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Laura Morante is a Actor, Director and Scriptwriter Italienne born on 21 august 1956 at Santa Fiora (Italie)

Laura Morante

Laura Morante
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Birth name Laura Morante
Nationality Italie
Birth 21 august 1956 (63 years) at Santa Fiora (Italie)

Laura Morante (born 21 August 1956) is an Italian film actress.


Vie privée
Sa tante est la célèbre femme de lettres italienne Elsa Morante.

Elle a trois enfants: Eugenia, Agnese et Stepan.

En 2001, le film La Chambre du fils de Nanni Moretti reçoit la Palme d'or au 54e Festival de Cannes. La même année elle est membre du jury du Festival international du film de Locarno, au côté notamment de la comédienne américaine Debra Winger. Le palmarès doit faire face à une polémique.

En 2004, elle a été la maîtresse de cérémonie du 57e Festival de Cannes.

Best films

Avenue Montaigne (2006)
Moliere (2007)

Usually with

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Filmography of Laura Morante (53 films)

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God Willing, 1h27
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about religion
Actors Marco Giallini, Alessandro Gassmann, Laura Morante, Ilaria Spada, Anna Foglietta
Roles Carla
Rating66% 3.3384253.3384253.3384253.3384253.338425
Tommaso is a successful, respected cardiac surgeon who also happens to be arrogant and an atheist. However, Tommaso’s only son Andrea brings the family together to announce that he wants to become a priest. Tommaso refuses to accept his Catholicism, and is horrified when his wife Carla and daughter Bianca consider it themselves.
God Willing, 1h27
Directed by Edoardo Falcone
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy
Actors Marco Giallini, Laura Morante, Alessandro Gassmann, Ilaria Spada, Anna Foglietta
Roles Carla
Rating66% 3.3381353.3381353.3381353.3381353.338135
Tommaso est un chirurgien du cœur qui a réussi et qui est respecté. C'est également un athée. Un jour, son fils Andrea lui annonce qu'il veut devenir prêtre…
A Farewell to Fools
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Comedy
Actors Gérard Depardieu, Harvey Keitel, Laura Morante, Daniela Nane
Roles Margherita
Rating54% 2.7099252.7099252.7099252.7099252.709925
Set during World War II, somewhere in Romania. A German soldier is found dead near a village, and the local authorities must finger the culprit or they will all be shot by Nazis the following morning. There's no way to identify the guilty party, but there is Ipu (Gérard Depardieu), the madman of the village, who the town leaders, led by Father Johanis (Harvey Keitel), pressure to claim responsibility for the soldier's death and die to save their skins. A farce seen through the eyes of a young village boy, we witness the comedy and horror of human nature as the villagers manipulate one another — even the ones you'd least expect…
Romeo & Juliet, 1h58
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about suicide, Théâtre, Romeo and Juliet, Films based on plays, Films based on works by William Shakespeare
Actors Stellan Skarsgård, Hailee Steinfeld, Douglas Booth, Paul Giamatti, Damian Lewis, Ed Westwick
Roles Lady Montague
Rating58% 2.917552.917552.917552.917552.91755
During the Late Middle Ages in Verona, two wealthy families, the Montagues and Capulets, have been feuding for centuries. One day at the market place, the feuding families start a brawl which infuriates the Prince and he threatens that if the peace of Verona is disturbed again, he shall take their lives. Meanwhile, Romeo is a young Montague who reveals that he is in love with Lord Capulet's niece, Rosaline.
Cherry on the Cake, 1h23
Directed by Laura Morante
Origin France
Genres Drama
Actors Laura Morante, Pascal Elbé, Isabelle Carré, Samir Guesmi, Ennio Fantastichini, Frédéric Pierrot
Roles Amanda
Rating56% 2.815762.815762.815762.815762.81576
Amanda souffre d’androphobie, une véritable peur des hommes, qui la pousse à détruire systématiquement toute histoire d’amour destinée à devenir sérieuse. Florence, sa meilleure amie, rêve de la voir s’engager dans une relation sentimentale stable et harmonieuse. Elle insiste pour qu’Amanda ne reste pas seule chez elle le soir du nouvel an, et n’obtient gain de cause qu’après lui avoir juré que tous les autres invités seront en couple, à l’exception de Maxime, un collègue homosexuel. Mais Maxime part à la dernière minute rejoindre son amant à Amsterdam, et Antoine, fraîchement séparé de sa femme, débarque seul à la soirée…
The Youngest Son, 1h45
Directed by Pupi Avati
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy-drama
Actors Christian De Sica, Luca Zingaretti, Laura Morante, Nicola Nocella, Alessandra Acciai, Massimo Bonetti
Roles Fiamma
Rating58% 2.906892.906892.906892.906892.90689
