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Lewis Teague is a Actor, Director, Production Manager, Second Unit Director and Editor American born on 8 march 1938 at Brooklyn (USA)

Lewis Teague

Lewis Teague
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Nationality USA
Birth 8 march 1938 (86 years) at Brooklyn (USA)

Lewis Teague (born on March 8, 1938) is an American film director, whose work includes Alligator, Cat's Eye, Cujo, The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion!, Navy SEALs and The Triangle.

Best films

The Jewel of the Nile (1985)
Woodstock (1970)
(Production Manager)
Death Race 2000 (1975)

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Filmography of Lewis Teague (24 films)

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Hollywood Boulevard, 1h23
Directed by Joe Dante, Allan Arkush
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Comedy
Actors Mary Woronov, Jeffrey Kramer, Dick Miller, Paul Bartel, Jonathan Kaplan, Joseph McBride
Roles Party Guest (uncredited)
Rating59% 2.950162.950162.950162.950162.95016
In a prologue, pompous film director Eric Von Leppe (Paul Bartel) is shooting a skydiving sequence for low-budget Miracle Pictures in which an actress is killed. Candy Wednesday (Candice Rialson) arrives in Los Angeles to make it as an actor. She gets an agent, Walter Paisley (Dick Miller), but struggles to find work until she inadvertently gets involved in a bank robbery as a getaway driver. This gets her a job for Miracle Pictures as a stunt driver. She meets Eric Von Leppe, temperamental starlet Mary McQueen (Mary Woronov), sleazy producer PG (Roger Doran) and friendly scriptwriter, Pat (Jeffrey Kramer). Candy and Pat fall in love and she starts to get work as an actor, becoming friends with fellow starlets Bobbi (Rita George) and Jill (Tara Strohmeier).
Death Race 2000, 1h24
Directed by Charles B. Griffith, Paul Bartel, Lewis Teague
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Action
Themes Sports films, Films about television, Transport films, Films about automobiles, Films set in the future, Auto racing films, La téléréalité, Political films, Road movies, Dystopian films
Actors David Carradine, Simone Griffeth McDonald, Sylvester Stallone, Louisa Moritz, Martin Kove, John Landis
Roles Toreador (uncredited)
Rating61% 3.099253.099253.099253.099253.09925
In 2000, during the 20th annual race, a resistance group led by Thomasina Paine (Harriet Medin), a descendant of 1770s American Revolutionary Thomas Paine, plans to rebel against Mr. President's regime by sabotaging the race, killing most of the drivers, and taking Frankenstein hostage as leverage against the President. The group is assisted by Paine's great granddaughter Annie (Simone Griffeth), Frankenstein's latest navigator. She plans to lure him into an ambush to be replaced by a double. Despite a pirated national broadcast made by Ms. Paine herself, the resistance's disruption of the race is covered up by the government and instead blamed on the French, who are also blamed for ruining the country's economy and telephone system. The game has sadistic rules, where killing a baby and physically challenged people will give the player extra points. Machine Gun Joe (Sylvester Stallone) is the main opposition to Frankenstein.


The Triangle, 1h32
Directed by Lewis Teague
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Horror
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films
Actors Luke Perry, Dan Cortese, Olivia D'Abo, Polly Shannon, David Hewlett, Dorian Harewood
Rating47% 2.356542.356542.356542.356542.35654
Three high school buddies, Stu (Luke Perry), Tommy (Dan Cortese) and Gus (David Hewlett), decide to go on a pleasure cruise through the Bermuda Triangle. Stu's fiancee, Julia (Polly Shannon), insists on attending.
Justice League of America, 1h26
Directed by Félix Enríquez Alcalá, Lewis Teague
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Themes Superhero films
Actors Miguel Ferrer, David Krumholtz, Kimberly Oja, David Ogden Stiers, Matthew Settle, Michelle Hurd
Rating29% 1.4732051.4732051.4732051.4732051.473205
The protagonist, Tori Olafsdotter (Kimberly Oja), is a meteorologist working at the Eno Meteorological Institute who will later become Ice. The city of New Metro is faced with a tornado controlled by a terrorist calling himself the Weatherman (Miguel Ferrer). The Flash (Ken Johnston) dissipates the tornado using his super speed while the other members of the JLA use their powers to save civilians.
The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion!, 2h
Directed by Lewis Teague
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Action, Adventure
Actors John Schneider, Tom Wopat, Catherine Bach, Denver Pyle, James Best, Sonny Shroyer
Rating60% 3.045183.045183.045183.045183.04518
Hazzard County is having a reunion festival, which includes a Toughman-style contest, and a rattlesnake chili cookoff, along with several other events. Uncle Jesse is the grand marshal of the reunion and at the same time, is facing a lawsuit filed by Mama Josephine Maxx for access across Duke property to the Hazzard swamp where she intends to build a theme park. Jesse however, refused access, not wanting to see the swamp destroyed. This however, has made the rest of the townsfolk angry with him, as the new theme park means new jobs, and revenue for Hazzard County.
OP Center
OP Center (1995)

