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Kreshna is a Actor, Director and Scriptwriter born on 14 february 1986


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Birth name Krishna Kulasekaran
Birth 14 february 1986 (38 years)

Krishna Kulasekaran, credited as Kreshna, is an Indian film actor.

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Yatchan (2015)
, 2h20
Directed by Vishnuvardhan
Genres Comedy, Action, Romance
Actors Arya, Kreshna, Kishore, Deepa Sannidhi, Swathi Reddy, Adil Hussain
Roles 'Pazhni' Karthik
Rating56% 2.8178252.8178252.8178252.8178252.817825
Vanavarayan Vallavarayan, 2h16
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy
Actors Kreshna, Monal Gajjar, Ma Ka Pa Anand, niharika kareer, Santhanam, S. P. B. Charan
Roles Vanavarayan
Rating52% 2.645732.645732.645732.645732.64573
The story revolves around two brother's relationship that breaks because of a girl and the story is filled with love, romance, comedy, action, entertainment etc.
Yaamirukka Bayamey, 2h2
Directed by Kishore Sahu
Genres Comedy, Horror comedy, Horror
Themes Comedy horror films
Actors Kreshna, Rupa Manjari, Oviya, Bobby Simha, Anaswara Kumar, Karunakaran
Roles Kiran
Rating68% 3.4426153.4426153.4426153.4426153.442615
Kiran (Kreshna) is a television telemarketer, who gets into trouble after one of his products has an opposite effect than what was intended, on the son of a local thug. That is also precisely the moment when he discovers that his ‘real’ father left him a bungalow on an estate in a small town. He cons the son of the don, escapes with the money along with his girlfriend Smitha (Rupa Manjari), renovates the run down mansion into a hotel with the help of a local caretaker Sharath (Karunakaran) who was under the care of Kiran's father before and his bombshell sister Saranya (Oviya). Customers begin trickling in, but strangely most of them wind up dead. Baffled, Kiran tries to uncover the mystery behind the deaths, which eventually leads him to believe that the house is haunted. His suspicions are confirmed when things start going awry in the house, indicating some supernatural presence and when he discovers that the people who checked in to his hotel were all previous owners of the land and interestingly all dead themselves. They soon go to seek help from brother Adaikalam, who is actually a cheat. They kidnap him and bring him to the house. The foursome catch an old man inside the house assuming he is a thief. However, the old man says that he and the others will die if they leave the hotel. He narrates that the house was haunted by a ghost - Mohini (Anaswara Kumar) who would kill the owner of the house. Soon the ghost starts to possess the people in the house and attacks Kiran. The gang is finally cornered with no chance of escape. It is said that they would die by midnight. Hearing someone banging on the door, Kiran opens the door to find the don, his son and his thugs. The don asks for the house in return for the money he conned from him. Feeling pity for them, Kiran warns them about the spirit. Not listening to Kiran, the don forces him to sign the papers for the house. Kiran and his friends are let go and they see the spirits of the previous owners on their way out. Just as they go out, they find the don and his thugs outside. Knowing that the ghost has killed the don's group since it is midnight, Kiran and his group walk away.
Vanmam (2014)
, 2h36
Actors Vijay Sethupathi, Kreshna, Sunaina, Bose Venkat, Sriranjini, Vinodhini
Roles Chelladurai
Rating50% 2.538682.538682.538682.538682.53868
Vennila Veedu
Actors Senthil Kumar G, Vijayalakshmi (Tamil actress), Black Pandi, Sivakarthikeyan, Srinda Ashab, Premgi Amaren
Rating56% 2.841572.841572.841572.841572.84157
The film tells the story of a village couple, Karthik (Senthil) and Thenmozhi (Vijayalakshmi), who migrate to the city after their marriage. Karthik works as a manager in a firm, and they live happily and help everyone around according to their capacity and have a beautiful daughter, Vennila. Meanwhile, Ilavarasi (Srinda Ashab), a new neighbor in their apartment arrives, and she lives right next door. Ilavarasi is the daughter of a rich money lender. He is a greedy loan shark who goes to any extent to get his loaned money back from the people who borrowed it. He loves his daughter and will get anything she points at and will do anything for her. Ilavarasi, as a result of this upbringing, is an arrogant, spoilt brat of a woman and she is married to a spineless man who does whatever she bids him to do. Though Thenmozhi does not have a good opinion about Ilavarasi in the beginning, they become friends after an incident where Ilavarasi thrashes a stalker who was harassing Thenmozhi repeatedly over phone. Soon, the women become good friends and enjoy each other's company over the day and spend a lot of time together.
Kazhugu (2012)

