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Marc Thompson is a Actor American born on 19 october 1970

Marc Thompson

Marc Thompson
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Birth name Marc Thompson
Nationality USA
Birth 19 october 1970 (49 years)

Marc Thompson (born November 19, 1970) is an American voice actor at 4Kids Entertainment, NYAV Post and DuArt Film and Video. He lent his voice to Anthony DeMartino, Timothy O'Neill, Kevin Thompson and Charles "Upchuck" Ruttheimer III on the series Daria. He has also provided the narration and voices for many Star Wars audiobooks since 2006. He was a minister of the International Churches of Christ, Greater New York Chapter. He earned a BFA in 1997 from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.
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Birdboy: The Forgotten Children, 1h16
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Horror, Animation
Actors Marc Thompson, Yuri Lowenthal
Roles False Dad (voice)
Rating72% 3.647573.647573.647573.647573.64757
Une catastrophe industrielle a frappé une île sur laquelle vivent Birdboy et son amie, Dinky. La mort des poissons, principale source de travail, a créé une grande vague de pauvreté. De plus, les ordures de toutes sortes s'accumulent, rendant chaque jour l'île de plus en plus invivable. Dinky, jeune souris adolescente et incomprise par sa famille, décide avec ses amis, Sandra et le petit renard, de s'enfuir vers la ville. Elle espère secrètement que Birdboy, jeune garçon-oiseau, va les rejoindre dans leur périple, mais ce dernier a des ennuis avec la police, qui a quelques années plutôt abattu son père.
Pokémon the Movie: Kyurem vs. the Sword of Justice, 1h11
Directed by Kunihiko Yuyama
Origin Japon
Genres Animation
Themes Films about computing, Jeu, Films about video games, Films based on video games, Children's films
Actors Jason Anthony Griffith, Rica Matsumoto, Ikue Ōtani, Mamoru Miyano, Aoi Yūki, Sarah Natochenny
Roles Kyurem (voice)
Rating56% 2.814882.814882.814882.814882.81488
The film follows Keldeo, who wishes to become a member of the Swords of Justice, but before it must learn the move Secret Sword so that it will become part of the group.
Pokémon the Movie White: Victini and Zekrom, 1h35
Directed by Kunihiko Yuyama
Genres Adventure, Animation
Themes Films about computing, Jeu, Films about video games, Films based on video games, Children's films
Actors Jason Anthony Griffith, Rica Matsumoto, Aoi Yūki, Mamoru Miyano, Michele Knotz, Nana Mizuki /
Roles Additional Voices (voice)
Rating63% 3.189313.189313.189313.189313.18931
The two films follow a similar plot with some major and minor changes, notably the Pokémon that appear, Reshiram and Zekrom swapping roles. In the opening scenes, a man named Damon approaches a remote village with the intention of revitalising the land of the People of the Vale. A natural disaster occurs, but Damon summons either Reshiram or Zekrom to save the villages.
The Painting, 1h16
Directed by Jean-François Laguionie
Origin France
Genres Fantasy, Animation
Themes Peinture
Actors Jean Barney, Jessica Monceau, Adrien Larmande, Julien Bouanich, J. B. Blanc, Céline Ronté
Roles The Great Chandelier (voice)
Rating73% 3.69693.69693.69693.69693.6969
For mysterious reasons, a Painter has left a work incomplete - causing conflict between the Toupins (Allduns), who are entirely painted, the Pafinis (Halfies), who lack a few colors, and the Reufs (Sketchies), who are only sketches. Toupins occupy the chateau, Pafinis are out in the gardens, and Reufs are treated as outcasts and hunted by the Toupins. Three friends, one of each class, go on a quest to find the artist so he can finish the piece and hopefully unite the people.
