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Julianna Guill is a Actor American born on 7 july 1987 at Winston-Salem (USA)

Julianna Guill

Julianna Guill
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Birth name Julianna Minetree Guill
Nationality USA
Birth 7 july 1987 (32 years) at Winston-Salem (USA)

Julianna Guill (born July 7, 1987) is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Bree in the 2009 film Friday the 13th and Scarlet Haukkson in the webisode series My Alibi. She also co-starred in the TBS series Glory Daze as Christie Dewitt.


Julianna Guill est née à Winston-Salem en Caroline du Nord, États-Unis, le 7 juillet 1987. Elle a eu son baccalauréat en 2005 au lycée R.J. Reynolds et a fréquenté la New-York University avant de déménager en Californie.

Du haut de ses 1,64 m et son physique, elle commence par des apparitions dans des séries télévisées tel que Les Experts Miami ou encore Les Frères Scott.

Ensuite elle intègre en 2008 la nouvelle Web série intitulée My Alibi qui parle des histoires d'un groupe de lycéens.

Alors qu'elle est pourtant peu expérimentée mais dotée d'un physique explosif, Marcus Nispel (réalisateur du remake de Massacre à la tronçonneuse) l'engage en 2008 pour jouer dans Vendredi 13, le film d'horreur nouvelle génération de l'année 2009 qui fut un vrai succès au box office américain et mondial en rapportant plus de 91 millions de $.

Elle enchaîne ensuite avec des films toujours très ciblés sur les 16/25 ans avec la comédie Road Trip: Beer Pong et avec le film d'épouvante My Super Psycho Sweet 16 où elle joue le personnage principal.

En 2010, elle tourne dans la série 90210 le temps de deux épisodes puis dans le drame Five Star Day avec Cam Gigandet. Toujours la même année, elle tourne au côté de la sexy Jessica Lowndes pour le thriller horrifique Altitude et avec Ashley Greene et Tom Felton pour le film d'horreur Apparition.

En parallèle, elle participe à la suite de My Super Psycho Sweet 16 en incarnant toujours le rôle de Madison.

En 2011, Julianna est à l'affiche de Crazy, Stupid, Love une comédie tès attendue avec entre autres Steve Carell et Julianne Moore.

Best films

Friday the 13th (2009)

Usually with

Mitch Davis
Mitch Davis
(1 films)
James Roday
James Roday
(2 films)
Chris Zylka
Chris Zylka
(3 films)
Gluck, Will
Gluck, Will
(1 films)
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Filmography of Julianna Guill (15 films)

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Psych: The Movie, 1h28
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama, Crime
Actors Dulé Hill, James Roday, Maggie Lawson, Kirsten Nelson, Corbin Bernsen, Zachary Levi
Roles Dr. Butterfly McMillan
Rating74% 3.747223.747223.747223.747223.74722
Trois ans plus tard, Shawn et Gus ont ouvert une agence de Détective privé à San Francisco.
Captain America: Civil War, 2h27
Directed by Anthony Russo et Joe Russo
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Fantastic, Action, Adventure
Themes Superhero films, Super-héros inspiré de comics
Actors Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Chadwick Boseman, Daniel Brühl, Elizabeth Olsen, Scarlett Johansson
Roles Stark's Assistant
Rating77% 3.8951653.8951653.8951653.8951653.895165
Le Soldat de l'Hiver (alias Bucky Barnes) a autrefois été reconditionné dans une base militaire soviétique sibérienne et hypnotisé à l'aide de certains mots. Quiconque prononce ces mots en russe plonge le Soldat de l'Hiver en transe et peut lui donner n'importe quel ordre sans qu'il puisse désobéir. C'est ainsi qu'en 1991, le Soldat de l'Hiver a provoqué l'arrêt brutal d'une voiture pour s'emparer dans son coffre d'une valise avec un étrange contenu.
The Apparition, 1h22
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Horror
Actors Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan, Tom Felton, Julianna Guill, Rick Gomez, Luke Pasqualino
Roles Lydia
Rating41% 2.0529852.0529852.0529852.0529852.052985
On May 21, 1973, six people conduct The Charles Experiment, a parapsychological experiment, in which they stare at a drawing of a deceased man, Charles Reamer, hoping to summon his spirit. Years later, four college students, Patrick (Tom Felton), Lydia (Julianna Guill), Ben (Sebastian Stan) and Greg (Luke Pasqualino) attempt to recreate the Charles Experiment on a larger scale by using modern technology. During the experiment, something attacks the students and pulls Lydia into the wall.
Mine Games
Mine Games (2012)
, 1h33
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller
Themes Time travel films, Temporal paradox, Alternate history films
Actors Briana Evigan, Julianna Guill, Joseph Cross, Ethan Peck, Alex Meraz, Rafi Gavron
Roles Claire
Rating53% 2.65442.65442.65442.65442.6544
A van arrives at a gas station, where a nearby newspaper announces an "unidentified girl found dead in forest". The van belongs to a group of seven friends – Michael, Lyla, TJ, Claire, Lex, Rose, and Guy – who are traveling to a mutual friend's cabin in the woods for a vacation. Michael, who is driving, gets lost in the dark and swerves to avoid a waving figure in the road. The van crashes, which forces them to travel by foot. They arrive at a well-furnished cabin where Rose finds a written note telling "TJ, Lex, Claire" to wait there for them, so they assume that this is the house.
My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3, 1h23
Origin USA
Themes Comedy horror films
Actors Lauren McKnight, Chris Zylka, Kirsten Prout, Ryan Sypek, Jillian Rose Reed, Julianna Guill
Roles Madison Penrose (uncredited)

