26
Directed by Gerald Thomas
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about sexuality, Erotic films
Actors Sid James, Charles Hawtrey, Jim Dale, Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims, Barbara Windsor
Roles Doctor Jimmy Nookey
Rating63% 3.15023.15023.15023.15023.1502
A disgraced doctor is sent to a remote clinic on an inhospitable tropical island where he learns of a native slimming potion. He flies back to England to cash in on the potion, soon finding success running a lavish slimming clinic. However his former professional rivals who had been instrumental in sending him away in the first place now want a slice of the profits, as does the real discoverer of the slimming potion.
Lock Up Your Daughters, 1h42
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy
Themes Films based on plays
Actors Christopher Plummer, Susannah York, Glynis Johns, Ian Bannen, Tom Bell, Jim Dale
Roles Lusty
Rating52% 2.6388352.6388352.6388352.6388352.638835
A bawdy yarn concerning three sex-starved sailors on leave and on the rampage in a British town.
Carry On Follow That Camel, 1h35
Directed by Gerald Thomas
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy
Themes Military humor in film, Films about sexuality, Erotic films
Actors Phil Silvers, Jim Dale, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims, Kenneth Williams, Angela Douglas
Roles Bertram Oliphant 'Bo' West
Rating61% 3.050963.050963.050963.050963.05096
His reputation brought into disrepute by Captain Bagshaw, a competitor for the affections of Lady Jane Ponsonby, Bertram Oliphant West a.k.a. "Bo" decides to leave England and join the French Foreign Legion, followed by his faithful manservant Simpson. Originally mistaken for enemy combatants at Sidi Bel Abbès, the pair eventually enlist and are helped in surviving Legion life by Sergeant Knocker, although only after they discover that when he is "on patrol" he is actually enjoying himself at the local cafe with the female owner, ZigZig.
The Plank
The Plank (1967)
, 45minutes
Directed by Eric Sykes
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy
Actors Tommy Cooper, Eric Sykes, Jimmy Edwards, Arthur Lowe, Roy Castle, Graham Stark
Roles House Painter
Rating67% 3.395133.395133.395133.395133.39513
After one of the characters uses the last floorboard for heating, the two hapless carpenters have to buy a replacement. They return to the house with the plank on top of a Morris Eight Series E, but the journey is fraught with unexpected difficulties.
Carry On Doctor, 1h34
Directed by Gerald Thomas
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about sexuality, Erotic films
Actors Frankie Howerd, Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Jim Dale, Barbara Windsor
Roles Doctor Jim Kilmore
Rating65% 3.2509953.2509953.2509953.2509953.250995
Francis Bigger (Howerd) is a charlatan faith healer, convinced that "mind over matter" is more effective than medical treatment. During a lecture, he stumbles offstage and is admitted to the local hospital. In hospital, he incessantly groans and whines about being "maltreated", demanding better treatment than the other, eccentric patients. These include: bedridden layabout Charlie Roper (James) who shams illnesses to stay in hospital; Ken Biddle (Bresslaw) who makes frequent trips to the ladies' ward to flirt with his love interest, Mavis Winkle (Dilys Laye); and Mr Barron (Hawtrey) who seems to be suffering sympathy pains while his wife awaits the birth of their baby. While being treated, Bigger meets two very different doctors. Clumsy yet charming Dr Kilmore (Dale) is popular with the patients and loved from afar by the beautiful Nurse Clark (Harris) while hospital registrar Dr Tinkle (Kenneth Williams) is universally detested, as is his battleaxe Matron (Jacques), who harbours an unrequited love for him.