Animals United, 1h33
Origin German
Genres Comedy, Fantasy, Animation
Themes Films about animals, Films about lions, Films about birds, Mise en scène d'une tortue, Children's films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère, Suricate, Reptile
Actors Stephen Fry, Jim Broadbent, James Corden, Thomas Fritsch, Vanessa Redgrave, Jason Donovan
Roles Chino the Buffalo
Rating48% 2.41222.41222.41222.41222.4122
The film is set in Africa's Okavango Delta, and the main characters are a meerkat named Billy and a lion named Socrates. The annual flood has failed to arrive in the Delta, water has become scarce and the native animals fiercely fight over it. Billy and Socrates set out to find more water, and during their quest they meet a rag-tag group of animals from across the world: a polar bear named Sushi, a kangaroo named Toby, a Tasmanian devil named Smiley, two Galápagos tortoises named Winifred and Winston, a rooster named Charles, and a chimpanzee named Toto, all of whom have had their lives ruined by humans in some way and have travelled to Africa. The animals soon discover the reason for the lack of water in the Delta: a dam has been constructed to supply energy for a luxury resort owned by a man named Mr. Smith. Hunter, a poacher, kidnaps Socrates, while the other animals escape. The animals hold a conference where Winifred and Winston explain the deadly future that could be possible for animals. After the conference, however, Winifred and Winston pass away. That day, Billy and the other animals travel through the "Valley of Death" towards the dam. Hunter spots the animals and tries to stop them with a bi-plane, but is stopped by Toto. Maya, Mr. Smith's daughter, frees Socrates from his cage, and sends Hunter down a chute. Down at the bottom of the dam, the buffaloes and rhinos, including Chino and Biggie, charge into the dam. Billy hits a rock into a chute in the dam, which ignites a missile from Hunter's bi-plane, which destroys the dam, and frees the water. To celebrate the water coming back, they have a party. After the party, the animals travel to New York City, where the movie ends with the animals walking through the city with whales calling in the background.
A Cat in Paris, 1h10
Directed by Alain Gagnol, Jean-Loup Felicioli
Origin France
Genres Comedy, Adventure, Crime, Animation
Themes Films about animals, Films about cats, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Dominique Blanc, Jean Benguigui, Bruno Salomone, Marcia Gay Harden, Bernadette Lafont, Steven Blum
Roles Mister Potato / Frank (voice)
Rating68% 3.446983.446983.446983.446983.44698
Nico is a burglar who sneaks into buildings and steals jewels. Nico is always followed by a black cat. The following morning, the cat wakes in a house with a little girl, catches a lizard and gives it to the girl. Zoé, hearing Jeanne, her mother, calls her to come in and look at her lizards, but Jeanne is too busy on the phone to take much notice of what she is shown. At nightfall, the cat leaves and goes to find Nico.
Bringing Up Bobby, 1h33
Directed by Famke Janssen
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about religion
Actors Milla Jovovich, Spencer List, Bill Pullman, Marcia Cross, Marc Thompson, Rory Cochrane
Roles James
Rating35% 1.781571.781571.781571.781571.78157
Fifteen-year-old Bobby Wyler is challenged to figure out who he is and what he believes, but he doesn't succeed. His parent's will is read, he falls in love and child services take away his best friend. Now he must choose the path for his life before his circumstances choose it for him.
Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life, 1h34
Directed by Kunihiko Yuyama
Genres Animation
Themes Films about computing, Jeu, Time travel films, Films about video games, Films based on video games, Children's films
Actors Rica Matsumoto, Megumi Toyoguchi, Yūji Ueda, Shin-ichiro Miki, Etsuko Kozakura, Megumi Hayashibara
Rating63% 3.167953.167953.167953.167953.16795
Ash Ketchum, Dawn, Brock and their Pokémon arrive in Michina Town. As the group relaxes in a nearby river, some watermelons suddenly float towards them. While enjoying the watermelons with their Pokémon, a boy named Kato and his sister Kiko appear who justify that the watermelons were theirs and were kept to cool in the flow of the river. Kato and Kiko then challenge Ash for a tag battle in return of the watermelons. Ash and Dawn thus plan for a tag Pokémon battle against them using Ash's Pikachu and Dawn's Piplup against Kako's Heracross and Kiko's Beautifly. Ash and Dawn win the battle with good teamwork and also request Kato and Kiko to join for eating watermelons. After that, Kato and Kiko suggest Ash and the gang visit the local temple ruins. Whilst visiting a lake, a typhoon suddenly strikes up, but siblings named Sheena and Kevin summon Dialga who ends the typhoon. Giratina arrives, but Sheena uses her ability to communicate with a Pokémon's heart to quell their conflicts with each other, sending Giratina back to its dimension. Palkia then arrives to save Dialga from another typhoon, and Sheena, once again, uses her ability to sync with the two to thank them. Taking the kids to the temple, Sheena and Kevin explain that they investigate disruptions in time and space, and worry that Arceus, the creator of the dimensions, is to awaken, and that he is responsible for the encounters between Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina.
