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Kwon Sang-woo is a Actor Sud coréen born on 5 august 1976 at Daejeon City (Coree du sud)

Kwon Sang-woo

Kwon Sang-woo
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Nationality Coree du sud
Birth 5 august 1976 (46 years) at Daejeon City (Coree du sud)

Kwon Sang-woo (born August 5, 1976) is a South Korean actor. He rose to stardom in 2003 with the romantic comedy film My Tutor Friend and the melodrama series Stairway to Heaven.


Unlike many Korean male stars who had to fulfill their mandatory military service at the height of their careers, Kwon completed his military service long before he became an actor.

Kwon's mother is a Roman Catholic, and he himself converted after filming Love, So Divine in which he played a Catholic priest. His confirmation name is Francisco.

Kwon married actress and former Miss Korea Son Tae-young at the Shilla Hotel on September 28, 2008. On February 6, 2009, his wife gave birth to a baby boy, christened as Luke (nicknamed Rookie). Their second child, a daughter, was born on January 10, 2015.

Usually with

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan
(1 films)
Kim In-kwon
Kim In-kwon
(3 films)
Kim Tae-gyun
Kim Tae-gyun
(1 films)
Kim Ha-neul
Kim Ha-neul
(2 films)
Jung Woo
Jung Woo
(2 films)
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The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful, 1h46
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Action, Crime
Actors Kwon Sang-woo, Kim Hee-won, Kim Sung-kyun
Roles Gwi-soo
Rating64% 3.2062553.2062553.2062553.2062553.206255
Gwi-soo (Kwon Sang-woo) perd tout en jouant au baduk. Avec l'aide de son maître Heo Il-do (Kim Seong-kyeon ) et de son professeur Ddong (Kim Hee-won ), Gwi-soo réussit à remonter la pente dans le milieu du baduk. Il affronte les champions de tout le pays, tels que la « Mauvaise herbe de Pusan » (Heo Seong-tae), le « Solitaire » (Woo Do-hwan), Jangseong le « Chaman » (Won Hyeon-joon) et d'autres.
The Accidental Detective 2: In Action, 1h56
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Comedy, Comedy thriller, Crime
Actors Kwon Sang-woo, Sung Dong-il, Seo Young-hee, Son Dam-bi, Lee Il-hwa, Kim Dong-wook
Roles Kang Dae-man
Rating64% 3.2465553.2465553.2465553.2465553.246555
Le passionné d'affaires criminelles, Kang Dae-man (Kwon Sang-woo), vend sa boutique de bande-dessinée pour ouvrir une agence de détective sans le dire à sa femme et s'associe avec l'ancien flic à la retraite, No Tae-su (Seong Dong-il ). Malgré leurs espoirs de travailler sur des cas intéressants, ils se retrouvent bientôt avec des affaires insignifiantes comme des adultères, des dettes impayées ou des disparitions de chats. Un jour, une femme entre dans leur bureau, voulant découvrir la vérité derrière la mort de son fiancé et leur offre pour cela une belle récompense de 50 000 dollars. Dae-man et Tae-su y voient l'opportunité de mettre leurs véritables talents de fin limier au travail. Ils embarquent dans leur enquête un troisième membre, Yeochi (Lee Kwang-soo), un génie Mensa spécialiste de cyber-sécurité.
The Accidental Detective, 1h44
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Comedy thriller, Crime
Actors Kwon Sang-woo, Sung Dong-il, Lee Seung-joon, Park Hae-joon, Seo Young-hee, Lee Il-hwa
Roles Kang Dae-man
Rating67% 3.351013.351013.351013.351013.35101
Kang Dae-man (Kwon Sang-woo) est un vendeur de bande-dessinée avec un enfant en bas-âge. Passionné d'affaires criminelles, il se rend souvent à la police pour donner son avis sur les enquêtes en cours et l'inspecteur No Tae-su (Seong Dong-il ) ne peut plus le supporter. Un jour, l'ami policier de Dae-Man, Joon-soo (Park Hae-joon ), est arrêté pour meurtre. Pour prouver son innocence, No Tae-su fait équipe avec Dae-Man mais, pendant leurs recherches, un deuxième meurtre a lieu.
Chinese Zodiac, 2h
Directed by Jackie Chan
Origin Hong kong
Genres Martial arts, Comedy, Kung fu, Action, Adventure, Martial arts
Themes Seafaring films, Sports films, Transport films, Martial arts films, Kung fu films
Actors Jackie Chan, Kwon Sang-woo, Oliver Platt, Helen Yao, Chen Bo-Lin, Liao Fan
Roles Simon
Rating60% 3.001943.001943.001943.001943.00194
The movie begins by Jackie Chan telling the story of the Old Summer Palace and its looting and destruction by British and French soldiers in the Second Opium War. Among the treasures stolen are twelve bronze heads of the animals of the Chinese zodiac.
Pained (2011)
, 1h44
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Kwon Sang-woo, Jung Ryeo-won, Ma Dong-seok, Jang Young-nam, Kim Min-joon
Roles Nam-soon
