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Joanne Samuel is a Actor Australienne born on 5 august 1957 at Sydney (Australie)

Joanne Samuel

Joanne Samuel
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Nationality Australie
Birth 5 august 1957 (66 years) at Sydney (Australie)

Joanne Samuel (born 5 August 1957) is an Australian actress who is best known for her role as the screen wife of Mel Gibson's title character in the 1979 film Mad Max.

Best films

Mad Max (1979)

Usually with

George Miller
George Miller
(3 films)
Byron Kennedy
Byron Kennedy
(2 films)
Ian Coughlan
Ian Coughlan
(1 films)
Bob McCarron
Bob McCarron
(2 films)
Steve Bisley
Steve Bisley
(2 films)
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Filmography of Joanne Samuel (11 films)

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Not Quite Hollywood, 1h43
Genres Comedy, Documentary
Themes Documentary films about business, Documentary films about the film industry, Documentary films about films
Actors Phillip Adams, Christine Amor, Steve Bisley, Glory Annen Clibbery, Jamie Blanks, Graeme Blundell
Roles Self
Rating75% 3.7911653.7911653.7911653.7911653.791165
Not Quite Hollywood documents the revival of Australian cinema during the Australian New Wave of the 1970s and '80s through B-movies including Alvin Purple, Barry McKenzie Holds His Own, Dead-End Drive In, Long Weekend, Mad Max, The Man from Hong Kong, Patrick, Razorback, Road Games, Stork and Turkey Shoot. From 1971 through to the late 1980s, Australian directors began to take advantage of the newly introduced R-rating which allowed more on-screen nudity, sex and violence for audiences restricted to age 18 and over. "Ozploitation"—writer-director Mark Hartley's own portmanteau of "Australian exploitation"—was a subgenre of the New Wave which accounted for the critically panned "gross-out comedies, sex romps, action and road movies, teen films, westerns, thrillers and horror films" of the era, commonly overlooked in Australia's "official film history". The film addresses three main categories of "Ozploitation" films: sex, horror and action.
The Wiggles Movie, 1h23
Themes Musical films, Children's films
Actors Joanne Samuel, Jeff Fatt
Rating62% 3.1467753.1467753.1467753.1467753.146775
Wally the Great (Tony Harvey), great-grandson of Waldo the Magnificent, is an amateur magician whose dream is to win the competition at the Magic Club for Best Magician. However, he is confronted with a rival, Roland the Remarkable (Dale Burrdge), who believes Wally is a nobody. Meanwhile, children's entertainers The Wiggles, consisting of lead singer Greg Page, guitarist Murray Cook, drummer Anthony Field and keyboardist Jeff Fatt, are performing at a nearby school for Dorothy the Dinosaur's Birthday. Mrs. Bingle (Joanne Samuel), the principal, had an accident with Anthony after she blew a whistle, causing him to act extremely silly. Wally, watching from behind a wall, sees Dorothy herself laying Greg's (who is a magician) wand on a table while sulking that everyone has forgotten her birthday but really they were trying to keep the surprise party for her a secret. Wally quickly snatches it but is caught by Dorothy. The two have a tug of war and the wand breaks in half. Meanwhile, the Wiggles decide to go out looking for Dorothy in their Big Red Car.
Watch the Shadows Dance
Directed by Mark Joffe
Genres Action
Actors Nicole Kidman, Joanne Samuel, Vince Martin, Sean Garlick, Craig Pearce, Christopher Truswell
Roles Sonia Spane
Rating34% 1.7334351.7334351.7334351.7334351.733435
A tight-knit group of high school students studies karate with Steve Beck (Vince Martin), a former soldier in an unnamed war. They begin working at 5:00 a.m., which makes them sleepy in Sonia Spane's (Joanne Samuel) class. Spane is Beck's former lover, and she complains to him about the relentless schedule of his classes. Beck's students also engage in a mock war game at night, which is held in a factory. The losers get tagged with a fluorescent dye on their faces. When Spane sees the dye on a student's face, she interrogates them about the game, which they call "kuma".
The City's Edge, 1h26
Genres Drama
Actors Hugo Weaving, Mark Lee, Julie McGregor, Martin Colin Sacks, Joanne Samuel
Roles Prostitute 1
Rating50% 2.537462.537462.537462.537462.53746
Andy comes to Sydney and falls in love with the sister of a heroin addict.
Early Frost, 1h35
Genres Drama, Horror
Actors Jon Blake, David Franklin, Guy Doleman, Joanne Samuel, Danny Adcock
Roles Chris
Rating51% 2.590062.590062.590062.590062.59006
A number of mysterious accidents involving the deaths of women in suburban Australia, lead Val to suspect her son of mass-murder.
Mad Max 2
Mad Max 2 (1981)
, 1h35
Directed by George Miller
Origin Australie
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, Western
Themes Environmental films, Seafaring films, Post-apocalyptic films, Films about religion, Transport films, Films about automobiles, Motocyclette, Films set in the future, Political films, Road movies, Dystopian films, Chase films, Disaster films
Actors Mel Gibson, Michael Preston, Bruce Spence, Vernon Wells, Virginia Hey, Emil Minty
Roles Jessie Rockatansky (archive footage) (uncredited)
Rating75% 3.7981753.7981753.7981753.7981753.798175
Five years after avenging his wife and child, with supplies of petroleum having become nearly exhausted following a major energy crisis and a global war, ex-Main Force Patrol officer "Mad" Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson) roams the now depopulated and desolate desert in his scarred, black supercharged V-8 Pursuit Special, scavenging for food, water, and fuel. His only companions are an Australian Cattle Dog and a rare functioning firearm–a sawed-off shotgun–for which ammunition is very scarce.
Alison's Birthday
Directed by Ian Coughlan
Genres Thriller, Horror
Actors Joanne Samuel, Bunney Brooke, John Bluthal, Vincent Ball, Julie Wilson, Rosalind Speirs
Roles Alison Findlay
Rating57% 2.8999452.8999452.8999452.8999452.899945
The story starts in sequence with 16-year-old Alison Findlay (Samuel) and her two friends playing a seemingly innocent ouija board game. Upon contacting a spirit, who is later revealed to be Alison's dead father (she never knew her actual parents), the girls discover that Alison is in danger. The spirit then possesses one of the girls and warns her not to return home for her 19th birthday. The girl is immediately killed after a bookcase collapses onto her.
Mad Max
Mad Max (1979)
, 1h28
Directed by George Miller
Origin Australie
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Social science fiction, Action, Adventure, Crime, Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction
Themes Environmental films, Seafaring films, Post-apocalyptic films, Films about religion, Transport films, Films about automobiles, Motocyclette, Films set in the future, Political films, Road movies, Dystopian films, Disaster films
Actors Mel Gibson, Steve Bisley, Joanne Samuel, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Roger Ward, Tim Burns
Roles Jessie Rockatansky
Rating67% 3.398983.398983.398983.398983.39898
A berserk motorcycle gang member named Crawford "Nightrider" Montazano (Vincent Gil), having killed a rookie officer of an Australian highway patrol called the Main Force Patrol (MFP) while escaping from police custody, is attempting to outrun the other MFP officers in a stolen Pursuit Special. Though he manages to elude his initial pursuers, the MFP's top pursuit-man, Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson), then engages the less-skilled Nightrider in a high-speed chase. During a sudden game of "chicken", the Nightrider breaks off first, his nerve suddenly broken in the confrontation with Max; he is unable to recover his wits, which leads to the Nightrider's death in a fiery crash.