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Jonathan Jackson is a Actor American born on 11 may 1982 at Orlando (USA)

Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan Jackson
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Birth name Jonathan Stevens Jackson
Nationality USA
Birth 11 may 1982 (41 years) at Orlando (USA)
Awards Daytime Emmy Award

Jonathan Stevens Jackson (born May 11, 1982) is an American actor, musician and author. His first well known character was Lucky Spencer on the ABC Daytime soap opera General Hospital, a role which has won him five Emmy Awards. In 2002, he played Jesse Tuck in the film Tuck Everlasting. In 2004 he started the band Enation (currently: Jonathan Jackson + Enation) with his brother, actor Richard Lee Jackson and friend Daniel Sweatt. In 2012 he assumed the role of Avery Barkley in the ABC prime time drama Nashville.


At age 20, Jackson married former General Hospital actress Lisa Vultaggio on June 21, 2002. Jackson told the Chicago Sun-Times, "Some people thought we were a little young to get married. But we didn’t see the need to wait. When it’s right, it’s right." The couple moved to Jackson's hometown of Battle Ground, Washington to raise their family. They have three children: Caleb (born June 21, 2003), Adora (born in the summer of 2005), and Titus Gabriel (born October 7, 2010).


“I've never presented Jesus in a car salesman sort of way. I don't believe in that for me. I don't want to turn anyone away because they're feeling pressured. The most positive influence I've had is people seeing the kind of life I'm living and the way I treat people. If people ask where that comes from, I'll say it comes from Jesus. And I'm definitely not ashamed of that."

—Jackson on his faith, in 1998.
The son of Seventh-day Adventist parents, Jackson was raised as a non-denominational Christian, and has always been vocal about his faith. As part of his belief system, as a teen Jackson chose not to drink or do drugs. Jackson was also a proponent for abstinence of premarital sex. Jackson also often thanked God during his award acceptance speeches. While Jackson was working on General Hospital, he and his family held a home church in Burbank which various cast members attended, including Jackson's future wife Lisa Vultaggio. Jackson explained how his beliefs affected his choice of acting roles in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 1999, "I won't get involved with a movie that's a direct slap in the face of God. [...] I'm an actor, so I have to play people who believe differently than me. I would be willing to play a character that was completely unbelieving and anti-God, just as long as that wasn't the message of the whole movie." In 2002, Jackson participated in the DKNY-sponsored "What's Your Anti-Drug?" campaign, posing for the 2003 calendar featured in Cosmogirl magazine, stating his anti-drug was faith.
In 2012, Jackson and his family were baptized into the Orthodox Church. Jackson cited a trip to Romania and Rome that first brought his attention to learning more about the religion. In his acceptance speech for his 2012 Daytime Emmy Award, he thanked the Holy Trinity as well as the monks on Orthodox monastic enclave Mount Athos. Jackson later explained in an interview, "These people (are) dedicating their lives to prayer, and not just praying for themselves, but truly praying for all of us. And then the thought kind of crossed my mind: with all the destruction, chaos and insanity that goes on in this world, if their prayers weren’t happening, what would this world be like? I felt personally like I just wanted to thank them because I really believe that their prayers mean a lot."

In February 2012, he gave an interview with Ancient Faith Radio about how he lives his faith as a Hollywood actor. In July 2013, he spoke about his journey into the Orthodox Church to a gathering of Orthodox Christians in Pennsylvania.

