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Luis Fernandez is a Actor born on 31 december 1984

Luis Fernandez

Luis Fernandez
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Birth name Luis Fernandez Estebanez
Birth 31 december 1984 (38 years)

Luis Fernández, also known as Lucho Fernández or Perla (Madrid, Spain, 31 December 1984) is a Spanish actor known for the character of Culebra in the Spanish television series Los protegidos.


In 2007, Fernandez was in the chorus for the rapper Darmo and appeared in the rapper's music video for the song Mantenlo Ilegal. After seeing Fernandez in the music video, producers of the television series Los Protegidos offered him the role of Culebra, an orphan. He made his film debut as the character of Chino in 2010's Three Steps Above Heaven. In 2011, he appeared in the horror film XP3D. In 2012, Fernandez played a featured character in the television series Fenómenos. In 2013, he appeared in two films : Afterparty from Miguel Larraya, and Barcelona Summer Night.

Fernandez won the award for Best Upcoming Actor at the 2011 Must awards.

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I Want You
I Want You (2012)
, 2h10
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Mario Casas, Clara Lago, María Valverde, Nerea Camacho, Cristina Plazas, Jordi Bosch
Rating68% 3.4284053.4284053.4284053.4284053.428405
Hache Mario Casas flies back to Barcelona after spending two years in London, away from friends and family, and trying to forget his first love and Pollo's Alvaro Cervantes death, his best friend. His brother picks him up from the airport and lets him stay with him. After he settles himself in, he sees his bike covered with a sheet. While looking at it, he reminisces on the past. Hache takes his bike for a spin and lands in the port where he used to race illegally. As soon as he gets there he receives a call, turns out Katina Marina Salas found out through Alex (Hache's brother) that he just got back; they both agree to meet at a park. When he arrives at the park, Hache sees Chino Lucho Fernandez who tells him that things have changed. Chino invites him to a get-together in a restaurant with their other friends, Hache tells him he'll go in a while. While waiting sitting on a bench, Katina surprises him and they both sit down for some catch up. Katina asks Hache if he has missed Babi and tells him that she's seen her, but that she has changed. Hache invites her to the get-together, but Katina declines the invitation and they part ways promising to keep in touch. Hache gets on his motorcycle and is seen been followed by Gin Clara Lago a photographer.
Paranormal Xperience, 1h26
Origin Italie
Genres Horror, Slasher
Actors Amaia Salamanca, Maxi Iglesias, Luis Fernandez, Úrsula Corberó, Óscar Sinela, Manuel de Blas
Rating37% 1.8803051.8803051.8803051.8803051.880305
Angela a psychiatry student whose skeptical of the existence of the paranormal in the world, is forced to investigate an old mining town for the purpose of proving or disproving paranormal activity. Along with her, she is accompanied by her younger sister Diana Whisper, who lends Angela her van, and a few other students. They journey to the town and go through some ancient salt mines. Aware of the danger provided by tampering with the grounds, through the legend of the sadistic Dr. Matarga, they still open a portal to the after life with disastrous consequences. Along the way they each take a journey to the sides of each of them.
Three Steps Above Heaven, 2h
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Mario Casas, María Valverde, Andrea Duro, Luis Fernandez, Nerea Camacho, Jordi Bosch
Rating68% 3.4426353.4426353.4426353.4426353.442635
The film starts with Hugo 'H' Olivera voicing his thoughts about the ongoing trial where he's being prosecuted for assault on his mother's boyfriend. Let off with a fine of six thousand euros and a warning that further offenses would land him in prison, he walks out of the courtroom, switching his formal coat to a leather jacket and rides off on a Triumph Thruxton 07. He sees Babi Alcázar for the first time at a traffic intersection, on her way to school. He is immediately attracted to her as she sticks her face out for air and whistles before calling her a 'Dog-Face'. He rides up to her car window and takes her hand. A stunned Babi manages to give him the finger before driving off.