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Josh Hartnett is a Actor, Producer and Thanks American born on 21 july 1978 at Saint Paul (USA)

Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett
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Birth name Joshua Daniel Hartnett
Nationality USA
Birth 21 july 1978 (45 years) at Saint Paul (USA)

Joshua Daniel "Josh" Hartnett (born July 21, 1978) is an American actor and producer of movies. He first came to attention in 1997 for his role as Michael Fitzgerald in the television crime drama series Cracker. He made his feature film debut in 1998 in the slasher film Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, followed by teen roles in films such as the sci-fi horror film The Faculty (1998) and the drama The Virgin Suicides (1999). Hartnett had starring roles in the epic war film Pearl Harbor, the drama O, the war film Black Hawk Down, the romantic comedy 40 Days and 40 Nights, and the mafia thriller Lucky Number Slevin.

He starred in the Brian De Palma-directed neo noir crime thriller The Black Dahlia (2006) which was a commercial and critical failure. Next, he appeared in the drama Resurrecting the Champ (2007), alongside Samuel L. Jackson, the graphic novel-based vampire horror film 30 Days of Night (2007) and the neo-noir atmospheric thriller I Come with the Rain (2009). He currently stars as Ethan Chandler in the horror TV series Penny Dreadful.


He is expecting his first child with girlfriend Tamsin Egerton in late 2015.

Best films

Pearl Harbor (2001)
Black Hawk Down (2002)
Lost in Translation (2003)
40 Days and 40 Nights (2002)
The Black Dahlia (2006)
The Faculty (1998)

Usually with

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Filmography of Josh Hartnett (34 films)

