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Johnny Whitworth is a Actor American born on 31 october 1975 at Charleston (USA)

Johnny Whitworth

Johnny Whitworth
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Nationality USA
Birth 31 october 1975 (43 years) at Charleston (USA)

Johnny Whitworth (born October 31, 1975) is an American actor. Whitworth is best known for his performance as villain Blackout in the superhero film Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012).

Best films

Limitless (2011)
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011)

Usually with

Brian Taylor
Brian Taylor
(3 films)
Harry Elfont
Harry Elfont
(1 films)
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Filmography of Johnny Whitworth (21 films)

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Zephyr Springs, 1h28
Directed by Marita Grabiak
Genres Thriller
Actors Amy Pietz, Johnny Whitworth, Devon Werkheiser
Roles David James
Rating44% 2.233952.233952.233952.233952.23395
Kayla, jeune femme peu sûre d'elle, rêve de faire des vacances avec sa mère, Dawn, une femme d'affaires débordée. Elles se rendent dans un spa tenu par David, un homme séducteur et charismatique. David semble être comme obsédé par Dawn, qui se rapproche aveuglement de lui.
Limitless (2011)
, 1h45
Directed by Neil Burger
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Action
Themes Films about writers, Medical-themed films, Films about drugs
Actors Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish, Robert De Niro, Anna Friel, Johnny Whitworth, Tomas Arana
Roles Vernon
Rating73% 3.6981353.6981353.6981353.6981353.698135
Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper), a struggling author suffering from writer's block, living in New York, is stressed by an approaching deadline. His girlfriend Lindy (Abbie Cornish), frustrated with his lack of progress and financial dependence, breaks up with him. Later, Eddie happens to run into Vernon (Johnny Whitworth), the estranged brother of Eddie's ex-wife, Melissa (Anna Friel). Vernon, involved with a pharmaceutical company, gives Eddie a sample of a new "smart drug", NZT-48. After taking the pill, Eddie finds himself able to learn and analyze at a superhuman rate and recall memories from his distant past, with the only apparent side effect being a change in the color of Eddie's irises while on the drug—his eyes becoming an intense shade of electric blue. Under the influence, he cleans his messy apartment and writes ninety pages of his book. The next day, the effects having worn off, he seeks out Vernon in an attempt to get more. While Eddie is out running an errand, Vernon is murdered. Eddie returns, calls the police and then discovers Vernon's NZT stash just before they arrive, taking it for himself. After giving a statement at the precinct, Eddie returns home and begins ingesting the drug daily. With the help of the drug's amazing effects, Eddie spends a few weeks cleaning up his life—finishing his book, getting fit, and making friends with a group of young jet-setters, who take him on vacation to Europe, where he mingles with the rich. During all this, Eddie tests out his enhanced learning abilities; he becomes a proficient piano player in just three days, as well as becoming fluent in several languages.
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, 1h45
Directed by Marc Neveldine, Brian Taylor
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Fantastic, Action
Themes Transport films, Motocyclette, Demons in film, Superhero films, Road movies, Super-héros inspiré de comics
Actors Nicolas Cage, Ciarán Hinds, Violante Placido, Johnny Whitworth, Fergus Riordan, Christopher Lambert
Roles Ray Carrigan / Blackout
Rating43% 2.154862.154862.154862.154862.15486
A French priest named Moreau warns the monks of a monastery about an impending attack by the devil's forces to obtain a boy named Danny. The monastery falls under attack; Moreau tries to help the boy and his mother Nadya escape, but the distrusting mother shoots at Moreau and flees with her son. Moreau manages to distract the men chasing Danny and Nadya, but nearly dies in the process and loses them. He believes that only the Ghost Rider is capable of protecting the boy. He finds the Rider and seeks his help.
Locked In
Locked In (2010)

Directed by Suri Krishnamma
Origin USA
Actors Ben Barnes, Sarah Roemer, Eliza Dushku, Brenda Fricker, Johnny Whitworth, Clarke Peters
Roles Nathan Sawyer

