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Max Perlich is a Actor American born on 26 march 1968 at Cleveland (USA)

Max Perlich

Max Perlich
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Nationality USA
Birth 26 march 1968 (56 years) at Cleveland (USA)

Max Perlich (born March 28, 1968) is an American film and television actor.


He was born in Cleveland, Ohio. His mother was a teacher and his German American father, Martin Perlich, a writer and radio programming director and announcer, worked for a time with the Cleveland Orchestra. The Perlich family moved to Los Angeles, California when Max was four. He is left-handed.

Perlich's career began with a small part in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, which came after he had dropped out of high school in the 10th grade. Thus began his appearances in a series of bit parts on television and in teen films such as Can't Buy Me Love (1987), Plain Clothes (1988), Lost Angels (1989) and Blow (2001). He was also in the films Rush (1991) and Beautiful Girls (1996). He has had recurring roles in television shows such as Homicide: Life on the Street (1997), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1998), My Name Is Earl (2006), and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008). He is also featured in the music videos "No Excuses" by Alice In Chains and "Naked Eye" by Luscious Jackson.

Usually with

Nick Lyon
Nick Lyon
(2 films)
Ted Demme
Ted Demme
(3 films)
Ron Howard
Ron Howard
(3 films)
Mike Figgis
Mike Figgis
(1 films)
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Filmography of Max Perlich (50 films)

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Bullet (2014)
, 1h27
Directed by Nick Lyon
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action, Crime
Actors Danny Trejo, Tosten Voges, Jonathan Banks, Tinsel Korey, Eric Etebari, John Savage
Roles Leroy
Rating42% 2.1059352.1059352.1059352.1059352.105935
Nearing retirement, maverick Los Angeles-based detective Frank "Bullet" Marasco is assigned to hunt down the notorious drug baron Carlito Kane, following a tipoff from Leroy, who is later whacked to death with a golf club due to interrupting Kane's golf game. Bullet and his team storm one of Kane's hideouts but fail to capture him.
Ninja Cheerleaders, 1h30
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Action
Themes Dance films, Sports films, Martial arts films
Actors George Takei, Trishelle Cannatella, Michael Paré, Larry Poindexter, Max Perlich, Omar Dorsey
Roles Jimmy 'The Snitch'
Rating34% 1.718131.718131.718131.718131.71813
Après que leur professeur se soit fait kidnapper par des mafiosi, trois jeunes pom-pom girls adeptes des arts martiaux décident de partir à sa rescousse, tout en gardant leurs aptitudes secrètes dans le but de pouvoir rentrer dans une université de l'Ivy League.
Street Warrior, 1h31
Directed by David Jackson
Origin USA
Genres Action
Actors Max Martini, Reiley McClendon, Nick Chinlund, Simon Baker (acteur canadien), Kiko Ellsworth, Max Perlich
Roles Georgie Bautista
Rating44% 2.22292.22292.22292.22292.2229
Sgt Jack Campbell (Max Martini) an Iraqi war veteran returns home to find that his brother is in a coma from participating in an illegal underground fight club. Enraged by this, he goes to find the people responsible and takes down anyone who gets in his way.
The Darwin Awards, 1h33
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Adventure, Romance
Themes Transport films, Road movies
Actors Joseph Fiennes, Winona Ryder, David Arquette, Josh Charles, Juliette Lewis, Wilmer Valderrama
Roles Bob
Rating58% 2.947982.947982.947982.947982.94798
The movie opens with a car with a JATO rocket strapped to it. The movie then shifts to Michael Burrows, a criminal profiler for the San Francisco Police Department. Shot in documentary style, the film is ostensibly a dissertation by a film school grad that follows Michael throughout the story. Fired from the police force after his hematophobia allows a serial killer to get away, Michael wallows in a deep depression for several weeks before coming up with a way to combine his Darwin Awards obsession with his talent for profiling. He will help insurance companies detect people more likely to accidentally end their own lives, so they are not sold insurance policies. After impressing an insurance company manager with his profiling talent, Michael is paired up with Siri, a specialist in strange insurance cases.
Punk Love
Punk Love (2006)

