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Marisa Paredes is a Actor Espagnol born on 3 april 1946 at Madrid (Espagne)

Marisa Paredes

Marisa Paredes
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Birth name María Luisa Paredes Bartolomé
Nationality Espagne
Birth 3 april 1946 (72 years) at Madrid (Espagne)

María Luisa Paredes Bartolomé, (born 3 April 1946 in Madrid), better known in show business as Marisa Paredes, is a Spanish actress.


Paredes began acting in 1960 film, 091 Policia al Habla (091, Police Speaking!) She became a teen idol across Spain after that movie. In 1975, she and Raphael collaborated in a cartoon film about Raphael, titled Rafael en Rapahel. Paredes has participated in 73 films and television series.

Paredes has appeared only occasionally on Spanish television, usually as herself on some culebron chapter (culebron is a Spanish slang word for telenovela, or soap opera).

She portrayed the leading role of La Peregrina in a television production of Alejandro Casona's Dame del alba.

She has appeared in several acclaimed films, including Tras el cristal (1986) by Agustí Villaronga, Dark Habits (1983), High Heels (1991), The Flower of My Secret (1995), All About My Mother (1999) and The Skin I Live In (2011) (all by Pedro Almodóvar), Roberto Benigni's Life Is Beautiful (1998) and Guillermo del Toro's Devil's Backbone (2001).

In 1996, she was given the National Film Award by the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

In 2007, she appeared in the short movie El camino de Ana.

From 2000 to 2003 she was the president of the Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias Cinematográficas de España.

Best films

All About My Mother (1999)
The Skin I Live In (2011)
High Heels (1991)
Les Yeux de sa mère (2011)

Usually with

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Filmography of Marisa Paredes (35 films)

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Petra (2018)

