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Nastassja Kinski is a Actor and Associate Producer Allemande born on 24 january 1961 at Berlin (German)

Nastassja Kinski

Nastassja Kinski
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Birth name Nastassja Aglaia Nakszynski
Nationality German
Birth 24 january 1961 (63 years) at Berlin (German)

Nastassja Aglaia Kinski (born 24 January 1961) is a German actress and former model who has appeared in more than sixty films in Europe and the United States. She enjoyed her worldwide breakthrough with Stay As You Are (1978), then came to global prominence with her Golden Globe Award-winning performance as the title character in the Roman Polanski–directed film Tess (1979). Other notable films in which she acted include the erotic horror Cat People (1982), two Wim Wenders dramas Paris, Texas (1984) and Faraway, So Close! (1993), and An American Rhapsody (2001). She is the daughter of the actor Klaus Kinski.


In 2001, Kinski revealed that she suffered from narcolepsy in an interview for the The Daily Telegraph.

In 1976, when Kinski was 15, she reportedly began a romantic relationship with then 43-year-old director Roman Polanski. In a 1999 Guardian interview, the newspaper reports her saying there was categorically no affair and that she said "There was a flirtation. There could have been a seduction, but there was not. He had respect for me."

Marriage and children
In the mid-1980s Kinski met the Egyptian filmmaker Ibrahim Moussa. They married on 10 September 1984. They have two children together; a son Aljosha (born 1984), and daughter Sonja Kinski (born 1986), who works as a model and actress. The marriage was dissolved in 1992. From 1992 until 1995 Kinski lived with musician Quincy Jones, though she kept her own apartment on Hilgard Avenue, near UCLA, at the time. In 1993 they had a daughter, Kenya Julia Miambi Sarah Jones.

Best films

Tess (1979)
Paris, Texas (1984)

