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Julie Carmen is a Actor American born on 4 april 1954 at New York City (USA)

Julie Carmen

Julie Carmen
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Nationality USA
Birth 4 april 1954 (68 years) at New York City (USA)

Julie Carmen (born April 4, 1954) is an American actress, dancer and a licensed psychotherapist. She came to prominence onscreen in the 1980s, winning the Venice Film Festival Best Supporting Actress Award for her role in John Cassavetes' film, Gloria. Her acting training was with Sanford Meisner at Neighborhood Playhouse and with Uta Hagen at HB Studios. Carmen was on the Board of Directors of both Women in Film for three years and IFP/West for six years.


D'ascendance espagnole et cubaine, Julie Carmen est d'abord danseuse, avant d'être remarquée en tenant un rôle dans le film Gloria, réalisé par John Cassavetes. Elle mène ensuite une carrière au cinéma et à la télévision, tournant entre autres sous la direction de Robert Redford (Milagro) ou John Carpenter (L'Antre de la folie). Elle travaille plus tard également comme psychothérapeute.

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The Milagro Beanfield War (1988)

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Last Weekend, 1h34
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Patricia Clarkson, Zachary Booth, Joseph Cross, Chris Mulkey, Devon Graye, Fran Kranz
Roles Maria Castillo
Rating53% 2.69992.69992.69992.69992.6999
When an affluent matriarch (Patricia Clarkson) gathers her dysfunctional family for a holiday at their Northern California lake house, her carefully constructed weekend begins to come apart at the seams, leading her to question her own role in the family.
The Butcher
Directed by Jesse V. Johnson
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action
Actors Eric Roberts, Keith David, Robert Davi, Geoffrey Lewis, Irina Björklund, Michael Ironside
Roles Rose
Rating53% 2.6593252.6593252.6593252.6593252.659325
Merle Hench, nicknamed "The Butcher" (Roberts) is a henchman for gangster Murdoch (Davi), until Hench takes the fall for his boss. Having survived, Hench will earn his nickname on a mission for revenge.
Illegal Tender
Directed by Franc. Reyes
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Actors Rick Gonzalez, Wanda De Jesus, Dania Ramírez, Delilah Cotto, Manny Perez, Zulay Henao
Roles Nilsa
Rating54% 2.7077152.7077152.7077152.7077152.707715
Bronx, New York, 1985, where Millie and Wilson De Leon are expecting their first child. Wilson is a drug dealer working for Javier Cordero. One night, Millie shows Wilson that she has laundered his illegal drug earnings and made high quality investments, eliminating the need for him to continue his life of crime. Wilson goes to a meeting with Javier, who has him killed at the same time that Wilson Jr. is born.
The Expendables
Actors Brett Cullen, Robin Givens, Idalis DeLeón, Tempestt Bledsoe, Cristi Conaway, Jennifer Blanc
Roles Jackie
Rating45% 2.2621952.2621952.2621952.2621952.262195
A group of female convicts volunteers for a mission to rescue a woman from a Cuban prison.
True Women
True Women (1997)
, 2h34
Directed by Karen Arthur
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Thriller, Action, Historical, Romance, Western
Actors Dana Delany, Annabeth Gish, Angelina Jolie, Julie Carmen, Rachael Leigh Cook, Tina Majorino
Roles Cherokee Lawshe
Rating72% 3.648533.648533.648533.648533.64853
The story starts with young Euphemia Texas Ashby (Tina Majorino) and her older sister Sara McClure (Dana Delany). When Euphemia gets back to the house from picking flowers she finds out that Sam Houston is coming to the house. Santa Anna is on his way so they must head east in the Runaway Scrape. While they attempt to cross a river Sara suffers from a miscarriage while her young son Little Johnnie dies in Euphemia's arms. Many other young and old Texans die and Euphemia is almost lost in a sea of graves. After a month and a week, Sam Houston defeats Santa Anna's army and Texas is reborn as the Republic of Texas. They now live in a new home with their horses. Their sisters Fannie and Jane Isabella come to live with them after their father dies at sea. They are very different from Sara and Phemie (Annabeth Gish) and must adapt to their new brutal life.
In the Mouth of Madness, 1h35