Directed by Nick Lyon
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Chad Lindberg, Max Perlich, Sherilyn Lawson
Roles Officer Lawson
Rating56% 2.805142.805142.805142.805142.80514
Raped by her step-father, Sarah with her boyfriend, Spike, run away to Portland by trying to convince her step-uncle to give them money by showing him pictures of him drug dealing. Their plan failed and her step-uncle tries to kill both of them but Sarah gets away to find his secret stash of money she found three years ago. They settle in a motel room where bass-player Spike finds a band audition ad in the newspaper. On the way walking to the audition, Spike and Sarah get into a fight, leaving Sarah waiting in the rain on the side of the road. A cab driver offers Sarah a free ride home, saying its dangerous especially for little girls to be alone at this time of night. Eventually, she gets into the front seat of the car. The cab driver seems nice at first and asked a few questions but Sarah, tired and annoyed, tells him to stop and just drop her off. The cab driver drives to a deserted area under the bridge, then beats and rapes her. Spike comes back to the motel room to find Sarah naked and highly beaten under the shower.
Dinocroc (2004)
, 1h26
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Comedy, Action, Horror
Themes Films about animals, Dinosaur films, Films about magic and magicians, La préhistoire, Animaux préhistoriques, Natural horror films, Giant monster films, Disaster films
Actors Costas Mandylor, Matthew Borlenghi, Charles Napier, Bruce Weitz, Jennifer Siebel (Newsom), Joanna Pacuła
Roles Deputy Kerrigan
Rating34% 1.7160051.7160051.7160051.7160051.716005
A North African dinosaur, related to the crocodile, is found which could grow up to fifty feet long. Dr. Campbell (Bruce Weitz) uses its DNA to create two hybrids of it with a modern-day crocodile at Paula Kennedy's Genetic Research Co. (Gereco) lab. One creature kills Dr. Campbell's assistant and the other creature before escaping. This information is kept from Sheriff Harper (Napier) by Kennedy, stating the dead creature killed Campbell's assistant. His daughter, county dog catcher Diane Harper, helps her ex welding artist, Tom Banning, and his 12-year-old brother Michael (Jake Thomas) find their three legged dog, Lucky, who was lost a few days earlier.
Sol Goode
Sol Goode (2003)
, 1h39
Directed by Danny Comden
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Balthazar Getty, Katharine Towne, Jamie Kennedy, Shannon Leto, Carmen Electra, Cheri Oteri
Roles Murphy
Rating52% 2.601782.601782.601782.601782.60178
Sol (Balthazar Getty) is a loser, heading towards his 20s, and he hasn't had a romantic relationship with a woman in his entire life. Sure, he's slept with lots of them, including the excruciatingly obnoxious Tammie (Tori Spelling). But never anything more than a night. Sol's roommate Justin (Jamie Kennedy) is about to get married. He thinks he's happy, after being promoted from mailroom worker to the assistant of a snotty agent (Cheri Oteri). The truth is, his wife (Natasha Gregson Wagner) is a real bitch. But Sol hasn't given up, despite his parents' (Robert Wagner and Christina Pickles) insistence that he's next to nothing in the real world. These days he's hunting for a job as an actor, even though his visiting friend Happy (Johnathon Schaech), a well-endowed cowboy who gets all the ladies, is finding more acting jobs than Sol while standing around. Sol seems destined to fail, until his best female friend Chloe (Katharine Towne) decides to cheer him up. Sol could find love if he was really looking for it. But if his relationships are as successful as his job hunting, there probably isn't any hope at all.
The Missing, 2h17
Directed by Ron Howard
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Western
Actors Tommy Lee Jones, Cate Blanchett, Evan Rachel Wood, Aaron Eckhart, Jenna Boyd, Val Kilmer
Roles Isaac Edgerly
Rating64% 3.24843.24843.24843.24843.2484
