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Julia Duffy is a Actor American born on 27 june 1951 at Minneapolis (USA)

Julia Duffy

Julia Duffy
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Birth name Julia Margaret Hinds
Nationality USA
Birth 27 june 1951 (69 years) at Minneapolis (USA)

Julia Duffy (born Julia Margaret Hinds; June 27, 1951) is an American actress, best known for playing Stephanie Vanderkellen on the sitcom Newhart (1983–90). For this role, she received seven Emmy Award nominations and a 1988 Golden Globe Award nomination. The role also won her three Viewers for Quality Television awards. She is also notable for playing the original Maggie Campbell on Baby Talk (1991) and Allison Sugarbaker on Designing Women (1991–92).


Duffy graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York in 1972. She has been married since 1984 to actor Jerry Lacy, co-star of Dark Shadows and Love of Life, and has 2 children, Kerry Kathleen and Daniel. They live in Los Angeles.

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Camp X-Ray
Camp X-Ray (2014)
, 1h57
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Seafaring films, Politique, Transport films, Political films, United States Armed Forces in films
Actors Kristen Stewart, Peymân Maâdi, Lane Garrison, Julia Duffy, John Carroll Lynch, Joseph Julian Soria
Roles Betty
Rating68% 3.448943.448943.448943.448943.44894
Army private first class Amy Cole (Kristen Stewart) is placed as a guard at Guantanamo Bay detention camp, specifically Camp Delta. As a new guard at the prison she is first cold towards the detainees despite the fact of her showing dislike to certain actions towards the detainees. Eight months pass and she even writes a report to explain an irregularity on a shower shift that lead to a detainee (Peyman Moaadi) feeling uncomfortable. By the end of the film she stops him from committing suicide. At this point it is clear that her convictions towards the detainee are much different as she seems in distress and really affected by the possibility of him ending dead. The film ends by her leaving Guantanamao and leaving him a Harry Potter book he had been asking for years.
Bed & Breakfast, 1h33
Directed by Márcio Garcia
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Juliana Paes, Dean Cain, Julian Stone, John Savage, Julia Duffy, Kimberly Quinn
Roles Mrs. Harvey
Rating50% 2.5049452.5049452.5049452.5049452.504945
Jake Sullivan (Dean Cain) is the almost-ex-husband of movie star Amanda Cox (Kimberly Quinn). He owns a little bed and breakfast in the wine county. Ana Vilanova (Juliana Paes) is a Brazilian woman in love with a beach playboy (Marcos Pasquim) and whose brother (Daniel Ávila) is in trouble with the mob. Convinced that she owns the same piece of property on which Jake's B&B is located, Ana heads to California, intent on evicting him, selling the property and helping her brother, but soon realizes that she likes Jake quite a bit more than she likes her beach bum boyfriend.
Imps* (2009)
, 1h20
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Linda Blair, John Carradine, Colleen Camp, Keenan Wynn, Julia Duffy, Erika Eleniak
Roles Marjorie
Rating44% 2.2018252.2018252.2018252.2018252.201825
Intolerable Cruelty, 1h40
Directed by Frères Coen
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romantic comedy, Crime, Romance
Actors George Clooney, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Geoffrey Rush, Edward Herrmann, Cedric the Entertainer, Paul Adelstein
Roles Sarah Sorkin
Rating61% 3.0985653.0985653.0985653.0985653.098565
Donovan Donaly (Geoffrey Rush) a TV soap opera producer, comes home early and finds his wife Bonnie (Stacey Travis) with her ex-boyfriend, Ollie (Jack Kyle). Bonnie hires Miles Massey (George Clooney), a top divorce attorney and the inventor of the "Massey pre-nup", a completely foolproof prenuptial agreement. Miles wins the divorce case, leaving Donaly with nothing.
Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure, 1h19
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Adventure, Musical, Animation
Themes Films about animals, Films about music and musicians, Transport films, Films about spiders, Films about pigs, Musical films, Road movies, Buddy films, Children's films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Julia Duffy, Charles Adler, Amanda Bynes, Anndi McAfee, Rob Paulsen, Debi Derryberry
Roles Charlotte (voice)
Rating45% 2.291292.291292.291292.291292.29129
The film opens in springtime, about a year after Charlotte has died. Charlotte's three daughters, Nellie, Aranea, and Joy, are now in the stages of adolescence, with Wilbur serving as a companion and mentor.
Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd, 1h25
Directed by Troy Miller
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Buddy films
Actors Derek Richardson, Eric Christian Olsen, Rachel Nichols, Colin Ford, Eugene Levy, Mimi Rogers
Roles Jessica's Mom
Rating34% 1.7054551.7054551.7054551.7054551.705455