Usually with

Wim Wenders
Wim Wenders
(3 films)
David Lynch
David Lynch
(1 films)
Mike Figgis
Mike Figgis
(1 films)
James Toback
James Toback
(1 films)
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Sugar (2013)
, 2h8
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Shenae Grimes-Beech, Corbin Bleu, Marshall Allman, Austin Williams, Will Peltz, Nastassja Kinski
Roles Sister Nadia
Rating59% 2.9543752.9543752.9543752.9543752.954375
The story of a group of homeless kids as they try to survive on the streets of Venice Beach seen through the eyes of a 20 year old named, Sugar.
Sugar (2013)
, 2h8
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Shenae Grimes-Beech, Marshall Allman, Corbin Bleu, Austin Williams, Nastassja Kinski, Wes Studi
Roles Sister Nadia
Rating59% 2.9543752.9543752.9543752.9543752.954375
Based on true events experienced by Rotimi Rainwater, Sugar is the story of a young girl named Sugar with a troubled past trying to survive on the streets of Venice Beach. Sugar suffers from PTSD after losing her entire family in a horrific car crash. She survives with her group of outcast friends on the streets of Venice Beach, trying to find their own place in the world. Like so many homeless youth, Sugar is running from the pain of her past and will do anything to escape it. However, with the help of Bishop, her counselor in the youth shelter, she is able to reconnect with her uncle who has been searching for her. Sugar's new world starts to crumble when forced to confront the demons she's run from for the last two years. Sugar is an all too common story of a troubled youth learning how to stop hiding, and to start healing.
Inland Empire, 3h
Directed by David Lynch
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Fantasy, Horror, Crime
Themes Films about films
Actors Jeremy Irons, Justin Theroux, Harry Dean Stanton, Julia Ormond, Laura Dern, Nastassja Kinski
Roles The Lady
Rating68% 3.401513.401513.401513.401513.40151
The film opens to the sound of a gramophone playing Axxon N, "the longest-running radio play in history". Meanwhile, a young prostitute, identified in the credits as the "Lost Girl", cries while watching television in a hotel room, following an unpleasant encounter with her client. The Lost Girl’s television displays a family of surrealistic anthropomorphic rabbits who speak in cryptic statements and questions. Occasionally, there are laugh track responses within these Rabbit scenes. These three elements become recurring motifs throughout Inland Empire.
In Your Image, 1h34
Origin France
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller
Themes Clonage, Films based on science fiction novels
Actors Nastassja Kinski, Christophe Lambert, Rufus, Andrzej Seweryn, Francine Bergé, Lyes Salem
Roles Mathilde
Rating47% 2.3653452.3653452.3653452.3653452.365345
In order to put a painful past and a terrible sense of guilt behind her, a sterile young woman named Mathilde (played by Nastassja Kinski) uses extreme cloning methods to give birth to Manon (Audrey DeWilder), and is comforted by her obstetrician husband Thomas (Christopher Lambert). Manon starts off as a very normal child; but suffers from intense nightmares, that we later uncover to be her mother's memories. The child's growth is abnormally rapid and she becomes the splitting image of her mother. Manon becomes determined to destroy her mother's life, even showing affection for Mathilde's husband Thomas. Manon eventually learns what happened to her brother who drowned in the well at the back of their property. Gradually, the relation between them evolves in an odd manner as Manon takes over her mother's role in the family.
La Femme Musketeer, 2h43
Directed by Steve Boyum
Origin Croatie
Genres Swashbuckler, Adventure
Actors Gérard Depardieu, Michael York, Kristina Krepela, Nastassja Kinski, Clemency Burton-Hill, Susie Amy
Roles Lady Bolton
Rating62% 3.119013.119013.119013.119013.11901
The legend of Jacques D'Artagnan (Michael York) gets a gender-bending update in this swashbuckling adventure. Though legendary swordsman Jacques D'Artagnan's best days may be well behind him, he has schooled his daughter Valentine (Susie Amy) well in the way of the sword. Now it's time for Valentine to strike out on her own. With her father's sword and a letter of introduction to Commander Finot (Roy Dotrice), the eager young novice sets out to seek her fortune in Paris. Though a woman has never before been appointed the rank of swordsman, Valentine is determined to prove her worth by taking on a deadly mission to rescue the bride-to-be of King Louis XIV from a band of fearsome kidnappers, teaming with the three sons of the legendary Three Musketeers who rode with her father.
Paradise Found, 1h33
Directed by Mario Andreacchio
Origin Australie
Genres Drama, Biography
Themes Seafaring films, Peinture, Transport films
Actors Kiefer Sutherland, Nastassja Kinski, Alun Armstrong, Chris Haywood, Nicholas Hope
Roles Mette-Sophie Gad
Rating57% 2.8661152.8661152.8661152.8661152.866115
The film covers a later part of Gauguin's life (from 1880 to 1897) when he resigned his job as a stockbroker to paint full-time and journey to Polynesia. It documents how Gaugin befriended Pissarro, felt compelled to paint, abandoned his family and then chronicled his love of Tahitian life.
Les Liaisons dangereuses (TV miniseries), 4h12
Directed by Josée Dayan
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Catherine Deneuve, Rupert Everett, Nastassja Kinski, Leelee Sobieski, Danielle Darrieux, Andrzej Żuławski
Roles Madame Maria de Tourvel
Rating63% 3.1971453.1971453.1971453.1971453.197145