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Themes Christmas films, Films about terrorism, Superhero films, Political films, Super-héros inspiré de comics, Children's films
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The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising, 1h39
Directed by David L. Cunningham
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A Little Thing Called Murder, 1h30
Directed by Richard Benjamin
Genres Drama, Comedy, Crime
Actors Judy Davis, Jonathan Jackson, Chelcie Ross, Cynthia Stevenson, Garry Chalk, Ryan Robbins
Roles Kenny Kimes
Rating61% 3.096113.096113.096113.096113.09611
Sante Kimes is a con artist and thief who has been preparing her son Kenny since childhood to be her accomplice. Sante is living with a rich man, Ken Kimes, who is unwilling to marry her and makes no provision for Kenny in his will. The boy's mother becomes involved in robberies, arson and the murder of an elderly woman to enrich herself, with her son as her partner in crime.
Venom (2005)
, 1h25
Directed by Jim Gillespie
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Horror
Themes Films about animals, Natural horror films, Films about snakes, Reptile
Actors Agnes Bruckner, Jonathan Jackson, Laura Ramsey, D. J. Cotrona, Meagan Good, Pawel Szajda
Roles Eric
Rating46% 2.314022.314022.314022.314022.31402
The story opens with a Creole woman digging up a small briefcase from the ground in the pouring rain. She then proceeds to get in her car and drives down the Louisiana road. Meanwhile, at a local burger joint, high school senior, Eden (Agnes Bruckner), is working with her best friends, Rachel (Laura Ramsey) and CeCe (Meagan Good) while the rest of her friends hang around the place. Ricky (Pawel Szajda) is aimlessly flirting with Patty (Davetta Sherwood) and Tammy (Bijou Phillips) by giving them alcohol. Eric (Jonathan Jackson) and Sean (D.J. Cotrona) talk about important matters until Ray Sawyer (Rick Cramer) pulls up in his tow truck. Everyone stares and whisper rumors about him while Ray picks his order up. Ray is Sean's biological father. After he leaves, Rachel says how much he scares her, while Tammy flashes Ray while he eats in his truck. After work, Eden begins to bike home alone, but Eric catches up to her to talk to her about going to college in New York. While they were talking, Ray drives up and asks if Eden's alright. When he's sure, he begins to leave when another car, carrying the Creole woman from the beginning of the film - who is CeCe's grandmother - passes by. CeCe's grandmother's car falls halfway off the bridge. Ray gets out of the truck and helps Eric save the woman. Ray saves her, but the woman begs Ray to get the suitcase. As Ray reaches into her car to get it, the suitcase lid flies open as the car falls off of the bridge and begins to sink into the water below. Upon opening, the suitcase releases several horrifying snakes. As the car sinks into the bayou the snakes attack Ray. The ambulance arrives to find Ray dead along with CeCe's grandmother. CeCe arrives shaken up over the tragedy, and takes a charm that was on her grandmother's corpse. CeCe then surprises Eden and Eric by questioning them about the condition of Ray's body.
Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, 1h26
Directed by Guy Ferland
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Musical theatre, Musical, Romance
Themes Dance films, Seafaring films, Transport films, Musical films
Actors Romola Garai, Diego Luna, Sela Ward, John Slattery, Mika Sue Boorem, Jonathan Jackson
Roles James Phelps
Rating59% 2.955292.955292.955292.955292.95529
In 1958, Katey Miller (Romola Garai), her parents (Sela Ward and John Slattery), and her younger sister Susie (Mika Boorem) arrive in Cuba during the Cuban revolution. A self-described bookworm, Katey is not very happy about having to move to a different country during her senior year of high school, as she had been planning to attend Radcliffe College, although the rest of her family seem extremely pleased to be in Cuba. Meeting several other rich American teenagers down by the pool, including James Phelps (Jonathan Jackson), the son of her father's boss, Katey becomes disgusted when one of the teenagers insults a local waiter when he accidentally knocks over some of their drinks. Katey attempts to talk to the waiter—Javier (Diego Luna), who works at the hotel to support his family—because she feels awful about what had occurred but he is not interested.
Riding the Bullet, 1h38
Directed by Mick Garris
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror
Themes Transport films, Ghost films, Road movies
Actors Jonathan Jackson, David Arquette, Cliff Robertson, Barbara Hershey, Erika Christensen, Nicky Katt
Roles Alan Parker
Rating51% 2.5998752.5998752.5998752.5998752.599875
Set in 1969, Alan Parker (Jonathan Jackson) is a young artist, studying at the University of Maine. He becomes obsessed with death, and believing he is losing his girlfriend, Jessica (Christensen), he tries to commit suicide on his birthday. His friends surprise him and he cuts himself sending him to the hospital. He eventually recovers and decides to go with them to a John Lennon concert.
Insomnia (2002)
, 1h58
Directed by Christopher Nolan