Directed by Lewis Teague
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action
Themes Spy films, Transport films, Political films, Road movies, Chase films
Actors Harry Hamlin, Kabir Bedi, Deidre Hall, Bo Hopkins, Ken Howard, John Savage
Rating57% 2.869132.869132.869132.869132.86913
In post-Cold War Washington an inexperienced political appointee, Paul Hood (Hamlin), is to head the supposedly obsolete National Crisis Management Center (NCMC) - with an eye to downsizing it. No sooner is he introduced around by Deputy Director Gen. Mike Rodgers (Carl Weathers) than he's in the middle of a crisis: a rogue KGB unit hijacks three Ukrainian based nuclear warheads for sale to the Middle East. National Security Advisor Admiral Troy Davis (Brimley) orders Hood and the Op Center to locate the warheads, verify their location and prepare a viable recovery plan.
Wedlock (1991)
, 1h41
Directed by Lewis Teague
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Action
Themes Prison films, Transport films, Road movies, Chase films
Actors Rutger Hauer, Mimi Rogers, James Remar, Joan Chen, Stephen Tobolowsky, Grand L. Bush
Rating58% 2.948852.948852.948852.948852.94885
After stealing diamonds in a robbery, diamond thief Frank Warren is betrayed by his best friend Sam and his fiancée Noelle, who turns him into the authorities. Frank is sentenced to 12 years imprisonment at Camp Holliday, an experimental prison where each convict is given an electronic collar containing an explosive device which is electronically connected to another inmate. If any inmate tries to escape from Camp Holliday and is separated from the collar-mate by more than 100 yards, their collars will explode. Frank learns the inmate he is connected to is Tracey Rigg and Tracey and Frank both escape with their collars intact. On the run from the authorities, Tracey and Frank find they are being pursued by Sam and Noelle, believing Frank will lead them to the diamonds, which he has hidden.
Navy SEALs
Navy SEALs (1990)
, 1h53
Directed by Lewis Teague
Origin USA
Genres War, Thriller, Action
Themes Seafaring films, Films about terrorism, Transport films, United States Armed Forces in films
Actors Charlie Sheen, Michael Biehn, Joanne Whalley, Rick Rossovich, Cyril O'Reilly, Bill Paxton
Rating54% 2.749192.749192.749192.749192.74919
The USS Forrestal, an aircraft carrier on station in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, receives a mayday from a cargo ship. The ship reports that they have been attacked, are on fire and adrift. A deployed Navy SH-3 helicopter attempts to rescue the crew, but is downed by a gunboat and the aircrew is captured.
Collision Course, 1h40
Directed by Lewis Teague
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Action, Crime
Themes Buddy films
Actors Pat Morita, Chris Sarandon, Jay Leno, Tom Noonan, John Hancock, Dennis Holahan
Rating46% 2.3041452.3041452.3041452.3041452.304145
Tony Costas, un flic impétueux, odieux, sexiste et raciste de Détroit qui a depuis longtemps cessé de suivre les règles, se fait dire qu'il devra travailler avec l'inspecteur Fuji, un policier japonais direct. Fuji est à Detroit à la recherche d'un ingénieur japonais qui s'est rendu en Amérique avec des plans pour une pièce de voiture top secrète. Le couple ne parvient naturellement pas à s'entendre au début, mais au fur et à mesure que l'enquête se poursuit, ils commencent presque à tolérer la présence de l'autre.
Cat's Eye
Cat's Eye (1985)
, 1h34
Directed by Lewis Teague
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Horror
Themes Films about animals, Films about cats, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Drew Barrymore, James Woods, Candy Clark, Alan King, Robert Hays, Kenneth McMillan
Rating63% 3.154833.154833.154833.154833.15483
A stray grey alley tom tabby cat is chased by a dishevelled St. Bernard dog, and nearly gets run down by a red 1958 Plymouth Fury (named Christine according to its fender sticker). He hides from the dog in a delivery truck, which drives to New York City. The tomcat hears the disembodied voice of a young girl (Drew Barrymore) pleading for help because something is threatening her. The cat is then captured by an employee from Quitters, Inc.
