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Joseph Cotten is a Actor and Scriptwriter American born on 15 may 1905 at Petersburg (USA)

Joseph Cotten

Joseph Cotten
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Birth name Joseph Cheshire Cotten, Jr.
Nationality USA
Birth 15 may 1905 at Petersburg (USA)
Death 6 february 1994 (at 88 years) at Palm Springs (USA)

Joseph Cheshire Cotten, Jr. (May 15, 1905 – February 6, 1994) was an American film, stage and television actor. Cotten achieved prominence on Broadway, starring in the original stage productions of The Philadelphia Story and Sabrina Fair. He first gained worldwide fame in the Orson Welles films Citizen Kane (1941), The Magnificent Ambersons (1942), and Journey into Fear (1943), for which Cotten was also credited with the screenplay. He went on to become one of the leading Hollywood actors of the 1940s, appearing in films such as Shadow of a Doubt (1943), Love Letters (1945), Duel in the Sun (1946), Portrait of Jennie (1948) and The Third Man (1949). One of his final films was in the Michael Cimino film Heaven's Gate (1980).


Comme son ami Orson Welles, il a fait partie de la « Mercury's Company ». Il a à son actif des films prestigieux comme La Splendeur des Amberson, Le Troisième Homme et Citizen Kane.

Best films

Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970)
Citizen Kane (1941)
Duel in the Sun (1946)
Since You Went Away (1944)
Gaslight (1944)
Soylent Green (1973)

Usually with

Orson Welles
Orson Welles
(10 films)
Edith Head
Edith Head
(9 films)
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Filmography of Joseph Cotten (83 films)

