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Manuel Ojeda is a Actor Mexicain born on 4 november 1940 at La Paz, Baja California Sur (Mexique)

Manuel Ojeda

Manuel Ojeda
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Birth name Jesús Manuel Ojeda Ruiz de la Peña
Nationality Mexique
Birth 4 november 1940 (78 years) at La Paz, Baja California Sur (Mexique)

Manuel Ojeda (born Jesús Manuel Ojeda Ruiz de la Peña on November 4, 1940 in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico) is one of the most active actors of television and cinema in Mexico. He played the villain, Zolo, in the Hollywood film Romancing the Stone.

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Romancing the Stone (1984)

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Los Ángeles, 1h37
Directed by Damian John Harper
Origin Mexique
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Actors Manuel Ojeda
Roles Andy
Rating65% 3.2846853.2846853.2846853.2846853.284685
Le jeune Mateo, 16 ans, membre de la communauté mexicaine zapotèque, à l'instar de nombre d'habitants du village, rêve de migrer aux États-Unis, à Los Angeles, dans le but de gagner de quoi subvenir aux besoins de la famille. Afin de réaliser son désir, il se voit contraint de rejoindre un gang qui lui ordonne de tuer quelqu'un.
Herod's Law, 2h
Genres Drama, Comedy, Crime
Actors Damián Alcázar, Pedro Armendáriz (fils), Alex Cox, Delia Casanova, Isela Vega, Ernesto Gómez Cruz
Rating80% 4.044884.044884.044884.044884.04488
After the mayor of the fictional village San Pedro de los Saguaros is lynched by angry villagers, a petty PRI party member named Juan Vargas (Damián Alcázar) is appointed temporary mayor by the state governor. At first the new mayor attempts to do good but a lack of funds cripples his efforts, and the bribe of a brothel owner sets him on the path to corruption. Seeking help from his superior, the secretary to the PRI governor, he is given a copy of the constitution of Mexico and a revolver and is told that the only law is Herod's law: literally translated: "either you get screwed or you get fucked." (O te chingas o te jodes).
El maleficio 2: Los enviados del infierno, 1h50
Directed by Raúl Araiza, Raúl Araiza
Genres Thriller, Horror
Actors Ernesto Alonso, Eduardo Yáñez, Lucía Méndez, Manuel Ojeda, Alejandro Camacho
Roles Abel Romo
Rating62% 3.1079253.1079253.1079253.1079253.107925
Enrique de Martino want to locate the haunted Gabriel and find Rossetel box, but as he is dead turns to his nephew Abel, who informs him that the box is in a gallery, and tells him that when he finished painting lost sight, so he believes Gabriel has supernatural powers. A teacher of Gabriel tries to prevent to Enrique. This meets Marcela, sister of Gabriel, and mesmerizing to fall in love with him. She tells Gabriel's mother was impregnated by a stranger and when she gave birth she died.
Nana (1985)

