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Noah Fleiss is a Actor American born on 16 april 1984 at White Plains (USA)

Noah Fleiss

Noah Fleiss
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Nationality USA
Birth 16 april 1984 (36 years) at White Plains (USA)

Noah Fleiss (born April 16, 1984) is an American film and television actor. He was born in White Plains, New York.

Fleiss made his screen debut as a young runaway (Sam Whitney) who drives cross-country with his brother in Josh and S.A.M. (1993), perhaps his best-known film. He also has appeared in films such as Joe the King (1999), The Laramie Project (2002) (very briefly), and Brick (2005), in which he portrayed the intimidating Tug. Television appearances include Touched by an Angel, Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Fringe.

In 1996, Fleiss was awarded the Hollywood Reporter YoungStar Award for Best Performance by a Young Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries for his performance in A Mother's Prayer opposite Linda Hamilton. He was named Jane magazine's "Star of Tomorrow" in 2002 and Nylon magazine's "Next Ed Norton".

Fleiss plays Chris in the video game Until Dawn.

Fleiss's great uncle is Professor Joseph L. Fleiss, and he is a distant relative of Dr. Paul Fleiss, Mike Fleiss, and Heidi Fleiss.

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Ross Katz
Ross Katz
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Rian Johnson
Rian Johnson
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Lee Rose
Lee Rose
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Filmography of Noah Fleiss (19 films)

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Beware the Gonzo, 1h34
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Ezra Miller, Zoë Naelle Kravitz, Ming-Na Wen, Jesse McCartney, Amy Sedaris, Campbell Scott
Roles Ryan
Rating63% 3.197953.197953.197953.197953.19795
Eddie "Gonzo" Gilman is the head geek at his high school—and determined to do something about it. When Gavin, the popular editor of the school paper, fires him, Eddie obtains revenge by establishing an underground paper of his own. He gains popularity and makes a new friend, Evie Wallace, and it soon gains the attention of the principal, escalating to a bombshell crisis.
Taking Chance, 1h17
Directed by Ross Katz
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Historical
Themes Political films, United States Armed Forces in films
Actors Kevin Bacon, Tom Aldredge, Mike Colter, Nicholas Art, Blanche Baker, Guy Boyd
Roles Army Sergeant
Rating73% 3.6978153.6978153.6978153.6978153.697815
The film opens on a black screen, with white letters describing the date and place, as we hear radio chatter about a "suspicious vehicle" followed by the sound of an explosion and gunfire. We then cut to see two Marines driving, wearing dress blue uniforms, to an unmarked house in the middle of the night and knocking on the door. Finally we cut to Lt. Colonel Michael Strobl (played by Kevin Bacon) searching on his computer the casualty report for the Middle East. After a couple clips of Michael running through the woods, service members' coffins getting put into an airplane, and some driving. We find the Lt. Col. at work giving a presentation to several other Marines. Then the Lt. Col. makes his way home with his family for a short while, then the camera cuts to five Marines in woodland MarPat camouflage taking US Flag draped coffins off of an airplane in the rain. After a short clip of the Lt. Col. eating dinner with his family, we find him looking at the casualty report yet again but this time he writes down some information. The movie then cuts to him in an interview with a higher ranking Marine and he asks to escort a Marine named PFC (Private First Class) Chance Phelps. He says it is because the PFC is from his hometown, then we see him discuss his choice with his wife. After he explains that he is doing this only because the PFC is from his hometown and has no other meaning, the film cuts to several people doing medical procedures on a dead body which one can assume to be PFC Phelps. After the morticians are shown, the film then cuts to the Lt. Col. leaving and telling his wife goodbye.
Red Canyon
Red Canyon (2008)