Turtles Forever, 1h12
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Animation
Themes Films about animals, Sports films, Comedy science fiction films, Martial arts films, Mise en scène d'un rongeur, Mise en scène d'une tortue, Superhero films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère, Reptile
Actors Michael Sinterniklaas, Vinnie Penna, Sam Riegel, Greg Abbey, Darren Dunstan, Marc Thompson
Roles Casey Jones
Rating77% 3.8928453.8928453.8928453.8928453.892845
The Ninja Turtles are alerted by their master Splinter that they have been careless and discovered fighting the Purple Dragons on TV. Denying this, they set out to break into the Purple Dragons' HQ to get to the bottom of these doppelgängers. Upon doing so, the Turtles discover that their "impostors" are Turtles from another universe. They escape together, but the '03 Turtles find the '87 team childish as they refuse talk until lunch. They enter a pizza place, only to terrify the citizens, who call the cops; the turtles flee, only for the '03 Turtles and Splinter to capture them. '87 Leo explains his team was fighting Shredder over Mutagen in the Technodrome; the dimensional teleporter backfired, sending them all to this world. Checking recent tremor reports, the Turtles find the Technodrome; however, '87 Shredder manages to elude them, forcing his foes to build a portal device to reach their universe for "anti-Technodrome gear". In the meantime, Shredder locates an '03 Shredder on an icy asteroid. After Ch'rell is thawed out, he is contained for vivisection, as he's too insane to work with; however, his adopted daughter, Karai, breaks into and frees him; she had been monitoring his exile.
Daria in 'Is It College Yet?', 1h15
Directed by Karen Disher
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Animation
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films
Actors Tracy Grandstaff, Wendy Hoopes, Marc Thompson, Julián Rebolledo, Geoffrey Arend, Sarah Drew
Roles Anthony DiMartino / Timothy O'Neill / Kevin Thompson / Jamie White (voice)
Rating81% 4.0905454.0905454.0905454.0905454.090545
With high school graduation coming near, Daria is faced with difficult decisions about choosing her college and her future with Tom. Jane has second thoughts about whether she wishes to become a college student. Meanwhile, Quinn gets a job as a hostess at an upscale French restaurant to pay back her mother for maxing out one of her credit cards. She readily befriends one of her co-workers, Lindy (a college student), only to discover that she is showing signs of serious alcoholism.
Daria in 'Is It Fall Yet?', 1h15
Directed by Karen Disher
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Animation
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films
Actors Tracy Grandstaff, Wendy Hoopes, Julián Rebolledo, Marc Thompson, Bif Naked, Dave Grohl
Rating81% 4.090864.090864.090864.090864.09086
Daria and Jane are still on speaking terms, Jane is cold toward Daria, and their relationship is tense. Daria and Tom are seeing each other romantically, but due to Daria's personality and the gravity of the situation, they are taking things slowly. Apparently to avoid Daria, Jane has signed up for a summer art camp. Daria intends to do nothing but read, sleep, and see her friends, but her mother Helen forces her to work as a counselor at English teacher Timothy O'Neill's summer camp for pre-pubescent children. While at the camp, Daria meets a nihilistic young boy named Link, who feels disillusioned with his existence and voices his bad attitude every chance he gets. Recognizing herself in Link, Daria attempts to reach out to him. However, he rejects her overtures, which results in Daria feeling worse. Paralleling these emotions is her relationship with Tom, which she effectively ends for the discomfort it brings.
Gladiformers, 1h7
Actors Marc Diraison, Marc Thompson, Jason Anthony Griffith, David Wills

The latest famous Brazilian cartoon graphics, film makers and 3D games. This time it is the story of the Autobots who turn into robots fighting each other like gladiators. The film ends with Julius Drive winning the tournament and leaving Magnum Tutor to bleed out.