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The Long Home, 1h36
Directed by James Franco
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Josh Hutcherson, Tim Blake Nelson, Courtney Love, Timothy Hutton, Giancarlo Esposito, James Franco
Rating49% 2.4942152.4942152.4942152.4942152.494215
Set in rural 1940s Tennessee, a young man, Nathan Winer (Hutcherson), lands a job building a "honky-tonk" bar for a charismatic, scheming bootlegger, unaware that the man had murdered his father ten years earlier.
The Lovers
The Lovers (2017)
, 1h49
Directed by Roland Joffé
Origin Belgique
Genres Science fiction, Action, Adventure, Romance
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films, Time travel films, Films set in the future
Actors Josh Hartnett, Neve Campbell, Alice Englert, Tamsin Egerton, Bipasha Basu, Abhay Deol
Roles James Stewart / Jay Fennel
Rating46% 2.305532.305532.305532.305532.30553
In 2020, marine archeologist Jay Fennel (Josh Hartnett) is brain dead after trying to save his wife Laura (Tamsin Egerton) who got trapped exploring the wreck of a colonial British merchant ship. The comatose Fennel dreams about the adventures of Captain James Stewart in 1778 Pune (India), and his romance with a Maratha warrior, Tulaja Naik (Bipasha Basu).
Oh Lucy!
Oh Lucy! (2017)
, 1h35
Origin Japon
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romance
Actors Shinobu Terajima, Josh Hartnett, Kōji Yakusho, Shiori Kutsuna, Megan Mullaly, Reiko Aylesworth
Roles John
Rating67% 3.396663.396663.396663.396663.39666
Setsuko est en train de laisser filer sa vie jusqu'à ce que des cours d'anglais (et une perruque peroxydée) la transforment en son double, Lucy. Setsuko tombe rapidement amoureuse de son professeur, John, et quand celui-ci disparaît soudainement, elle embarque sa soeur dans une quête qui les mène de Tokyo jusqu'au sud californien, dans un triangle amoureux où rien ne se passe comme prévu…
6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain, 1h38
Directed by Scott Waugh
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Biography, Adventure
Actors Josh Hartnett, Mira Sorvino, Jason Cottle, Joey Miyashima
Roles Eric LeMarque
Rating57% 2.852812.852812.852812.852812.85281
La misère dans la vie d'Éric s'accumule et en plein sevrage d'une addiction à la drogue, il décide de s'évader du réel et de s'enfoncer aux montagnes avec son snowboard.
The Ottoman Lieutenant, 1h36
Directed by Joseph Ruben
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Historical, Romance
Actors Michiel Huisman, Josh Hartnett, Ben Kingsley, Hera Hilmar, Haluk Bilginer, Affif Ben Badra
Roles Jude
Rating63% 3.1988453.1988453.1988453.1988453.198845
1914, Lillian Rowe (Hera Hilmar), jeune infirmière américaine originaire de Philadelphie, décide de partir en Anatolie (Empire ottoman) afin de livrer du matériel humanitaire et de soin à un hôpital américain installé à Van, au milieu des montagnes. À son arrivée à Istanbul, elle rencontre le lieutenant Ismaïl Veli (Michiel Huisman), officier de l'armée ottomane qui accepte de l'escorter jusqu'à sa destination, condition sine qua none pour que l'expédition puisse-t-avoir lieu. À son arrivée, Lilly retrouve le médecin américain, Jude Gresham (Josh Hartnett), qui lui avait parlé de l'hôpital quelques mois auparavant lors d'une conférence. Mais bientôt, l'Empire entre à son tour dans la Première Guerre mondiale au côté des Empires centraux et la guerre rattrape les trois protagonistes.
Wild Horses, 1h42
Directed by Robert Duvall
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Actors James Franco, Robert Duvall, Josh Hartnett, Adriana Barraza, Jim Parrack, Luciana Pedraza
Roles KC Briggs
Rating48% 2.404092.404092.404092.404092.40409
Les répercussions sur une famille, propriétaire d'un ranch au Texas, de la réouverture d'une enquête sur une personne disparue.
Parts Per Billion, 1h38
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Romance
Themes Films about religion, Films set in the future, Political films, Dystopian films, Disaster films
Actors Josh Hartnett, Rosario Dawson, Teresa Palmer, Alexis Bledel, Gena Rowlands, Penn Badgley
Roles Len
Rating43% 2.1574052.1574052.1574052.1574052.157405
Erik, a struggling musician who lives off his family's considerable wealth, clashes with his girlfriend, Anna, over what they know are trivial details in their relationship. Apprehensive after watching news reports of increasing conflict in the Middle East, Anna comes to believe that they should spend more time together, but Erik seems preoccupied with music composition and maintaining friendly relations with his ex-girlfriends. At the same time, Len and Mia, a married couple, experience trouble in their own relationship. Len, a depressed and unemployed writer, struggles to find direction in his life. He confesses to his sister, a nurse named Sarah, that he has taken his wife, Mia, for granted until recently. Mia, an accomplished lawyer, has just successfully represented Andy, a scientist of some renown, from accusations of selling trade secrets to a research facility in the 1970s. Anna, worried about visions that she has had recently of a looming apocalypse that involve a young girl, confides in Rick, Len's best friend, that she fears she may be suffering from schizophrenia.
Girl Walks Into a Bar, 1h20
Directed by Sebastian Gutierrez
