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Patsy Kensit is a Actor British born on 4 march 1968 at Hounslow (United-kingdom)

Patsy Kensit

Patsy Kensit
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Birth name Patricia Jude Francis Kensit
Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 4 march 1968 (55 years) at Hounslow (United-kingdom)

Patricia Jude Francis "Patsy" Kensit (born 4 March 1968) is an English actress, singer, model and former child star. Between 2004 and 2006, Kensit played the role of Sadie King in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale. Following this, she played Faye Byrne in the BBC One medical drama Holby City from 2007 until 2010. Kensit has been married to musicians Dan Donovan, Jim Kerr and Liam Gallagher.


Kensit has been married four times. In 1988, she married Dan Donovan of band Big Audio Dynamite. In 1992, she married Jim Kerr, lead singer of Simple Minds. During her second marriage, she gave birth to her first child, James, in 1993. In April 1997, she married Liam Gallagher from Oasis. Kensit and Gallagher had a son, Lennon, born 14 September 1999, who was named after John Lennon; they divorced in 2000. Lennon's godmother is actress Elizabeth Hurley.

After a reported relationship with Ally McCoist, Kensit took up with rap artist and beatboxer Killa Kela. They split up after a year, with Kensit stating that she did not see a future with Killa.

Kensit later became involved with the DJ Jeremy Healy and announced that she was marrying for a fourth time on 29 November 2007. On 31 March 2008 it was reported that the pair had split by mutual consent and had called off their wedding. They eventually married on 18 April 2009, in an event covered by a magazine, but it was reported in February 2010 that the couple had separated. Healy does not warrant a mention in her 2013 autobiography.

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Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)

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Alex Chandon
Alex Chandon
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Filmography of Patsy Kensit (37 films)

