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Michael Greyeyes is a Actor Canadien born on 4 june 1967

Michael Greyeyes

Michael Greyeyes
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Birth name Michael Joseph Charles Greyeyes
Nationality Canada
Birth 4 june 1967 (52 years)

Michael Greyeyes (born June 4, 1967) is a Canadian actor, director, and educator. He is Plains Cree from the Muskeg Lake First Nation in Saskatchewan. His father was from the Muskeg Lake First Nation and his mother was from the Sweetgrass First Nation, both located in Saskatchewan.

He completed his Master's Degree in Fine Arts at the School of Theatre and Dance at Kent State University and graduated in May 2003. He is a graduate of The National Ballet School in 1984, he went on to apprentice with The National Ballet of Canada before joining the company as a Corps de Ballet member in 1987. After three years, he moved to New York City to join the company of choreographer Eliot Feld. Michael performed in many of Mr. Feld's seminal works including Intermezzo, Skara Brae, and The Jig is Up. He performed in roles created for him in such ballets as Common Ground and Bloom's Wake.

Michael's acting career began in 1993 when he was cast as Juh in TNT's Geronimo, which led to numerous television appearances, including guest starring performances in Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Walker, Texas Ranger, Numb3rs, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Millennium, and in 1998 starred in Stolen Women, Captured Hearts, with Janine Turner and Patrick Bergen. He is featured in the mini-series Klondike, Dreamkeeper, Rough Riders, Big Bear, and True Women. His films include: Dance Me Outside, Smoke Signals, Sunshine State, Skipped Parts, and Skinwalkers based on the book by Tony Hillerman.

Michael continued his dance research on the modern form of traditional dancing, Powwow. His journey of exploration was documented in a documentary entitled He Who Dreams: Michael on the Powwow Trail for CBC Television by Adrienne Clarkson. He choreographed and performed in Rebecca Belmore's durational performance art work Gone Indian for Toronto's Nuit Blanche.

He continues to perform regularly. His more recent works include The New World directed by Terence Malick, Tecumseh's Vision a PBS Documentary/ Live Action drama created for PBS, Passchendaele which opened the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival, Untitled #1535 a site-specific dance work he choreographed for Dusk Dances, Triptych (a short film broadcast nationally on Bravo! Television), and The Journey (Pimooteewin), an opera work he directed with music by Melissa Hui and libretto by Tomson Highway. He also did the voice of Tommy in the action game Prey.

In 2010, Michael founded Signal Theatre, a company that explores intercultural and transdisciplinary live performance. As Artistic Director and choreographer, he has overseen the creation of three major works, including From thine eyes (Harbourfront Centre), Nôhkom (The Banff Centre), and A Soldier's Tale (Fleck Dance Theatre) a work examining the aftermath of war upon soldiers and their families. A Soldier's Tale was co-produced by The National Arts Centre and The Canada Dance Festival and opened the 2014 Canada Dance Festival in Ottawa at the NAC Theatre.

Signal Theatre has also produced installations and performance art works, such as Winter Home which premiered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and will be seen at the 2015 Prismatic Festival in Halifax. Michael is an Associate Professor of Theatre at York University and is married to wife Nancy, and has two daughters, Eva and Lilia.

