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Joseph Cortese is a Actor American born on 22 february 1949 at Paterson (USA)

Joseph Cortese

Joseph Cortese
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Nationality USA
Birth 22 february 1949 (70 years) at Paterson (USA)

Joseph Cortese (born February 22, 1948) is an American actor who had major roles in films such as Windows (1980), Evilspeak (1981) and Monsignor (1982).


Cortese was married to actress Kim Delaney from 1989 until their divorce in 1994. They have a son, Jack, who was born in 1990.

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Filmography of Joseph Cortese (12 films)

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Go Go Tales, 1h36
Directed by Abel Ferrara
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Themes Films about sexuality, Striptease
Actors Willem Dafoe, Bob Hoskins, Matthew Modine, Lou Doillon, Asia Argento, Riccardo Scamarcio
Roles Danny Cash
Rating57% 2.899522.899522.899522.899522.89952
Ray Ruby, who manages Ray Ruby’s Paradise, is worried about less tourists visiting the establishment so he decides to hold a lottery to bring them in. Ray is running out of money, but people expect to be paid, including the pole dancers. A landlady by the name of Lillian plans on using the spot for a Bed Bath & Beyond location if she does not receive rent money.
Against the Ropes, 1h51
Directed by Charles S. Dutton
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Biography, Romance
Themes Feminist films, Sports films, Martial arts films, Boxing films, Le boxe anglaise
Actors Meg Ryan, Omar Epps, Tony Shalhoub, Timothy Daly, Kerry Washington, Charles S. Dutton
Roles Irving Abel
Rating53% 2.65042.65042.65042.65042.6504
At a young age, Jackie Kallen learns about boxing with her father and uncle in a small gym. Later, she becomes the assistant to a Cleveland boxing promoter. Her boss then begins doing business with Sam LaRocca, a sports manager, during a middleweight championship fight.
The Shipment, 1h32
Origin Canada
Actors Matthew Modine, Elizabeth Berkley, Nicholas Turturro, Jay Brazeau, Robert Loggia, Joseph Cortese
Roles Vincent Florio
Rating39% 1.9858351.9858351.9858351.9858351.985835
Un chargement illégal de Vigoroso, un dérivé surpuissant du Viagra, d'une valeur de 2 millions de dollars, doit être acheminé de Mexico vers la mafia de New York. Chargé du transport, José, un petit escroc sans vergure, stocke la marchandise dans un wagon à bestiaux qui finit sous la surveillance du shérif local. Commence alors pour José une incroyable course-poursuite pour mettre la main sur le chargement…
American History X, 1h59
Directed by Tony Kaye
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime
Themes Films about families, Prison films, Films about racism, Films about sexuality, Rape in fiction, Skinheads, Gangster films
Actors Edward Norton, Fairuza Balk, Edward Furlong, Stacy Keach, Elliott Gould, Avery Brooks
Roles Rasmussen
Rating84% 4.2496754.2496754.2496754.2496754.249675
Danny Vinyard (Edward Furlong), a high school student and budding neo-Nazi in Venice Beach, California, receives an assignment from Mr. Murray (Elliott Gould), his history teacher, to write a paper on "any book which relates to the struggle for human rights". Knowing Murray is Jewish, Danny writes his paper on Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf. Murray attempts to get Danny expelled for doing this, but Principal Dr. Bob Sweeney (Avery Brooks) — who is black — refuses, instead informing Danny that he will study history and current events under Sweeney, and that the class will be called "American History X". Danny's first assignment is to prepare a paper on his brother Derek (Edward Norton), a former neo-Nazi leader who has just been released from prison after serving three years for voluntary manslaughter. Danny is warned that failing to submit the paper the next morning will result in his expulsion. The rest of the film alternates between a series of vignettes from Danny and Derek's shared past (distinguished by being shown in black and white), and present day events (shown in color).
Illicit Dreams, 1h33
Directed by Andrew Stevens
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Documentary, Action, Crime, Erotic thriller
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films, Films about domestic violence, Erotic thriller films
Actors Shannon Tweed, Michelle Johnson, Andrew Stevens, Joseph Cortese, Stella Stevens
