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Michael Boatman is a Actor and Scriptwriter American born on 25 october 1964 at Colorado Springs (USA)

Michael Boatman

Michael Boatman
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Birth name Michael Patrick Boatman
Nationality USA
Birth 25 october 1964 (59 years) at Colorado Springs (USA)

Michael Patrick Boatman (born October 25, 1964) is an Image Award-nominated American actor and writer. He is best known for his roles as New York City mayoral aide Carter Heywood in the ABC sitcom Spin City, as U.S. Army Specialist Samuel Beckett in the ABC drama series China Beach, as 101st Airborne soldier Motown in the Vietnam War movie Hamburger Hill, and as sports agent Stanley Babson in the HBO comedy series Arli$$.


Michael Boatman was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the son of Gwendolyn Boatman Pugh, a job supervisor for the handicapped, and Daniel Boatman, an army officer. He was raised in Chicago. Boatman is a graduate of Western Illinois University and received its "Alumni Achievement Award" in 1997.

Boatman studied acting at Western Illinois, where he played a variety of roles including Oberon in A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Purlie in Purlie Victorious. He was a member of the student sketch comedy troupe Shock Treatment, which performed at local bars and nightclubs. During his senior year Boatman won the prestigious Irene Ryan theater award for best supporting actor, during the finals competition at the Kennedy Center.