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Played (2006)
, 1h27
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Thriller, Action, Crime
Actors Gabriel Byrne, Val Kilmer, Joanne Whalley, Patrick Bergin, Patsy Kensit, Roy Dotrice
Roles Cindy
Rating43% 2.1578152.1578152.1578152.1578152.157815
The story opens in Los Angeles with Dillon (Val Kilmer) who receives a phone call from Ray Burns (Mick Rossi) who has just been shot and desperately needs help. Dillon is a cleaner for a gangster named Eddie (Gabriel Byrne) and has been sent to assist Ray should he require it. After a colorful opening title sequence which follows Dillon's drive to the house, he finds Ray almost bleeding to death on a sofa. Removing all of the evidence, Dillon leaves carrying Ray to his car but not before he torches the house, destroying any evidence of Ray's presence. As Dillon and Ray drive away, Dillon struggles to keep Ray conscious and relates to him a story of a humorous encounter with a Mexican auto mechanic, which coins one of the catchphrases of the film: "I'm not gonna taco".
Who's Your Daddy?, 1h45
Directed by Andy Fickman
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films
Actors Kadeem Hardison, Christine Lakin, Marnette Patterson, Robert Ri'chard, Lin Shaye, Charlie Talbert
Roles Heather McKay
Rating47% 2.354492.354492.354492.354492.35449
Chris Hughes (Davis), an adopted and geeky Ohio high school senior, discovers that his recently deceased birth parents are the proprietors of a vast pornography empire and he is the inherited heir. Dropped into a bitter power struggle, his new flock of beautiful co-workers come to his aid.
Bad Karma
Bad Karma (2002)
, 1h32
Directed by John Hough
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Horror
Themes Films about religion, Serial killer films, Films about disabilities
Actors Patsy Kensit, Patrick Muldoon, Damian Chapa, Amy Locane, Amy Huberman, Sean Power
Roles Maureen Hatcher / Agnes
Rating33% 1.6797051.6797051.6797051.6797051.679705
A female mental patient (Patsy Kensit) believing she is the reincarnated soul mate of Jack the Ripper, terrorizes her psychiatrist (Patrick Muldoon), whom she believes is her reincarnated lover. Determined to find her man, and willing to use her sensuality to get to him, she breaks out of the mental institution and is determined to, at any cost, free him of his wife (Amy Locane) and young daughter to restart their previous work as mass murderers, and lovers.
The One and Only, 1h31
Directed by Simon Cellan Jones
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Justine Waddell, Richard Roxburgh, Jonathan Cake, Patsy Kensit, Donna Air, Tom Goodman-Hill
Roles Stella
Rating58% 2.9488252.9488252.9488252.9488252.948825
The film opens with two couples visiting their GP for childlessness. Stevie is married to Sonny, an Italian footballer who plays for Newcastle United, but who has succumbed to frequent injury. He is desperate for a child, and it soon emerges that Stevie has not really been trying. She is reluctant to become pregnant as she doesn't want to get fat. Jenny and Neil are trying to adopt, as Neil is infertile. Being childless has turned Jenny into something of a monster, and Neil now views her with dislike. He wants to break with her but is too kind- hearted. He goes ahead with the plan to adopt to keep her happy. When Stevie meets Neil on the day he comes to deliver her brand new kitchen, it's already too late for love at first sight. Too late for both of them. Stevie is already five minutes pregnant by her Italian footballer husband. And too late for Neil too - his wife Jenny has already applied to adopt an African girl. But too late or otherwise, love at first sight is exactly what happens.
Things Behind the Sun, 2h
Directed by Allison Anders
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Musical
Actors Kim Dickens, Gabriel Mann, Rosanna Arquette, J Mascis, Don Cheadle, Brittany Finamore
Roles Denise
Rating69% 3.49163.49163.49163.49163.4916
Owen, a young reporter for a Los Angeles-based music magazine, goes back to his Florida hometown to interview Sherry, a local rock singer. Sherry and her band are becoming increasingly popular, largely because of a song she wrote about being sexually assaulted as a girl; this song has become a hit on college radio. Owen's reasons for returning to his hometown are more than professional, however: he and Sherry were close friends in childhood. Through flashbacks, the movie recalls Owen's memory of a critical moment in that past.
Loves Music, Loves To Dance
Directed by Mario Azzopardi
Genres Thriller
Actors Patsy Kensit, Dean McDermott, Cynthia Preston, Yannick Bisson, Justin Louis, Brooke Nevin
Roles Darcy Scott
Rating48% 2.420242.420242.420242.420242.42024
Pour les besoins de son émission, une productrice de télévision,Darcy, demande à son amie Erin de répondre à des petites annonces sur internet, afin de déterminer les profils des hommes qui utilisent le Net comme outil de rencontres. Malheureusement Erin se fait assassiner et Darcy part à la recherche du meurtrier .
Best (2000)
, 1h42
Directed by Mary McGuckian
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama
Themes Sports films, Association football films
Actors John Lynch, Ian Bannen, David Hayman, Jerome Flynn, Linus Roache, Patsy Kensit
Roles Anna
Rating56% 2.815172.815172.815172.815172.81517
Le film relate la carrière du joueur de football nord-irlandais George Best, notamment lorsqu'il jouait à Manchester.
Janice Beard 45 WPM, 1h21
Directed by Clare Kilner
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy
Actors Eileen Walsh, Patsy Kensit, Eddie Marsan, Rhys Ifans, Sandra Voe, David O'Hara
Roles Julia
Rating60% 3.0011953.0011953.0011953.0011953.001195
Janice n'est pas comme les autres. Sa naissance propulse son père dans l'au-delà et plonge sa mère dans les affres de l'agoraphobie. A vingt-trois ans, elle décide de partir a Londres faire fortune et d'offrir a sa mère la cure qui la sauvera de sa phobie. La tête pleine de rêves de grandeur, elle passe d'un poste d'inéerimaire a un autre, jusqu'à ce que son amie Violet la fasse entrer comme secrétaire intérimaire chez un constructeur automobile. Bientôt, sa fantaisie et sa franchise gagnent le coeur de ses collègues.