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Themes Assassinat
Actors Al Pacino, Robin Williams, Hilary Swank, Maura Lynn Tierney, Martin Donovan, Nicky Katt
Roles Randy Stetz
Rating71% 3.598133.598133.598133.598133.59813
In the small fishing town of Nightmute, Alaska, 17-year-old Kay Connell (Crystal Lowe) is found murdered. LAPD detectives Will Dormer (Al Pacino) and Hap Eckhart (Martin Donovan) are sent to assist the local police with their investigation, at the request of police chief Nyback (Paul Dooley), an old colleague of Will's. Also, an intense Internal Affairs investigation in Los Angeles is about to put Dormer under the microscope. Eckhart reveals that Internal Affairs has offered him an immunity deal in exchange for his testimony regarding one of Dormer's past cases. Eckhart says that he has no choice but to accept the deal, to Dormer's frustration.
Tuck Everlasting, 1h36
Directed by Jay Russell
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Fantastic, Fantasy, Romance
Themes Children's films
Actors Alexis Bledel, Jonathan Jackson, Ben Kingsley, William Hurt, Sissy Spacek, Scott Bairstow
Roles Jesse Tuck
Rating65% 3.29983.29983.29983.29983.2998
The plot revolves around a 15-year-old girl named Winnie Foster, who is from a proper, upper-class family living in the town of Treegap. Winnie feels suffocated and longs to make her own choices in life, but her parents constantly restrict her actions. One day, after being told that she would be sent way to boarding school, she runs off into the forest. She soon gets turned around and ends up in a strange part of the forest where she meets a boy named Jesse Tuck, drinking from a spring at the foot of a great tree. She is then kidnapped by his elder brother Miles and brought back to the Tuck's home where they tell her they'll return her as soon as they can trust her.
On the Edge, 1h26
Directed by John Carney
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about psychiatry
Actors Cillian Murphy, Tricia Vessey, Jonathan Jackson, Stephen Rea, Camille O'Sullivan, Anna Manahan
Roles Toby
Rating68% 3.4476853.4476853.4476853.4476853.447685
Within a space of 24 hours, Jonathan Breech (Murphy) attends his father's funeral, gets high, steals a car, picks up someone else's girlfriend, dumps her on the side of the road and then drives himself off a cliff. Having suffered no more than a broken finger, he is faced with either a spell in prison or a stay in a psychiatric hospital. Donning blinkers and pyjamas, he puts himself into the care of Dr Figure (Rea), making it clear he's there for a holiday and not an evaluation. But as Jonathan reluctantly agrees to attend Dr Figure's therapy sessions, and comes into contact with fellow patients Rachel (Vessey) and Toby (Jackson), he begins to rethink his attitude on life.
Trapped in a Purple Haze, 1h30
Directed by Eric Laneuville
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about drugs
Actors Jonathan Jackson, Carly pope, JoBeth Williams, Robin Dunne, Hayden Christensen, Colm Feore
Roles Max Hanson
Rating69% 3.4870053.4870053.4870053.4870053.487005
Chicago college student Max Hanson (Jackson) is a talented artist and hockey player. Though more interested in the latter, he is under pressure from his mother, Sophie (Williams) to pursue a career in art, influenced by the fact that she put her own career aside to raise the family and has just landed a coveted position with a local art gallery. Max's father, Ed (Colm Feore), is a tax attorney with a more laid-back approach to his son's future, just wanting him to be happy.
The Deep End of the Ocean, 1h45
Directed by Ulu Grosbard
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama
Actors Michelle Pfeiffer, Treat Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Jonathan Jackson, Ryan Merriman, John Kapelos
Roles Vincent Cappadora (age 16)
Rating63% 3.1516453.1516453.1516453.1516453.151645
Beth Cappadora (Michelle Pfeiffer) and her husband Pat (Treat Williams) experience a parent's worst fear when their 3-year-old son Ben vanishes in a crowded hotel lobby during Beth's high school reunion. The ensuing frantic search is unsuccessful, and Beth goes through a sustained nervous breakdown. Unable to cope with her devastation, Beth unintentionally neglects her other children, Vincent (Jonathan Jackson) and Kerry (Alexa Vega).
Camp Nowhere, 1h36
Directed by Jonathan Prince
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Transport films, Road movies, Children's films
Actors Christopher Lloyd, Jonathan Jackson, Wendy Makkena, Thomas F. Wilson, Andrew Keegan, Marnette Patterson
Roles Morris 'Mud' Himmel
Rating59% 2.999442.999442.999442.999442.99944
Morris "Mud" Himmel has a problem – his parents want to send him away to a summer computer camp. He hates going to summer camp, and would do anything to get out of it. Talking to his friends, he realizes that they are all facing the same sentence: a boring summer camp. Together with them, he hatches a plan to create their own summer camp with no parents, no counselors, and no rules. They blackmail former drama teacher Dennis Van Welker into helping. He had bought an AMC Gremlin and failed to make most of the payments and is being pursued by soon-to-retire collector T.R. Polk, and agrees to help them in return for $1,000.