Two years after the events of the previous film, Skye Rotter (Lauren McKnight) is moving out of her boyfriend, Brigg (Chris Zylka), and his family's house to New York City for college with her new friend, the free spirited Sienna, (Jillian Rose Reed), whom she met on craigslist. As she is on the road, Skye receives a call from her estranged sister, Alex Bell (Kirsten Prout), who Skye has not spoken to since the past two years. Alex is surprised that Skye wasn't going to tell her that she was leaving. She begs Skye to come see her at her grandparent's country house to say goodbye before she leaves. Initially, Skye refuses, but is convinced by Sienna to tie up all loose ends before moving on with her life. Upon arriving back in Mill Basin, Skye and Sienna are greeted by a 22 year old Nathan (Ryan Sypek), who shows them the way to Alex's after getting lost. At the house, Nathan is asked to immediately leave the estate by two of Alex's guests: Leo, Alex's love interest, and Nico, who is ready to have fun no matter what. Skye goes inside to find Alex. After they greet Alex reveals that today is actually her "Sweet 16".
Crazy, Stupid, Love., 1h58
Directed by Glenn Ficarra, John Requa
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality
Actors Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, John Carroll Lynch, Marisa Tomei
Roles Madison
Rating73% 3.698883.698883.698883.698883.69888
Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) is a middle-aged man who learns that his wife Emily (Julianne Moore) cheated on him with a co-worker, David Lindhagen (Kevin Bacon), and that she wants a divorce. After moving into his own apartment, Cal goes to a bar night after night, talking loudly about his divorce, until he attracts the attention of a young man named Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling), a womanizer who beds women each night, although a young woman named Hannah (Emma Stone) recently had rejected his advances. Jacob takes pity on Cal, and offers to teach him how to pick up women. Using Jacob's teachings, Cal seduces Kate (Marisa Tomei) at the bar. After this encounter, Cal manages to successfully seduce other women in the bar. He sees Emily again at their son Robbie's (Jonah Bobo) parent-teacher conference. The interaction goes well until they discover that Robbie's teacher is Kate, who reveals to Emily that she and Cal slept together. Cal then confesses to sleeping with many women. Emily leaves in disgust and begins actively dating David. Meanwhile, Hannah, a recent law school graduate, is expecting her boyfriend, Richard (Josh Groban) to propose marriage while they celebrate her passing the bar exam, but he does not, instead, offering her a position at his law firm. Offended and hurt, Hannah returns to the bar where she originally rejected Jacob's advances and kisses Jacob passionately. The two return to Jacob's home to hook up, but end up talking to each other all night and making a connection. Jacob starts a relationship with Hannah, and he becomes distant from Cal.
Altitude (2010)
, 1h30
Directed by Kaare Andrews
Origin Canada
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Action, Horror
Themes Transport films, Aviation films
Actors Mike Dopud, Jessica Lowndes, Julianna Guill, Ryan Donowho, Landon Ryan Liboiron, Jake Weary
Roles Mel
Rating48% 2.402052.402052.402052.402052.40205
In the prologue, a small aircraft piloted by the mother of Sara (Jessica Lowndes), is transporting a family of three (two parents and their child). The child is extremely nervous and starts hyperventilating. Wondering why he is so afraid, the passengers suddenly see an out-of-control aircraft that crashes into them.
My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2, 1h24
Directed by Jacob Gentry
Origin USA
Genres Slasher
Themes Films about education, Serial killer films, Comedy horror films
Actors Lauren McKnight, Chris Zylka, Julianna Guill, Kirsten Prout, Matt Angel, Stella Maeve
Roles Madison Penrose
Rating63% 3.194443.194443.194443.194443.19444
The sequel begins where the original left off. Skye Rotter has a nightmare that following the memorial for the teens murdered at the Roller-Dome (Madison, Olivia, Chloe, Lily and Kevin), Brigg Jenner and Derek McNamera have a run-in with her father, Charlie Rotter. In the dream, Rotter stabs Derek repeatedly in the neck and Brigg, seeing Skye as he is about to escape through a back door, is stabbed in the back. After waking, Skye drives away in Madison's BMW and takes it to a dealership. She exchanges the car and makes a deal with a shady dealer so that he won't call the police. She drives off and tries to start a new life in a small town hundreds of miles from her hometown.
Costa Rican Summer, 1h33
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Julianna Guill, Susan Ward, David Chokachi, Drew Roy, Peter Dante, Pamela Anderson