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The Bitch
The Bitch (1984)
, 1h30
Directed by Christine Pascal, King Vidor, Olivier Péray
Origin France
Genres Thriller
Actors Isabelle Huppert, Richard Berry, Bette Davis, Joseph Cotten, Vittorio Mezzogiorno, Jean Benguigui
Rating53% 2.66382.66382.66382.66382.6638
Un inspecteur de police croise le chemin d'une orpheline âgée de dix-sept ans.
The Survivor, 1h40
Directed by David Hemmings
Genres Thriller, Horror
Actors Robert Powell, Jenny Agutter, Joseph Cotten, Tyler Coppin, Edwin Hodgeman
Roles Priest
Rating51% 2.557982.557982.557982.557982.55798
A pilot survives the crash of his airplane, unhurt despite all of its 300 passengers dying in the accident. With no memories of the accident, he starts to suffer strange supernatural visions, guiding him to suspect that something happened in the crash and that the accident maybe wasn't an accident.
Delusion (1981)
, 1h22
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Horror
Actors Joseph Cotten, John Dukakis, Alice Nunn, Simone Griffeth McDonald, George P. Wilbur
Roles Ivar Langrock
Rating43% 2.1885152.1885152.1885152.1885152.188515
A nurse (Patricia Pearcy) moves into a mansion to care for an elderly invalid Ivar Langrock (Joseph Cotten). Not long after, Langrock's grandson Gabriel (John Dukakis) comes to stay after the accidental death of his parents. Soon, an unseen killer begins to murder the mansions' staff with a table leg.
The Hearse
The Hearse (1980)
, 1h35
Directed by George Bowers
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Horror
Themes Ghost films
Actors Trish Van Devere, Joseph Cotten, Donald Petrie, George Bowers, Christopher McDonald, Perry Lang
Roles Walter Prichard
Rating48% 2.4093252.4093252.4093252.4093252.409325
Jane Hardy (Trish Van Devere) arrives in the town of Blackford to stay in an old house left to her by a late aunt. As time passes, Jane learns secrets her aunt kept from her in life, but that were well known by the townspeople.
Heaven's Gate, 3h40
Directed by Michael Cimino, Brian W. Cook
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Historical, Romance, Western
Themes Films about immigration, Politique, Films about sexuality, Rape in fiction, La précarité, Erotic films, Films about prostitution, Political films, Erotic thriller films
Actors Kris Kristofferson, Christopher Walken, Isabelle Huppert, Jeff Bridges, John Hurt, Sam Waterston
Roles The Reverend Doctor
Rating67% 3.3503753.3503753.3503753.3503753.350375
In 1870, two young men, Jim Averill and Billy Irvine, graduate from Harvard College. The Reverend Doctor speaks to the graduates on the association of "the cultivated mind with the uncultivated" and the importance of education. Irvine, brilliant but obviously intoxicated, follows this with his opposing, irreverent views. A celebration is then held after which the male students serenade the women present, including Averill's girlfriend.
Concorde Affair, 1h36
Directed by Ruggero Deodato, Claude d'Anna
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Themes La fin du monde, Transport films, Aviation films, Disaster films, Films about aviation accidents or incidents
Actors James Franciscus, Mimsy Farmer, Venantino Venantini, Edmund Purdom, Dennis Hopper, Van Johnson
Roles Milland
Rating55% 2.7670552.7670552.7670552.7670552.767055
Concorde Test Flight 820 is sabotaged which forces the plane to crash land in the ocean off coast of Martinique in the Antillies of the Caribbean. The only survivor is a Jean Beneyton (Mimsy Farmer), a French hostess on the flight. Two fishermen find her, but then are soon killed off by a group of suited corporate agents who ride out in a speedboat, because they were witnesses to the crash.
Guyana: Crime of the Century, 1h55
Directed by René Cardona Jr.
Origin Mexique
Genres Drama, Thriller
Themes Films about religion
Actors Stuart Whitman, Gene Barry, John Ireland, Joseph Cotten, Bradford Dillman, Mel Ferrer
Roles Richard Gable
Rating54% 2.705122.705122.705122.705122.70512
In early 1977, Reverend James Johnson, the fanatic and paranoid leader of an independent church in San Francisco, moves his 1,000-strong congregation to the jungles of South American in the country of Guyana to create their own utopia free of the so-called corruption of the civilized world. Life at the jungle commune, called "Johnsontown", becomes unbearable as there are featured acts of brutally and cruelty that Johnson inflicts on his followers. In November 1978, when California Congressman Lee O'Brien investigates several reports of commune members being held against their will, he ventures to Johnsontown with a team of reporters to investigate the allegations of abuse. Despite the positive facade that Reverend Johnson puts out to Congressman O'Brien, the reality of the camp becomes apparent. When O'Brien leaves Johnsontown with a group of defectors, Johnson orders his loyal hit squads to kill O'Brien and the reporters, and then orders his followers to commit ritual mass suicide.
Island of the Fishmen, 1h35
Directed by Sergio Martino
Origin Italie
Genres Science fiction, Adventure, Horror
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films, Films set in Atlantis
Actors Barbara Bach, Richard Johnson, Joseph Cotten, Claudio Cassinelli, Mel Ferrer, Beryl Cunningham
Roles Prof. Ernest Marvin
Rating52% 2.6077552.6077552.6077552.6077552.607755
It is the year 1891 and a military doctor, Lieutenant Claude de Ross (Claudio Cassinelli) a survivor of not one, but two shipwrecks, washes ashore on a mysterious, uncharted Caribbean island along with a handful of convicts. When several of these convicts meet unfortunate ends at the hands of the titular fishmen, Claude and the other survivors flee into the jungle, only to encounter the sadistic Edmond Rackham (Richard Johnson) and his beautiful captive Amanda Marvin (Barbara Bach).
The Perfect Crime, 1h27
Directed by Giuseppe Rosati
Origin Italie
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Crime
Actors Leonard Mann, Gloria Guida, Joseph Cotten, Anthony Steel, Franco Ressel, Adolfo Celi
Roles Sir Arthur Dundee
Rating49% 2.4503352.4503352.4503352.4503352.450335