In 1986, Harry Dunne (Derek Richardson) finally gets his chance to go to regular school. At the same time, Lloyd Christmas (Eric Christian Olsen) has been adopted and exchanged several times until he is finally accepted by the school janitor, Ray (Luis Guzmán). Harry bumps into Lloyd on the way to school, in search for a treasure his mother (Mimi Rogers) asked him to find, and as if it were destiny, the two instantly became the best of friends. Lloyd introduces Harry to his "friend", Turk (Elden Henson), the school bully whose main function in life appears to be making Lloyd's life miserable. After putting Lloyd in a trash can, he hoists the two friends up a flagpole. Meanwhile, the corrupt Principal Collins (Eugene Levy) is searching for a way to get a large amount of money to get a condominium in Waikiki, Hawaii for him and his girlfriend, Ms. Heller (Cheri Oteri), the school's cafeteria lady. Seeing Harry and Lloyd getting hoisted on a flagpole, Principal Collins establishes a fake "special needs" class to swindle $100,000 from a former Special Needs student named Richard Moffit. Obviously, Harry and Lloyd are more than thrilled to help, unaware of the real reason, and thus find themselves signing up people who are "special" for the class. These include a reluctant Turk; a teen named Toby (Josh Braaten) who broke his leg and arm in a skateboarding accident—and whom Lloyd believes is a "little crippled boy"; Toby's gorgeous girlfriend, Terri (Teal Redmann); geeky Lewis (Shia LaBeouf), whom Harry and Lloyd believe is a centaur after seeing him half-dressed in his horse mascot uniform; Cindy (Michelle Krusiec), also known as "Ching-Chong," a Chinese exchange student who later becomes Turk's girlfriend; and Carl (William Lee Scott), a badly injured football player obsessed with his sport. Ms. Heller becomes the teacher of the fake class and holds it in Ray's tool shed.
Kidz in the Wood, 1h35
Directed by Neal Israel
Origin USA
Actors Dave Thomas, Julia Duffy, Tatyana Ali, Candace Cameron Bure, David Lascher, Darius McCrary
Roles Ms. Felicia Duffy
Rating61% 3.0990853.0990853.0990853.0990853.099085
The film is about a class field trip to the Oregon Trail that results in the class and teacher getting lost.
Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker, 1h36
Directed by William Asher
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Horror
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, Films based on plays, Teen LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Jimmy McNichol, Susan Tyrrell, Bill Paxton, Bo Svenson, Marcia Lewis, Steve Eastin
Roles Julia
Rating64% 3.2017253.2017253.2017253.2017253.201725
Billy Lynch (Jimmy McNichol) is a high school student who has been raised by his aunt since age three, after his parents died in a violent car accident. His Aunt Cheryl (Susan Tyrrell) is overly protective of her nephew. A gifted basketball player, Billy is offered a chance at a scholarship to attend the University of Colorado, but Cheryl dismisses the idea, assuming that Billy will stay with her to "contribute." At school, Billy is bullied by one of his basketball teammates, Eddie (Bill Paxton), who is jealous of Billy's close friendship with their coach, Tom Landers (Steve Eastin), while Julia (Julia Duffy), the school's journalism photographer, begins to take romantic interest in Billy.
Wacko (1982)
, 1h30
Directed by Greydon Clark
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Horror comedy, Horror
Themes Comedy horror films
Actors Joe Don Baker, Stella Stevens, George Kennedy, Julia Duffy, Andrew Dice Clay, Charles Napier
Roles Mary Graves
Rating49% 2.4643252.4643252.4643252.4643252.464325
It all started exactly 13 years ago, when Mary Graves' older sister was murdered on Halloween prom night by a power-mowing maniac. Poor Mary...since then she has experienced horror, sexual frustration, even psychoanalysis, but she still sees little lawnmowers everywhere. But tonight will be different. Tonight, at the new Halloween Prom, all the questions of the past 13 years will be answered as the pumpkin headed killer has returned. But hot on their trail is an obsessed cop (Joe Don Baker) who won't allow history to repeat itself.
Cutter's Way, 1h45
Directed by Ivan Passer
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Actors Jeff Bridges, John Heard, Lisa Eichhorn, Ann Dusenberry, Stephen Elliott, Nina, Baroness van Pallandt
Roles Young Girl
Rating68% 3.4471953.4471953.4471953.4471953.447195
One rainy night, Richard Bone's (Bridges) car breaks down in an alleyway. He spots a large, mysterious car in the distance. A man dumps something into a garbage can. At first, Bone thinks nothing of it and proceeds to meet his friend, Alex Cutter (Heard). The next day, a young girl is found brutally murdered in the same alleyway where Bone abandoned his car. He becomes a suspect. When Bone spots the man he thinks is the murderer in a parade later that day – local tycoon J.J. Cord (Stephen Elliott) – Cutter begins to take an interest in the mystery that unfolds. His interest soon becomes a conspiracy theory that develops into a troublesome investigation with his skeptical friend and the dead girl's sister (Ann Dusenberry) along for the ride.
Battle Beyond the Stars, 1h44
Directed by Roger Corman, Jimmy T. Murakami
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Action, Adventure
Themes Space adventure films, Dans l'espace, Space opera
Actors Richard Thomas, Robert Vaughn, Sybil Danning, George Peppard, John Saxon, Darlanne Fluegel
Roles Mol
Rating55% 2.7509152.7509152.7509152.7509152.750915
The farmers of the peaceful planet Akir are threatened by the space tyrant Sador (John Saxon) and his army of mutants, the Malmori. Sador's huge ship carries a weapon called a "Stellar Converter", which turns planets into small stars. He threatens to use the Converter unless the planet submits to him when he returns in several days. Zed (Jeff Corey), the last Akira warrior, is old and nearly blind. He suggests they hire mercenaries to protect the planet. Lacking valuable resources, they can only offer food and shelter in payment. Unable to go himself, Zed offers his ship, which has an artificial intelligence navigation and tactical computer named Nell, for the job if they can find a pilot. The ship is fast and well-armed but cannot defeat Sador alone. Shad (Richard Thomas), a young man who has piloted the ship and is well known to Nell, volunteers for the recruiting mission.