Rating67% 3.386113.386113.386113.386113.38611
Debt collector Nam-soon (Kwon Sang-woo) lost his sense of pain after a traumatic accident during his youth, and now regularly takes beatings for his job. Street vendor Dong-hyun (Jung Ryeo-won) suffers from severe hemophilia, a disorder that impedes the body's ability to stop bleeding. For Dong-hyun, even the most minor of injuries could be deadly. She's left homeless after Nam-soon collects the last of her money, so he decides to take her in. As the two grow closer, Nam-soon suddenly begins to lose his lifelong insensitivity to pain and the hurt of a lifetime washes over him. Together, these two lonely souls learn to hurt and hope again.
71: Into the Fire, 1h57
Directed by Lee Jae-han
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, War
Themes Politique, Political films
Actors Cha Seung-won, T.O.P, Kwon Sang-woo, Kim Seung-woo, Kim Hye-seong, Park Jin-hee
Roles Koo Gap-jo
Rating72% 3.6492153.6492153.6492153.6492153.649215
The film is based on a true story of a group of 71 undertrained and underarmed, outgunned student-soldiers of South Korea during the Korean War, who were mostly killed on August 11, 1950, during the Battle of P'ohang-dong. For 11 hours, they defended the local P'ohang girls' middle school, a strategic point for safeguarding the struggling Nakdong River perimeter, from an attack by overwhelming North Korean forces, specifically the feared 766th Unit.
More Than Blue, 1h45
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, Melodrama, Romance
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about suicide, Films about cancer
Actors Kwon Sang-woo, Lee Bo-young, Lee Beom-soo, Nam Gyu-ri, Jung Joon-ho, Lee Seung-Cheol
Roles K
Rating74% 3.744063.744063.744063.744063.74406
K and Cream first meet each other in high school & both are orphans; K was abandoned by his mother after his father died of cancer who nevertheless left him a sizable sum of money, while Cream lost her entire family in a traffic accident. The two become soulmates and come to share a home, though K watches Cream switch from boyfriend to boyfriend as he keeps his own feelings for her to himself. Knowing that Cream's biggest fear is to be left alone, K keeps the fact that he has terminal cancer a secret, and instead he urges her to marry a kind and healthy man. When Cream announces that she is in love with affluent doctor Joo-hwan, K is left heartbroken, but is satisfied that she has met her ideal partner.
Fate (2008)
, 2h3
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors Song Seung-heon, Kwon Sang-woo, Kim In-kwon, Park Han-byul, Ji Sung, Hong Soo-hyun
Rating50% 2.5138252.5138252.5138252.5138252.513825
Gang members Woo-min, Cheol-jung, Do-wan and Yeong-hwan are close friends, who, with the help of older gang member Gang-seop, decide to rob a casino so they can start their lives over. But Cheol-jung betrays the others, and Woo-min ends up in prison. After serving his time, Woo-min tries to stay out of trouble, but finds himself drawn back into the underworld.
Almost Love, 1h56
Directed by Lee Han
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Action, Romance
Actors Kim Ha-neul, Kwon Sang-woo, Lee Sang-woo, Jang Mi-inae, Jung Min-ah, Park Ji-bin
Roles Ji-hwan
Rating64% 3.2449553.2449553.2449553.2449553.244955
Ji-hwan is a taekwondo student with a part-time job as a stunt man, who dreams of becoming Korea's answer to Jackie Chan. Dal-rae is a drama student and aspiring actress, but tends to fail auditions because of her timid personality. The two are old friends who have grown up together, but their relationship becomes complicated when they each start dating other people.
Running Wild, 2h4
Directed by Kim Sung-soo, Kim Seong-su
Genres Thriller, Action, Crime
Actors Kwon Sang-woo, Yu Ji-tae, Uhm Ji-won, Jo Sung-ha, Yoo Dong-geun, Kim Yoon-seok
Roles Jang Do-young
Rating63% 3.1509653.1509653.1509653.1509653.150965
Jang Do-young is a homicide detective who likes to use violence when dealing with criminals, while Oh Jin-woo is a prosecutor who believes in the importance of data and evidence. After the murder of his younger half-brother Do-young and Jin-woo meet when Do-young interrupts a stakeout in an attempt at vengeance. The unlikely duo join forces to bring gangster boss Yu Kang-jin to justice, but find that he is too well connected. Being unsuccessful in bringing Yu Kang-jin to justice the duo turn to violence in order to bring him down.
Love, So Divine, 2h30
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Films about religion
Actors Kwon Sang-woo, Ha Ji-won, Kim In-kwon, Jo Jae-hyeon, Kim Hee-sun김희선, Lee Sun-kyun
Roles Kim Kyu-shik