The story moves through the lives of two fragile yet determined people and maps a private geography of love, loss and ultimate redemption. Josh leaves his advertising career at its peak, everyone wants either to be him or to have him. Then he walks away from it all, the money, recognition and the life. A car accident will leave his daughter suffering from 'locked-in' syndrome and when everyone has given up she starts communicating with him, or is he going mad?
Gamer (2009)
, 1h35
Directed by Marc Neveldine, Brian Taylor
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Action
Themes Films about computing, Jeu, Prison films, Films set in the future, Films about video games
Actors Gerard Butler, Michael C. Hall, Amber Valletta, Logan Lerman, Terry Crews, Ludacris
Roles Scotch
Rating57% 2.8990952.8990952.8990952.8990952.899095
In 2024, inventor and professional computer programmer, Ken Castle (Michael C. Hall), has revolutionized the gaming industry with his self-replicating nanites that replace brain cells and allow full control of all motor functions by a third party. Castle's first application of this technology is a game called Society, which allows gamers to control a real person in a pseudo community (much like The Sims or Second Life). This allows players to engage in all manner of debauchery, such as deliberately injuring their "characters" and engaging in rough sex with random people. As a result, those who work as "characters" in Society are paid very well in compensation.
Pathology (2008)
, 1h35
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Horror, Crime
Themes Medical-themed films
Actors Milo Ventimiglia, Alyssa Milano, Lauren Lee Smith, Michael Weston, Rutger Hauer, Johnny Whitworth
Roles Griffin Cavenaugh
Rating59% 2.998782.998782.998782.998782.99878
The intro shows a camera recording faces of corpses, with their mouths being moved by medical students.
3:10 to Yuma, 2h2
Directed by James Mangold
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action, Adventure, Western
Actors Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, Ben Foster, Logan Lerman, Dallas Roberts, Alan Tudyk
Roles Tommy Darden
Rating76% 3.8479753.8479753.8479753.8479753.847975
In August 1884, Dan Evans (Bale) is an impoverished rancher and Civil War veteran. He owes money to Glen Hollander (Loftin) and when he fails to pay, two of Hollander's men set his barn on fire. The next morning, as Evans and his two sons drive their herd, they stumble upon outlaw Ben Wade (Crowe) and his gang who are using Evans' cattle to block the road and ambush an armored stagecoach staffed by Pinkerton agents. As Wade loots the stage, Wade discovers Evans and his two sons watching from the hills. Acknowledging that they pose no threat to him and his gang, Wade takes their horses telling Evans that he will leave them tied up on the road to Bisbee.
Factory Girl
Directed by George Hickenlooper
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Biography
Actors Sienna Miller, Guy Pearce, Hayden Christensen, Mena Suvari, Jimmy Fallon, Shawn Hatosy
Roles Silver George
Rating63% 3.1987553.1987553.1987553.1987553.198755
Edie Sedgwick (Sienna Miller) is a young heiress studying art in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She moves to New York City, where she is introduced to pop art painter and film-maker Andy Warhol (Guy Pearce). Intrigued by the beautiful socialite, he asks her to perform in one of his underground movies. Soon she is spending time with him at the Factory, his studio and also the hangout of a group of eccentrics, some of them drug addicts. Her status as Warhol superstar and success as a fashion model earn her popularity and international attention.
Wuthering Heights, 1h30
Directed by Suri Krishnamma
Genres Drama
Actors Erika Christensen, Katherine Heigl, Mike Vogel, Christopher Masterson, Johnny Whitworth, Seth Adkins
Roles Hendrix
Rating44% 2.21422.21422.21422.21422.2142
