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Milton Sills is a Actor American born on 12 january 1882 at Chicago (USA)

Milton Sills

Milton Sills
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Nationality USA
Birth 12 january 1882 at Chicago (USA)
Death 15 september 1930 (at 48 years) at Santa Barbara (USA)

Milton George Gustavus Sills (January 12, 1882 – September 15, 1930) was an American stage and film actor of the early twentieth century.


Sills was born in Chicago, Illinois into a wealthy family. He was the son of William Henry Sills, a successful mineral dealer, and Josephine Antoinette Troost Sills, an heiress from a prosperous banking family. Upon completing high school, Sills was offered a one-year scholarship to the University of Chicago, where he studied psychology and philosophy. After graduating, he was offered a position at the university as a researcher and within several years worked his way up to become a professor at the school.

In 1905, stage actor Donald Robertson visited the school to lecture on author and playwright Henrik Ibsen and suggested to Sills that he try his hand at acting. On a whim, Sills agreed and left his prestigious teaching career to embark on a stint in acting. Sills joined Robertson's stock theater company and began touring the country.

In 1908, while Sills was performing in New York City, he garnered critical praise from such notable Broadway producers as David Belasco and Charles Frohman. That same year he made his Broadway debut in This Woman and This Man, which was an immediate success with both the theatergoing public and critics. From 1908 to 1914, Sills appeared in about a dozen Broadway shows, becoming a crowd favorite and attaining a great deal of fame.

In 1910, Sills married English stage actress Gladys Edith Wynne, a niece of actress Edith Wynne Matthison. The union produced one child, Dorothy Sills, and the couple divorced in 1925. In 1926, Sills remarried, this time to silent film actress Doris Kenyon. The couple had a son, Kenyon Clarence Sills, born in 1927.

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The Barker (1928)

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Filmography of Milton Sills (44 films)

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The Sea Wolf, 1h27
Directed by Alfred Santell
Origin USA
Genres Romance
Actors Milton Sills, Raymond Hackett, Nat Pendleton, Harry Tenbrook, Thomas Jefferson
Roles 'Wolf' Larsen
Rating65% 3.2727353.2727353.2727353.2727353.272735
Love and the Devil, 1h10
Directed by Alexander Korda
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Melodrama
Actors Milton Sills, María Corda, Ben Bard
Roles Lord Dryan

Lord Dryan épouse Giovanna, une belle italienne chanteuse d'opéra, et l'emmène vivre avec lui en Angleterre. Giovanna est profondément amoureuse de Dryan, mais le climat anglais la déprime et bientôt elle rêve au soleil et aux applaudissements de son ancienne vie, et persuade son mari de retourner avec elle à Venise. Barotti, son ancien partenaire, conspire avec sa bonne pour atteindre la chambre de Giovanna la nuit sans qu'elle le sache. Dryan les trouve ensemble et blesse Barotti. Dryan ne croyant pas qu'elle lui ait été fidèle, Giovanna disparaît. Dryan est accusé de son meurtre, mais est acquitté. Dryan veut tuer Barotti, mais le ténor tombe en essyant de lui échapper et se tue. Dryan et Giovanna se retrouvent alors.
The Barker
The Barker (1928)
, 1h20
Directed by George Fitzmaurice
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films based on plays
Actors Milton Sills, Dorothy Mackaill, George Cooper, Betty Compson, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Sylvia Ashton
Roles Nifty Miller
Rating70% 3.534253.534253.534253.534253.53425
The film tells the story of a woman (Dorothy Mackaill) who comes between a man (Milton Sills) and his estranged son (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) Sills is a carnival barker who is in love with a dancing girl and is ambitious to have his son, Fairbanks, become a lawyer. Fairbanks has other ideas and during his vacation he hops a freight, joins the carnival, and weds a dancing girl (Mackaill). Eventually, Fairbanks fulfills the ambition his father had for him.
The Hawk's Nest
Directed by Benjamin Christensen
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Milton Sills, Doris Kenyon, Sōjin Kamiyama, Montagu Love, Mitchell Lewis, Stuart Holmes
Roles The Hawk/John Finchley

