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Joanna Krupa is a Actor Polonaise born on 23 april 1979 at Warsaw (Pologne)

Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa
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Nationality Pologne
Birth 23 april 1979 (44 years) at Warsaw (Pologne)

Joanna Krupa ([jɔˈanːa ˈkrupa]; born 23 April 1979) is a Polish American model and actress. She is best known for her appearances on the reality television shows Dancing with the Stars, Poland's Next Top Model and The Real Housewives of Miami.


After several years of dating, Krupa became engaged to nightclub owner and businessman Romain Zago in 2010. They married on 13 June 2013 in Aviara, Carlsbad, California, with the wedding costing approximately $1 million.

Usually with

Vince Offer
Vince Offer
(2 films)
Steven Seagal
Steven Seagal
(1 films)
Scott Caan
Scott Caan
(1 films)
Craig Mazin
Craig Mazin
(1 films)
J.J. Perry
J.J. Perry
(1 films)
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Filmography of Joanna Krupa (7 films)

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InAPPropriate Comedy, 1h23
Directed by Vince Offer
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Rob Schneider, Michelle Rodríguez, Adrien Brody, Lindsay Lohan, Joanna Krupa, Vince Offer
Roles Beautiful Girl
Rating27% 1.360361.360361.360361.360361.36036
The framing device has Vince Offer pressing buttons on his tablet computer that open offensive applications.
Mercenary for Justice, 1h31
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action
Actors Steven Seagal, Roger Guenveur Smith, Luke Goss, Michael K.Williams, Shirly Brener, Langley Kirkwood
Roles Emma
Rating41% 2.0578752.0578752.0578752.0578752.057875
CIA dirty deeds man John Dresham (Luke Goss) and Black Ops organiser Anthony Chapel (Roger Guenveur Smith) hire John Seeger (Steven Seagal) and his crew for a mission in the French-controlled Galmoral Island in Southern Africa. They tell them they are helping the locals when in reality they just want to get rich on petrol and diamonds.
Scary Movie 4, 1h23
Directed by David Zucker
Origin USA
Genres Fantastic, Comedy
Themes Comedy science fiction films, Serial killer films, Comedy horror films
Actors Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Craig Bierko, Bill Pullman, Anthony Anderson, Carmen Electra
Rating51% 2.5545952.5545952.5545952.5545952.554595
Shaquille O'Neal and Dr. Phil awaken to find themselves chained to pipes in a spoof of Saw. Their host, Billy the Puppet, reveals the room is filling with nerve gas. The only way to get the saws was to make a basket. Shaq misses twice, injuring Phil, but still managed to get the saws. Phil realizes they have to cut through their own feet. Shaq tricks Phil into doing so, but accidentally saws off the wrong foot, inadvertently leaving both men to die.
The Dog Problem
Directed by Scott Caan
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Giovanni Ribisi, Viola Lynn Collins, Scott Caan, Mena Suvari, Kevin Corrigan, Sarah Shahi
Roles Taffy
Rating61% 3.098053.098053.098053.098053.09805
In the film, Solo (Ribisi) is a down-on-his-luck writer who is encouraged by his psychiatrist (Cheadle) to get a dog. Solo meets his love interest (Collins), whom he assumes to be a dog owner when meeting her at a dog play park, but dog problems stand in their way.
Max Havoc: Curse Of The Dragon, 1h30
Directed by Albert Pyun
Genres Martial arts, Action, Martial arts
Themes Seafaring films, Sports films, Transport films, Martial arts films, Yakuza films, Gangster films
Actors Mickey Hardt, David Carradine, Joanna Krupa, Vincent Klyn, Marie Matiko, Richard Roundtree
Roles Jane Goody
Rating34% 1.720121.720121.720121.720121.72012
The story centers around Max Havoc (Mickey Hardt), an ex-kickboxing champion known as "Mad Max", turned globetrotting sports photographer. Max quit kickboxing after accidentally killing a fellow boxer during an unlikely comeback in the ring, but still suffers from flashbacks to the fight. After a bar scuffle over a biker girl (Nikki Ziering), his agent (Diego Walraff) sends him to Guam for a publicity photo shoot. There, Max encounters Tahsi (Richard Roundtree), his former kickboxing coach, now an antiques dealer, and promises to catch up with him later. While photographing an outrigger canoe race from a jet ski, Max rescues Christy Goody (Tawney Sablan), a vacationer who was about to be unwittingly run over by the canoes. In the process, he knocks over one of the canoes, earning the wrath its head rower, Moko (Pyun veteran Vincent Klyn). He is also admonished by Jane (Joanna Krupa), Christy's sister, for his brazen driving. However, she later apologizes and agrees to a dinner date.
The Underground Comedy Movie, 1h28
Directed by Vince Offer
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Vince Offer, Michael Clarke Duncan, Gena Lee Nolin, Angelyne, Karen Black, Brian Van Holt
Rating19% 0.961460.961460.961460.961460.96146
The film mainly consists of skits featuring celebrities in various roles, based on concepts Offer had originally performed on a Public-access television show he had hosted. Skits included Gena Lee Nolin posing as Marilyn Monroe, supermodels loudly using the restroom, and a superhero named "Dickman" who dressed in a penis costume and defeats his enemies by squirting them with semen.
Planet of the Apes, 1h52
Directed by Franklin J. Schaffner
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Action, Adventure, Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction
Themes Films about animals, Films about computing, Post-apocalyptic films, Psychologie, Films about racism, Films about religion, Time travel films, Films based on science fiction novels, Films set in the future, Films about apes, Political films, Cyberpunk films, Dystopian films, Children's films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère, Arme nucléaire, Disaster films, Lobotomie
Actors Charlton Heston, Roddy McDowall, Maurice Evans, Kim Hunter, James Whitmore, James Daly
Rating79% 3.9971553.9971553.9971553.9971553.997155
Astronauts Taylor (Charlton Heston), Landon (Robert Gunner), Dodge (Jeff Burton) and Stewart are in deep hibernation when their spaceship crashes in a lake on an unknown planet after a long near-light speed voyage, during which, due to time dilation, the crew ages only 18 months. As the ship sinks, Taylor finds Stewart dead and her body desiccated. They throw an inflatable raft from the ship and climb down into it; before departing the ship, Taylor notes that the date is November 25, AD 3978, approximately two millennia after their departure in 1972. Once ashore, Dodge performs a soil test and pronounces the soil incapable of sustaining life.