In late 19th-century New Mexico, Samuel Jones reappears hoping to reconcile with his adult daughter Maggie Gilkeson. She is unable to forgive him for abandoning the family and leaving her mother to a hard life and early death. This situation changes when Pesh-Chidin and a dozen of his followers (who have left the reservation) pass through the area, ritualistically killing settlers and taking their daughters to be sold into slavery in Mexico. Among those captured is Maggie's eldest daughter, Lilly. Maggie's rancher boyfriend Brake Baldwin was among the settlers killed.
Deuces Wild, 1h38
Directed by Scott Kalvert
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime, Romance
Themes Gangster films
Actors Stephen Dorff, Brad Renfro, Fairuza Balk, Norman Reedus, Max Perlich, Balthazar Getty
Roles Freddie
Rating56% 2.80112.80112.80112.80112.8011
Leon (Stephen Dorff) and Bobby (Brad Renfro) are brothers and members of the Deuces, a Brooklyn street gang. Ever since the death of their other brother Alphonse "Allie Boy" from a drug overdose at the hands of Marco (Norman Reedus), they keep drugs off their block. This puts them in opposition to the Vipers, another local gang headed by Marco who want to sell drugs in the neighborhood. On the eve of Marco's return from a three-year stint in prison, a gang war seems imminent. Marco plans revenge against Leon, whom he believes ratted him out to the police.
Three Days of Rain, 1h38
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Peter Falk, Alimi Ballard, Erick Avari, Robert Carradine, Mark Feuerstein, Heather Kafka
Roles Extra
Rating54% 2.713632.713632.713632.713632.71363
Three Days of Rain is a film from 2002 that takes six short stories of Anton Chekov and sets them in modern-day Cleveland, Ohio. The film opens as a storm rolls into Cleveland that will bring rain for three straight days. The film follows six separate people through their unique struggles and challenges. There is a young women who is forced to give up her daughter and is willing to do anything to be with her. Another character is a cab driver who struggles to cope with the loss of his son. There is Thunder (Michael Santoro), who is a tile maker who is fighting to keep his business from going under, and Denis (Joey Billow), a mentally handicapped Janitor who is faced with losing his job. Through the entire film there is soft jazz and the banter of a local Cleveland disk jockey, the jazz also doubles as the film's soundtrack.
Blow (2001)
, 2h4
Directed by Ted Demme
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Biography, Crime
Themes Medical-themed films, Prison films, Films about drugs
Actors Johnny Depp, Jordi Mollá, Penélope Cruz, Jesse James, Ray Liotta, Paul Reubens
Roles Kevin Dulli
Rating74% 3.7489653.7489653.7489653.7489653.748965
The film opens to a young George (Jesse James) and his parents Fred (Ray Liotta) and Ermine (Rachel Griffiths) of Weymouth, Massachusetts. When George is ten years old, Fred files for bankruptcy and loses everything, but tries to make George realize that money is not important.
Auggie Rose, 1h49
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors Jeff Goldblum, Anne Heche, Timothy Olyphant, Nancy Travis, Joe Santos, Richard T. Jones
Roles Landlord
Rating62% 3.1461853.1461853.1461853.1461853.146185
Insurance salesman John Nolan witnesses the fatal shooting of Auggie Rose, an ex-convict that Nolan had never met before. Feeling responsible, Nolan finds out everything he can about Auggie Rose and discovers that he had a pen pal named Lucy who is coming to meet him for the first time, unaware of Auggie's death. When he goes to meet her, he pretends to be Auggie, lives in his apartment, and starts a relationship with Lucy.
Net Worth
Net Worth (2000)
, 1h34
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Action, Adventure
Actors Todd Field, Craig Sheffer, Daniel Baldwin, Michael T. Weiss, Alan Fudge, Pamela Adlon
Rating59% 2.9506552.9506552.9506552.9506552.950655
About 4 competitive friends agree to a bet: they will all go to a city where none of them know anybody, with only $100 in their pockets. As the winner will be the person who has the greatest net worth at the end of 30 days. Despite all having a different philosophy about work and wealth they all believe they will win the bet.