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Josef Somlo is a Producer Hongrois born on 5 october 1884 at Pápa (Hongrie)

Josef Somlo

Josef Somlo
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Nationality Hongrie
Birth 5 october 1884 at Pápa (Hongrie)
Death 29 november 1973 (at 89 years) at Locarno (Suisse)

Josef Somlo (1884–1973) was a Hungarian film producer. Following the Nazi takeover in Germany, where he had worked for a number of years, Somlo went into exile in Britain. During his German period he was associated with Hermann Fellner with whom he co-produced a number of films for their Felsom Film company.

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Filmography of Josef Somlo (16 films)

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Uncle Silas
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Horror
Actors Jean Simmons, Katína Paxinoú, Derrick De Marney, Derek Bond, Esmond Knight, Marjorie Rhodes
Roles Producer
Rating66% 3.3398053.3398053.3398053.3398053.339805
Caroline Ruthyn is the teenage niece of the her elderly uncle Silas, a sickly and at one time unbalanced man who becomes her guardian on the death of her father. The fact that Silas is broke and greedy and young Caroline is the heir to her father's vast fortune is reason enough for Caroline to be wary, but her fears increase when she meets Silas's perverted son and when she discovers that her fearsome former governess, Madame de la Rougierre, is working with her uncle...
A Window in London, 1h17
Directed by Herbert Mason
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Thriller
Actors Michael Redgrave, Sally Gray, Paul Lukas, Hartley Power, Patricia Roc, Glen Alyn
Roles Producer
Rating65% 3.2913953.2913953.2913953.2913953.291395
Pat (Patricia Roc), a hotel switchboard operator and Peter (Michael Redgrave) a crane operator are a happy well meaning couple, however because of their different shifts during the day they have no time for each other. While he works during the day on the construction of Waterloo Bridge his patient wife works during the night on a hotel telephone exchange. One morning on his way to work, Peter goes on the London Underground train and spots what seems to be a murder being committed on at the open window of a building overlooking the tracks. Deciding to investigate this "crime" Peter and a policeman arrive at the residence. There they find out that the couple were in fact rehearsing an illusion. Zoltini is a bad tempered magician and his wife Vivienne (Sally Gray) is his assistant. The suspicious magician becomes sure that his wife is having an affair with Peter - every time he sees her with the handsome stranger. On another night Zoltini and Vivienne have an argument on the backstage - leading to him slapping her in the face. As a result, Vivienne leaves (while her husband performs on stage) and takes a taxi with Peter up to his crane. Furious with Vivienne for leaving during the 'vanishing women' sequence of their performance, Zoltini looks for his wife while Pat has been sacked from the hotel for not paying attention to her job.
The Arsenal Stadium Mystery, 1h24
Directed by Thorold Dickinson
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Crime
Themes Sports films, Association football films
Actors Leslie Banks, Greta Gynt, Anthony Bushell, Esmond Knight, Brian Worth, Wyndham Goldie
Roles Producer
Rating61% 3.099873.099873.099873.099873.09987
Lors d'un match de football amical entre les professionnels du club de l'Arsenal et les amateurs de l'équipe Trojans, un nouveau joueur étoile des Trojans s'effondre. Appelé sur les lieux, l'inspecteur Slade de Scotland Yard déclare que le joueur a été assassiné. Toute l'ingéniosité de l'inspecteur et, malheureusement, une autre mort violente seront nécessaires avant que ne soit démasqué l'assassin.
On the Night of the Fire, 1h34
Directed by Brian Desmond Hurst
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Crime
Actors Ralph Richardson, Diana Wynyard, Romney Brent, Mary Clare, Henry Oscar, Frederick Leister
Roles Producer
Rating64% 3.235213.235213.235213.235213.23521
Struggling Tyneside barber Will Kobling (Richardson) is in financial trouble. One evening, opportunistically and on impulse, he steals £100 from a local factory where a window has been accidentally left open. He hopes the money will represent a new start for him and wife Kit (Wynyard). His hopes are soon dashed when Kit confesses to being heavily in debt to local draper Pilleger (Henry Oscar), who has been pressuring her to pay up. Most of the stolen cash has to go on settling Kit's debt.
Storm in a Water Glass
Directed by Georg Jacoby
Genres Comedy
Themes Films based on plays
Actors Renate Müller, Paul Otto, Herbert Hübner, Otto Tressler, Franz Schafheitlin, Hedy Lamarr
Roles Producer

An ambitious town councillor feels confident he will be elected the next mayor, but a dispute over a mongrel dog owned by a local flower seller rapidly turns into a scandal which threatens his political career.
The Gallant Hussar
Directed by Géza von Bolváry
Origin German
Genres Comedy, Romance
Actors Ivor Novello, Evelyn Holt, Paul Hörbiger, Paul Otto, Ernő Verebes, Aribert Wäscher
Roles Producer

The daughter of an American millionaire falls in love with a Hungarian hussar officer during a visit to the Austrian Empire.
The Amateur Adventure
Directed by Robert Wiene
Actors Lili Damita, Georg Alexander, Fred Solm, Trude Hesterberg, Félix de Pomés, Paul Hörbiger
Roles Producer

The film centres on the rivalry between two competing aviation firms, one British and the other French. While in London, visiting his competitors, the head of the French firm falls in love with a young woman who turns out to be the daughter of his British rival. The film eventually ends with them marrying and the two firms merging.