Roles Daniel Davis
Rating35% 1.7894051.7894051.7894051.7894051.789405
Une femme, mariée à un homme violent, fait toujours le même rêve : elle fait l'amour avec un autre. Un jour, elle rencontre l'inconnu de ses songes.
Ruby (1992)
, 1h50
Directed by John Mackenzie
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Thriller, Biography, Action, Crime
Themes Films about families, Political films
Actors Danny Aiello, Sherilyn Fenn, Arliss Howard, Tobin Bell, Marc Lawrence, Richard C. Sarafian
Roles Louie Vitali
Rating55% 2.753442.753442.753442.753442.75344
The film begins with Jack Ruby saying, "Lookin' back at it now, what can you say? It feels like it was a dream. Yeah, that's it, a dream. Maybe none of it never happened. Because when I look back on it today, this is the best sense I can make of it." Then the scene shows a murder; a corpse, dressed in a suit, is being drained of blood, having been hung on a meat hook. It is readily apparent that the corpse has been tortured, and it is implied that the presentation of the body is intended to be a brutal message.
Deadly Illusion, 1h27
Directed by Larry Cohen, William Tannen, William Tannen
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime
Actors Billy Dee Williams, Vanity, Morgan Fairchild, John Beck, Joseph Cortese
Roles Detective Paul Lefferts
Rating47% 2.3852052.3852052.3852052.3852052.385205
Homicide à Wall Street : Hamberger, un détective privé New-Yorkais notoirement connu pour les nombreuses victimes laissées au terme de ses missions, a été engagé par l'homme d'affaires Alex Burton, qui désire assassiner sa femme. En tentant de prévenir l'épouse du risque qu'elle encourt, il se retrouve nez à nez avec son cadavre. Il ne disposera que de quelques heures pour prouver son innocence...
Gone Are the Dayes, 1h30
Directed by Gabrielle Beaumont
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Crime
Themes Children's films
Actors Harvey Korman, Susan Anspach, Robert J. Hogan, Victoria Carroll, Joseph Cortese, Bibi Besch
Roles Frank Delgado
Rating62% 3.1071653.1071653.1071653.1071653.107165
When the Daye family goes out for food at a Japanese restaurant they witness a gangland slaying. A federal agent, named Mitchell, persuades the parents to be witnesses in the trial against the gang boss who ordered the hit.
Monsignor (1982)
, 2h1
Directed by Frank Perry
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Crime
Themes Films about religion, Films about capital punishment
Actors Christopher Reeve, Geneviève Bujold, Fernando Rey, Jason Miller, Joseph Cortese, Adolfo Celi
Roles Ludovico 'Lodo' Varese
Rating50% 2.510232.510232.510232.510232.51023
With the Vatican having financial difficulties during World War II, a young priest from America is sent for, recommended because of his accounting skill.
Evilspeak (1981)
, 1h29
Directed by Eric Weston
Origin USA
Genres Horror
Actors Clint Howard, R.G. Armstrong, Joseph Cortese, Haywood Nelson, Don Stark, Charles Tyner
Roles Reverend Jameson
Rating56% 2.8494452.8494452.8494452.8494452.849445
In the film's opening scenes, we see Satanic leader Father Estaban (Richard Moll) and his followers on the shore of Spain during the Dark Ages. They are approached by a church official who tells them they are banished from Spain and denied God's grace unless they renounce Satan and their evil ways.
Windows (1980)
, 1h36
Directed by Gordon Willis
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Talia Shire, Joseph Cortese, Elizabeth Ashley, Kay Medford, Russell Horton, Ilana Rapp
Roles Bob Luffrono
Rating47% 2.3790652.3790652.3790652.3790652.379065
Emily Hollander (Shire) is the subject of a lesbian obsession at the hands of Andrea Glassen (Ashley), her next-door neighbor. As Emily begins dating detective Bob Luffrono (Cortese), Andrea overflows with jealousy, spying on Hollander through her own window.
The Death Collector, 1h25
Origin USA
Genres Crime
Themes Mafia films, Gangster films
Actors Joseph Cortese, Joe Pesci, Frank Vincent, Bobby Alto, Richard Ward
Roles Jerry Bolanti
Rating56% 2.808652.808652.808652.808652.80865
Jerry Bolanti (Joe Cortese), a mafia-connected hoodlum, is released from jail and needs a job. During this very uncertain and stressful transitional period he plays the field to help stay relaxed. He discovers almost by accident that he has a talent for debt collecting and intimidation. He then decides to pay a visit to a mid-level wiseguy acquaintance (Lou Criscuola) and offer up his services.