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Keith Wickham is a Actor British born on 9 february 1965 at St Albans (United-kingdom)

Keith Wickham

Keith Wickham
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Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 9 february 1965 (58 years) at St Albans (United-kingdom)

Keith Wickham (born 9 February 1965) is an English voice actor and comedian known for providing the voices of various characters in the Iconic UK children's television series Thomas & Friends.

Usually with

William Hope
William Hope
(8 films)
Kerry Shale
Kerry Shale
(8 films)
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Filmography of Keith Wickham (11 films)

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Thomas and Friends: The Adventure Begins, 45minutes
Directed by Don Spencer
Genres Animation
Actors John Hasler, Mark Moraghan, Joseph May, Rob Rackstraw, William Hope, Kerry Shale
Rating73% 3.6587453.6587453.6587453.6587453.658745
Gordon is unhappy about having to pull goods trains and tells Edward one morning that he won't have to pull them for much longer until Sir Topham Hatt, the railway's director, hires a new engine. Later, Gordon becomes stuck at the foot of a steep hill on the main line. With no other engines available, Edward is sent to help Gordon up the hill by pushing the train from behind.
Thomas & Friends: Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure: The Movie, 1h
Genres Animation
Actors John Hasler, Joseph May, Keith Wickham, Rob Rackstraw, Teresa Gallagher, Jules de Jongh
Rating63% 3.1953153.1953153.1953153.1953153.195315
Thomas the Tank Engine is running his branch line with his coaches Annie and Clarabel while trying to spot Bertie in order to have a race. Annie and Clarabel warn him not to yet Thomas becomes conceited leading him to nearly having collisions with rail-workers and Toby. Bertie, now confident of winning the race suddenly gets stuck behind Oliver the Excavator leading to Thomas taking the lead. As Oliver turns round a corner, Bertie races away, and The Thin Clergyman is seen riding a bike and looking in Thomas' direction. Thomas then arrives at Ffarquhar while Annie and Clarabel warn him not to race as The Fat Controller would be cross. Bertie then arrives fuming claiming that he keeps getting stuck behind excavators ever since construction of the new branch line from Arlesburgh Harbour to Harwick. Annie and Clarabel are worried about what the Fat Controller will do to their branch line if there is a new one being built but Thomas, still conceited, is certain nothing will happen as he is the Fat Controllers number one engine.
Thomas & Friends: Tale of the Brave: The Movie, 1h
Genres Animation
Actors Ben Small, Martin Sherman, Mark Moraghan, Keith Wickham, Kerry Shale, Matt Wilkinson
Rating65% 3.273183.273183.273183.273183.27318
A bridge on Thomas' Branch Line is closed for maintenance, so Thomas has to go and work at the Clay Pits. When he first arrives, he can see no one, but after catching sight of one of the twins, he chases them to the other side of the quarry. However, Bill and Ben are in the mood for pranks. They trick Thomas into being coupled to a line of trucks, which are already coupled to a new oil-burning engine named Timothy from the other direction. Thomas pulls the trucks forward, jerking Timothy backwards suddenly. As the twins run off laughing, Timothy warns Thomas to be careful as a storm closes in and the rain makes the clay cliffs unstable.
Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway, 1h2
Genres Animation
Actors Martin Sherman, Mark Moraghan, Teresa Gallagher, Keith Wickham, Matt Wilkinson, Togo Igawa
Rating64% 3.229833.229833.229833.229833.22983
Thomas, Percy, James and all their friends become very excited when Sir Robert Norramby, the Earl of Sodor, returns to the island with a big surprise. As the Steam Team discover mysteries of the past and legends of long-ago heroes, they also meet Millie, the Earl's private engine, and Stephen, one of the earliest engines ever built. Meanwhile, Gordon and Spencer are stunned when they encounter Connor and Caitlin, two streamlined engines from the Mainland who are even faster than they are. But disaster strikes when Stephen goes missing, and Thomas and the other engines have to put their bravery to the test in order to find him in time for the re-opening of Ulfstead Castle the very next day.
Thomas & Friends: Blue Mountain Mystery - The Movie, 1h1
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Genres Animation
Actors Martin Sherman, Michael Angelis, Ben Small, Keith Wickham, Matt Wilkinson, Steve Kynman
Rating64% 3.2299853.2299853.2299853.2299853.229985
After Paxton the Diesel is in an accident at the Blue Mountain Quarry, Thomas is sent to work in his place with the narrow-gauge engines. While working at the quarry, Thomas sees a mysterious little green engine whom he has never seen. Thomas sets out to find out who that engine is; however when Thomas asks the narrow-gauge engines who the mysterious engine is they say they don't know or it was a run-away truck or a mountain goat. Thomas then meets the engine again and the narrow gauge engines at a tunnel and all the engines try to hide the mysterious engine now revealed to be named Luke. After a few seconds of Luke trying to hide Rheneas lets him through and Luke runs into-the tunnel and hides, Thomas is very confused as to what is going so, he asks Skarloey what is wrong, so Skarloey replies that "Luke is a Friend, Thomas." "I am a friend" Thomas replied, Skarloey then reluctantly proceeds to tell Thomas about Luke: Luke hides there in the Blue Mountain Quarry, because he is scared that he will be sent away from Sodor because he did something very bad.
