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Johan Rabaeus is a Actor Suédois born on 31 july 1947 at Stockholm (Suede)

Johan Rabaeus

Johan Rabaeus
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Birth name Carl Magnus Johan Olof Rabéus
Nationality Suede
Birth 31 july 1947 (71 years) at Stockholm (Suede)
Awards Litteris et Artibus

Johan Rabaeus (born Carl Magnus Olof Johan Rabéus 31 July 1947) is a Swedish actor who was born in Stockholm but grew up in Paris and Geneva.

He is known for portraying very unpleasant characters, such as Erik Ponti's sadistic stepfather in the film Evil (2003).

Usually with

Lena Endre
Lena Endre
(4 films)
Stina Ekblad
Stina Ekblad
(4 films)
Lasse Åberg
Lasse Åberg
(1 films)
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Filmography of Johan Rabaeus (16 films)

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Exit (2006)
, 1h44
Origin Suede
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors Mads Mikkelsen, Alexander Skarsgård, Samuel Fröler, Börje Ahlstedt, Johan Rabaeus, Stig Engström
Roles Gabriel Mörk
Rating58% 2.9017952.9017952.9017952.9017952.901795
Thomas Skepphult est un homme envié de tous : il a une famille adorable et une carrière florissante. Le jour où sa société est sur le point de conclure l'affaire du siècle tout va pourtant basculer...
Kinamand (2005)
, 1h28
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors Bjarne Henriksen, Vivian Wu, Charlotte Fich, Nicolas Winding Refn, Johan Rabaeus
Roles Björn
Rating70% 3.5428153.5428153.5428153.5428153.542815
A plumber, Keld (Bjarne Henriksen), is bored with his job and his life. Rie (Charlotte Fich), Keld's wife, tries to interest him in a vacation or dance classes. When this last-ditch attempt fails, Rie, tired of Keld's apathy, divorces him and asks for DKK 50,000 (US $8,817). Keld continues in his downward spiral, ignoring his customers and closing his business indefinitely.
Evil (2003)
, 1h53
Directed by Mikael Håfström
Origin Suede
Genres Drama
Themes Films about education, Films about school violence
Actors Andreas Wilson, Gustaf Skarsgård, Henrik Lundström, Filip Berg, Marie Richardson, Johan Rabaeus
Roles Eriks styvfar
Rating77% 3.8985953.8985953.8985953.8985953.898595
Erik Ponti, a 15-year-old boy, lives with his mother and sadistic stepfather in Stockholm. At home, his stepfather beats him every day after dinner. His docile mother ignores her husband's sadistic nature and allows the violence to proceed. At school, Erik is violent and frequently engages in fights, as a result of his violent upbringing. After a particularly vicious fight, Erik is expelled. The headmaster labels him vicious and accuses him of being pure evil. In an attempt to provide her son with a fresh start he sorely needs, his mother sells of some of her possessions and sends Erik to a boarding school.
Faithless (2000)
, 2h34
Directed by Liv Ullmann
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Lena Endre, Erland Josephson, Krister Henriksson, Philip Zandén, Marie Richardson, Stina Ekblad
Roles Johan
Rating74% 3.7461953.7461953.7461953.7461953.746195
An aging director named Bergman conjures in his imagination the central character, Marianne. Over a period of days, on his secluded Fårö refuge in the Baltic Sea, he interviews her to compose the story of her life-changing affair. She had been happily married to Markus, an orchestra conductor, with a young daughter Isabelle. She suddenly falls in love with their best friend David. They have an extended interlude in Paris and then must deal with the ramifications.
Jönssonligan spelar högt, 1h32
Origin Suede
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about animals, Films about magic and magicians, Film d'animation mettant en scène un animal, Films about insects, Films about birds, Mise en scène d'une plante
Actors Ulf Brunnberg, Björn Gustafsson, Johan Ulveson, Birgitta Andersson, Margreth Weivers, Per Grundén
Roles Signore
Rating45% 2.2594452.2594452.2594452.2594452.259445
Dynamit-Harry and Vanheden have left the criminal life behind them. Together with Harry's wife they are managing a small company together AB Alltjänst (meaning Fixing Everything). But when Sickans maternal grandmother suspects that Wall-Enberg is shutting down theaters like La Scala they contact Sickans brother Sven-Ingvar "Sivan" Jönsson who has a plan. They are going to steal a computer floppy disc with bank account numbers worth 60 billion kronor.....
The Dog Hotel, 1h8
Directed by Per Åhlin
Origin Suede
Genres Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Animation
Themes Films about animals, Films about magic and magicians, Film d'animation mettant en scène un animal, Films about insects, Films about birds, Mise en scène d'une plante
Actors Hasse Alfredson, Margreth Weivers, Björn Kjellman, Tomas von Brömssen, Johan Rabaeus, Johan Ulveson
Roles Mr Big, the American
Rating68% 3.4380653.4380653.4380653.4380653.438065
An antropomorphic dog named Sture is talked into taking a trip to Paris by his friend Picasso. After a series of misfortunes they end up in Scotland instead, staying at a mysterious hotel. Picasso remains ignorant and believes they are in Paris. Sture befriends the novelist Miss Mops and gets to meet several mysterious characters living in the hotel as strange events revolving around an Egyptian artifact start to take place.
Lilla Jönssonligan på styva linan, 1h43
Origin Suede
Themes Films about animals, Films about magic and magicians, Film d'animation mettant en scène un animal, Films about insects, Films about birds, Children's films, Mise en scène d'une plante
Actors Johan Rabaeus, Loa Falkman, Lena T. Hansson, Micke Dubois
Roles Clownen
Rating39% 1.9751351.9751351.9751351.9751351.975135
It's in the middle of the summer. Sickan, Ragnar and Dynamit- Harry, or the Jönsson League as they call themselves, has nothing to do until the circus comes to town. Sickan quickly thinks out a plan on how they're going to get tickets. However, after they've got their hands on the tickets, the three friends arch enemy, Junior Wall- Enberg, son of the city's mayor Vigor Wall- Enberg, steals the tickets.
Zero Kelvin, 1h58
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors Stellan Skarsgård, Bjørn Sundquist, Lars Andreas Larssen, Johan Rabaeus
Roles Man in park
Rating73% 3.6944853.6944853.6944853.6944853.694485
En 1920 à Oslo, Henrik Larsen, poète en herbe, quitte sa petite amie pour passer un an au Groenland comme trappeur, en compagnie d'un marin et d'un scientifique. Cependant, Henrik se comporte en touriste.
S.O.S. – En segelsällskapsresa, 1h44
Directed by Lasse Åberg
Genres Comedy
Themes Seafaring films, Sports films, Transport films
Actors Lasse Åberg, Jon Skolmen, Johan Rabaeus, Ewa Fröling, Tor Isedal, Sten Ljunggren
Roles Henkan
Rating60% 3.046983.046983.046983.046983.04698
Lasse Åberg and Jon Skolmen star as Stig-Helmer and Ole, who end up in an archipelago with very rich people after a costume party, leading to total chaos!