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Second Act
Second Act (2018)
, 1h44
Directed by Peter Segal
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Jennifer Lopez, Leah Remini, Vanessa Hudgens, Milo Ventimiglia, Treat Williams, Annaleigh Ashford
Roles Edward Taylor
Rating58% 2.9100852.9100852.9100852.9100852.910085
Lorsqu’elle se voit refuser une promotion au profit d’un candidat plus diplômé qu’elle, Maya Vargas, la quarantaine, décide de quitter son emploi pour trouver mieux ailleurs. Le fils de sa meilleure amie trafique son CV à son insu, et lui fait décrocher un boulot de rêve dans dans un grand groupe de cosmétiques de Manhattan. Armée de son bagout et de son vécu, aura-t-elle droit à sa seconde chance dans ce monde dont elle ne maitrise pas tous les codes ?
Bad Parents, 1h40
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Sports films, Association football films
Actors Janeane Garofalo, Christopher Titus, Michael Boatman, Cheri Oteri, Kristen Johnston, Rebecca Budig
Roles Gary
Rating34% 1.7396351.7396351.7396351.7396351.739635
Une mère de famille de la banlieue inscrit sa fille de sept ans dans l'équipe locale de football. Avant de réaliser le pétrin dans lequel elle s'est mise, Kathy se retrouve au centre d'un monde hyper compétitif de mamans disjonctées. Alors que l'équipe se dirige vers la finale, les parents en deviennent obsédés et seront emportés dans une spirale d'insanité et d'hilarité !
Hornet's Nest, 1h30
Directed by Millicent Shelton
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime
Actors Sherry Stringfield, Virginia Madsen, Michael Boatman, Robbie Amell, Michael B. Silver, Gary Basaraba
Roles Richard Panessa
Rating50% 2.5363052.5363052.5363052.5363052.536305
Dans la ville de Charlotte, en Caroline du Nord, un tueur en série tue des hommes d'affaires de passage dans la ville. L'inspecteur Virginia West enquête malgré elle avec Andy Brazil, un jeune journaliste qui l'accompagne sur le terrain en vue de réaliser un reportage sur la police locale. Le jeune Brazil vit avec sa mère devenue alcoolique depuis la mort de son mari qui travaillait dans la police. La présence et les manières de Brazil exaspèrent l'inspecteur et pourtant, celui-ci s’avérera être un atout de taille pour aider à résoudre l'enquête…
Queen of Media
Origin USA
Actors Robin Givens, Fredro Starr, Michael Boatman, Chandra Davis, Trey Songz, Thea Vidale
Rating65% 3.2885253.2885253.2885253.2885253.288525
The film is loosely based on a real-life story which tells the biography of New York City radio host Wendy Williams. Robin Givens portrays Williams, and Oliver "Power" Grant as her husband Kevin Hunter.
The Pool Boys, 1h47
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Matthew Lillard, Brett Davern, Rachelle Lefèvre, Efren Ramirez, Tom Arnold, George Takei
Rating46% 2.3233852.3233852.3233852.3233852.323385
After Alex Sperling, a Harvard-bound valedictorian, loses his summer internship, he heads to Los Angeles to work for his cousin Roger. Unfortunately, Roger isn't the successful businessman he's made himself out to be (having dropped out of Harvard and becoming a pool boy). After a series of mishaps force Alex and Roger to squat in the mansion of one of Roger's clients, they join forces with a local escort to start an escort business. As the business quickly grows, the boys find themselves trapped in the middle of outlandish situations.
And Then Came Love, 1h30
Directed by Richard Schenkman
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Kevin Daniels, Vanessa Williams, Eartha Kitt, Michael Boatman, Stephen Pinella, Ben Vereen
Roles Ted
Rating46% 2.3238652.3238652.3238652.3238652.323865
Julie (Vanessa Williams), a successful Manhattan reporter-turned-columnist in her mid-40s believes she has it all - a great job, a rent controlled apartment, a boyfriend (Michael Boatman) and best of all, an adorable six-year-old son named Jake, whom she conceived via an anonymous sperm donor. Her perfect world, however, is rocked when she’s called in for an emergency parent-teacher conference and learns that her son has been acting up, needs to be ‘tested,’ and is on the brink of expulsion.
Kalamazoo? (2006)
, 1h47
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Josie Davis, Mayim Bialik, Claire Bloom, Chita Rivera, Renee Taylor, Michael Boatman
Roles Special Angel Albert
Rating46% 2.3491352.3491352.3491352.3491352.349135
Carol (Josie Davis) , Maggie (Mayim Bialik) et Joan (Joanna Clare Scott) sont trois amies qui ont choisi des différents modes de vie. Les filles retournent à Kalamazoo, Michigan pour une soirée de remise des diplômes. Mais les trois amies découvrent une capsule temporelle contenant des prédictions. Horrifié à l'idée d'avoir leurs objectifs inassouvis rendus publics, elles décident de voler la capsule de temps et de la détruire. Mais doivent faire face à la vie qu'elles ont laissé derrière elles, y compris leurs anciens amours et leurs familles.
Woman Thou Art Loosed, 1h34
Directed by Michael Schultz
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Films about religion
Actors Kimberly Elise, Loretta Devine, Debbi Morgan, Michael Boatman, Clifton Powell, Idalis DeLeón
Roles Todd
Rating65% 3.2917853.2917853.2917853.2917853.291785