Thomas & Friends: Day of the Diesels - The Movie, 1h
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Genres Animation
Actors Martin Sherman, Keith Wickham, Teresa Gallagher, Ben Small, Kerry Shale, Matt Wilkinson
Rating54% 2.723832.723832.723832.723832.72383
After witnessing a new engine, Belle, extinguish a fire, Thomas and Percy shunt her to the Steamworks when she runs out of water. Once there, Sir Topham Hatt congratulates her, but says they need another fire engine. When Belle suggests Flynn, the matter is arranged to bring him over from the Mainland.
Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue, 1h
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Genres Animation
Actors Martin Sherman, Keith Wickham, Teresa Gallagher, Togo Igawa, Ben Small, Kerry Shale
Rating48% 2.426892.426892.426892.426892.42689
A new Sodor Search and Rescue Center is being built for Harold, Rocky and Captain, a new lifeboat. Jobi wood is needed in order to build it, delivered from Hiro's homeland. All the engines want to help deliver the Jobi wood. Meanwhile, Diesel feels insulted after Thomas teased him for not being a steam engine. Diesel tries to prove his point by taking the Jobi wood himself, resulting in a chase between him and Thomas, and all the Jobi wood being lost in the sea after Diesel almost fell off an unfinished bridge. Thomas is rewarded with collecting new wood after rescuing Diesel from the bridge. Being told there is no room on the boat, Thomas asks to be carried on a raft behind the boat. However, along the way, the rope to the raft breaks and Thomas floats away to a nearby island, Misty Island.
Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Rails - The Movie, 1h3
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Genres Adventure, Animation
Themes Children's films
Actors Michael Angelis, Michael Brandon, Teresa Gallagher, Ben Small, David Bedella, Keith Wickham
Rating64% 3.2436153.2436153.2436153.2436153.243615
One summer on the Island of Sodor, Spencer (voiced by UK: Matt Wilkinson/US: Glenn Wrage) arrives to help the Duke (voiced by UK: Matt Wilkinson/US: William Hope) and Duchess (voiced by UK: Teresa Gallagher/US: Jules de Jongh) with the construction of their new summer house. After being an absolute nuisance to all of the other engines by teasing and bossing them around, Thomas (voiced by UK: Ben Small/US: Martin Sherman) accepts Spencer's challenge to a contest of strength, taking heavy cargo around the island. Thomas's brakes fail after climbing a tall hill, and he runs out of control through an overgrown, abandoned line. There, Thomas finds an old abandoned Japanese engine named Hiro (voiced by Togo Igawa). Hiro doesn't want the Fat Controller (voiced by UK: Keith Wickham/US: Kerry Shale) to find out, fearing he will be scrapped, so Thomas promises to keep him his secret and work to make Hiro "Master of the Railway" once again. Later, he's taken to the Sodor Steamworks for repairs, where he finds old parts for Hiro. He takes them with permission from Victor (voiced by UK: Matt Wilkinson/US: David Bedella), the Steamworks engine, only to discover that Hiro's hiding place is dangerously close to the Duke and Duchess's new summer house.
Azur & Asmar: The Princes' Quest, 1h39
Directed by Michel Ocelot
Origin France
Genres Fantasy, Adventure, Animation
Themes Feminist films, Films about magic and magicians, Les fées, Political films, Children's films
Actors Hiam Abbass, Patrick Timsit, Imogen Bailey, Steve Kynman, Cyril Mourali, Nigel Pilkington
Rating74% 3.718233.718233.718233.718233.71823
Once upon a time there were two children nursed by Jénane: Azur, a blond, blue-eyed son of a nobleman, and Asmar, the tan skinned and dark-eyed child of the Jenane. The nurse tells them the story of the Djinn-fairy waiting to be released from her chamber by a good and heroic prince. Brought up together they are as close as brothers until the day Azur's father cruelly separates them, banishing the nurse and Asmar from his home and sending Azur away to the city to receive schooling from a personal tutor. Years later, Azur is haunted by memories of the legendary Djinn-fairy, and takes it upon himself to journey all the way to Asmar's homeland to seek it out. Now reunited, he finds that Jénane has since become a successful merchant, while Asmar is now a member of the Royal Guard. However, Asmar also longs to find the Djinn-fairy, and only one of the two youths can be successful in their quest.
Return to Never Land, 1h13
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Animation
Themes Films about animals, Films about magic and magicians, Seafaring films, Transport films, Aviation films, Pirate films, Les fées, Films about disabilities, Political films, Children's films
Actors Blayne Weaver, Corey Burton, Jeff Bennett, Tim Curry, Kath Soucie, Dan Castellaneta
Roles Schroder, one of the pirates.
Rating58% 2.932732.932732.932732.932732.93273
During the London Blitz of World War II, Peter Pan's former playmate, Wendy Darling, has grown up and married, and has two children of her own: a 12-year-old daughter, Jane, and a 5-year-old son, Danny. However, her husband Edward is serving in the army overseas, and Jane is resentful of her mother's stories about Peter Pan, dismissing them as childish. The rift is increased between the two when Wendy announces her plan to evacuate the two to the countryside for their own protection against the Blitz.