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Linda Kerridge is a Actor Australienne born on 1 january 1954

Linda Kerridge

Linda Kerridge
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Birth name Linda Kerridge
Nationality Australie
Birth 1 january 1954 (66 years)

Linda Kerridge est une actrice australienne née en 1954 à Wagga Wagga, Nouvelle-Galles du Sud.


Elle est connue comme étant une sosie de Marilyn Monroe. Elle a aussi posé pour Playboy.

Elle fut mariée à l'acteur américain Corey Parker pendant 3 ans, de 1989 à 1992, avec qui elle a eu un fils.

Usually with

Albert Pyun
Albert Pyun
(2 films)
Thom Mathews
Thom Mathews
(2 films)
Menahem Golan
Menahem Golan
(2 films)
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Filmography of Linda Kerridge (6 films)

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Alien from L.A., 1h27
Directed by Albert Pyun
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Action, Adventure
Themes Seafaring films, Films about music and musicians, Transport films, Musical films, Films set in Atlantis
Actors Kathy Ireland, William R. Moses, Don Michael Paul, Deep Roy, Thom Mathews, Linda Kerridge
Roles Roeyis Freki / Auntie Pearl
Rating29% 1.4588851.4588851.4588851.4588851.458885
Wanda Saknussemm (Ireland) is a nerdy social misfit with large glasses and a squeaky voice who lives in Los Angeles and works at a diner. After being dumped by her boyfriend for "not having a sense of adventure", Wanda is informed by a letter that her father, an archaeologist, has died. She flies to northern Africa and while going through her father's belongings, she finds his notes about Atlantis, apparently an alien ship that crashed millennia ago and sank into the center of the Earth. Wanda comes across a chamber beneath her father's apartment and accidentally sets off a chain of events that ultimately cause her to fall into a deep hole.
Down Twisted
Directed by Albert Pyun
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Crime
Actors Carey Lowell, Charles Rocket, Norbert Weisser, Nicholas Guest, Thom Mathews, Courteney Cox
Roles Soames
Rating55% 2.7541952.7541952.7541952.7541952.754195
A naïve, good-hearted Los Angeles waitress does not think twice about helping her troubled roommate. Her help lands her in Central America fleeing for her life with a grungy mercenary.
Surf II
Surf II (1984)
, 1h31
Genres Comedy, Horror comedy, Comic science fiction
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about sexuality, Sports films, Erotic films, Surfing films, Comedy science fiction films, Zombie films, Films about viral outbreaks, Comedy horror films, Disaster films
Actors Eddie Deezen, Eric Stoltz, Linda Kerridge, Morgan Paull, Jeffrey Rogers, Ruth Buzzi
Roles Sparkle / Florinda Budnick
Rating50% 2.5166052.5166052.5166052.5166052.516605
Long ago in "The Good Old Days", surfers ruled. It was bitchin'! That was before the threat of chemical pollution, nuclear waste and the horror of Buzzz Cola.
Mixed Blood, 1h38
Directed by Paul Morrissey
Genres Action, Crime
Themes Gangster films
Actors Marília Pêra, Rodney Harvey, John Leguizamo, Linda Kerridge
Roles Carol
Rating62% 3.100243.100243.100243.100243.10024
Rita La Punta (Marília Pêra) leads a gang of underaged Brazilian kids in an attempt to seize control of New York's Lower East Side's drug trade from a Puerto Rican gang.
Strangers Kiss, 1h35
Directed by Matthew Chapman
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Peter Coyote, Victoria Tennant, Dan Shor, Linda Kerridge, Richard Romanus
Roles Shirley
Rating55% 2.778442.778442.778442.778442.77844
To help his actress girlfriend regain her confidence a Hollywood bigshot bankrolls a small film being made by a first-time producer and director duo. Despite the hand-to-mouth way it is made the film turns out well, as does the off-set relationship between the actress and her unknown male lead.
Fade to Black, 1h40
Directed by Vernon Zimmerman
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror comedy, Horror, Slasher
Themes Serial killer films, Comedy horror films
Actors Dennis Christopher, Tim Thomerson, Gwynne Gilford, Norman Burton, Linda Kerridge, Morgan Paull
Roles Marilyn O'Connor
Rating58% 2.949772.949772.949772.949772.94977
Eric Binford is a hollow, chain smoking, ill-tempered young man who is also an obsessed film addict whose love of old films extends far beyond his job at a Los Angeles film distributor's warehouse and endless late night film screenings in his bedroom. For his vast knowledge, he's been bullied by his friends and family. His singular obsession eventually rounds the bend into psychosis after he crosses paths with Marilyn O'Connor (Linda Kerridge), an Australian model and a Marilyn Monroe look-alike who becomes the physical embodiment of his cinematic desires.