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Kaali Venkat is a Actor born on 6 november 1977

Kaali Venkat

Kaali Venkat
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Birth name Venkat
Birth 6 november 1977 (42 years)

Kaali Venkat is a Tamil actor who mainly plays supporting roles in films.

Usually with

Balaji Mohan
Balaji Mohan
(3 films)
(4 films)
John Vijay
John Vijay
(3 films)
(3 films)
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Filmography of Kaali Venkat (18 films)

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India Pakistan, 2h40
Genres Romantic comedy
Actors Vijay Antony, Pasupathy, Jagan, Urvashi, M. S. Bhaskar, Manobala
Roles Selvam
Rating58% 2.9114052.9114052.9114052.9114052.911405
The story starts with Karthik, a young advocate (Vijay Antony) at the shopping centre Landmark. A young girl introduces herself as a software engineer and chooses the same film DVD as Karthik. A romantic film called "Kadhaluku Mariyadhai" (Respect for true love). Karthik ends up with a crush on the girl and reveals it to his friend Das. His friend Das (Jagan) who is a house agent helps Karthik settle down in a place that he calls his office. He finds out that he has to share his "office" with another young lady advocate Melina (Sushma Raj). Karthik is surprised to see that this is the same girl he had met at Landmark and introduced herself as an engineer. He accuses her of cheating him but she calls herself "a student passed in merit" and teases him of "passing in attempt". They argue with each other and end up in an agreement that whoever is able to handle a case first gets the whole office to themselves. Das sends Dina to be a handy helper to Melina and Karthik who end up fighting as to who Dina has to attend to first.Melina and Karthik put efforts to find a case and end up in embarrassing and foolish situations. An old couple seeks Karthik's justice for divorce but Melina locks him up in his room and goes to enquire the old couple's case. But Karthik gets out with Dina's help and rushes to enquire intervening Melina. They start fighting and end up in losing the case.
Maari (2015)
, 2h18
Directed by Balaji Mohan
Genres Action
Actors Dhanush, Kajal Agarwal, Vijay Yesudas, Robo Shankar, Kaali Venkat, Shanmugarajan
Roles Aarumugam
Rating61% 3.099863.099863.099863.099863.09986
The movie starts off with a Constable talking to the new subinspector Arjun about Maari, a local rowdy, who apparently rose to fame after killing a rival rowdy. Maari (Dhanush) happens to be an irritating guy, who along with his henchmen Sanikilamai (Robo Shankar) and Adithangi (Kalloori Vinoth), constantly pester the people in the locality and extort them. His main line of work is in training pigeons to perform in races and performance events. His boss is Velu, a bigger don who also is involved in the pigeon races as well as smuggling of sandalwood. Maari constantly has fights with "Bird" Ravi (Mime Gopi), another local rowdy who is also working under Velu. That is when Sridevi (Kajal Agarwal) enters, trying to open a boutique in Maari's locality. Maari forcefully becomes her partner in the business, which angers her after she loses some customers. So she helps Arjun in catching Maari by getting close to him, pretending to fall in love with him and incriminating him with an evidence of his confession of trying to kill the rival gang leader, but failing after which he was killed by someone else and the fame comes to Maari. Maari gets arrested and after he is released, he finds out that Velu also has been arrested, Arjun and Ravi are working together and has arrested some people in the area under the pretext of smuggling. Maari decides to take revenge on the duo. He first frees the local people from the extortion by Ravi's gang, when Sridevi also falls in love with him. Later he captures one of Arjun's smuggling vehicles and the driver and forces him to release Velu. When he takes revenge by burning the pigeon coop of Maari, he gets angry and beats up Ravi and Arjun, with the former agreeing to confess to everything. Angered, Arjun stabs Ravi but eventually gets arrested by the Revenue Department after his constable reveals all the secrets. Finally Sridevi approaches Maari to confess her love, which he rejects, returning to pester the local people and extort them for cash.
Vaayai Moodi Pesavum
Directed by Balaji Mohan
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Dulquer Salmaan, Nazriya Nazim, Madhoobala Shah, Pandiarajan, Abhishek Shankar, Arjunan
Roles Palani
Rating66% 3.3464453.3464453.3464453.3464453.346445
The story takes place in Panimalai, a hill city, during a spring season. The film begins with RJ Balaji, playing himself, coming to Panimalai to be a guest of a live radio show. In the middle of the show, he starts coughing severely and suddenly loses his voice. He is diagnosed with a new type of virus called the Mute flu, that causes sudden muteness and sometimes even death.
Thegidi (2014)
, 2h6
Genres Thriller, Crime
Actors Ashok Selvan, Janani, V. Jayaprakash, Kaali Venkat
Roles Nambi
Rating77% 3.892433.892433.892433.892433.89243