C'est une tentative de transposition à l'époque contemporaine du roman d'Emily Brontë : Les Hauts de Hurlevent. Les landes sauvages du roman initial sont abandonnées au profit de la côte californienne (même si le tournage s'est fait en fait à Porto Rico). L'héroïne s'appelle Cate, appartenant à une famille aisée ayant son manoir sur cette côte, et son frère aîné, Hindley, est renommé en Hendrix. L'âme sœur de Cate est Heath, d'origine plus modeste, qui rêve de devenir une rock star, mais, s'il attire l'attention de Cate, il déchaîne aussi la jalousie de son frère Hendrix. Cate est également attirée par Edward et Isabel Linton, des adolescents riches et choyés.
Kiss the Bride, 1h29
Directed by Vanessa Parise
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Amanda Detmer, Sean Patrick Flanery, Brooke Langton, Monet Mazur, Alyssa Milano, Vanessa Parise
Roles Marty Weinberg
Rating55% 2.7548152.7548152.7548152.7548152.754815
The story centers around a traditional Italian-American family with four daughters with completely different personalities. Danni, one of the sisters, is about to be the first of the sisters to walk down the aisle. That is, if her three sisters won't stop it. Niki, Chrissy and Toni return home for the long overdue family reunion, which ultimately turns into a contest of who can one-up the other. Niki brings her Jewish boyfriend along, the lesbian Toni is accompanied by her biker girlfriend Amy, and Chrissy, who is too busy for a boyfriend, brings her brand new Porsche. The sisters reek of over-achievement and insecurity and subconsciously long for the approval and love of their domineering father.
The Anarchist Cookbook, 1h42
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romantic comedy
Themes Films about anarchism, Medical-themed films, Films about drugs, Political films
Actors Devon Gummersall, Dylan Bruno, Gina Philips, Johnny Whitworth, Katharine Towne, John Savage
Roles Sweeney
Rating51% 2.555292.555292.555292.555292.55529
The story is narrated by the protagonist, Puck, who opens with a monologue describing the basic reasoning underlying his philosophy, as well as the film's general interpretation of Anarchism, as he walks through the commune he lives in, while events of his daily life are presented.
Valentine (2001)
, 1h36
Directed by Jamie Blanks
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Horror, Crime, Slasher
Themes Serial killer films
Actors David Boreanaz, Denise Richards, Marley Shelton, Katherine Heigl, Jessica Capshaw, Jessica Cauffiel
Roles Max Raimi
Rating48% 2.4022852.4022852.4022852.4022852.402285
At a junior high school dance in 1988, outcast student Jeremy Melton asks four popular girls to dance. Three girls, Shelley, Lily and Paige reject him cruelly; while the fourth girl, Kate, kindly turns down his offer. Their overweight friend Dorothy accepts Jeremy's invitation and they proceed to secretly make out underneath the bleachers. When a group of school bullies discover the pair, Dorothy 'claims' that Jeremy sexually assaulted her, causing the boys to publicly strip and severely beat him up, and his nose drips blood. Later in the film, Paige reveals Jeremy was sent to a reform school as punishment for his alleged "assault".
Shadow Hours, 1h29
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films, Erotic thriller films, Striptease
Actors Balthazar Getty, Peter Weller, Rebecca Gayheart, Peter Greene, Johnny Whitworth, Frederic Forrest
Roles Tron
Rating59% 2.9523652.9523652.9523652.9523652.952365
Michael Holloway (Balthazar Getty) is a recovering addict working as a gas station attendant to support his pregnant wife, Chloe (Rebecca Gayheart). He is then drawn into the seedy underworld of Los Angeles by Stuart (Peter Weller), a mysterious and wealthy stranger.
Out in Fifty
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors Mickey Rourke, Ed Lauter, Christina Applegate, Balthazar Getty, Peter Greene, Alexis Arquette
Roles Whitey
Rating39% 1.9813351.9813351.9813351.9813351.981335
Mississippi boy Ray Frye (Scott Leet) accidentally killed a perverted woman from L.A. during making love. Now her vengeful husband, an addict cop no less (Mickey Rourke), is waiting to strike when Frye gets out of prison. But Frye goes out of the Frye pen and into the fire when, on parole, he boards with the scheming little family of a chintzy car-wash entrepreneur. There's also a poison-dart serial killer on the loose who may or may not be relevant.