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Josef Peterhans is a Actor Allemand born on 4 december 1882 at Achern (German)

Josef Peterhans

Josef Peterhans
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Birth name Josef Thomas Peterhans
Nationality German
Birth 4 december 1882 at Achern (German)
Death 1 january 1960 (at 77 years) at Berlin (German)

Josef Thomas Peterhans (1882–1960) was a German actor.


He began his film acting career at the age of twenty four years with the film Der Todessprung in 1916. Before acting in films he played at theaters in the province and in Berlin. He served in the military from 1914 to 1917. He continued his career by playing supporting roles in films like Und wenn ich lieb', nimm Dich in acht (1917), Um Krone und Peitsche (1918), Das Lied des Narren (1919). In Um Krone und Peitsche he had starred alongside the famous actress Fern Andra. In 1920 he starred in 9 films including Salome, Auri sacra fames - Der verfluchte Hunger nach Gold, Christian Wahnschaffe: Weltbrand and The Women House of Brescia. The last one was rejected by the British Board of Film Classification on grounds of prostitution depicted in the film.

Peterhans played a supporting character in the 1925 Arthur von Gerlach-directed Zur Chronik von Grieshuus. From 1926 to 1931 he appeared in only two films — Rätsel einer Nacht (1927) and Panik (1928). After the advent of talkies he again became active in the film industry and starred in several films including Der Stolz der 3. Kompanie (1931) and Der tolle Bomberg (1932). He played a pastor in Wilhelm Tell (1933), a marshal in Hundert Tage (1934), a forester in Viktoria (1935), a deputy in Pour le mérite (1938), a policeman in Frau Luna (1941)and a general in Fridericus (1936) and Der große König (1941). He also played the role of an Indian in Indische Rache and in the double roles in The Tiger of Eschnapur and The Indian Tomb (both 1938). His last film was Die Entlassung (1942). He spent his life in Berlin-Steglitz. He ended his career with the second World War.