Genres Thriller, Action, Horror
Actors Christine Lakin, Norman Reedus, Justin Hartley, Noah Fleiss
Roles Harley
Rating36% 1.8265551.8265551.8265551.8265551.826555
The plot involves a brother and sister, Devon (Tim Draxl) and Regina (Christine Lakin), who survive a brutal attack in the small town in which their mother was raised. As adults they return to the town to sell their mother's property and get on with their lives. They return to the town with three friends: Tom (Justin Hartley), Samir (Ankur Bhatt), and Terra (Katie Maguire).
The Speed of Life
Directed by Edward A. Radtke
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Noah Fleiss, Peter Appel, Jeremy Allen White, Louisa Krause
Roles Vincent
Rating69% 3.462993.462993.462993.462993.46299
Son titre non définitif était Superheroes. Il se déroule à New York City et se focalise sur Sammer, un adolescent de 13 ans qui de temps en temps va à Manhattan avec des amis pour voler des caméras vidéo aux touristes. Il vit seul avec une belle-mère aveugle et envisage de quitter la ville pour voir le monde qu'il voit surtout à travers les films tournés par les touristes qu'il vole.
Brick (2006)
, 1h50
Directed by Rian Johnson
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Noir, Crime
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about drugs
Actors Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Nora Zehetner, Emilie de Ravin, Noah Fleiss, Matt O'Leary, Richard Roundtree
Roles Tugger
Rating72% 3.6480753.6480753.6480753.6480753.648075
High school student Brendan Frye lives a lonely existence following his break up with ex-girlfriend Emily Kostich and the betrayal of his friend Jerr to the authorities. One morning, Brendan discovers a note leading him to a pay phone, where he receives a phone call from a terrified Emily. While begging him for help, she mentions a "brick", "poor Frisco", "Tug", and "the Pin", before abruptly and fearfully hanging up. Her fear appears to have been caused by a passing black Ford Mustang, from which a distinctive-looking cigarette was thrown. Upon asking for information from his acquaintance named Brain, Brendan's search for Emily leads him to Kara, an ex-girlfriend of his - which further leads him to a Halloween party attended by a flirtatious Laura and her boyfriend, Brad Bramish.
Hard Luck
Hard Luck (2006)
, 1h41
Directed by Mario Van Peebles
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Crime
Themes Serial killer films, Gangster films
Actors Wesley Snipes, Cybill Shepherd, Mario Van Peebles, James Hiroyuki Liao, Luis Guzmán, Kevin Thoms
Roles Sol Rosenbaum
Rating52% 2.60542.60542.60542.60542.6054
As the film begins. A former criminal and drug dealer Lucky (Wesley Snipes) was released from prison and tries to lead a respectable life despite his troubled past. However, Lucky once or twice reflects on the wisdom of his grandfather who supposedly told him "sometimes without bad luck, it would seem you don't have any luck at all." Shortly after his release from prison, Lucky tries to get back on his feet but inexplicably ends up a victim of Hurricane Katrina's wrath, and loses his newly found life.
Off the Black, 1h30
Directed by James Ponsoldt
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama
Actors Nick Nolte, Trevor Morgan, Timothy Hutton, Sally Kirkland, Rosemarie DeWitt, Noah Fleiss
Roles Todd Hunter
Rating65% 3.2963453.2963453.2963453.2963453.296345
Ray Cook (Nolte) is a bitter, disconcerted high school baseball umpire and chronic alcoholic who, after a series of unusual events, crosses paths with Dave Tibbel (Morgan), a high school baseball player seeking revenge after Cook's questionable calls cost his team the most crucial game of the season. Over time, an unlikely bond forms between the mismatched pair, and Dave agrees to pose as Ray's son for the old man's forty-year high school reunion. The film is a story of two wandering lost souls, one an adolescent boy struggling (along with his younger sister, played by Sonia Feigelson) with an absent mother and a father (Timothy Hutton) who has entirely checked out, and the other an older man, who has seen the curve balls life can throw at you and continuously struck out in his struggle to be the man he wishes to be.
Bringing Rain, 1h22
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Adrian Grenier, Merritt Wever, Paz de la Huerta, Ryan Donowho, Larisa Oleynik, Noah Fleiss
Roles Marcus Swords
Rating56% 2.8218952.8218952.8218952.8218952.821895
