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Margarita Isabel is a Actor Mexicaine born on 25 july 1943

Margarita Isabel

Margarita Isabel
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Birth name Margarita Isabel Morales y Gonzalez
Nationality Mexique
Birth 25 july 1943
Death 9 april 2017 (at 73 years)

Margarita Isabel (born Margarita Isabel Morales y González on July 25, 1943 in Mexico City, D.F., Mexico) is a Mexican Ariel Award-winning actress.

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Lucía, Lucía, 1h50
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Adventure, Crime, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, Transport films, LGBT-related films, Road movies, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Cecilia Roth, Kuno Becker, Margarita Isabel, José Elías Moreno, Mario Iván Martínez, Javier Díaz Dueñas
Roles Lucía's Mom
Rating59% 2.996822.996822.996822.996822.99682
Lucía, a children's book writer, is travelling to Brazil with her husband on vacation, when her husband disappears after going to the airport bathroom. She later learns that he was kidnapped by a group called the People Workers Party that wants 20 million pesos from her. Her husband frantically tells her to find the money in his aunt's safety deposit box. With the help of her neighbours, a Spanish Civil War veteran, and a young musician, Lucía sets out to find his kidnappers. She eventually discovers the truth about his disappearance after learning from the police that her husband is accused of being part of an elaborate embezzlement scam from within the Treasury Department of the government and may have possibly faked his kidnapping.
The Blue Room, 1h35
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Elena Anaya, José María Yazpik, Damián Alcázar, Margarita Isabel, Mario Iván Martínez, Joaquín Cosío
Rating62% 3.1340353.1340353.1340353.1340353.134035
Toño (Juan Manuel Bernal) is being held for questioning by police agent Garduño (Damián Alcázar), a murder has been committed and Garduño is determined to get to the bottom of this; Toño starts then telling his story: A few weeks before, he and his wife, Ana (Elena Anaya) and their daughter, decided to come back to settle down in Toño's hometown, after living for a long time in Mexico City. But things get complicated when Toño re-encounters Andrea (Patricia Llaca), a woman for whom he had lusted since adolescence and who's now married to Nicolás (Mario Iván Martínez), Toño's best friend from high school.
Untamed Women, 1h45
Directed by Alberto Isaac
Origin Mexique
Actors Patricia Reyes Spíndola, Lourdes Elizarrarás, Regina Orozco, Juan Claudio Retes, Margarita Isabel, Héctor Ortega
Roles Rosa 4
Rating62% 3.109233.109233.109233.109233.10923
Fatiguées de leur vie de femmes soumises, Ema, Clotilde et Chayo laissent derrière elles leur ancienne vie, leurs maris et leurs enfants pour commencer de nouvelles aventures, qui les mèneront de Colima à Los Angeles.
Cronos (1993)
, 1h34
Directed by Guillermo del Toro
Origin Mexique
Genres Drama, Thriller, Fantastic, Fantasy, Horror
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Vampires in film
Actors Federico Luppi, Ron Perlman, Claudio Brook, Margarita Isabel, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Jorge Martínez de Hoyos
Roles Mercedes
Rating66% 3.349423.349423.349423.349423.34942
In the year 1536, an alchemist in Veracruz developed a mechanism that could give eternal life. In 1937, an old building collapsed and the alchemist with marble white skin is killed when his heart is pierced by the debris. Investigators never revealed what else was discovered in the building: basins filled with blood from a corpse.
Like Water for Chocolate, 1h53
Directed by Alfonso Arau
Origin Mexique
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Cooking films
Actors Marco Leonardi, Lumi Cavazos, Regina Torné, Margarita Isabel, Mario Iván Martínez, Claudette Maillé
Roles Paquita Lobo
Rating71% 3.551733.551733.551733.551733.55173
Tita, as the youngest daughter in a traditional Mexican family, is forbidden to marry. Her duty is to care for her mother until the day the mother dies. Therefore, when Pedro, the boy Tita has fallen in love with, and his father come to ask for Tita’s hand in marriage, Tita's mother, Mama Elena, refuses. Mama Elena offers her other daughter, Rosaura, and Pedro accepts in order to be closer to Tita. Tita bakes the wedding cake with tears, causing vomiting, crying, and a longing for their true love in all those who eat it.
Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell, 1h26
Origin USA
Genres Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films
Actors John Allen Nelson, Thom Christopher, Margarita Isabel, Mario Iván Martínez
Roles Preacher
Rating28% 1.419621.419621.419621.419621.41962
The film, which takes place in a fantasy setting, opens at a festival featuring Deathstalker and the wizard Nicias. Deathstalker once saved Nicias and the two go from village to village obtaining money by Nicias foretelling the future and showing his magic. During the festival, a hooded woman arrives to see Nicias. She is actually the princess Carissa bringing a magical stone hoping that Nicias has the other one, which when united, will at long last uncover the magical and rich city of Arandor of whom Nicias is the last of the city’s descendants. Nicias does not possess the second stone, but knows it is south in Southland which is ruled by the evil sorcerer Troxartes. Troxartes has the second stone and wants the first so he can harness its power and rule more.