Luciano Baietti (Christian De Sica) is a man who has always taken advantage of the weakness of character of his wife Fiamma (Laura Morante) and his two sons Paul and Baldo. In fact, he, getting with deception, cheating, fraud and tax evasion for hotels and restaurant chains and small corporations, which now has abandoned his wife and children after marriage, psychologically destroying Fiamma and Baldo. Paul is the only one who has overcome the trauma, harboring a deep hatred of true parent and repeatedly threatened with death. After about twenty years of marriage, Luciano finds himself in trouble for all the tricks he did with his secretaries and Sticker Pillar who trust him blindly, and now must find a way out. Will find it in his youngest son Baldo which although has which 20 years is still a big kid dominated by the mother, who tries to rebuild his life creandosi a poor musical group of which he is the singer together with an old friend, but also his brother who treated as a mental patient. So Baldo, believing that review after so many years, the beloved father was invited to his villa why are headed all the properties and buildings that his father bought the scam. However, Luciano, who hopes to be saved from disaster by a second marriage is discovered, the wedding go awry, and he was arrested by the police. Baldo increasingly confused and desperate to return home to his family, and soon also joins Luciano, now reduced to a pauper after release from prison.
Love & Slaps, 1h47
Directed by Sergio Castellitto
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy
Actors Sergio Castellitto, Laura Morante, Enzo Jannacci, Marco Giallini, Barbora Bobulova, Erika Blanc
Roles Marina
Rating58% 2.9178252.9178252.9178252.9178252.917825
Marcello est un architecte reconnu qui est marié à Marina, une psychanalyste avec laquelle elle a une fille prenommée Rosa. Marcello a une relation extraconjugale avec Gladys. La famille et les amis se retrouvent pour fêter l'anniversaire de Marcello dans une atmosphère lourde où les tensions et les conflits qui couvent depuis des années risquent d'éclater à tout moment. Lors d'un un week-end successif tout le comité se retrouve en Toscane, rejoints par deux patients de Marina, Ettore Maria et Lory dans la maison de campagne de Marcello. Les parents attendent que Rosa, leur fille rebelle de dix-sept ans leur présente son nouveau fiancé surprise est totale quand il s'avère que celui-ci s'avère être un fringant septuagénaire.
The Big Dream, 1h41
Directed by Michele Placido
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama, Historical
Actors Riccardo Scamarcio, Luca Argentero, Jasmine Trinca, Michele Placido, Alessandra Acciai, Laura Morante
Roles Maddalena
Rating57% 2.854152.854152.854152.854152.85415
In 1968, in Rome, at the famous La Sapienza University, a group of young people's occupying the institution, starting in the city's famous revolt of students. The group of students is led by the proletarian Libero, son of unemployed workers of Fiat, who wants to attack the gaming bourgeois political and Italy and permanently to change the future for the youth of the country. The police opposes him, while the upper class student Laura falls in love with Libero. In the meantime, however, the Rome police plan to stifle the student revolt, and among these is the young Nicola, who secretly loves the theater, and so wants to star in a famous company. When Laura meets Nicola, changes perspective and the two fall in love. Nicola has the task of the police to infiltrate him in the group in protest, and to discover the weak points because the police can attach the students with more simplicity.
The Anarchist's Wife
Genres Drama, Historical, Romance
Themes Films about anarchism, Political films
Actors Nina Hoss, Laura Morante, María Valverde, Ivana Baquero, Jean-Marc Barr, Irene Montalà
Roles Lucienne
Rating60% 3.049833.049833.049833.049833.04983
L'histoire de Manuela, une femme dont l'époux, Justo, se bat pour ses idéaux durant la guerre civile espagnole. Justo est alors déporté dans un camp de concentration mais poursuit sa lutte pour ses idéaux. Durant des années Manuela n'a aucune nouvelle de son mari, mais celle-ci ne perd pas espoir.
A Whole Life Ahead, 1h29
Directed by Paolo Virzì
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Themes Films about the labor movement
Actors Isabella Ragonese, Micaela Ramazzotti, Sabrina Ferilli, Valerio Mastandrea, Massimo Ghini, Elio Germano
Roles Voce narrante (voice)
Rating68% 3.436543.436543.436543.436543.43654
The events of a freshly graduated young woman in the universe of precarious work.
The Anarchist's Wife, 1h52
Genres Drama, Historical, Romance
Themes Films about anarchism, Politique, Political films
Actors María Valverde, Ivana Baquero, Nina Hoss, Laura Morante, Jean-Marc Barr, Irene Montalà
Roles Lucienne
Rating60% 3.049833.049833.049833.049833.04983
Justo est un républicain anarchiste espagnol marié à Manuela. À cause de l'avancée des franquistes sur Madrid, il est contraint de partir vers Barcelone. Il fait ensuite partie des 400 000 républicains qui se réfugient en France. Manuela est restée à Madrid et ignore ce qu'est devenu son mari Justo. Celui-ci est déporté en Allemagne dans les camps nazis. Manuela fait des recherches pour savoir ce qu'il est devenu. Ce n'est que lorsque la frontière franco-espagnole est rouverte, bien après la fin de la 2e guerre mondiale qu'elle le retrouve en France.