Rating63% 3.1510553.1510553.1510553.1510553.151055
After getting into trouble at their seminary, seminarians Gyu-shik and Seon-dal are sent into the country for a month of service under the elderly Father Nam. Upon their arrival, Gyu-shik meets Father Nam's niece, Bong-hie, who has flown across from the United States to see her boyfriend. However, when her boyfriend ends their relationship, Bong-hie finds herself stranded at her uncle's church with nowhere else to go. At first she and Gyu-shik struggle to get along, but eventually they become attracted to one another, and Gyu-shik is forced to question his commitment to the priesthood.
Once Upon a Time in High School, 1h56
Directed by Yoo Ha
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, Martial arts, Action, Romance, Martial arts
Themes Films about films, Films about education, Sports films, Martial arts films, Films about school violence
Actors Kwon Sang-woo, Han Ga-in, Lee Jung-jin, Lee Jong-hyuk, Park Hyo-jun, Ahn Nae-sang
Roles Hyun-soo
Rating73% 3.694733.694733.694733.694733.69473
Hyun-soo (Kwon Sang-woo), transfers to another school, which is notorious for being one of the worst and most brutal high schools in the country. He is sent to a bottom-rank class and experiences violence in classroom by a group of delinquents in his class led by Jong-hoon (Lee Jong-hyuk), who is a stereotypical Korean bully in school. The teachers are also depicted as authoritarian and brutal to the students, using discipline as an excuse for brutality, as did most Korean teachers up to the 70s. One day on the bus, Hyun-soo sets eyes on and falls in love with Eun-joo (Han Ga-in), and one day when a group of schoolboys start teasing her on the bus, Hyun-soo takes the opportunity to gain her respect, even though it meant starting a riot. After a chase through the neighborhood and being caught in their hiding place (a rat prompted Eun-joo to scream), one of Hyun-soo's friends Kim Woo-sik (Lee Jung-jin), who happens to be a son of a popular actress, steps in and knocks them out. A relationship triangle was formed between Hyun-soo, Woo-sik, and Eun-joo. One day Hyun-soo while riding his bike noticed Woo-sik and Eun-joo arguing. Taking into account that Hyun-soo was at a disadvantage of winning her heart due to his only achievement being sharing an umbrella with her on a rainy day while Woo-sik did more, he meets her at a rooftop that night and bonds with a romantic song playing on the radio presumably bought for the occasion, much to Woo-sik's jealousy when he saw them unnoticed when he reached the rooftop. One day Hyun-soo and Woo-sik got in a fight over Eun-joo and their friendship was put to an end, which made Woo-sik the tough person he is even worse, going to the extent of humiliating and beating Ham Jye-bok who is called by his nickname Hamburger (Park Hyo-jun), who sells pornography to other students. He leaves the school and presumably drops out after losing an intense fight with Jong-hoon on the rooftops, never to be seen again. Hyun-soo is now facing greater problems of his own when he concludes Eun-joo left him for Woo-sik again and he has been receiving poor grades prompting his father, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and an owner of a Tae Kwon Do gym, to berate him and resort to extreme violence to 'discipline' him and labeled him a 'surplus man', a derogatory term used to describe a person without a future, and told him to leave his house which Hyun-soo out of anger did and was almost driven to suicide. No longer able to put up with the conduct of Jong-hoon and his boys as well as the extreme brutality and violence being put up by the teachers, Hyun-soo starts to train himself in Jeet Kune Do, inspired by his childhood hero Bruce Lee. Hyun-soo challenges Jong-hoon to a fight one day when he is no longer able to put up with his irrational behaviour. On the same rooftop where Woo-sik lost a fight, Jong-hoon and his gang mates are grievously injured by Hyun-soo's nunchaku and expertise in Jeet Kune Do. After the intense fight, although he won, Hyun-soo still didn't feel any victory. Authorities including a general who is called 'puppet soldier' by students were alerted and they started yelling at him even though it was Jong-hoon who was antagonizing others. At this point, badly influenced by the brutality from his psychopath father and still being accused rather than honored after all this time and effort he invested to master Jeet Kune Do for the sake of bringing justice to the school and proving himself wrong of his status as a surplus man, Hyun-soo totally lost it and smashed some nearby windows and hurled his