Vetri (Ashok Selvan) is a newly graduated criminology student who has an immense passion in becoming a detective. He has a very good observing capacity, which makes his professor believe that he will become a good detective someday. He gets a job from a detective company and is assigned with the task of shadowing and surveillance. He stays with his best friend Nambi and collects all the details about his targets. His next target is Madhu (Janani Iyer), a beautiful girl, for whom Vetri falls at first sight. Vetri's completed targets are killed one by one and Vetri understands that someone has used him to collect details about the victims, and the next one on the list is Madhu. He teams up with Inspector Raghuram and continue his enquiry with his help. On thorough investigation, Vetri finds that Sailesh and Sadagopan, who are a part of an insurance company, plot to take insurance policies, for the people who are single. The first two installments are paid by these schemers. By the third installment, the policy holders die in an accident . The policies are then claimed by another unknown person having fake relationship with the policy holder. The third person is then found to be Vallabha.Vetri, along with a police officer traces out the claimant of a policy who turns out to be none other than the professor who motivated Vetri to become a detective. Vetri then finds out the plot of his professor and his idea of linking him up with the detective agency. After narrating the story, the professor puts a bullet into his head. It is then shown that Vetri lives happily with friends and family taking care of the professor's old mother. Things seem fishy, when a newspaper contains a visiting card of Vallabha asking him to 'PICK THE CALL'.Vetri realises that even though his professor was involved in the insurance scam, he isn't Vallabha and that the actual Vallabha was still at large. The story ends with Vetri picking up a call.
Vaayai Moodi Pesavum
Directed by Balaji Mohan
Genres Comedy, Romance
Actors Dulquer Salmaan, Nazriya Nazim, Madhoobala Shah, Abhishek Shankar, Pandiarajan, Maniyanpillai Raju
Roles Palani
Rating66% 3.3464453.3464453.3464453.3464453.346445
Nazriya's character, Anjana plays a doctor who thinks it is better not to talk; whereas Dulquer plays Arvind, a door-to-door salesman who loves talking. The story evolves in a place between Kerala and Tamil Nadu there a strange disease (dumb flu) occurs which cause people loose their speaking ability.
Udhayam NH4, 1h53
Directed by Manimaran
Genres Thriller, Romance
Themes Transport films, Road movies
Actors Siddharth, Kay Kay Menon, Kishore, Ashrita Shetty, Avinash, Aadukalam Naren
Rating58% 2.906132.906132.906132.906132.90613
Prabhu Sivaanu (Siddharth) and his friends discuss the route from Bangalore to Chennai and plan to kidnap Rithika (Ashrita Shetty). Meanwhile her dad appoints encounter specialist Manoj Menon (Kay Kay Menon) who questions Rithika's male friend Deepak (Deepak) about Prabhu. The guy claims that Prabhu is a drug addict and was always trying to woo Rithika, who started to avoid him because of Prabhu. After that the plot continues when Manoj tries to track Prabhu and his friends. In the attempt, they track down a message from another friend Umesh asking Prabhu and friends to come to Bangarpet bus stand only to find Manoj and his team arresting the guy for more information. Manoj goes to a railway station where the train in which Prabhu and Rithika are travelling to Chennai. He finds Rithika and forcefully drags her into his jeep. As the flashback winds again (this time by Rithika), she fell for Prabhu after seeing him on many instances showing his presence of mind. As the flashback ends, Manoj finds Prabhu on the highway where he doesn't stop until he runs over pieces of glass put down by Prabhu. They get into a brawl where Prabhu loses and Manoj continues in the highway but has to stop in a railway signal. Prabhu takes his chance and threatens Manoj keeping his throat under a blade and taking Rithika with him. After a cat and mouse chase, Manoj calls Prabhu saying that his friend needs immediate treatment after an accident. He goes in search of Manoj and involves in a fight with him again. Now, after the stroke of midnight Rithika turns 18 giving her the right for choosing her partner. After that Manoj leaves the Highway as he couldn't do anymore according to law.
Pizza II: Villa, 1h42
Genres Thriller, Horror
Actors Sanchita Shetty, Ashok Selvan, S. J. Surya, Nassar, Ramdoss, Kaali Venkat
Roles Ponraj
Rating65% 3.293153.293153.293153.293153.29315
A debutant English novel writer Jebin M. Jose discovers that his dead father is bankrupt with an unlisted property in Puducherry. To pay off the debts, he makes a visit to the villa for valuation. But after seeing framed paintings by his father, he calls his girlfriend Aarthi, an amateur artist, to accompany him. She immediately likes the villa and urges him to not to sell. Meanwhile, Jebin's career gets a new break when an established publisher comes forward to buy rights for his first novel Maybe, Maybe Not !. He also gets advance ₹500000 (US$7 500) in a two-book contract. So, Jebin continues his stay in the majestic villa as good omen and begins work on his second novel The Director.
Directed by Sundar C.
Genres Comedy
Actors Vimal, Shiva, Anjali, Oviya, John Vijay, Santhanam
Roles Seenu's Friend
Rating68% 3.4449353.4449353.4449353.4449353.444935
The setting is Kumbakonam, where Seenu (Vimal), tries to keep the fire burning in the kitchen of his famous ancestral restaurant Masala Café. It is tough job for Seenu to keep the place running, but with the help of the old chef and granddaughter, Maya (Oviya), he somehow manages it.
Thadaiyara Thaakka
Directed by Magizh Thirumeni
Genres Drama, Action
Actors Arun Vijay, Mamta Mohandas, Rakul Preet Singh, Aarthi, Vamsi Krishna, Kyra Dutt
Roles Alphonse
Rating71% 3.5807753.5807753.5807753.5807753.580775
Selva (Arun Vijay) owns a travel agency in Chennai. He dreams to make it big in life and is all set to marry his lover Priya (Mamta Mohandas). The city is under the grip of dreaded baddies Maha (Maha Gandhi) and his brother Kumar (Krishnavamsi). They are loan sharks who go to any extent to wield their clout in the city. Selva comes across Maha and soon Maha is killed in mysterious circumstances. The blame falls on Selva. Kumar and his men want to bump off Selva. A perplexed Selva runs for cover. He sets out to find the real killer. But there is a twist in the tale and Selva takes a new avatar as he decides to wage a bloody war with baddies.