The Jewel of the Nile, 1h46
Directed by Lewis Teague
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Action, Adventure, Romance
Themes Films about writers
Actors Kathleen Turner, Danny DeVito, Michael Douglas, Spiros Focás, Holland Taylor, Avner the Eccentric
Rating61% 3.0508553.0508553.0508553.0508553.050855
Six months after the events in Romancing the Stone, Joan Wilder (Kathleen Turner) is having trouble writing her next romantic novel while living with Jack Colton (Michael Douglas) on his boat, the Angelina, which is moored in a South of France port, and she refuses to discuss marriage. Later that afternoon at a book signing engagement held by her publisher, Gloria (Holland Taylor), Joan meets a charming Arab ruler named Omar (Spiros Focás) who has managed to persuade the world that he is the firm, but fair, ruler of Kadir. Omar offers Joan the opportunity to live like a queen at his palace, while she writes a puff piece about him. However, as soon as Joan leaves with Omar, Jack runs into Ralph (Danny DeVito). Ralph, a comical swindler from Jack's past, recently out of prison, plans on killing Jack for abandoning him to the authorities in Colombia, but is stopped by an Arab named Tarak (Paul David Magid), who tells Jack of Omar's true intentions. This includes the fact that he has their greatest treasure, the Jewel of the Nile, in his possession. Ralph, immediately interested at the prospect, agrees to help find the Jewel. Jack, however, is less than convinced. But seconds later, the Angelina explodes, having been sabotaged under Omar's orders. He then agrees to team up with Ralph and Tarak in order to track down the lost jewel in Omar's kingdom.
Cujo (1983)
, 1h31
Directed by Lewis Teague
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror
Themes Films about animals, Natural horror films, Films about dogs, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Dee Wallace, Danny Pintauro, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Christopher Stone, Ed Lauter, Billy Jayne
Rating60% 3.049963.049963.049963.049963.04996
The film begins with a rabbit hopping out of its hole, when a St. Bernard chases it, until it stops and curiously sticks its nose in a bat cave, and a rabid bat bites its nose.
Fighting Back, 1h38
Directed by Lewis Teague
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action, Crime
Actors Tom Skerritt, Patti LuPone, Michael Sarrazin, Yaphet Kotto, David Rasche, Earle Hyman
Rating59% 2.998842.998842.998842.998842.99884
The film opens with Philadelphia TV reporters viewing and broadcasting a news story about violence in society. With the increase in crime, Philadelphia is becoming unsafe. Proud Italian-American John D'Angelo (Tom Skerritt) runs a deli in town. While driving with his wife, Lisa (Patti LuPone), D'Angelo comes across a pimp known as Eldorado (Pete Richardson) brutalizing one of his prostitutes. John's wife confronts the pimp and the pimp chases the D'Angelos, ramming his car into the back of the D'Angelos' vehicle, injuring Lisa and killing their unborn baby. John's mother Vera (Gina DeAngles) is assaulted in the neighborhood.
Alligator (1980)
, 1h32
Directed by Lewis Teague, Jon Hess
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Horror comedy, Action, Horror
Themes Films about animals, Natural horror films, Giant monster films, Comedy horror films, Disaster films
Actors Robert Forster, Joseph Bologna, Robin Riker, Michael Vincenzo Gazzo, Dee Wallace, Dean Jagger
Rating40% 2.0422252.0422252.0422252.0422252.042225
A teenage girl purchases a baby American alligator while on vacation with her family at a tourist trap in Florida. After the family returns home to Chicago, the alligator, named Ramón by the girl, is promptly flushed down the family's toilet by her surly, animal-phobic father and ends up in the city's sewers.