Michelle Jordan (Destiny Edmond) is a young energetic 8-year-old girl whose mother, Cassy Jordan (Loretta Devine), goes after man after man, neglecting her child who has never met her father. Searching for love in all the wrong places, Cassy finds a man named Reggie (Clifton Powell), who seems to be the right man in Michelle and Cassy's life. But four years later, at the age of 12, Michelle is raped and sexually abused by Reggie. Years later, Michelle (played as an adult by Kimberly Elise), who is now all grown up, is left with bitterness in her heart and leaves home wanting to get away from all of her past memories. Being led astray, Michelle lives a life of stripping, prostitution, and drugs. But when Michelle goes to jail, everything changes and she leaves realizing she has to make a change in her life. On her way to beginning that new life, she runs into an old childhood friend named Todd(Michael Boatman), who gives her a ride to the halfway house where she will be living with a friend, Nicole(Idalis DeLeon), who will help her to get her life back on track. Unfortunately, on her way to starting her life over, she runs into some familiar roadblocks such as Reggie, her mother, and Pervis(Sean Blakemore), her ex-pimp and drug supplier, and she begins to spiral downwards again. This time, though, she is invited to a revival, and people like Bishop T.D. Jakes (who appears as himself), her godmother Twana (Debbie Morgan), her friend Nicole, and Todd try to help her maintain herself along the right path.
Walking to the Waterline, 1h40
Directed by Matt Mulhern
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Matt Mulhern, Alan Ruck, Matthew Broderick, Hallie Foote, Jon Cypher, Hal Holbrook
Roles Marshall
Rating61% 3.0975053.0975053.0975053.0975053.097505
Once a successful television sitcom star, Francis McGowan is now a struggling actor who returns to his family home on the Jersey Shore to sell it following his father's death. While there, he interacts with his agent Michael Woods, his childhood friend Duane Hopwood, and tour guide Lucy Bammer, with whom he drifts into a casual affair while his wife and children wait for him to return home.
The Peacemaker, 2h4
Directed by Mimi Leder
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action
Themes Films about terrorism, Transport films, Political films, Road movies, Chase films, Arme nucléaire
Actors George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, Marcel Iureș, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Sebastian Roché, Tamara Tunie
Roles CPN Beach
Rating60% 3.000483.000483.000483.000483.00048
In an Eastern Orthodox church in Pale, Bosnia and Herzegovina, an unidentified man (later revealed to be a Bosnian minister) is murdered after being paged to meet someone outside.(The murderer called him "minister").
The Glass Shield, 1h49
Directed by Charles Burnett
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Actors Ice Cube, Michael Boatman, Elliott Gould, Ice-T, Lori Petty, Michael Ironside
Roles Dep. J.J. Johnson
Rating60% 3.044513.044513.044513.044513.04451
Deputy John Johnson (J.J.) (Michael Boatman) is a rookie in the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and the first black deputy at the station to which he is assigned. Racial tensions run high in the department as some of J.J.'s fellow officers resent his presence. His only real friend is the other new deputy (Lori Petty), the first female officer to work there, who also suffers similar discrimination in the otherwise all-white-male work environment. When J.J. becomes increasingly aware of police corruption during the murder trial of Teddy Woods (Ice Cube), who he helped to arrest, he faces difficult
In the Line of Duty: Street War, 1h36
Directed by Dick Lowry
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action
Themes Films about music and musicians, Hip hop films, Gangster films
Actors Ray Sharkey, Peter Boyle, Mario Van Peebles, Michael Boatman, Morris Chestnut, Courtney B. Vance
Roles Robert Dayton
Rating57% 2.8566052.8566052.8566052.8566052.856605
Jeunes idéalistes engagés dans la police de New York, Raymond Williamson et Robert Dayton sont deux amis inséparables. Lors d'une mission, un caïd de la drogue en liberté conditionnelle abat brutalement Williamson. Dayton va livrer une bataille fanatique et sans merci pour venger son ami.
Running on Empty, 2h
Directed by Sidney Lumet
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime, Romance
Actors River Phoenix, Judd Hirsch, Christine Lahti, Martha Plimpton, Alice Drummond, L. M. Kit Carson
Roles Spaulding
Rating75% 3.798213.798213.798213.798213.79821
The story revolves around parents Annie and Arthur Pope (Lahti and Hirsch) who in the 1970s were responsible for the anti-war protest bombing of a napalm laboratory. The incident accidentally blinded and paralyzed a janitor who wasn't supposed to be there. They've been on the run ever since, relying on an underground network of supporters who help them financially. At the time of the incident, their son Danny (Phoenix) was two years old. As the film begins, he is in his late teens, and the family (along with younger son Harry) are again relocating and assuming new identities.
Hamburger Hill, 1h52
Directed by John Irvin
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Action
Themes Politique, Political films
Actors Dylan McDermott, Steven Weber, Courtney B. Vance, Don Cheadle, Michael Dolan, Michael Boatman
Roles Motown
Rating66% 3.348743.348743.348743.348743.34874
The film begins with footage of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It then shifts to a platoon of soldiers fighting in Vietnam, 1969 ending with a soldier dying on a helicopter. As they prepare to be sent into action again, the platoon of the 3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry, part of the 3rd Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, receives five FNGs as replacements - Beletsky, who constantly frets that he won't be able to remember everything he has been taught; Languilli, who gets annoyed when people mispronounce his name; Washburn, a quiet man and the only African-American member of the squad; Bienstock, who is outgoing and has volunteered for combat duty in Vietnam; and finally Galvan, the quietest new soldier but the most promising of the new intake.