An updated adaptation of Choderlos de Laclos' classic 18th Century tale of seduction, betrayal and revenge set in the modern 1960s world of Parisian high society. The beautiful Madame de Merteuil (Catherine Deneuve) seeks vengeance against her ex-lover Gercourt (Andrzej Zulawski) when he becomes engaged to her young goddaughter, Cécile (Leelee Sobieski). Merteuil turns to her ex-lover/partner-in-crime, Valmont (Rupert Everett), famous for his reputation as a Don Juan, to seduce Cécile and emotionally destroy her. While on his mission, Valmont gets sidetracked when he goes to visit his aunt and falls for Madame Tourvel (Nastassja Kinski), a virtuous, married woman who knows of his womanizing ways, but that only makes the challenge more exciting to Valmont. Together, Madame de Merteuil and Valmont make a dangerous team and they will stop at nothing when it comes to matters of the heart.
.com for Murder, 1h36
Directed by Nico Mastorakis
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Horror, Crime
Actors Nastassja Kinski, Nicollette Sheridan, Roger Daltrey, Huey Lewis, Melinda Clarke, Julie Strain
Roles Sondra
Rating26% 1.305831.305831.305831.305831.30583
Ben (Daltrey) is a successful and rich architect, living in Los Angeles. Sondra (Kinski) is his beloved wife, who broke a leg while skiing. As Ben is leaving town for his work, Sondra accesses his intelligent house computer Hal, and discovers that Ben has been chatting on "American Love Online". Posing as him, she chats with one of his online friends, Lynn (Valentine), and they agree to meet that night. Hacker Werther (Dean) rudely joins the conversation and later shuts out Sondra, and starts chatting in Ben's name. Sondra is meanwhile joined by her sister Misty (Sheridan), who came to look after her. Later that night Werther kills Lynn in her house, showing an online live feed of the murder to Sondra and Misty. Werther is shown to be a psychopath who loves to quote from The Sorrows of Young Werther by Goethe and calls his victims by the name Lotte (the object of the affections of Werther in that novel).
All Around The Town
Directed by Paolo Barzman
Genres Drama, Crime
Actors Nastassja Kinski, Kim Schraner, Andrea Roth, Michael Shanks, Ellen Dubin, Ron Lea
Roles Karen Grant
Rating52% 2.6094552.6094552.6094552.6094552.609455
Laurie a quatre ans lorsqu'elle est enlevée devant la porte de sa maison par un couple de ravisseurs (Bic et Opal). Pendant tout le temps que dure sa captivité, elle est constamment maltraitée par Bic. Deux ans après son enlèvement, la petite fille est déposée devant la porte d'une école car elle devenait une gêne pour ses ravisseurs. C'est le concierge de l'école qui la retrouve, elle est ramenée à sa famille peu après.
Blind Terror
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors Nastassja Kinski, Gordon Pinsent, Maxim Roy, Frank Schorpion, Daniel Pilon
Roles Susan
Rating49% 2.4682952.4682952.4682952.4682952.468295
Kinski plays a wealthy, talented young widow who marries again in haste. Suddenly her world is shattered by a series of threatening calls from her new husband's ex-wife. When efforts to stop the woman's assault of terror fails, Kinksi is forced to act on her own, resulting in a surprising climax.
Say Nothing, 1h34
Directed by Allan Moyle
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Action, Romance
Actors William Baldwin, Nastassja Kinski, Hart Bochner
Roles Grace Needham
Rating47% 2.364012.364012.364012.364012.36401
Diary of a Sex Addict, 1h33
Directed by Joseph Brutsman
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Romance
Actors Michael Des Barres, Rosanna Arquette, Nastassja Kinski, Ed Begley Jr., Alexandra Paul, Simona Williams
Roles Dr. Jane Bordeaux
Rating33% 1.6841751.6841751.6841751.6841751.684175
Le propriétaire d'un grand restaurant révèle à son psychiatre sa double personnalité : père de famille exemplaire et aimant, cet homme est aussi un assoiffé de sexe qui cherche à assouvir ses désirs à tout moment et avec n'importe quelle femme.
Beyond the City Limits, 1h30
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Action
Themes Heist films, Gangster films, Escroquerie
Actors Alyson Hannigan, Nastassja Kinski, Jennifer Esposito, Steve Harris, Brian McCardie, Todd Field
Roles Misha
Rating39% 1.9821751.9821751.9821751.9821751.982175
Akotia et Yuri, petits gangsters russes, projettent un hold-up dans un casino avec la complicité de deux policiers, qui leur font défaut. Ils changent leurs plans et laissent tomber leurs petites amies qui, vexées, décident d'en faire autant par elle-même, aidées d'une tierce comparse. Mais rien ne se passe comme prévu.
An American Rhapsody, 1h46
Origin Hongrie
Genres Drama, Biography
Themes Films about immigration
Actors Nastassja Kinski, Scarlett Johansson, Tony Goldwyn, Mae Whitman, Emmy Rossum, Larisa Oleynik
Roles Margit
Rating67% 3.3947453.3947453.3947453.3947453.394745
In 1950, a Hungarian couple, Peter and Margit, are forced to flee from their oppressive Communist country for the USA with their eldest daughter Maria. Unfortunately, they are forced to leave behind their infant daughter, Suzanne, who is raised by a kind foster couple. Five years later, Peter and Margit arrange for the American Red Cross to bring Suzanne to their new home in Los Angeles. There, the perplexed young girl is forced to accept her sudden change in home and country, which leads to a troubled upbringing. At age 15, Suzanne, rebellious and unsure of herself, tries to come to terms with her roots and decides to travel back to Budapest, Hungary, to unravel her past and to find her true identity.
Cold Heart
Cold Heart (2001)
, 1h35
Directed by Dennis Dimster
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Romance, Erotic thriller
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films, Erotic thriller films
Actors Nastassja Kinski, Jeff Fahey, Josh Holloway, Hudson Leick, Bob Sattler, Christina Jean Innis
Roles Linda Cross
Rating47% 2.366522.366522.366522.366522.36652
Dangerous psychopath Sean Clark tries to kill a woman and gets into a prison psychiatric hospital. Thanks to the efforts of a talented psychiatrist Philip Davis, Clark is released prematurely. Davis explains that he acts on behalf of Sean's father but mentions that his father does not want to meet or communicate with Sean. Davis gives Clark money and takes him to his new home, reminding that the main condition for the Sean's release is his weekly visits to Davis.