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Paul Gross
Paul Gross
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Gary Farmer
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Woman Walks Ahead, 1h41
Directed by Susanna White
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Historical, Western
Actors Jessica Chastain, Michael Greyeyes, Sam Rockwell, Ciarán Hinds, Michael Nouri, Chaske Spencer
Roles Sitting Bull
Rating66% 3.300543.300543.300543.300543.30054
Dans les années 1890, Caroline Weldon , peintre américaine, se rend dans le territoire du Dakota pour faire le portrait de Sitting Bull.
Jimmy P.
Jimmy P. (2013)
, 1h56
Directed by Arnaud Desplechin
Origin France
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama
Themes Psychologie
Actors Benicio del Toro, Mathieu Amalric, Elya Baskin, Gina McKee, Joseph Cross, Larry Pine
Roles Allan
Rating61% 3.050473.050473.050473.050473.05047
Après la Seconde Guerre mondiale, Jimmy Picard, un vétéran nord-amérindien de la tribu des Pieds-Noirs, est admis au Winter Veteran Hospital de Topeka au Kansas fondé par le psychiatre Karl Menninger. Souffrant de maux de tête aigus, d'absences et de crises d'angoisse incontrôlables qu'aucun médecin ne réussit à relier à une cause physiologique liée à son accident survenu en France, il est pris en charge par Georges Devereux, un ethnologue français originaire d'Europe centrale, spécialiste des cultures amérindiennes.
Passchendaele, 1h54
Directed by Paul Gross
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, War, Historical, Romance
Themes Political films
Actors Caroline Dhavernas, Gil Bellows, Paul Gross, Joe Dinicol, Adam Harrington, Michael Greyeyes
Roles Highway
Rating63% 3.1995453.1995453.1995453.1995453.199545
The main character is Sergeant Michael Dunne (later reverting to his mother's maiden name McCrae for re-enlistment), introduced in the spring of 1917 after Vimy Ridge, a decorated veteran of the 10th Battalion, CEF.
The New World, 2h52
Directed by Terrence Malick
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Biography, Adventure, Historical, Romance
Actors Colin Farrell, Q'orianka Kilcher, Christopher Plummer, Christian Bale, Ben Chaplin, August Schellenberg
Roles Rupwew
Rating66% 3.349163.349163.349163.349163.34916
In 1607, Pocahontas, the spirited and adventurous twelve-year-old daughter of Chief Powhatan, and others from her tribe witness the arrival of three ships sent by English royal charter to found a colony in the New World. Aboard one of the ships is Captain John Smith, below decks, in chains. While initially sentenced to death by hanging for his mutinous remarks, once ashore, Smith is pardoned by Captain Christopher Newport, the leader of the expedition.
Dreamkeeper, 2h54
Directed by Steve Barron
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Fantasy
Actors Eddie Spears, August Schellenberg, George Aguilar, Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse, Nathaniel Arcand, Gil Birmingham
Roles Thunder Spirit
Rating75% 3.7915553.7915553.7915553.7915553.791555
The film opens with Eagle Boy, a young man who is on a vision quest. It then cuts to the present, where a 17-year-old Lakota named Shane Chasing Horse is living on the Pine Ridge reservation. He is in trouble because he owes some money to a local gang—money he used to buy a beautiful ring for Mae Little Wounded, a girl he likes. Meanwhile, his mother asks him to drive his grandfather, Pete Chasing Horse, a storyteller, down to the powwow. Shane is reluctant. However, when the gang comes after him, Shane changes his mind and heads out to the powwow with his grandfather, who agrees to give him his truck once they reach the powwow. Grandfather tells Shane the story of a young Lakota man who tries to win the hand of Bluebird Woman. He also tells the story of how a thunder spirit falls in love with a Mohawk woman and brings her up into the ethereal world of Sky Woman, and of how she raised their son back in her village until he was struck by one of the villagers and brought back to live with his father.
Sunshine State, 2h21
Directed by John Sayles
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama
Actors Angela Bassett, Edie Falco, Alan King, Cullen Douglas, Clifton James, James McDaniel
Roles Billy Trucks
Rating68% 3.447523.447523.447523.447523.44752
As the primarily white town of Delrona Beach, Florida is preparing for its annual festival, one of the parade floats is set afire. A young black boy named Terrell is found guilty of the deed, and he is sentenced to community service with a local community theater. An orphan, Terrell is in the care of an elderly relative, Eunice Stokes, who lives in the neighboring, primarily black community of Lincoln Beach.
Skinwalkers, 1h40
Directed by Chris Eyre
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Actors Adam Beach, Wes Studi, Michael Greyeyes, Alexandrea Kawisenhawe Rice, Misty Upham, Jon Proudstar
Roles Dr.Stone
Rating72% 3.6401853.6401853.6401853.6401853.640185
Joe Leaphorn, a seasoned cop accustomed to the ways of Phoenix, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque, has returned to the Navajo reservation. Recovering from cancer, his wife, Emma, feels rejuvenated by her home's landscape and people. Leaphorn is less sure about their return. Well schooled in urban policing, he is soon confronted with a particular Navajo case: a mysterious killer who has a special antipathy for medicine men. He works with a partner Jim Chee, an FBI Academy grad who is training to be a traditional healer.
Zig Zag
Zig Zag (2002)
, 1h41
Directed by David S. Goyer
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors John Leguizamo, Wesley Snipes, Sam Jones III, Oliver Platt, Natasha Lyonne, Luke Goss
Roles Dale
Rating59% 2.95392.95392.95392.95392.9539