Speedway Junky, 1h45
Directed by Nickolas Perry
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Jesse Bradford, Jordan Brower, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Daryl Hannah, Patsy Kensit, Tiffani Thiessen
Roles Donna
Rating59% 2.9977252.9977252.9977252.9977252.997725
The film stars Jesse Bradford as Johnny, a young man with dreams of becoming a stock car racer. After he loses all of his money and possessions in Las Vegas, he drifts into the world of hustling, in the hope of making enough money to travel to Charlotte, North Carolina to join the car racing industry. He meets Eric (Jordan Brower), a gay hustler, who finds himself falling for Johnny. Jonathan Taylor Thomas also stars as Steve, a bisexual hustler, and Daryl Hannah plays Veronica, a former showgirl and prostitute who has served as a surrogate mother figure for Eric since his own mother died. Other than Veronica, the only thing Eric has to remind him of his mother is a silver dollar she gave him that he carries for good luck.
Grace of My Heart, 1h56
Directed by Allison Anders
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Musical
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films
Actors Illeana Douglas, Matt Dillon, Eric Stoltz, John Turturro, J Mascis, Patsy Kensit
Roles Cheryl Steed
Rating66% 3.3461553.3461553.3461553.3461553.346155
Edna Buxton (Illeana Douglas) is a steel heiress from Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, who wants to be a singer and enters a talent contest. The story begins with a conversation between herself and her mother (Christina Pickles) with regard to what she will sing and what she will wear. At her mother’s insistence, she reluctantly makes a plan to sing "You'll Never Walk Alone.” Edna is even less thrilled about her mother’s choice of wardrobe, calling it uncomfortable. Her mother responds with a cutting remark, “Perhaps it’s not the dress. Perhaps it’s you who doesn’t fit, dear.
Tunnel Vision, 1h32
Genres Thriller
Actors Patsy Kensit, Rebecca Rigg, David E Woodley, Shane Briant, Liz Burch, Jonathan Hardy
Roles Kelly Wheatstone
Rating43% 2.187952.187952.187952.187952.18795
Deux détectives enquêtent sur une série de meurtres sauvages perpétrés par un tueur sadique.
Angels and Insects, 1h56
Directed by Philip Haas
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about families, Films about sexuality
Actors Mark Rylance, Patsy Kensit, Kristin Scott Thomas, Jeremy Kemp, Douglas Henshall, Annette Badland
Roles Eugenia Alabaster Adamson
Rating67% 3.3971053.3971053.3971053.3971053.397105
William Adamson (Mark Rylance), a brilliant naturalist, has recently returned to Victorian England, staying with the family of his wealthy benefactor, Sir Harold Alabaster (Jeremy Kemp). He is penniless after losing all of his possessions in a shipwreck returning from a years-long expedition to the Amazon. Now dependent upon the hospitality of his patron, William is employed to catalog Sir Harold's specimen collection and teach his younger children the natural sciences, assisting their governess, the unassuming Matty Crompton (Kristin Scott Thomas).
Bitter Harvest, 1h38
Directed by Duane Clark
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy
Themes Films about sexuality, Bisexuality-related films, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Stephen Baldwin, Patsy Kensit, Jennifer Rubin, Adam Baldwin, M. Emmet Walsh, Art Evans
Roles Jolene
Rating45% 2.26512.26512.26512.26512.2651
Travis, a lonely and rather foolish young man, has just lost an abusive father who left all of his money to a TV preacher but left him his valuable coin collection and his large farm when, Kelly Ann, walks into his life. At the same time, another attractive blonde, Jolene, starts taking an interest in Travis after supposedly wanting to buy the farm. Both women are secretly after something, but wide-eyed Travis, in need of emotional aid and comfort after the death of his father, finds himself the object of the girls' attentions. Even when he realizes he's being played for a chump he doesn't have the inclination to escape the ladies' clutches and things begin to take a sinister turn.
Full Eclipse, 1h33
Directed by Anthony Hickox
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Fantastic, Action, Horror, Crime, Politic
Themes Films about animals, Films about magic and magicians, Wolves in film, Werewolves in film, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Mario Van Peebles, Patsy Kensit, Bruce Payne, Anthony Denison, Jason Beghe, Paula Marshall
Roles Casey Spencer
Rating54% 2.700242.700242.700242.700242.70024
Max Dire is a Los Angeles detective who is feeling the strain that his profession entails when his wife of two years, Liza, accuses him of bringing his work home and leaves him to ponder her future, while his partner, Jim Sheldon, commits suicide by shooting himself in the head. Realising that Max is experiencing problems, Adam Garou, a high-ranking officer distinguished by his success in reducing crime in other big cities, invites Max to join him at a weekly meeting of other police officers who are experiencing difficulties at his apartment. Adam informs Max that he should try to solve his problems rather than quitting the force as he is a good detective.
Blame It on the Bellboy, 1h18
Directed by Mark Herman
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy
Actors Dudley Moore, Bryan Brown, Richard Griffiths, Patsy Kensit, Andreas Katsulas, Bronson Pinchot
Roles Caroline Wright
Rating55% 2.750432.750432.750432.750432.75043
Three men board the same plane at Heathrow Airport bound for Venice: Melvyn Orton, a shy and unassuming clerk with an assignment of purchasing a house in Venice under penalty of losing his job; Mike Lawton, a hitman en route to Venice to kill his next mark, and Lord Maurice Horton, a rather large man who is mayor of a small city in the United Kingdom.