Genres Thriller, Comedy
Actors Kreshna, Bindu Madhavi, Karunas Sethu, Thambi Ramaiah, V. Jayaprakash, Aarthi
Roles Sera
Rating61% 3.09653.09653.09653.09653.0965
Sera (Krishna) is a guy who earns his living by retrieving dead bodies from Kodaikanal's Green Valley View suicide point. Nandu (Karunas), Shanmugam (Thambi Ramaiah) and a mute friend are part of Sera's crew. Chera meets Kavitha (Bindu Madhavi) when he and his crew retrieve her sister's body from a gully, after the sister had committed suicide with her boyfriend. Kavitha gradually falls in love with Sera. A parallel plot is of Iyya (Jayaprakash), who trades in stolen tea, with corrupt officials turning a blind eye to his activities.
Orr Eravuu
Orr Eravuu (2010)

Directed by Kreshna
Genres Thriller, Horror
Actors Kreshna
Rating78% 3.911113.911113.911113.911113.91111
Nakulan Ponnusamy, a paranormal investigator and proprietor of Silver Chord Services, travels from Chennai to Munnar where he goes to solve a case of a house believed to be haunted, belonging to a businessman Anand Chandrasekar. Nakul spends one full night in the haunted house and conducts his sophisticated paranormal investigation. Meanwhile, Nakul finds that three other investigators belonging to Seventh Sense Para-psychology team also had come to the house for investigation. After some horrible sequences and mysterious circumstances, Nakul is found dead in the house. Daisy, a reporter in a Television Program Metro Crimes analyzes Nakul's death.
Alibhabha (2008)

Directed by Neelan.K.Sekar
Genres Drama
Actors Kreshna, Prakash Raj, Thilakan, Biju Menon, Radha Ravi, Lollu Sabha Jeeva
Roles Velu
Rating67% 3.369183.369183.369183.369183.36918
The city is being shaken by many heart-stopping crimes taking place at different places. Young women are being molested and killed with alarming frequency. Velu helps his father Subramaniam in stealing. Being seasoned thieves, they rob everything right from pins to cars. A spate of young women are murdered and these developments rock the city. A tough cop investigates the case. However differences of opinions crop between the Police Commissioner and the policeman over the inquiry.
Udhaya (2004)
, 2h13
Genres Drama
Actors Vijay, Simran, Nassar, Rajesh, Vivek, Thalaivaasal Vijay
Roles Venkat Raman
Rating45% 2.26032.26032.26032.26032.2603
Udhayakumaran aka Udhaya(Vijay) is a college student who is doing research on atomic physics. Soon he is selected to study at Cambridge University due to the papers he has submitted on his research. However he declines and his teacher gives him the job of another teacher who is on leave. There he meets a student Vasanthi (Simran) and soon they fall in love. But later on he comes to know that she is engaged to be married. As he can't see his lover married off to someone else he moves to Chennai and finds a job as a reporter at a magazine with the help of Basheer (Vivek). He tries to fight for social change during which Basheer gets killed. He unknowingly gets to know a group of unsavoury characters who introduce him to their boss Dhananjay Veeran(Nassar) who poses as a person fighting for the people. They all promise to help him in his goals. Dhananjay asks Udhaya for a weapon to help break the granite rocks to save labour. Udhaya gives him a bomb that he had discovered during his research. However Dhananjay had other plans and uses it to cause a train to explode thereby killing many people. They frame him up. That night Udhaya is arrested by the police (Thalaivasal Vijay) and is accused of the bomb blast for which he was not responsible. Udhayakumar tries to fight his way out but in vain. In the process his father Muthuswamypillai(Rajesh) dies of heart attack on seeing his son in jail, himself being a retired constable. When Udhaya comes to his village to see his dead father Vasanthi tells him that his boss is not helping at all. While they are returning, the police jeep gets stuck in mud. So Udhaya, finding an opportunity, then cuts his handcuffs using one of the guns left behind by the police. He then sees Dhananjay Veeran and Niranjan discussing a plot to bomb a school bus and realises that Dhananjay is behind all this. He goes to the spot where one bus catches fire and Udhaya saves the children. Dhananjay arrives and seeing Udhaya attempts to shoot him but Udhaya stops him. Udhaya beats him up and throws him into the burning bus. The police arrests Udhaya despite the children's protests to not arrest him. He is taken to court where he is proven to not be guilty and is released. The film ends with Udhaya embracing Vasanthi.