Dean Singer (John Leguizamo) has terminal cancer, yet is determined to spend his last days taking care of his 15-year-old 'big brother program' autistic protégé, Louis 'Zig Zag' Fletcher. Dean got Louis a dishwasher job in shamelessly abusive, exploiting Mr. 'The Toad' Walters' (Oliver Platt) restaurant. Louis' dead-beat, neglecting yet abusive dad pushes him for 'rent' (actually to repay violent loan-shark Cadillac Tom), which Zig Zag gets by – stealing from Walters' safe, remembering numbers being his only talent. Singer is determined to return the money, despite excessive risks, with surprising allies.
Skipped Parts, 1h40
Directed by Tamra Davis
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Pregnancy films, Films about sexuality
Actors Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Mischa Barton, Bug Hall, Brad Renfro, R. Lee Ermey
Roles Hank Elkrunner
Rating62% 3.1486753.1486753.1486753.1486753.148675
The film starts in 1963, with liberal-minded Lydia, and her 14-year-old son Sam. Lydia's father is running for governor of North Carolina, and he does not want Lydia and Sam in his way, so the two are banished from North Carolina. Arriving in Wyoming, Lydia only wants to have a good time and Sam is never allowed to call her "Mom" (she wants him to call her "Lydia").
Smoke Signals, 1h29
Directed by Chris Eyre
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Themes Transport films, Road movies, Buddy films
Actors Adam Beach, Evan Àdams, Irene Bedard, Gary Farmer, Tantoo Cardinal, Simon Baker
Roles Junior Polatkin
Rating70% 3.548753.548753.548753.548753.54875
Victor (Adam Beach) and Thomas Builds-the-Fire (Evan Adams) live on the Coeur D'Alene Indian Reservation in Plummer, Idaho. Thomas is an eccentric storyteller and Victor is an angry young man who enjoys playing basketball.
Le dernier templier, 1h35
Genres Thriller, Fantastic, Fantasy, Action, Horror
Themes Films about religion
Actors Françoise Robertson, Allen Altman, Tony Calabretta, Don Francks, Arthur Holden, Roc LaFortune
Roles Gray Eagle
Rating40% 2.0140752.0140752.0140752.0140752.014075
En 1999, on découvre dans le métro une clé mystérieuse. Lukas Sadorov, un ancien agent secret et disciple de l'Ordre des Templiers, s'associe alors à Karen Goodleaf, un célèbre archéologue, pour empêcher les créatures du démon de libérer Satan.
Firestorm (1998)
, 1h29
Directed by Dean Semler, A.C.S., A.S.C.
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action, Adventure
Themes Disaster films, American disaster films
Actors Scott Glenn, William Forsythe, Suzy Amis, Garwin Sanford, Sebastian Spence, Barry Pepper
Roles Andy
Rating47% 2.3538852.3538852.3538852.3538852.353885
The plot involves a group of Wyoming State convicts who stage an escape with the help of an arsonist on the outside who sets fire in the forest for the prisoners to be taken there to help firemen, giving the prisoners chance to escape. The story begins when Alexander Earl Shaye (William Forsythe), who had stolen 37 million dollars four years previously and hidden it in the Wyoming forest, escapes from prison with five other convicts to retrieve the money.
The Minion
The Minion (1998)
, 1h35
Genres Thriller, Fantasy, Action, Horror
Themes Films about religion, Films set in the future, Political films, Dystopian films, Disaster films
Actors Dolph Lundgren, Françoise Robertson, Roc LaFortune, Allen Altman, Don Francks, Michael Greyeyes
Roles Gray Eagle
Rating40% 2.0140752.0140752.0140752.0140752.014075
The film's plot revolves around the coming of the Apocalypse, heralded by the imminent liberation of the Antichrist from the depths of Hell through a certain gateway at the close of one full millennium. This gate can only be opened by a special key, which has been kept guarded by the order of the Templars (who in this version existed since the last days of Jesus). The key in turn is sought out by the servant of the Antichrist, simply known as the Minion, a demonic spirit that transfers itself into the next available host body when his previous one is killed off. His first attempt to gain the key at the close of the year 999 is foiled; the sole surviving Templar of the company charged with hiding the key eventually takes off with a ship to the west, to what was at that time known as the "end of the world", to keep it from the Minion's grasp.
True Women
True Women (1997)
, 2h34
Directed by Karen Arthur
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Thriller, Action, Historical, Romance, Western
Actors Dana Delany, Annabeth Gish, Angelina Jolie, Julie Carmen, Rachael Leigh Cook, Tina Majorino
Roles Tarantula
Rating67% 3.3963053.3963053.3963053.3963053.396305
The story starts with young Euphemia Texas Ashby (Tina Majorino) and her older sister Sara McClure (Dana Delany). When Euphemia gets back to the house from picking flowers she finds out that Sam Houston is coming to the house. Santa Anna is on his way so they must head east in the Runaway Scrape. While they attempt to cross a river Sara suffers from a miscarriage while her young son Little Johnnie dies in Euphemia's arms. Many other young and old Texans die and Euphemia is almost lost in a sea of graves. After a month and a week, Sam Houston defeats Santa Anna's army and Texas is reborn as the Republic of Texas. They now live in a new home with their horses. Their sisters Fannie and Jane Isabella come to live with them after their father dies at sea. They are very different from Sara and Phemie (Annabeth Gish) and must adapt to their new brutal life.
Stolen Women, Captured Hearts
Directed by Jerry London
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance, Western
Actors Janine Turner, Patrick Bergin, Jean Louisa Kelly, Michael Greyeyes, William Shockley, Rodney Arnold Grant
Roles Tokalah
Rating73% 3.691223.691223.691223.691223.69122
The story is set on the plains of Kansas in 1868, where General George Custer has destroyed a village of Cheyenne Indians. Seeking revenge, a band of Lakota Indians led by Tokalah (Michael Greyeyes) attack a wagon train headed to Fort Hays, Kansas, where they kill everyone in the wagons. However, strangely, when Tokalah comes to the remaining wagon that is driven by Anna Brewster (Janine Turner), he lets her and her pregnant friend go.