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Mabel Van Buren is a Actor American born on 17 july 1878 at Chicago (USA)

Mabel Van Buren

Mabel Van Buren
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Nationality USA
Birth 17 july 1878 at Chicago (USA)
Death 4 november 1947 (at 69 years) at Hollywood (USA)

Mabel Van Buren (July 17, 1878 - November 4, 1947) was an American stage and screen actress from Chicago, Illinois.


Van Buren had dark hair, brown eyes, and was five feet three inches tall. She enjoyed riding horses and swimming.

As a theatrical performer she played the leading lady in both The Virginian and The Squaw Man (1909). Van Buren became prominent in motion pictures at the time of the development of feature-length movies in 1914. She starred in The Girl of the Golden West (1915) under the direction of Cecil B. Demille. It was Demille who brought Mabel west to Hollywood. Mabel was the first leading lady of the Famous Players-Lasky studio on Vine Street in Hollywood, California.

Her final role of note was in Neighbor's Wives (1933) in which she played Mrs. Lee. She continued acting in movies until the death of her husband, James Gordon. He was a Shakesperian actor who died in 1941. Other films in which she played prominent parts are The Warrens of Virginia (1915), The Man From Home (1914), and Craig's Wife (1928).

Miss Van Buren's residence was 4351 Kingswell Avenue, Los Angeles, California. She died of pneumonia in 1947, age 69, at St. Vincent's Hospital. Her daughter, Katherine Van Buren, was also an actress.

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Fred Huntley
Fred Huntley
(10 films)
James Neill
James Neill
(9 films)
William Elmer
William Elmer
(8 films)
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Filmography of Mabel Van Buren (50 films)

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Mississippi, 1h20
Directed by Wesley Ruggles, A. Edward Sutherland
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Musical theatre, Romantic comedy, Musical, Western
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films
Actors Bing Crosby, W. C. Fields, Joan Bennett, Gail Patrick, Queenie Smith, Claude Gillingwater
Rating66% 3.343193.343193.343193.343193.34319
Commodore Jackson (W. C. Fields) is the captain of a Mississippi showboat in the late nineteenth century. Tom Grayson (Bing Crosby) is engaged to be married and has been disgraced for refusing to fight a duel with Major Patterson (John Miljan).
The Flyin' Buckaroo
Directed by Richard Thorpe
Origin USA
Genres Western
Actors Wally Wales, J.P. Lockney, Mabel Van Buren, Charles K. French, Slim Whitaker
Roles Mrs. Brown

Bill Mathews croit que sa bien-aimée Sally Brown lui préfère son frère Henry. Par dépit, il part pour la ville. Il revient six mois plus tard, le jour même où le gang Delno pille la banque et prend Sally en otage. Bill suit les hors-la-loi en avion et se fait parachuter près de leur cachette dans la montagne. Il capture les bandits et sauve Sally, qui le convainc qu'elle n'a jamais aimé que lui.
The Meddlin' Stranger
Directed by Richard Thorpe
Origin USA
Genres Western
Actors Wally Wales, Nola Luxford, Charles K. French, Mabel Van Buren, James A. Marcus, Boris Karloff
Roles Her Mother

Wally Fraser arrive à Juniper City dans le but de venger la mort de son père, dont le responsable serait Dawson, le banquier local. Il va aider le rancher Crawford, gagner le cœur de sa fille, et ^sera finalement vengé quand Dawson sera tué par un de ses hommes.
His Secretary, 1h10
Directed by Hobart Henley
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Norma Shearer, Lew Cody, Willard Louis, Karl Dane, Gwen Lee, Mabel Van Buren
Roles Mrs. Sloden

Comedy about an ugly duckling who overhears her boss saying he wouldn't kiss her for a thousand dollars. She then goes to a beautician.
Smooth as Satin, 1h
Directed by Ralph Ince
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Evelyn Brent, Fred Kelsey, Fred Esmelton, Mabel Van Buren
Roles Mrs. Munson

Beyond the Rocks, 1h20
Directed by Sam Wood
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Rudolph Valentino, Gloria Swanson, Alec B. Francis, Edythe Chapman, Robert Bolder, Gertrude Astor
Roles Jane McBride
Rating76% 3.843893.843893.843893.843893.84389
Captain Fitzgerald (Alec B. Francis), a retired guardsman on a modest pension, has to support three daughters: Theodora (Swanson) and her older half-sisters. Theodora's sisters pin their hopes on her marrying a wealthy man.
Manslaughter, 1h40
Directed by Cecil B. DeMille
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Leatrice Joy, Thomas Meighan, Lois Wilson, George Fawcett, Julia Faye, Edythe Chapman
Roles Prisoner
Rating61% 3.099553.099553.099553.099553.09955
A wild, wealthy woman (Joy) is brought to heel by a sermonizing district attorney after she accidentally hits and kills a motorcycle cop.
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 2h12
Directed by Rex Ingram, Rex Ingram
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Romance
Themes Dance films, Political films
Actors Josef Swickard, Bridgetta Clark, Rudolph Valentino, Wallace Beery, Alice Terry, Alan Hale
Roles Elena
Rating71% 3.597563.597563.597563.597563.59756
Madariaga "The Centaur" (Pomeroy Cannon), a harsh but popular Argentine landowner, has a German son-in-law whom he dislikes and a French one whose family he openly favors. He is particularly fond of his grandson Julio (Rudolph Valentino), with whom he often carouses at seedy dives in the Boca district of Buenos Aires. In one of these bars, the movie's famous tango sequence occurs. A man and a woman (Beatrice Dominguez) are dancing the tango. Julio strides up and asks to cut in. The woman stares at Julio alluringly. The man brushes him off, and they resume dancing. Julio then challenges the man and strikes him, knocking him into some tables and out of the scene. Julio and the woman then dance a dramatic version of the tango that brings cheers from the people in the establishment. Following the dance, the woman sits on Julio's lap. Madariaga then slides to the floor, drunk. The woman laughs at Madariaga. Julio casts her aside in scorn and helps his grandfather home.
Miss Lulu Bett, 1h11
Directed by William C. de Mille
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Actors Lois Wilson, Milton Sills, Theodore Roberts, Helen Ferguson, Mabel Van Buren, Mae Giraci
Roles Ina Deacon
Rating69% 3.4779453.4779453.4779453.4779453.477945
Une jeune femme autrefois timide gagne une nouvelle confiance après un mariage raté, au grand dam de sa misérable famille.
A Wise Fool
Directed by George Melford
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors James Kirkwood Sr., Alice Hollister, Ann Forrest, Alan Hale, Fred Huntley, William Boyd
Roles Madame Langlois

Based upon a description in a film publication, Jean Jacques Barbille (Kirkwood), a wealthy egoist and philosopher in the small parish of Quebec, returns from Paris with Carmen Dolores (Hollister), a Spanish girl, as his wife. When their daughter Zoe (Forrest) is grown, Carmen realizes that her husband neglects her, and finally leaves him. When Jean objects to her marriage, Zoe goes west with her lover. Then Jean's mill burns down, and his money is stolen. After long wanderings Jean comes upon his wife, who is ill in a convent. There is a reconciliation and then his daughter, who had been searching for Jean, and her husband arrive.