Directed by Jaime Rosales
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama
Actors Bárbara Lennie, Marisa Paredes, Àlex Brendemühl
Roles Marisa
Rating70% 3.53283.53283.53283.53283.5328
Après la mort de sa mère, Petra se met à la recherche de son père, qu'elle n'a pas connu.
Lines of Wellington, 2h31
Directed by Raoul Ruiz, Valeria Sarmiento
Origin France
Genres Drama, War, Historical
Themes Political films, Histoire de France, Napoleonic Wars films, French Revolution films
Actors Soraia Chaves, Vincent Pérez, Marisa Paredes, John Malkovich, Nuno Lopes, Melvil Poupaud
Roles D. Filipa Sanches
Rating61% 3.098263.098263.098263.098263.09826
An epic set in the time starting with the Battle of Bussaco till the retreat of French Marshal Masséna from the Lines of Torres Vedras constructed by the order of the Duke of Wellington in the Peninsular War (1810).
Foto (2012)
, 1h25
Directed by Carlos Saboga
Origin Portugal
Genres Drama
Actors Anna Mouglalis, Johan Leysen, Didier Sandre, Marisa Paredes, José Nieto, Ana Padrão
Roles Pilar
Rating58% 2.9029952.9029952.9029952.9029952.902995
Sa mère vient de mourir. Son père n’est pas celui qu’elle croyait. Prise entre un passé incertain qu’elle ne connaît qu’à travers les photos laissées par sa mère et la perspective d’un mariage qu’elle ne désire pas réellement, Elisa se lance à la recherche de la vérité. Sa quête d’un père supposé, qui est aussi une fuite en avant, la mène de Paris à Lisbonne, des fantômes de la contestation des années 70 à un présent hypothétique. Elle y croise des morts qui parlent, des mémoires qui flanchent, des tortionnaires à la retraite, de sémillants jeunes gens et au fil de ces rencontres, navigue de doute en doute et de mystère en mystère. Mais connaît-on jamais le fin mot d’une histoire ?
Les Yeux de sa mère, 1h45
Directed by Thierry Klifa
Origin France
Genres Drama
Themes Sports films, Boxing films
Actors Catherine Deneuve, Géraldine Pailhas, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Marina Foïs, Marisa Paredes, Jean-Marc Barr
Roles Judit Canalès
Rating60% 3.049693.049693.049693.049693.04969
Mathieu Roussel, écrivain à la solde d'un éditeur à scandales, s'infiltre dans la vie de la célèbre journaliste Lena Weber et de sa fille Maria Canalès, danseuse étoile, afin d'écrire une biographie intime à leur insu. Parallèlement, en Bretagne, Bruno, jeune homme passionné de boxe, est loin de se douter des conséquences de l'écriture de cette biographie sur sa vie.
The Skin I Live In, 1h57
Directed by Pedro Almodóvar
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror
Themes Psychologie, Films about sexuality, Films about suicide, Rape in fiction, Erotic films, LGBT-related films, Transgender in film, Rape and revenge films, Auto-justice, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Antonio Banderas, Elena Anaya, Marisa Paredes, Jan Cornet, Blanca Suárez, Eduard Fernández
Roles Marilia
Rating75% 3.7993153.7993153.7993153.7993153.799315
Plastic surgeon Robert Ledgard was successful in cultivating an artificial skin resistant to burns and insect bites, which he calls "GAL", that he says he has been testing on athymic mice. He presents his results in a medical symposium but when he privately discloses he has also conducted illegal transgenic experiments on humans, he is forbidden to continue with his research.
Gigola (2010)
, 1h42
Directed by Laure Charpentier
Origin France
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, Films about suicide, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films, Cross-dressing in film
Actors Lou Doillon, Marie Kremer, Eduardo Noriega, Thierry Lhermitte, Marisa Berenson, Marisa Paredes
Roles Odette
Rating51% 2.570112.570112.570112.570112.57011
Dans les années 1960, Gigola est une jeune garçonne attirée par les femmes belles et riches.
Four Last Songs, 1h50
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Comedy, Musical, Romance
Actors Stanley Tucci, Rhys Ifans, Hugh Bonneville, Jena Malone, Jessica Hynes, Marisa Paredes
Roles Veronica
Rating62% 3.100383.100383.100383.100383.10038
Larry (Stanley Tucci), an ex-pat piano player, settled in a remote island village seven years ago. Now he runs a small boutique hotel with his girlfriend, Miranda (Jessica Hynes). Every evening he plays the piano at a local restaurant to inattentive customers; all this has left him highly unsatisfied, and he has always wanted to do something big in life. So one day he decides to host a gala concert dedicated to a native son and noted composer, Valentin Lucinsky, whose widow Veronica (Marisa Paredes) still resides in a grand villa in the village.
Magic Mirror, 2h17
Directed by Manoel de Oliveira
Origin Portugal
Genres Drama, Musical
Actors Leonor Silveira, Luís Miguel Cintra, Leonor Silveira, Ricardo Trêpa, Ricardo Trêpa, Leonor Baldaque
Roles Monja
Rating68% 3.43783.43783.43783.43783.4378
C'est l'adaptation du roman A Alma dos Ricos d'Agustina Bessa-Luís.
Queens (2005)
, 1h47
Directed by Manuel Gómez Pereira
Origin Espagne
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Carmen Maura, Marisa Paredes, Mercedes Sampietro, Verónica Forqué, Unax Ugalde, Hugo Silva
Roles Reyes
Rating66% 3.345213.345213.345213.345213.34521
Magda (Carmen Maura) is the manager of a posh resort hotel in Madrid which will be the site of a mass same-sex marriage ceremony. One of the grooms is Magda's son Miguel (Unax Ugalde), who will marry his boyfriend (Daniel Hendler), son of Ofelia (Betiana Blum).
Talk to Her, 1h52
Directed by Pedro Almodóvar
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Themes Films about animals, Films about sexuality, Sports films, Bullfighting films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Javier Cámara, Darío Grandinetti, Leonor Watling, Géraldine Chaplin, Rosario Flores, Mariola Fuentes
Rating79% 3.9989053.9989053.9989053.9989053.998905
The story unfolds in flashbacks, giving details of two separate relationships that become intertwined with each other.
The Devil's Backbone, 1h47
Directed by Guillermo del Toro
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Horror
Themes Ghost films, Political films
Actors Eduardo Noriega, Marisa Paredes, Federico Luppi, Andreas Muñoz, Junio Valverde, Juan Carlos Vellido
Roles Carmen
Rating74% 3.748923.748923.748923.748923.74892
Casares (Federico Luppi) and Carmen (Marisa Paredes) operate a small home for orphans in a remote part of Spain during the Spanish Civil War. Helping the couple mind the orphanage are Jacinto (Eduardo Noriega), the groundskeeper, and Conchita (Irene Visedo), a teacher who is also involved with Jacinto. Casares and Carmen are aligned with the Republican loyalists, and are hiding a large cache of gold that's used to back the Republican treasury; perhaps not coincidentally, the orphanage has also been subject to attacks from Franco's troops, and a defused bomb sits in the home's courtyard. One day, a boy named Carlos (Fernando Tielve) arrives at the home, looking for a place to stay after being left behind by his parents. Casares and Carmen take him in, and the boy soon strikes up an unlikely friendship with Jaime (Íñigo Garcés), a boy with a reputation for tormenting other kids. But Carlos soon begins having visions of a mysterious apparition he can't identify, and hears strange stories about a child named Santi who went missing the day the bomb appeared near the orphanage.