Directed by Irma Serrano
Genres Drama, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films, Sexploitation films
Actors Irma Serrano, Isela Vega, Verónica Castro, Manuel Ojeda
Roles Muffat
Rating64% 3.233753.233753.233753.233753.23375
In the Paris of the 19th century, a prostitute causes uproar. The name of the prostitute is Teresa, but everyone knows her as Naná (Irma Serrano). Naná and her best friend Satan (Veronica Castro) work as prostitutes, first on the streets of Paris, and after in a small room. In her youth, Naná was sexually abused by her stepfather and thrown from her home by her mother. As the result of this violation, she gave birth to a son. Naná prostitutes herself to raise her son, whom she stays away from her, under the care of her aunt. Nana occasionally works in a theater, which is really an underground brothel. One night, Naná is presented in the theater as "The Venus of Fire," and caused a sensation by showing her naked body. Immediately the most powerful men come to her offering jewelry and luxuries for her favors. Naná accepts the attentions of a banker, who presents her with a house in the French countryside. In this house, Naná holds an affair with a young aristocrat who she called Coquito (Jaime Garza). This same night, she is pressed by the banker to fulfill her sexual favors, while the owner of the theater-brothel where she worked, forced herto return to fulfill a contract. Naná repudiate both men and seeks solace in the Count Muffat (Manuel Ojeda), a distinguished and respectable aristocrat dedicated to the charity. However, Muffat confesses that he has also succumbed to her charms and desires her. Disappointed, Naná decides to leave her life as a courtesan and returns to work on the streets. However, one night that she is chased by the police, Naná is rescued by Satin (Isela Vega), a courtesan and friend. After spending the night together, Satin convinces her to return to her life as a courtesan. Naná then accepted becoming mistress of Count Muffat and returns to the theater to present her nude shows. With support from Muffat Nana tries to become a serious actress, snatching the characters to the actress and courtesan Rosa Mignon, but is ridiculed, because they say that she only serves to show her naked body. Disappointment causes that Naná falling into the lowest degradation. Her home becomes in the center of the vice of Paris, where people go to get drunk, performed orgies and all sorts of sexual debauchery. One night, the Count Muffat, who has been ruined by the debauchery of Naná, decides to face her in the middle of a party hosted by her for the triumphs of a mare (called Naná in her honor) in a horse show. In comparison, Naná reveals to the Count Muffat the adultery of his wife in this same house. The Count decides to leave her. That night, her young lover Coquito, commits suicide after he to discover that Naná had sexual relations with his brother, a soldier. After tonight, Naná decided to retire from life as a courtesan. Her friend Satan dies victim from tuberculosis.
Romancing the Stone, 1h45
Directed by Robert Zemeckis
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Action, Adventure, Romance
Themes Films about writers, Musical films
Actors Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, Danny DeVito, Alfonso Arau, Manuel Ojeda, Holland Taylor
Roles Colonel Zolo
Rating68% 3.4483353.4483353.4483353.4483353.448335
Joan Wilder (Kathleen Turner) is a lonely romance novelist in New York City, whom her editor believes is waiting for a romantic hero like in one of her books. One day Joan gets a call from her sister, Elaine, who has been kidnapped by antiquities smugglers Ira (Zack Norman) and Ralph (Danny DeVito). Joan is to go to Colombia with a map she's just received in the mail from Elaine's late husband; the map is Elaine's ransom.
Eagle's Wing, 1h51
Directed by Anthony Harvey
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Western
Actors Martin Sheen, Sam Waterston, Harvey Keitel, Stéphane Audran, John Castle, Caroline Langrishe
Roles Miguel
Rating59% 2.952732.952732.952732.952732.95273
The story has three plot strands that run concurrently through the film: a stagecoach carrying a rich widow home to her family's hacienda, a war party of Indians returning to their village, and two fur traders waiting to meet a different group of Indians with whom they trade. The war party attacks the other Indians and kills their leader, who owns a magnificent white stallion. White Bull (Waterston) attempts to capture the horse, but it is too quick and makes off carrying the dead chief. Pike (Sheen) and Henry (Keitel) wait in vain for the traders and are then attacked themselves by the war party. Henry is killed, the Indians take the trader's horses, and Pike is left alone with only a mule.
La Tía Alejandra, 1h38
Directed by Arturo Ripstein
Genres Drama, Horror
Actors Isabela Corona, Diana Bracho, Manuel Ojeda, María Rebeca
Rating70% 3.5241153.5241153.5241153.5241153.524115
The plot is based on the arrival of Aunt Alejandra to a familiar household consisting of two parents and three children. A woman who is loving, in principle, suffers severe mood swings and strange things happen in her room quite regularly and that seems to be surrounded by an aura of mystery. Rejected by the eldest child, she only serves to bring misfortune to them since coming home. Auntie has a fortune that will surely help her relatives, but really begins to destroy the whole family with diabolical acts, and attempts to teach children witchcraft. When one of the children mocks her, she caused his death. When her nephew dismisses of his house, she chokes him in his own bed. When the older girl burns her face, Alejandra burns an entire room with the girl inside. Only surviving Lucía, the wife, and her young daughter, but she seems to have learned the secrets of Alejandra.
Canoa (1976)
, 1h55
Directed by Felipe Cazals
Origin Mexique
Genres Drama, Thriller, Adventure, Historical, Crime
Actors Sergio Calderón, Ernesto Gómez Cruz, Manuel Ojeda
Roles Town man
Rating76% 3.83223.83223.83223.83223.8322
The film is based on real events about a group of young employees of the Autonomous University of Puebla who go mountain climbing to La Malinche and have to spend the night in a small town called San Miguel Canoa, where they are confused with communist students. Then during mass the right wing town priest encourages the people to lynch them.
La pasión según Berenice, 1h39
Directed by Jaime Humberto Hermosillo
Origin Mexique
Actors Pedro Armendáriz (fils), Emma Roldán, Manuel Ojeda
Roles José

Dans la commune d'Aguascalientes, une veuve séduisante et mystérieuse, exerçant la profession d'enseignante, vit avec sa marraine Josefina, vieille usurière à la santé précaire. Berenice semble attachée aux conventions sociales en vigueur. Pourtant, on la soupçonne d'avoir assassiné son époux. Une cicatrice marquant son visage ne fait qu'accroître le poids de la rumeur. Enfin, lorsqu'un beau médecin, venu de la capitale, débarque dans la petite ville de province, Berenice éprouve, subitement, une passion incontrôlée l'incitant à commettre un meurtre…