nunchucks at them and cursed Korea's entire education system for being so corrupt and encouraging brutality no matter how immoral it is, leading to expulsion. Later on, Hyun-soo and his father, who has heard everything of what happened as well as what his son has been practicing, pays a visit to a hospital to meet the now hospitalized Jong-hoon and his furious mother. Hyun-soo's father's begs her to forgive him calmly and sincerely without even the slightest bit of anger and sees the error of his ways by admitting his method of discipline was wrong as they only made his bad enough son even worse; realizing the result of bad parenting and child abuse. On their way home, Hyun-soo apologizes to his father, and in response he questions him if Bruce Lee ever went to college and silently walked home without a word. Sometime later, Hyun-soo is now attending a GED institute with teachers who don't utilize brutality upon students, and met Hamburger in the hallways after class, who was recently expelled right before graduation, in the hallways and discussed about their past. Hamburger explains that their friends are doing fine but has not heard from Woo-sik at all. He also says he spotted Eun-joo at the institute where she's restudying for college. One night on the bus, Hyun-soo meets Eun-joo again, but they say their goodbyes. The film ends with Hamburger and Hyun-soo outside of a movie theater showing Jackie Chan's 1978 movie Drunken Master, rough-housing as they argue about Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.
My Tutor Friend, 1h50
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Kim Ha-neul, Kwon Sang-woo, Baek Il-seob, Gong Yoo, Kim Ja-ok, Jung Woo
Roles Kim Ji-hoon
Rating65% 3.2989253.2989253.2989253.2989253.298925
This movie is about Kim Ji-hoon (Kwon Sang-woo) and Choi Su-wan (Kim Ha-neul), both 21 years old. Su-wan is in her second year at university while Ji-hoon is still in the process of repeating his senior year of high school.
Make It Big, 2h
Genres Comedy, Action, Crime
Actors Song Seung-heon, Kwon Sang-woo, Lee Beom-soo, Im Jung-eun, Lee Moon-sik, Jung Kyung-ho
Roles Woo-seob
Rating57% 2.8699752.8699752.8699752.8699752.869975
Three high school boys seem to have little in common, but one day they happen to sit next to each other at the back of the classroom. They soon become good friends, though they are always arguing or teasing each other. One day as they're jumping over the school wall, a thief falls out of nowhere and passes out right in front of them. He is holding a bag full of dollars. Not knowing what to do, they decide to take the bag first and think things out later. Meanwhile, Ji-hyeong is a rookie detective on his 100th day at the station, and is always busy trying to catch criminals ranging from drug dealers to petty thieves. Hearing that a usurer’s house had been robbed, he goes to investigate the case. But he gets orders to close the case, and he starts to get curious. He decides to continue investigating, in secret. Seong-hwan, Woo-seob and Jin-won have long since forgotten how scared they were at the beginning, and they are having a spending spree. Ji-hyeong’s investigation brings him closer and closer to them. Meanwhile, others are looking for the bag of cash too, and they are closing in on them fast.
Volcano High, 2h
Directed by Kim Tae-gyun
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Martial arts, Fantastic, Comedy, Action, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films
Actors Sin Min-ah, Jang Hyuk, Kim Su-ro, Kwon Sang-woo, Gong Hyo-jin, Method Man
Roles Song Hak-rim: Described as "Elegant Crane in a Pine Forest." The most powerful martial artist in Volcano High. He is imprisoned after being framed by Jang Ryang for trying to steal the manuscript. Realizing that Kyung-soo is Volcano High's only hope, Hak-
Rating60% 3.000493.000493.000493.000493.00049
Kim Gyeong-Su, jeune étudiant bêta et indiscipliné, est renvoyé pour la 9e fois de son lycée pour avoir usé de ses pouvoirs paranormaux contre un professeur. Décidé à ne plus les utiliser, il se retrouve à « Volcano High School », le lycée de la dernière chance où beaucoup d’élèves possèdent les mêmes facultés extra-sensorielles. À son arrivée, il découvre une ambiance chaotique, des guerres de gangs entre élèves, voire entre profs, et se veut résolument neutre. L'origine de ces conflits provient d’une rumeur persistante sur le fait qu’un élève ou un prof surdoué pourrait déchiffrer un manuscrit mystérieux et serait doté de pouvoirs infinis. Pris à partie par certains élèves, et malgré tout son bon vouloir, Gyeong-Su se voit contraint d’affronter ses ennemis.