Rating27% 1.3969051.3969051.3969051.3969051.396905
In Costa Rican Summer three boys Kyle, Tasty, and Doobie go to Costa Rica to help Kyle's Aunt Carla at her motel, but a former pro surfer (Brad) is trying to destroy Carla's motel. So another former pro surfing champion (Dinger) challenges Brad to a surfing competition to try and save Carla's motel. During the competition, Dinger prays and lighting hits Brad causing Dinger to win and Carla to keep the motel.
Friday the 13th, 1h37
Directed by Marcus Nispel
Origin USA
Genres Horror, Slasher
Themes Transport films, Serial killer films, Road movies
Actors Jared Padalecki, Danielle Panabaker, Aaron Yoo, Nana Visitor, Amanda Righetti, Travis Van Winkle
Roles Bree
Rating55% 2.7521952.7521952.7521952.7521952.752195
On June 13, 1980, a young Jason Voorhees (Caleb Guss) watches as his mother Pamela (Nana Visitor) is beheaded by a camp counselor (Stephanie Rhodes), who was trying to escape Mrs. Voorhees's murder spree around Camp Crystal Lake. Almost 30 years later, a group of vacationing friends—Wade (Jonathan Sadowski), Richie (Ben Feldman), Mike (Nick Mennell), Whitney (Amanda Righetti) and Amanda (America Olivo)—arrive at Crystal Lake on a camping trip to search for marijuana growing in the woods. That night, Jason (Derek Mears), now an adult, begins to kill members of the group, but spares Whitney and abducts her because she resembles Pamela at a young age.
Fired Up!
Fired Up! (2009)
, 1h30
Directed by Gluck, Will
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romance
Themes Dance films, Films about sexuality, Sports films, Erotic films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Nicholas D'Agosto, Eric Christian Olsen, Danneel Ackles, Sarah Roemer, Molly Sims, Collins Pennie
Roles Amy
Rating60% 3.049643.049643.049643.049643.04964
Nick Brady and Shawn Colfax (Eric Christian Olsen and Nicholas D'Agosto) are two popular football players at the fictional Gerald R. Ford High School who manage to get out of football camp and later con their way into the cheerleading squad after overhearing a conversation about the camp's abundant female population of 300 cheerleaders. Their objective is to infiltrate the cheerleading camp in order to meet girls. While attending a cheer camp, Nick and Shawn realize that they actually enjoy cheering and they start to care about their squad as well as the cheer competition. Shawn develops feelings for the head cheerleader, Carly Davidson (Sarah Roemer) and Nick chases after Diora (Molly Sims), their camp coach's wife.
Road Trip: Beer Pong, 1h35
Directed by Steve Rash
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about sexuality, Transport films, Erotic films, Road movies
Actors Preston Jones, Julianna Guill, DJ Qualls, Danny Pudi, Daniel Newman, Daniel Newman (acteur britannique)
Roles Katy
Rating49% 2.4533752.4533752.4533752.4533752.453375
Andy (Preston Jones) is egged on by his best friends to stop worrying so much about his girlfriend, Katy Hartman (Julianna Guill), back-home and start enjoying college life to the fullest. While enjoying his life, he remembers Jenna, an old girlfriend from home who is now a beer pong model and becomes infatuated with her. Andy and his friends decide to hit the road chasing Jenna and her model friends to compete in a beer pong tournament, but their plans get complicated when Katy decides to transfer to his university so she can be closer to him. They call on a son of a rich despot, Arash (Danny Pudi), who hopes to get him to sponsor their road trip but instead are taken into custody by the CIA, who interrogate them and dump them in Bethesda. They steal a taxi and continue their journey, but make a pit stop in family run strip clip, only to run afoul of a gang of bikers. Short of cash, they pick up a hitchhiker hoping she will pay for a ride. Instead, she holds up a convenience store and steals the taxi.
My Super Psycho Sweet 16, 1h28
Directed by Jacob Gentry
Origin USA
Genres Horror, Slasher
Themes Sports films, Serial killer films, Comedy horror films
Actors Lauren McKnight, Julianna Guill, Chris Zylka, Matt Angel
Roles Madison Penrose
Rating62% 3.149583.149583.149583.149583.14958
Madison Penrose's sweet sixteen is coming up. She wants to have her birthday party at the Roller Dome, a once popular roller skating rink with a violent history to match. She and her parents go so far as to hire a party planner (Chad McKnight). A few days before the party, while alone in the Roller Dome, he hears a strange noise and asks if anybody is there. The scene then flashes back to 1999, where Charlie Rotter (Alex Van) is the owner and entertainer of the Roller Dome. (He is known as "Lord of the Rink.") One day, he is humiliated by an ungrateful teenage boy named Craig (Damien Haas), who slaps the cake out of Rotter's hands and rips his mask off in front of everybody, including his six-year-old daughter, Skye (Lauren Eichner).