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Birth name Meenal
Nationality Inde

Meenal is an Indian film actress who mainly appears in Tamil films. She has appeared in Cheran's Thavamai Thavamirundhu, Vetrimaran's Aadukalam, Thangar Bachan's Ammavin Kaipesi and Bharathiraja's Annakodi. She also acted as the heroine in a film called Veeran Maaran, which has not released. Her elder sister Senthikumari appeared as Vimal's sister in Pasanga.

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M. S. Bhaskar
M. S. Bhaskar
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Filmography of Meenal (15 films)

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Jilla (2015)
, 3h2
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Action
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films
Actors Mohanlal, Vijay, Kajal Agarwal, Goundamani, Mahat Raghavendra, Sree Raam
Roles the complainant
Rating60% 3.0008153.0008153.0008153.0008153.000815
Sakthi (Vijay) is the adopted son of a Madurai-based don Sivan (Mohanlal) and is also his right-hand man, bodyguard and driver. He hates the police due to a police officer killing his father, who was Sivan's driver, in his childhood. His hatred is such that he hates the khaki colour (which is worn by policemen in India), constantly teases his friend Gopal (Soori), who is a Sub-inspector and even loses romantic interest on a woman named Shanthi (Kajal Aggarwal) after he finds out that she is a police inspector. However, when Sivan is insulted by the new Police Commissioner of Madurai (Pradeep Rawat), he forces Sakthi to become an IPS officer to save his crime syndicate and prove the Commissioner's words wrong (A policeman can think like a criminal, but a criminal can never think like a policeman). Reluctantly Sakthi passes all the tests and training in Civil service exams without any effort (due to high political influence). He takes charge as Assistant Commissioner of Police [law and order] of Madurai center, Sakthi gives free rein to Sivan and his henchmen, who wreak havoc over Madurai, until one of their activities inadvertently causes a gas leak which destroys a school and some nearby buildings, killing several people, including women and children. This incident, compounded by the assault of a woman (Meenal), whose husband was killed in the gas leak, by Sivan's henchmen when she had come to the police station to lodge a complaint against Sivan, causes Sakthi to take up the path of an honest and upright police officer. Sakthi's new persona is not liked by Sivan and after a heated argument between the two, he disowns Sakthi. A cat-and-mouse game then begins between Sivan and Sakthi, with Sivan, his henchmen and his family determined to humiliate Sakthi at every opportunity, while Sakthi, assisted by Shanthi and Gopal, tries to rid Madurai of Sivan's influence. Sakthi is soon promoted to Deputy Commissioner of Police for his efforts.
Goli Soda
Goli Soda (2014)
, 1h57
Directed by S. D. Vijay Milton
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Imman Annachi., Sree Raam, Vijaya Thesingu Rajendar, Sam Anderson, Kajal Agarwal, Meenal
Roles Naidu's niece
Rating76% 3.8349753.8349753.8349753.8349753.834975
Set against the backdrop of most happening the Koyambedu market, the film revolves around the lives of four young boys played by Kishore, Sree Raam, Pandi and Murugesh. They work as coolies, and earn their bread by working as lifters. They lift and transport vegetable stocks to various shops. One such shop is owned by Aachi, who treats the boys like her sons. The boys are carefree and do not worry about their future, and have fun by teasing and looking at schoolgirls who pass by. They befriend a girl named ATM, who assists them in finding a new friend, who turns out to be Aachi's daughter. They all become friends and hang out together. One day Aachi tells the boys that, they do not have an identity and how long will they live like this? She advices them to do something that will give them an identity and let them earn some respect. They decide to start a mess in the market, where so many people will have access. Aachi helps them to get an old godown from Naidu, a rich Dada, who controls the market. Naidu lets them have the place for free for now, and says will collect the rent later. The boys start the mess and it becomes an instant hit, earning them money and respect. The boys feel that they have now got an identity as the owners of Aachi mess.
Ammavin Kaipesi, 2h30
Directed by Thangar Bachan
Actors Shanthanu Bhagyaraj, Iniya, Thangar Bachan, Meenal, Nagineedu Vellanki, Revathi
Roles Kanaga
Rating56% 2.8335552.8335552.8335552.8335552.833555
The story is woven around a mobile phone, which Thankar says connects people by voice and helps to have new relationships and maintain them. A mother has nine children, but she lives in a situation, which separates her from the children. The only way she could be in touch with them and hear their voices is a mobile phone. She regards her mobile phone as the representative of her children and has become possessive of it. Her last son is Shanthanoo and his lover is Iniya. The film also registers the strong bonding between the mother and her last son.
Murattu Kaalai
Directed by K. Selva Bharathy
Actors Sundar C., Sneha, Sindhu Tolani, Suman, Vivek, Devan
Roles Saroja's maid