Moliere (2007)
, 2h
Directed by Laurent Tirard
Origin France
Genres Drama, Biography, Comedy, Romance
Themes Films about writers, Théâtre, Molière au cinéma
Actors Romain Duris, Laura Morante, Ludivine Sagnier, Fabrice Luchini, Édouard Baer, Fanny Valette
Roles Elmire Jourdain
Rating71% 3.5940553.5940553.5940553.5940553.594055
The film begins in 1658, when the French actor and playwright returns to Paris with his theatrical troupe to perform in the theater the king's brother has given him. Most of the film is in the form of a flashback to 1645. Following an unsuccessful run as a tragic actor, Molière is released from debtor's prison by Monsieur Jourdain (Fabrice Luchini), a wealthy commoner with social pretensions, who agrees to pay the young actor's debts if Molière teaches him to act.
The Hideout, 1h40
Directed by Pupi Avati
Origin Italie
Genres Thriller, Horror
Actors Laura Morante, Rita Tushingham, Treat Williams, Burt Young, Yvonne Sciò, Sydne Rome
Roles Lei
Rating61% 3.052343.052343.052343.052343.05234
Venue dans la ville de Davenport pour y ouvrir un restaurant, une séduisante italienne se voit obligée d'interrompre ses projets en raison du suicide de son mari. Souffrant d'une grave dépression, cette femme est internée dans un hôpital psychiatrique du Minnesota. Elle y restera pendant 15 ans. Après cette longue hospitalisation, elle décide, à présent qu'elle est guérie, de reprendre son ancien projet. Elle trouve de nouveaux locaux pour son restaurant, un ancien couvent de bonnes sœurs. Mais elle découvre qu'à cet endroit, il y a à peu près cinquante ans, deux dames riches et une bonne sœur sont mortes dans des circonstances mystérieuses.
Avenue Montaigne, 1h46
Directed by Danièle Thompson
Origin France
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Films about classical music and musicians, Piano
Actors Cécile de France, Valérie Lemercier, Albert Dupontel, Laura Morante, Claude Brasseur, Sydney Pollack
Roles Valentine Lefort
Rating67% 3.394243.394243.394243.394243.39424
Jessica has moved from her small Burgundian town of Mâcon to Paris to start a new life, inspired by her grandmother, Madame Roux, who "always loved luxury". In Paris, she initially has trouble finding work, and spends one evening without shelter. She eventually gets a job waitressing in a small café, the Bar des Théâtres, even though the café, following tradition, has never before hired female waiters. The owner hires Jessica only because he is expecting large crowds soon and needs staff. The café is in an area of Paris close by several artistic venues, including the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées and a concert hall, on Avenue Montaigne. One of the backstage staff at the theatre, Claudie (Dani), helps to welcome Jessica to Paris.
Private Fears in Public Places, 2h
Directed by Alain Resnais
Origin France
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama, Romance
Themes Théâtre, Films based on plays
Actors Sabine Azéma, Lambert Wilson, André Dussollier, Pierre Arditi, Laura Morante, Isabelle Carré
Roles Nicole
Rating69% 3.496763.496763.496763.496763.49676
In contemporary Paris, six characters individually confront their emotional solitude as their lives intertwine. Dan (Lambert Wilson) is unemployed after being sacked from the army and spends his time drinking in a bar and telling his troubles to the longsuffering barman Lionel (Pierre Arditi). Dan's relationship with Nicole (Laura Morante) is disintegrating and through a newspaper advertisement he meets Gaëlle (Isabelle Carré), an attractive but insecure young woman who lives with her older brother Thierry (André Dussollier). Thierry is an estate agent who has been trying to find a new apartment for Nicole and Dan. He works with Charlotte (Sabine Azéma), a middle-aged spinster and an ardent Christian, who lends him a video of an evangelical TV programme to give him inspiration. At the end of the video, Thierry discovers some unerased footage of erotic dancing by a woman he suspects to be Charlotte, and, taking this as an invitation, one day he tries to force her to kiss him in their office. Charlotte in her spare time works as a carer, and is assigned to look after the bed-ridden and foul-mouthed Arthur (the voice of Claude Rich) in the evenings so that his dutiful son, who is Lionel the barman, can go to work. After enduring repeated vicious tantrums from Arthur, Charlotte one evening dons a leather porno outfit and silences him with a striptease performance, before resuming her usual pious demeanour. Arthur is hospitalised next day. Gaëlle witnesses a farewell meeting between Dan and Nicole, and interpreting it as a betrayal by Dan, she flees back home to her brother. Lionel and Nicole both pack up to begin new lives. Dan resumes his place at the bar.