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Leon Errol is a Actor Australien born on 3 july 1881 at Sydney (Australie)

Leon Errol

Leon Errol
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Birth name Leonce Errol Sims
Nationality Australie
Birth 3 july 1881 at Sydney (Australie)
Death 12 october 1951 (at 70 years) at Los Angeles (USA)

Leon Errol (July 3, 1881 - October 12, 1951), was an Australian-born American comedian and actor, popular in the first half of the 20th century for his appearances in vaudeville, on Broadway, and in films.


Ziegfeld Follies 1914 ProgramBorn Leonce Errol Sims in Sydney, Errol had toured Australia, New Zealand and the UK in a variety of theatrical settings, including circuses, operettas, and Shakespeare, by the time he arrived on the west coast of the U.S. in 1905. In Portland, Oregon he managed a touring vaudeville company troupe, giving an early boost to the career of a young comedian named Roscoe Arbuckle.
By 1911 Errol had graduated to the New York big time in the 1911 Ziegfeld Follies on Broadway, notably in two skits with the legendary Bert Williams. Errol's sister, Leda Errol (née Sims) was a personal friend of Ziegfeld Follies star Fanny Brice, and she appeared with him in the Ziegfeld Follies doing one- and two-act plays. He appeared every year in the Follies through 1915, when he is also credited as director of the show that included W.C. Fields, Ed Wynn, as well as Marion Davies as one of the Ziegfeld Girls.

While balancing vaudeville appearances and a dozen Broadway shows, like the original 1920 production of Jerome Kern's Sally, in 1919 Errol achieved the pinnacle of vaudeville success: headlining at the Palace.

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Footlight Varieties, 1h1
Directed by Benjamin Stoloff, D. W. Griffith, Hal Yates
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Musical
Actors Leon Errol, Mamie Van Doren, Liberace, Red Buttons, Dorothy Granger, Bess Flowers
Roles Leon Errol (segment "He Forgot To Remember") (archive footage)
Rating58% 2.903272.903272.903272.903272.90327
Make Mine Laughs, 1h3
Directed by Richard Fleischer, Hal Yates
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Musical
Themes Musical films
Actors Joan Davis, Gil Lamb, Dennis Day, Ray Bolger, Anne Shirley, Leon Errol
Roles (archive footage)
Rating58% 2.9202952.9202952.9202952.9202952.920295
Joe Palooka in the Big Fight, 1h6
Directed by Cy Endfield
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Boxing films
Actors Leon Errol
Rating58% 2.9262552.9262552.9262552.9262552.926255
Joe is framed by gamblers who hope to fix the outcome of an upcoming boxing match. When Joe manages to clear his name, the gamblers frame the scrupulously honest boxer with murder. On the run from the law, Joe is forced to turn gumshoe and solve the murder himself--and he'd better hurry if he's going to get to the Big Fight on time.
The Noose Hangs High, 1h17
Directed by Charles Barton
Genres Comedy, Action
Actors Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Cathy Downs, Joseph Calleia, Leon Errol, Mike Mazurki
Roles Julius Caesar 'J.C.' McBride
Rating67% 3.3951553.3951553.3951553.3951553.395155
Ted Higgins (Bud Abbott) and Tommy Hinchcliffe (Lou Costello) work for the Speedy Service Window Washing Company. They run into a bookie named Nick Craig (Joseph Calleia), who, after mistaking them for employees of the Speedy Messenger Service, sends them to Mr. Stewart's (Ben Weldon) office to collect $50,000 owed to him. But Stewart has plans of his own: he hires two thugs to rob Ted and Tommy of the money he has just paid. Tommy flees from the robbers and takes refuge in a room with a gaggle of women who are mailing face powder samples. He hides the money in an envelope and addresses it to Craig, but it is accidentally switched with an envelope containing a powder sample. Ted and Tommy return to Craig's office and explain what happened; they assure him that the cash will arrive in the mail the next day.
Variety Time, 59minutes
Directed by Hal Yates
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Musical
Themes Musical films
Actors Hans Conried, Leon Errol, Dot Farley, Dorothy Granger, Edgar Kennedy, William S. Hart
Roles Leon Errol (footage from 'Hired Husband') (archive footage)
Rating58% 2.938622.938622.938622.938622.93862
Riverboat Rhythm, 1h5
Directed by Leslie Goodwins
Origin USA
Actors Leon Errol, Glen Vernon, Walter Catlett, Jonathan Hale, Mantan Moreland, Ben Carter
Roles Matt Lindsay
Rating60% 3.0436453.0436453.0436453.0436453.043645
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Mama Loves Papa, 1h
Directed by Frank R. Strayer
Origin USA
Actors Leon Errol, Elisabeth Risdon, Edwin Maxwell, Emory Parnell