Le riche président d'une multinationale décède dans un accident d'avion. Son héritage et sa succession attirent les convoitises de son entourage.
Caravans (1978)
, 2h7
Directed by James Fargo
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Adventure, Romance
Themes Monde imaginaire
Actors Anthony Quinn, Michael Sarrazin, Christopher Lee, Jennifer O'Neill, Joseph Cotten, Behrouz Vossoughi
Roles Crandall
Rating59% 2.9500252.9500252.9500252.9500252.950025
The story is set in the fictional Middle Eastern country of Zadestan in 1948. Mark Miller is stationed at the U.S. Embassy in the fictional city of Kashkhan and is assigned to investigate the disappearance of and locate a young woman, Ellen Jasper, the daughter of a United States Senator, who vanished after her marriage to Colonel Nazrullah several months previously. Nazrullah is desperate to find her and becomes defensive when Miller asks about her. By law, Ellen has given up her rights as an American by becoming his wife. Miller traces her to a band of nomads who are running illegal guns. She doesn't want to leave, being estranged from both her parents and her husband. Miller doesn't want to return without proof she's alive and OK, which she refuses to give. Nazrullah lures the gun-runners into a trap. He separates Miller from the nomads and asks his wife to return to him but she refuses. Ellen at last gives Miller a note for her family. As the nomads leave, Nazrullah orders his troops to fire on them and Ellen is killed trying to rescue a child. A heart-broken Nazrullah carries away the body of his dead wife.
Last In, First Out, 1h45
Directed by Claude d'Anna
Origin France
Genres Drama, Thriller
Themes Spy films, Political films
Actors Bruno Cremer, Gabriele Ferzetti, Donald Pleasence, Laure Dechasnel, Dennis Hopper, Joseph Cotten
Roles Foster Johnson
Rating55% 2.771032.771032.771032.771032.77103
Parce qu'il y a du brouillard et que les avions ne peuvent circuler, Hélène Lehman décide de se rendre en chemin de fer à Zurich pour y retrouver son amant. Dans le train, elle fait involontairement la connaissance d'un journaliste, Lucas Richter, dont le mutisme et l'étrange comportement l'intriguent quelque peu. Or, la malencontreuse erreur d'un douanier fait qu'Hélène se retrouve en possession du passeport de Lucas. Ce n'est pourtant qu'à son hôtel et après avoir appris que son amant ne viendrait pas que la jeune femme s'aperçoit de la chose. Dès lors, elle n'a de cesse de retrouver Lucas dont elle sait seulement qu'il doit rentrer à Paris le soir même. Pendant ce temps, le journaliste négocie un dossier compromettant avec les responsables d'une société multinationale. Il s'agit de faire publier des documents accablants pour un groupe concurrent. En réalité, ces preuves ne serviront qu'à faire pression sur les intéressés afin d'obtenir une part substantielle d'un important marché. Mais cela, Lucas l'ignore quand il repart pour la France. De même qu'il ne sait pas qu'Hélène le cherche et qu'elle a été poursuivie une bonne partie de l'après-midi par un étrange individu, Medford, qui est également monté dans le train. Là, Hélène retrouve Lucas et lui relate les incidents qui ont émaillé sa journée. Parallèlement, à Paris et Zurich, les financiers finissent par se mettre d'accord et sur le contrat et sur le fait que l'inconnue qui accompagne Lucas doit disparaître. Cependant, pressentant qu'un danger menace, Lucas décide de passer à l'action. Il parvient à faire stopper le train et à éliminer Medford sans toutefois réussir à empêcher qu'Hélène, sa "complice" inattendue, soit poignardée, à peine arrivée à Paris.
Airport '77, 1h54
Directed by Jerry Jameson
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Disaster, Action, Adventure
Themes La fin du monde, Seafaring films, Films about terrorism, Transport films, Aviation films, Dans un avion, Disaster films, American disaster films, Films about aviation accidents or incidents, Films about hijackings
Actors Jack Lemmon, Lee Grant, James Stewart, Olivia de Havilland, Joseph Cotten, Brenda Vaccaro
Roles Nicholas St. Downs III
Rating57% 2.898072.898072.898072.898072.89807
A privately owned luxury Boeing 747-100, Stevens' Flight 23, flies invited guests to an estate in Palm Beach, Florida, owned by wealthy philanthropist Philip Stevens, who also owns the jetliner. Valuable artwork from Stevens's private collection is also on board the jetliner, to be eventually displayed in his new museum. Such a collection motivates a group of thieves led by co-pilot Bob Chambers to hijack the aircraft.
Twilight's Last Gleaming, 1h31
Directed by Robert Aldrich
Origin USA
Genres Thriller
Themes Political films, Arme nucléaire
Actors William Hootkins, Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark, Charles Durning, Paul Winfield, William Smith
Roles Arthur Renfrew - Secretary of State
Rating66% 3.3464153.3464153.3464153.3464153.346415
After escaping from a military prison, rogue Air Force General Lawrence Dell (Burt Lancaster) and accomplices Powell (Paul Winfield) and Garvas (Burt Young) infiltrate an ICBM complex and gain launch control over its nine nuclear missiles. They then make direct contact with the US government (avoiding any media attention) and make their demands: $10 million ransom, and that the President (Charles Durning) go on national television and make public the contents of a top-secret document.
The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case, 2h28
Directed by Buzz Kulik
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime
Actors Cliff De Young, Anthony Hopkins, Martin Balsam, Joseph Cotten, Denise Alexander, Peter Donat
Roles Dr. Joseph Francis Condon
Rating66% 3.339863.339863.339863.339863.33986
The film opens with archive footage of Charles Lindbergh's pioneering transatlantic flight in the Spirit of St. Louis and the song Lindbergh (The Eagle of the U.S.A.).
Syndicate Sadists, 1h32
Directed by Umberto Lenzi
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Actors Tomás Milián, Joseph Cotten, Maria Fiore, Ida Galli, Silvano Tranquilli, Femi Benussi
Roles Paternò
Rating63% 3.190793.190793.190793.190793.19079
Milián plays Rambo, an ex-cop who seeks revenge against two powerful crime families who were responsible for the murder of his friend.