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Nichola Burley is a Actor British born on 12 may 1986 at Harehills (United-kingdom)

Nichola Burley

Nichola Burley
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Birth name Nichola Ann Burley
Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 12 may 1986 (38 years) at Harehills (United-kingdom)

Nichola Ann Burley (born 26 December 1986) is an English actress. She is best known for her roles in Born Equal, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Goldplated, Death Comes to Pemberley, Donkey Punch, and StreetDance 3D.

Best films

StreetDance 3D (2010)

Usually with

Jonny Owen
Jonny Owen
(1 films)
David Kew
David Kew
(1 films)
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Filmography of Nichola Burley (12 films)

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Catch Me Daddy, 1h47
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Thriller
Actors Nichola Burley, Gary Lewis, Kate Dickie
Roles Vicky
Rating62% 3.14563.14563.14563.14563.1456
A young woman has run away from her Pakistani family and is living with her Scottish boyfriend. Living in a caravan the couple get along on minimal resources with Laila working as an assistant at a local hairdresser whilst Aaron looks for work. Laila's brother and a gang of friends track her down, along with two other men on the same mission. Whilst Aaron is out at a local shop, the Asian men track Laila down to the caravan, her brother enters alone and after a confrontation Laila accidentally kills her brother before escaping through a window.
For Those in Peril, 1h24
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama
Actors Kate Dickie, Nichola Burley, Michael Smiley, George MacKay, Jordan Young, Brian McCardie
Roles Jane
Rating62% 3.1463053.1463053.1463053.1463053.146305
Aaron, a young misfit living in a remote Scottish fishing community, is the lone survivor of a strange fishing accident that claimed the lives of five men including his older brother. Spurred on by sea-going folklore and local superstition, the village blames Aaron for this tragedy, making him an outcast amongst his own people. Steadfastly refusing to believe that his brother has died, he sets out to recover him and the rest of the men.
Svengali (2013)

Directed by John Hardwick
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy
Actors Martin Freeman, Vicky McClure, Matt Berry, Michael Socha, Maxine Peake, Michael Smiley
Rating56% 2.801092.801092.801092.801092.80109
Svengali tells the story of Dixie (Jonny Owen), a postman from South Wales, and a music fanatic. All his life he's dreamed of discovering a great band and then one day, trawling through YouTube, he finds them... 'The Premature Congratulations'. He hunts them down and offers them his management services. They are young, arrogant, sexy and utterly magnificent. Putting their demo on a cassette tape, Dixie heads out onto the streets of London...
Payback Season, 1h28
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Action
Actors Adam Deacon, Nichola Burley, Anna Popplewell, Zaraah Abrahams, Bronson Webb, Alex Esmail
Roles Lisa Lovell
Rating37% 1.8752151.8752151.8752151.8752151.875215
Jerome (Adam Deacon), is a successful young footballer, who in the midst of playing the most important season of his career. When he goes to visit his mom on the housing estate he grew up on, he accidentally bumps into some of his old childhood friends, lead by drug dealing loanshark and gangster Baron (David Ajala). Jerome offers to take the lads on a night out - but Baron, living in jealousy of Jerome's success, takes advantage of the situation and asks him for £10,000 to tide over his cashflow problem. Jerome agrees to give him the money, but no sooner does he do so, he finds that Baron has enlisted his younger brother Aaron (Liam Donnelly) to help him on a hit. When he confronts Baron, Baron informs him that in order to keep his brother safe, he will need to stump up another £10,000. Not realising that he is being blackmailed, Jerome agrees. A week later, Baron threatens him for more money. Realising that he is being taken for a mug, he enlists the help of his trainer Andy (Leo Gregory) to inform Baron that he won't be getting any more money. However, the warning soon backfires on Jerome when Baron trashes his car and attacks Andy with a knife, leaving him in intensive care. With no choice but to put a stop to Baron, Jerome arrives at his flat to confront him, only to be stabbed in the leg by Baron in the process. With time slowly running out, the arrival of one of Baron's heavies stops a fight between the two. Baron orders him to shoot Jerome, only for him to shoot Baron before running away. Jerome is left on the floor, breathing heavily.
Jump (2012)
, 1h21
Genres Drama
Themes Films based on plays
Actors Nichola Burley, Martin McCann, Charlene McKenna, Ciarán McMenamin, Richard Dormer, Valene Kane
Roles Greta
Rating61% 3.095643.095643.095643.095643.09564
The plot revolves around Greta Feeney (Burley), who intends to commit suicide on New Year's Eve, and the interplay of her friends, and her gangster father. The story is framed by a voice-over narrative by Greta.
Wuthering Heights, 2h9
Directed by Andrea Arnold
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Romantic drama, Romance
Actors Kaya Scodelario, Oliver Milburn, Nichola Burley, Amy Wren, James Northcote, Steve Evets
Roles Isabella Linton
Rating59% 2.999112.999112.999112.999112.99911
En visite à Liverpool, Monsieur Earnshaw, un fermier habitant sur une colline du Yorkshire au nord de l'Angleterre,
StreetDance 3D, 1h38
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Musical theatre, Musical, Romance
Themes Dance films
Actors Charlotte Rampling, Frank Harper, Eleanor Bron, Nichola Burley, Patrick Baladi, Jocelyn Jee Esien
Roles Carly
Rating58% 2.911562.911562.911562.911562.91156
In inner city London, a street dance crew is on the verge of breaking up after its leader, Jay (Ukweli Roach), leaves the group unexpectedly. The group loses the use of their rehearsal space, forcing them to try to raise money or practice in other locations. Eventually they secure a space in a ballet school, on the condition that they include five ballet dancers in their routine. At first, they struggle to get along, but they all become friends in the end.
SoulBoy (2010)

Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Comedy, Musical
Actors Martin Compston, Alfie Allen, Felicity Jones, Bruce Jones, Nichola Burley, Craig Parkinson
Roles Jane Rogers
Rating59% 2.952182.952182.952182.952182.95218
The film is set in Stoke-on-Trent in 1974. Joe McCain, 17 and restless, is bored with the flatline tedium of a life that seems like it's going nowhere, spending his Saturday nights in a dead pub called The Purple Onion and trying to rob the local fish and chip shop. However he then sees a beautiful woman in the street, and acting on impulse follows her into a record shop called Dee Dees Discs, where he finds out that one of her main interests is soul music and dancing at weekends at the Wigan Casino - the home of Northern Soul. He decides to go with his friend Russ on the coach that Saturday night, and starts to devote himself to learning how to fit in with the soul scene and become a Soul Boy - but there are complications on the way.
Donkey Punch, 1h39
Directed by Olly Blackburn
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror, Crime, Romance
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films
Actors Robert Boulter, Sian Breckin, Nichola Burley, Tom Burke, Julian Morris, Jaime Winstone
Roles Tammi
Rating51% 2.5983152.5983152.5983152.5983152.598315
While on a holiday in Mallorca, Spain, Lisa (Sian Breckin), Kim (Jaime Winstone) and Tammi (Nichola Burley) meet four young men, Bluey (Tom Burke), Josh (Julian Morris), Sean (Robert Boulter) and Marcus (Jay Taylor). After spending the day at the resort together, the girls are invited to the men's yacht where they plan to party out at sea. While aboard the boat, they take drugs and the conversation turns to sex, and in particular, types of sexual acts. Bluey describes a sex act called a "donkey punch" which involves punching the female in the back of the head while having doggy style sex in order to increase the sexual pleasure for the man.
Love + Hate, 1h26
Directed by Dominic Savage
Genres Drama
Actors Samina Awan, Dean Andrews, Nichola Burley, Matthew McNulty, Liam Boyle, Tom Hudson
Roles Michelle
Rating66% 3.3374853.3374853.3374853.3374853.337485
Love + Hate is a modern love story set across the racial divide in a Northern town. Adam has been brought up in a home and community that fosters racism. Naseema is a girl from the same town. But what Adam and Naseema really share is a secret desire to break free of their small town and its inhibitions, something they discover while working together in a DIY store. At first resistant, they cannot avoid their mutual attraction, and embark on a relationship which threatens to bring down their families as well as themselves.
Born Equal
Born Equal (2006)
, 1h23
Directed by Dominic Savage
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama
Actors Robert Carlyle, Colin Firth, Nicholas Burns, Anne-Marie Duff, Emilia Fox, Charlie Creed-Miles
Roles Zoe
Rating65% 3.2866453.2866453.2866453.2866453.286645
City banker Mark (Colin Firth) lives with his pregnant wife Laura (Emilia Fox) in a large house in an upper middle-class neighbourhood. Although he has just made a fortune in a financial deal, Mark refuses to give money to a beggar in an underground station, but later regrets this behaviour and begins to feel guilty about his success and opulent lifestyle. Another day, he returns to find the homeless man and gives him 100 pounds. Mark then resolves to use his wealth to help the indigent and volunteer as an outreach worker. As the film develops, it becomes clear that his newfound concern for the poor is also a form of escapism from his materialistic wife, and that he feels trapped and frightened by his life.