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Carla Gugino, Zachary Quinto, Josh Hartnett, Danny DeVito, Rosario Dawson, Emmanuelle Chriqui
Roles Sam Salazar
Rating55% 2.7980852.7980852.7980852.7980852.798085
An undercover ex-cop named Francine Driver (Carla Gugino), who poses as an assassin, meets a dentist – Nick (Zachary Quinto) – in a Los Angeles bar. Nick wants his wife Karen (Lauren Lee Smith) dead. He does not have the upfront payment of $20,000, but he promises he can get it for her before the night is over. When he leaves, Francine meets a young man named Henry (Aaron Tveit), a photographer who charms her before stealing her wallet and running off into the night. Her wallet contains the device used to record her conversation with Nick, and the evidence is incriminating.
Stuck Between Stations, 1h25
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors Josh Hartnett, Michael Imperioli, Zoe Lister-Jones, Nadia Dajani
Roles Paddy
Rating63% 3.1511653.1511653.1511653.1511653.151165
A decade after they graduated from high school and went their separate ways, Casper (Sam Rosen), a soldier haunted by the horrors of war, and Rebecca (Zoe Lister Jones), a whip-smart graduate student with a shaky future, reunite by chance and get to know each other over the course of an accidental tour of the little-known underbelly of Minneapolis. The evening's odyssey includes a bar fight, a house party, a punk-rock circus, a spontaneous burglary, a home Casper did not know he had, and a cast of strange characters, unexpected allies and disappointing friends.
30 Days of Night: Dark Days, 1h32
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Horror
Themes L'adolescence, Films about education, Films about children, Films about magic and magicians, Films about religion, Films set in the future, Vampires in film, Political films, Dystopian films, Films about school violence, Disaster films
Actors Kiele Sanchez, Rhys Coiro, Diora Baird, Harold Perrineau, Jr., Mia Kirshner, Monique Ganderton
Roles Eben Oleson
Rating44% 2.211772.211772.211772.211772.21177
A year after the Alaskan town of Barrow's population was decimated by vampires during its annual month-long polar night, Stella Oleson (Kiele Sanchez) travels the world trying to convince others that vampires exist. She is fully aware of the risk to the life that her work could bring, but does not care due to her grief over the death of her husband Eben.
Bunraku (2010)
, 1h58
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Martial arts, Fantasy, Action, Western, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Samurai films, Political films, Dystopian films
Actors Josh Hartnett, Woody Harrelson, Gackt, Kevin McKidd, Ron Perlman, Demi Moore
Roles The Drifter
Rating60% 3.0478853.0478853.0478853.0478853.047885
In the aftermath of a global war, guns have been outlawed but people still fight, using blades and fists.
I Come with the Rain, 1h55
Directed by Trần Anh Hùng
Origin France
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Themes Serial killer films
Actors Josh Hartnett, Elias Koteas, Lee Byung-hun, Takuya Kimura, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Tran Nu Yên-Khê
Roles Kline
Rating53% 2.654862.654862.654862.654862.65486
Two years after killing Hasford, a serial killer, in the line of duty, Kline now works as a private detective, but he is still haunted by the ghosts of his past. A powerful pharmaceutical conglomerate boss hires Kline to find his only son Shitao who has mysteriously disappeared in the Philippines where he had been helping in an orphanage.
August (2008)
, 1h28
Directed by Austin Chick
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Josh Hartnett, Naomie Harris, David Bowie, Rip Torn, Adam Scott, Robin Tunney
Roles Tom Sterling
Rating53% 2.6511052.6511052.6511052.6511052.651105
Tom and Joshua Sterling are two brothers, whose Internet start-up, Landshark, is as hot as a New York City summer – only this is the summer of 2001, their company is in lock up, its stock price is plunging and, in a few weeks, the world will change forever.
30 Days of Night, 1h53
Directed by David Slade
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action, Horror
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Films about religion, Films set in the future, Vampires in film, Political films, Dystopian films, Disaster films
Actors Josh Hartnett, Melissa George, Danny Huston, Mark Boone Junior, Ben Foster, Mark Rendall
Roles Eben Oleson
Rating65% 3.2986953.2986953.2986953.2986953.298695
Barrow, Alaska is preparing for its annual "30 Days of Night", a period during the winter when there is a month-long polar night. As the town gets ready, a stranger rows ashore from a large ship. Once ashore, he sabotages the town's communications and transport, destroying all means of communication with, and travel to, the outside world. Barrow's sheriff, Eben Oleson, investigates. Eben learns that his ex-wife, Stella Oleson, missed the last plane and must stay the 30 days. Although they try to avoid one another, when Eben confronts the stranger in the town diner, Stella helps to subdue him and take him to the station house.
Stories USA, 1h30
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Actors Scott Caan, Steve Carell, James Gandolfini, Ioan Gruffudd, Josh Hartnett, Paris Hilton
Roles Gianni (segment "Member")
Rating27% 1.3964851.3964851.3964851.3964851.396485