The film deals with how a car accident involving baseball star Clay Askins (Grenier) and his swimmer girlfriend Neisha Sanders (Butler) indirectly affects the lives of a small group of students living at a New Jersey boarding school.
The Laramie Project, 1h37
Directed by Moisés Kaufman
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime
Themes Films about sexuality, Théâtre, LGBT-related films, Films based on plays, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Nestor Carbonell, Clancy Brown, Christina Ricci, Steve Buscemi, Dylan Baker, Jeremy Davies
Rating70% 3.549073.549073.549073.549073.54907
En 1998, les membres d'une compagnie de théâtre new-yorkaise se rendent à Laramie, dans le Wyoming, trois semaines après le meurtre brutal d'un étudiant homosexuel de 21 ans, Matthew Shepard. Ils espèrent ainsi comprendre comment un acte d'une telle violence a pu être commis et quelles réactions suscite le crime au sein de la population locale.
Storytelling, 1h27
Directed by Todd Solondz
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Themes Films about families, Films about disabilities
Actors Selma Blair, Leo Fitzpatrick, Paul Giamatti, Robert Wisdom, Maria Thayer, Angela Goethals
Roles Brady Livingston
Rating67% 3.3990553.3990553.3990553.3990553.399055
The film consists of two stories that are unrelated and have different actors, titled "Fiction" and "Non-Fiction". College and high school serve as the backdrop for these two stories about dysfunction and personal turmoil.
The Truth About Jane, 1h27
Directed by Lee Rose
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Ellen Muth, Stockard Channing, Kelly Rowan, Jenny O'Hara, RuPaul, Noah Fleiss
Roles Ned
Rating65% 3.297673.297673.297673.297673.29767
The movie begins with Jane narrating about her life from her birth, to her first birthday and even her first day of kindergarten. Then the film jumps to Jane at age 15, starting her first day of high school. Although Jane appears to be happy and a normal teenage girl to her friends and family, inside she's feeling alone and different. Her feelings grow more confusing, when a new girl arrives named Taylor (played by Alicia Lagano) who Jane sees (and says in a voice over) as "different, smarter, wiser." She then continues to say in the voice over that "maybe because she wasn't from here or maybe it was just her. I'm going to go with the last one, because she ended up changing my life.
Joe the King
Directed by Frank Whaley
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime
Themes Films about children
Actors Noah Fleiss, Val Kilmer, Karen Young, Ethan Hawke, John Leguizamo, Austin Pendleton
Roles Joe Henry
Rating66% 3.3465053.3465053.3465053.3465053.346505
14-year-old Joe Henry (Noah Fleiss) has spent his life in an abusive household. His father Bob (Val Kilmer) is a raging violent alcoholic, while his mother, Theresa (Karen Young) feels too stressed to pay attention to him and lives in fear of getting caught in the path of her husband's wrath. His brother, about a year older, is normal and friendly, but offers no affirmative guidance. He mostly ignores Joe as he doesn't want the association of Joe's natural uncoolness ruining his attempts to get into the "in" crowd. Joe is taunted by his classmates, and hassled by creditors about his father's mounting bills. To make matters worse, one night Bob goes off the deep end and smashes all of Theresa's records. In response to economic pressure, Joe takes a full-time job after school, leaving him tired and even less able to keep up with class work. Far worse, he becomes a petty thief to raise the money to pay Bob's bills and replace her records. He even does an insider job—robbing the diner where he works illegally.
Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her, 1h39
Directed by Rodrigo García
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Glenn Close, Cameron Diaz, Calista Flockhart, Kathy Baker, Amy Brenneman, Valeria Golino
Roles Jay (segment "Someone For Rose")
Rating64% 3.248133.248133.248133.248133.24813
Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her consists of five stories or vignettes, tied together loosely to envision the complexity of incomplete communications about life, family, and love. We glimpse the lives of five women, each facing problems such as loneliness, dissatisfaction, longing, and or desire. Rodrigo García, in his first-time directing, assembled this film with a loaded cast of actresses who can tell you everything you need to know just by their body language and facial expressions. Their individual stories show us what “things you can tell just by looking at her”.