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The Dismissal, 1h50
Directed by Wolfgang Liebeneiner
Origin German
Genres Drama, Historical
Actors Emil Jannings, Margarete Schön, Christian Kayßler, Theodor Loos, Karl Ludwig Diehl, Werner Hinz
Roles von Lucius
Rating69% 3.4850753.4850753.4850753.4850753.485075
The film shows Bismarck being dismissed by Wilhelm II of Germany and the dilettantes who surround him. An unscrupulous schemer plays on the king's desire to lead and so persuades him to the dismissal. This results in a disastrous two-front war by destroying Bismarck's treaty with Russia and leaving him to lament with the question of who would complete his work.
Jew Süss
Jew Süss (1940)
, 1h36
Directed by Veit Harlan
Genres Drama
Themes Politique, Films about religion, Political films, Films about capital punishment, Films about Jews and Judaism
Actors Ferdinand Marian, Werner Krauss, Heinrich George, Kristina Söderbaum, Eugen Gottlob Klöpfer, Bernhard Goetzke
Roles Kontrollierender Offizier an der Stadtgrenze Stuttgarts
Rating51% 2.598022.598022.598022.598022.59802
The film begins with the coronation of Karl Alexander, Duke of Württemberg (Heinrich George), a man much beloved by his people, who swears an oath to obey the laws of the dukedom "according to the traditional Württemberg loyalty and honesty." However, the Duke soon becomes frustrated because the Württemberg Diet (the provincial council) refuses him the funds needed to maintain a lifestyle comparable to his neighboring sovereigns; in particular, he wants a personal bodyguard, an opera company, and a ballet company. Lacking funds even to purchase coronation gifts for the Duchess (Hilde von Stolz), the Duke sends a courtier to Frankfurt to borrow money from Joseph Süß Oppenheimer (Ferdinand Marian). Süß shows the emissary jewels and jewelry that are obviously beyond the Duke's means and then says that it would be his honor to provide the Duke with jewelry at a substantial discount. However, Süß insists on presenting the items to the Duke personally despite a ban against Jews (Judenbann) entering the city that has been in force for over a century. Armed with a pass from the Duke, Süß cuts his hair, shaves his beard, and dons "Christian" clothes so that he can enter Württemberg disguised as a Christian. As his carriage gets into an accident, Süß gets a lift from Dorothea Sturm (Kristina Söderbaum) to the city.
The Indian Tomb, 1h34
Directed by Richard Eichberg
Origin German
Genres Drama, Adventure
Actors Philip Dorn, La Jana, Alexander Golling, Gustav Diessl, Hans Stüwe, Theo Lingen
Roles Indischer Nobiler
Rating63% 3.182813.182813.182813.182813.18281
Differences from novel
Fridericus (1937)
, 1h37
Directed by Johannes Meyer, Johannes Meyer
Origin German
Genres Historical
Themes Political films, Films about royalty
Actors Otto Gebühr, Hilde Körber, Lil Dagover, Agnes Straub, Käthe Haack, Bernhard Theodor Henry Minetti
Roles Preußischer General
Rating69% 3.469463.469463.469463.469463.46946
L'armée prussienne est à bout. Complètement épuisée, elle est cernée dans son camp par les Autrichiens. Les soldats commencent peu à peu à se faire une raison, quand le roi découvre au cours d'une reconnaissance une trouée à travers laquelle les Prussiens pourront fuir. Il laisse seulement un petit régiment de hussards sous le commandement du capitaine von Bonin afin que les Autrichiens croient que les Prussiens sont encore dans le camp. Lorsque les Autrichiens du maréchal Daun se rendent compte qu'ils dominaient seulement des tentes vides, l'armée prussienne est déjà sur la route de Schweidnitz.
So Ended a Great Love, 1h34
Directed by Karl Hartl
Origin German
Genres Drama
Actors Paula Wessely, Willi Forst, Gustaf Gründgens, Franz Herterich, Maria Koppenhöfer, Rose Stradner
Rating67% 3.354653.354653.354653.354653.35465
Comme Joséphine ne peut pas donner un héritier à Napoléon, Talleyrand, conseiller politique de Napoléon, fait tout son possible pour la convaincre que le divorce est inévitable. L'empereur a absolument besoin d'un fils. Joséphine a à cette époque 47 ans et souffre beaucoup d'avoir à se séparer de son mari. Après la prononciation du divorce, Metternich, qui contrôle le destin de l'Autriche, reçoit une lettre de Talleyrand. Napoléon lui-même se rapproche de L'empereur François d'Autriche, car le Corse veut une princesse Habsbourg à ses côtés et sur le trône français. Metternich lui répond que l'empereur est d'accord et lui présentera sa fille Marie-Louise, 19 ans.
The Ugly Girl
Directed by Henry Koster
Actors Dolly Haas, Otto Wallburg, Julius Falkenstein, Erich Kestin, Paul Rehkopf, Klaus Pohl
Rating66% 3.3047653.3047653.3047653.3047653.304765
Lotte März (Dolly Haas) is hired as a secretary at an insurance company because she is ugly; introducing her to the (male) accountants, the personnel manager says, "I hope that you will finally be able to work in peace." The men harass her and conspire to lure her into a compromising position by having one of them, Fritz Mahldorf (Max Hansen) pretend to find her attractive. The manager discovers her in an embrace with Fritz and fires her. The self-absorbed Fritz, showing remorse that is unusual for him, arranges for her to be rehired as assistant to Director Mönckeberg (Otto Wallburg, a comical figure). Lotte has fallen for him, but he makes a date at his flat with the Director's girlfriend, Lydia (Genia Nikolaieva). Soon after she arrives, so does Lotte, and then so does the jealous Director. Farcical misunderstandings ensue, including the discovery of Lydia's fur coat and a fancy-dress ball at the Director's villa in which Lotte dresses as a pirate (just like the Director). Lotte undergoes a complete makeover at a beauty parlour: haircut, perm and facial—and is transformed into an attractive flapper. (As the New York Times reviewer put it, "As always, however, the ugly duckling becomes a disturbingly graceful swan.") Fritz falls in love with her and love triumphs, although he remains a flatterer and a deceiver and she has contemplated suicide.
The Pride of Company Three, 1h25
Directed by Fred Sauer
Origin German
Genres Comedy
Themes Military humor in film
Actors Heinz Rühmann, Anton Walbrook, Viktor de Kowa, Eugen Burg, Ferdinand von Alten, Josef Peterhans
Roles Kommandierender General
Rating65% 3.269963.269963.269963.269963.26996
The film is set in pre-1914 Germany. It follows the tangled love lives of a group of soldiers at a military barracks.