The title of The Hawk's Nest comes from the speakeasy around which most of the action revolves. Two bootleggers, played by Milton Sills and Mitchell Lewis, quarrel over a dancer (Doris Kenyon) while a political assassination plot.
The Valley of the Giants
Directed by Charles Brabin
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Adventure
Actors Milton Sills, Doris Kenyon, George Fawcett, Arthur Stone, Paul Hurst, Charles Sellon
Roles Bryce Cardigan

De retour au pays après ses études, Bryce Cardigan découvre que la « Vallée des géants » (de séquoias) de son enfance, où se trouve la tombe de sa mère, est menacée par un projet de déforestation du colonel Pennington, aidé par Jules Rondeau. De plus, son père John connaît des difficultés financières et peut perdre sa propriété au profit de l'homme d'affaires. Shirley, la nièce de celui-ci, découvre sa malhonnêteté et se rallie à Bryce, dont elle tombe amoureuse...
The Sea Hawk, 2h3
Directed by Frank Lloyd
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Swashbuckler, Action, Adventure, Romance
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films, Pirate films
Actors Milton Sills, Enid Bennett, Wallace MacDonald, Lloyd Hughes, Marc McDermott, Wallace Beery
Roles Sir Oliver Tressilian
Rating71% 3.581223.581223.581223.581223.58122
At the instigation of his half brother Lionel (Lloyd Hughes), Oliver Tressilian (Milton Sills), a wealthy baronet, is shanghaied and blamed for the death of Peter Godolphin (Wallace MacDonald), brother of Oliver's fiancée, whom Lionel actually has slain. At sea Oliver is captured by Spaniards and made a galley slave, but when he escapes to the Moors he becomes Sakr-el-Bahr, the scourge of Christendom. Learning of Rosamund's (Enid Bennett) impending marriage to his half brother, he kidnaps both of them, but to avoid the risk of giving her to Asad-ed-Din (Frank Currier), the Basha of Algiers, he surrenders to a British ship. Rosamund intercedes to save his life, and following the death of Lionel they are married.
The Isle of Lost Ships, 1h20
Directed by Maurice Tourneur
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Adventure
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films
Actors Anna Q. Nilsson, Milton Sills, Frank Campeau, Walter Long, Bert Woodruff, Aggie Herring
Roles Frank Howard

Jackson, un policier, ramène Frank Howard d'Amérique du Sud pour qu'il soit jugé pour meurtre à New York lorsque leur navire fait naufrage. Tous les passagers arrivent à évacuer l'épave sauf Jackson, Howard, et Dorothy Fairfax, une riche américaine. L'épave dérive dans la mer des Sargasses, et se retrouve avec une flotte d'autres épaves, où habitent une cinquantaine de personnes, avec à leur tête Peter Forbes. Pour sauver Dorothy d'un mariage avec ce dernier, Frank se bat avec lui, et après avoir gagné épouse Dorothy, lors d'un mariage blanc. Frank, grâce à son expérience, arrive à équiper un sous-marin et à s'enfuir avec Dorothy. Il gagne son amour et réussit à prouver son innocence.
Flaming Youth, 1h30
Directed by John Francis Dillon
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Colleen Moore, Milton Sills, Elliott Dexter, Sylvia Breamer, Myrtle Stedman, Betty Francisco
Roles Cary Scott
Rating71% 3.586283.586283.586283.586283.58628
When Mona Frentiss dies, she has her confidante "Doctor Bobs" watch over her family, especially her youngest daughter Patricia. The family has been raised in a most unconventional manner, with Mona having a much younger lover and the father Ralph keeping his own lover on the side. As Patricia grows older, she attracts the attention of her mother's former lover, the much older (than Patricia, who in the book is in her early to mid teens) Carey Scott. Patricia tempts fate with her wild ways, nearly loses her virtue to a musician aboard an ocean-going boat, and is saved in time by Carey. Realizing that he is the man for her, she settles down into an experimental marriage.