Directed by John Carpenter
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Horror
Themes Films about films, Films about writers, Films about religion, Films based on works by H. P. Lovecraft, Films set in the future, Giant monster films, Political films, Dystopian films, Disaster films
Actors Sam Neill, Julie Carmen, Jürgen Prochnow, David Warner, John Glover, Peter Jason
Roles Linda Styles
Rating71% 3.550783.550783.550783.550783.55078
Dr. Wrenn (David Warner) visits John Trent (Sam Neill), a patient in a psychiatric hospital, and asks Trent to recount his story:
Cold Heaven, 1h45
Directed by Nicolas Roeg
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime, Romance
Actors Theresa Russell, Mark Harmon, James Russo, Will Patton, Richard Bradford, Julie Carmen
Roles Anna Corvin
Rating52% 2.6049852.6049852.6049852.6049852.604985
The plot concerns a lapsed Catholic, Marie Davenport (played by Theresa Russell), who is about to leave her husband Alex (played by Mark Harmon) for her lover, Daniel (played by James Russo), when Alex is apparently killed in a boating accident and then seems to have risen from the dead. The film deals with Marie's dilemma in confronting this apparent miracle.
Gore Vidal's Billy the Kid, 1h36
Directed by William A. Graham
Origin USA
Genres Historical, Western
Themes Gangster films
Actors Val Kilmer, Duncan Regehr, Wilford Brimley, Julie Carmen, John O'Hurley, Albert Salmi
Roles Celsa
Rating57% 2.8566452.8566452.8566452.8566452.856645
En 1879, au Nouveau-Mexique. À dix-neuf ans, William Bonney, dit 'Billy le Kid', est embauché par Tunstall, un puissant éleveur. Il y trouve son premier véritable foyer. Lorsque Tunstall est abattu par des individus qui convoitent ses terres, Billy voit rouge. Il venge le défunt et doit s'enfuir.
Fright Night Part 2, 1h44
Directed by Tommy Lee Wallace
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Horror comedy, Horror
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Vampires in film, Comedy horror films
Actors Roddy McDowall, William Ragsdale, Traci Lind, Julie Carmen, Jon Gries, Brian Thompson
Roles Regine Dandrige
Rating59% 2.9558652.9558652.9558652.9558652.955865
Three years after the first film, Charley Brewster, as a result of psychiatric therapy, now believes that Jerry Dandrige was nothing but a serial killer posing as a vampire. As a result, he comes to believe that vampires never existed.
The Milagro Beanfield War, 1h57
Directed by Robert Redford
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Fantastic, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Fantasy
Themes Political films
Actors Richard Bradford, Rubén Blades, Sônia Braga, Julie Carmen, James Gammon, Melanie Griffith
Roles Nancy Mondragon
Rating67% 3.3977853.3977853.3977853.3977853.397785
Nearly 500 residents of the agricultural community of Milagro in the mountains of northern New Mexico face a crisis when politicians and business interests make a backroom deal to usurp the town's water in order to pave the way for a land buy-out. Due to the new laws, Joe Mondragon is unable to make a living farming because he is not allowed to divert water from an irrigation ditch that runs past his property.
Blue City
Blue City (1986)
, 1h23
Directed by Michelle Manning
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Themes Political films
Actors Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, David Caruso, Paul Winfield, Scott Wilson, Anita Morris
Roles Debbie Torres
Rating44% 2.2135752.2135752.2135752.2135752.213575
Returning to the small Florida town where he grew up, Billy Turner (Judd Nelson) learns that his father has been killed. With little help from the police, Billy will take matters into his own hands and go up against a ruthless local mob in a desperate search to find the killer.
Last Plane Out, 1h32
Directed by David Nelson
Origin USA
Genres War, Thriller, Biography, Action
Themes Films about writers, Films about journalists, Political films
Actors Jan-Michael Vincent, William Windom, Julie Carmen, David Huffman, Mary Crosby
Roles Maria Cardena
Rating45% 2.2524252.2524252.2524252.2524252.252425
American journalist Jack Cox covers the civil war in Nicaragua and falls in love with a pretty Sandinista rebel.
Comeback (1982)
, 1h30
Genres Drama
Actors Julie Carmen, John Aprea, Dan van Husen
Roles Tina
Rating59% 2.967322.967322.967322.967322.96732