Wilbur (Leon Errol) is a middle-class furniture store employee. His wife Jessie (Elisabeth Risdon) reads a book about how women can make their men more successful, and decides to remake her husband to give him a new image. Now dressed-for-success by his wife, Wilbur reports for work in fancy clothes. Thinking he is dressed for a funeral, his boss (Edwin Maxwell), sends Wilbur home for the day. When Wilbur is wandering perplexed in a nearby park, he is mistaken for the Park Commissioner. Seeing it as an opportunity, McIntosh (Paul Harvey), a crooked politician who wishes to land a lucrative deal with the city to sell them new playground equipment, has the mayor (Robert Middlemass) appoint Wilbur as "Playground Commissioner". Later, when Wilbur is about to denounce McIntosh as a crook, McIntosh has his wife (Charlotte Wynters) ply Wilbur with champagne. While Wilbur is tipsy, Jessie overhears a flirtatious and damning conversation between the two. Wilbur wakes up with a hangover, no pants, and learns that while intoxicated he brought disgrace to himself, the town, and his wife. Wilbur eventually exposes the political corruption, and when his wife finally agrees to let him leave politics, everything turns out okay.
What a Blonde, 1h12
Directed by Leslie Goodwins
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Leon Errol, Richard Lane, Elaine Riley, Michael St. Angel, Veda Ann Borg, Clarence Kolb
Roles F. Farrington Fowler
Rating65% 3.294693.294693.294693.294693.29469
The Invisible Man's Revenge, 1h18
Directed by Ford Beebe
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Horror
Themes Films based on science fiction novels, Invisibilité
Actors Jon Hall, John Carradine, Leon Errol, Evelyn Ankers, Gale Sondergaard, Alan Curtis
Roles Herbert
Rating59% 2.951022.951022.951022.951022.95102
An eager scientist (John Carradine) tests his new formula for invisibility on an escaped fugitive (Jon Hall). When the formula works the criminal runs off to terrorize a family he believes cheated him out of a fortune years earlier.
Higher and Higher, 1h30
Directed by Tim Whelan
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Musical theatre, Musical
Themes Films about music and musicians, Théâtre, Musical films, Films based on plays, Films based on musicals
Actors Michèle Morgan, Jack Haley, Frank Sinatra, Leon Errol, Victor Borge, Barbara Hale
Roles Cyrus Drake
Rating60% 3.003373.003373.003373.003373.00337
The household staff of millionaire Cyrus Drake hasn't been paid for months when his bankruptcy is announced. With the wife and daughter of Cyrus on a long trip abroad, a scheme is formed to pass off the attractive young maid Millie as the socialite daughter, Pamela Drake, and marry her off to a rich man so there'll be money for all.
Follow the Band
Directed by Jean Yarbrough
Genres Comedy, Musical
Themes Musical films
Actors Eddie Quillan, Russell Hicks, Samuel S. Hinds, Mary Beth Hughes, Leon Errol, Robert Mitchum
Roles Big Mike O'Brien
Rating68% 3.4380553.4380553.4380553.4380553.438055
Marvin Howe is hired to work on the floor of the Clover Leaf Dairy Farm in Rutledge, Vermont, but much to his employer's dismay, he spends most of his working hours practicing playing the trombone, and not doing what he is supposed to. His boss, "Pop" Turnbull - the owner of the dairy, doesn't know that he is involved with Pop's daughter, Juanita, and is negatively surprised when the couple announces their engagement one day. Another man who works at the farm, Tate Winters, is also romantically interested in Juanita, and when he finds out about the engagement he convinces Pop that Marvin should be sent away on business. So Pop make Marvin go to New York City in order to obtain a membership National Dairymen's Association for him. Tate is well aware of that Pop repeatedly has been refused such a membership in the past, mainly because Pop raises goats and not cows. This makes the task nearly impossible for Marvin to perform.
Mexican Spitfire's Blessed Event, 1h3
Directed by Leslie Goodwins
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romance
Actors Lupe Vélez, Leon Errol, Walter Reed, Elisabeth Risdon, Hugh Beaumont, Alan Carney
Roles Uncle Matt Lindsay
Rating62% 3.1016653.1016653.1016653.1016653.101665
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