Kaalaiyan (Sundar C) is a simple person and the best Jallikattu (Bullfight) player in his village. His world revolves around his four younger brothers. The antagonist is Varadharajan (Suman), a Zamindar from the neighbouring village who lives an extravagant lifestyle. His close aide is a Transgender Saroja (Vivek). Varadharajan's sister (Sindhu Tolani) falls for the macho Kaalaiyan when he wins a Jallikattu.
Aadukalam (2011)
, 2h36
Directed by Vetrimaaran
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Sports films, Musical films
Actors Dhanush, Taapsee Pannu, Kishore, Dinesh, V. I. S. Jayapalan, Meenal
Roles Pettaikaran's wife
Rating79% 3.994193.994193.994193.994193.99419
In Madurai, Pettaikaaran (V. I. S. Jayapalan) and Rathnaswamy (Naren) are tough competitors in cockfights and it is often Pettai who wins because nobody knows his way of maintaining the quality of the birds.
Velayudham (2011)
, 2h46
Directed by M. Raja
Genres Drama, Comedy, Action, Crime
Actors Vijay, Abhimanyu Singh, Genelia D'Souza, Hansika Motwani, Saranya Mohan, Vineet Kumar
Roles Abducted Girl
Rating63% 3.1995153.1995153.1995153.1995153.199515
A young journalist Bharathi (Genelia D'Souza), along with two of her friends, investigate a series of terrorist attacks which have taken place in Chennai and also illegal activities like women trafficking. When they are caught video-recording illicit activities happening in a secluded house one night by a group of thugs, they attempt to flee from them. While Bharathi's friends are killed, Bharathi manages to escape despite being stabbed by one of the thugs. But after the attack on Bharathi and her friends, the thugs' vehicle explodes due to a small mishap when a matchstick falls over petrol packets stored in the vehicle, killing all the thugs. Bharathi comes up with a new idea to eradicate society's evils by creating and propagating a fictional character called "Velayudham" who wants to clean up the city of terrorism and other illegal activities.
Anthony Yaar?
Actors Shaam, Mallika Kapoor, Lal, Vivek, Venniradai Moorthy, Meenal
Roles kingfisher's love interest

Anthony (Shaam) is an orphan who grows up in a church situated in a coastal village near Tuticorin. The local priest (Rajesh) is his benefactor. Anthony is loving and caring towards the local fishermen and their families who are being exploited by the rowdy Michael (Lal).
Deepavali (2007)

Directed by Ezhil
Genres Drama, Action
Actors Jayam Ravi, Karthika Menon, Raghuvaran, Vijayakumar, Vijayakumar, Lal
Roles Revathy, Susi's friend
Rating56% 2.8183952.8183952.8183952.8183952.818395
Billu (Jayam Ravi) is the son of Mudaliar (Vijayakumar). Mudaliar is much loved and respected by people of his locality and Billu is almost like a foster son to every person in the locality.
Sillunu Oru Kaadhal, 2h55
Directed by N.Krishna
Genres Romance
Actors Suriya, Jyothika, Bhumika Chawla, Shriya Sharma, Vadivelu, Santhanam
Roles Kundavi's Friend
Rating68% 3.447583.447583.447583.447583.44758
Kundavi (Jyothika) was brought up in a small village called Ambasamudram. She, along with her two friends, decide to have a love marriage. However she is not so successful. Her father arranges her marriage to Gautham (Surya Sivakumar) against her wishes. Both look gloomy during the wedding due to obvious reasons.
Thavamai Thavamiruntu, 3h25
Directed by Cheran
Genres Drama
Actors Cheran, Padmapriya, Rajkiran, Saranya, Senthil, Meenal
Rating77% 3.871643.871643.871643.871643.87164
The movie begins with Muthiah (Raj Kiran) being admitted into the hospital due to a serious head injury. The incident that led to the injury is kept in suspense for the audience. The story is narrated by the man's second son, Ramalingam (Cheran),when he comes to visit his father in the hospital. Overcome by emotions, he recollects, along his trip, bits and pieces of memories from his younger days with his father. The first part the story is about how a father in a lower-middle-class family struggles to raise his children. The father is running a printing press and he works really hard to make ends meet but still has to borrow money from the exploitive local money-lenders to give his sons a good education. There is a scene where the children are eagerly expecting their father to return home with gifts during festive season and the father encounters a setback in the cash flow in his business and yet seizes an opportunity to make some money by working throughout the night. This scene encapsulates the sacrifices the father makes for the happiness of his sons.
Thirupaachi, 2h58
Directed by Perarasu
Actors Vijay, Trisha Krishnan, Mallika, Livingston, Manoj K. Jayan, Pasupathy
Roles Raj Guru's Daughter

Sivagiri (Vijay) is a blade-smith in a remote village near Thirupaachi. He has a lovable sister named Karpagam (Mallika). He runs into some hilarious incidents while searching locally for a groom for his sister. Sivagiri confides to his friend Kannapan that he wants his sister to be in a good city after her marriage. Sivagiri also nods his acceptance, when a city guy proposes to Karpagam. He accompanies the newly weds to Chennai. He finds a girl named Shuba (Trisha) welcoming them, and they both fall in love.
Directed by Thangar Bachan
Actors Narain, Sneha, Sriya Reddy, Seeman, Thangar Bachan, Meenal

Vetrivel, a son of a potter, is the most intelligent of the lot and loves Kokila who is the daughter of a rich Jamindar who owns the school land. And their common friends are Muthu and Kumaraswami. Kumaraswami, very bad at studies, avoids school; however, his father makes all efforts to send him back to school and succeeds in doing so.