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Paul Cavanagh is a Actor British born on 8 december 1888 at Chislehurst (United-kingdom)

Paul Cavanagh

Paul Cavanagh
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Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 8 december 1888 at Chislehurst (United-kingdom)
Death 15 march 1964 (at 75 years) at London (United-kingdom)

Paul Cavanagh (8 December 1888 – 15 March 1964) was an English film actor. He appeared in more than 100 films between 1928 and 1959. He was born in Chislehurst, Kent and died in London from a heart attack.

Cavanagh was educated at Cambridge where he studied law. He went to Canada where he joined the Royal Northwest Mounted Police. After serving in World War I, he returned to Canada but eventually went back to England to practise law.

He went onto the stage after a stroke of bad luck in 1924 caused him to lose his savings, and later he went into films. He died in 1964, aged 75.


Paul Cavanagh débute au théâtre puis au cinéma dans son pays natal, tournant trois films muets britanniques en 1928 et 1929. Cette dernière année, aux États-Unis (où il accomplit une large part de sa carrière), il joue dans une pièce à Broadway (New York). L'année suivante (1930), sortent ses premiers films américains — ceux-ci sont largement majoritaires dans sa filmographie —. En tout, il participe à plus de deux-cents films, le dernier en 1959.

À la télévision, Paul Cavanagh apparaît dans une vingtaine de séries, entre 1950 et 1960.

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The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake, 1h10
Directed by Edward L. Cahn
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Horror
Actors Eduard Franz, Valerie French, Boris Karloff, Henry Daniell, Paul Cavanagh, Grant Richards
Roles Kenneth Drake
Rating59% 2.9535352.9535352.9535352.9535352.953535
Jonathan Drake (Eduard Franz), a university professor specializing in the occult, is summoned to the home of his brother, Kenneth Drake (Paul Cavanagh), when a family curse threatens Kenneth's life. Jonathan Drake arrives too late to save his brother from a violent death and subsequent decapitation before his burial. The curse is the work of Dr. Emil Zurich (Henry Daniell), a Swiss agent who was a member of Jonathan Drake's ancestor's exploration party two hundred years previously. Zurich was captured, thus forcing Captain Drake to lead a rescue party into the jungle. Drake's party massacres the tribe (save for the tribal witch doctor Zutai (Paul Wexler), only to find that Zurich has been beheaded. Zutai is assisting the miraculously resurrected Zurich in his pursuit for revenge and supernatural destiny against Captain Drake's male descendants. Zurich and Zutai lay their plans to murder and behead Jonathan Drake, which will end the curse on the Drake family.
In the Money, 1h1
Directed by William Beaudine
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Huntz Hall, Stanley Clements, David Gorcey, Paul Cavanagh, Leonard Penn, Dick Elliott
Roles Inspector Herbert Saunders
Rating57% 2.8870752.8870752.8870752.8870752.887075
Sach is hired to take care of Gloria, a poodle, on an overseas trip to London, England. Unbeknownst to Sach, the people who hired him are actually diamond smugglers, who have hidden some diamonds under some false fur on Gloria. The rest of The Bowery Boys are jealous of Sach's job, and the large amount of money he receives as a result. The boys also believe that Sach is actually taking care of a pretty female. They decide to sneak onto the ship Sach is boarding for London, only to wind up swabbing the deck as punishment for being stowaways. Once in England, Sach and the boys soon catch on to the smugglers' scheme. Unfortunately, Inspector Herbert Saunders, one of the smartest detectives of Scotland Yards accuses the Boys of being the smugglers.
The Man Who Turned to Stone, 1h11
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Horror
Actors Victor Jory, William Hudson, Jean Willes, Ann Doran, Paul Cavanagh, Victor Varconi
Roles Cooper
Rating53% 2.6698652.6698652.6698652.6698652.669865
Two hundred years ago, a group of doctors learned to extended their lives by draining the vitality of others. Without such tranfusions, they begin to petrify. They become the staff doctors of a girls' reform school, assuring a supply of vital young bodies. However, outsiders sent to the school, Dr. Jess Rogers and social worker Carol Adams, become suspicious of the unusual number of otherwise healthy inmates dying of heart failure or suicide.
She Devil
She Devil (1957)
, 1h17
Directed by Kurt Neumann
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Horror
Actors Mari Blanchard, Jack Kelly, Albert Dekker, John Archer, Fay Baker, Blossom Rock
Roles Sugar Daddy
Rating58% 2.9111952.9111952.9111952.9111952.911195
Dr. Dan Scott has developed a serum that cures the ills of animals, although it did alter the color of a leopard used in one experiment. Eager to try it on a human being, despite his mentor Dr. Richard Bach's many concerns, Scott finds a consenting patient in Kyra Zelas, a woman with a meek personality who is dying of tuberculosis.
God Is My Partner, 1h22
Directed by William F. Claxton
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Walter Brennan, John Hoyt, Marion Ross, Jesse White, Charles Lane, Ellen Corby
Roles Dr. James Brady
Rating59% 2.978072.978072.978072.978072.97807
Diane (1956)
, 1h50
Directed by David Miller
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Historical, Romance
Themes Political films, Histoire de France, Films about royalty
Actors Lana Turner, Pedro Armendáriz, Roger Moore, Marisa Pavan, Cedric Hardwicke, Torin Thatcher
Roles Lord Bonnivet
Rating61% 3.099163.099163.099163.099163.09916
The action is set in 16th-century France. Diane de Poitiers (Lana Turner) becomes the mistress of Prince Henri (Roger Moore), second in line to the throne. Their liaison continues through Henri's arranged marriage to the Italian Catherine de' Medici (Marisa Pavan). Unknown to Catherine, her Medici relations arrange the death of the Dauphin and Henri's ascent to the throne as King Henry II. The antagonism of the two women, abetted by Medici scheming, eventually results in the death of Henri. Catherine, now ruling as regent for her three young sons, banishes Diane but spares her rival's life in a gesture of mutual respect.
Francis in the Haunted House, 1h20
Directed by Charles Lamont
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Horror comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Themes Comedy horror films
Actors Mickey Rooney, Paul Frees, David Janssen, Timothy Carey, James Flavin, Paul Cavanagh
Roles Neil Frazer
Rating57% 2.8623052.8623052.8623052.8623052.862305
Francis witnesses a murder and then befriends bumbling reporter David Prescott (Mickey Rooney), who may be next in line. With Francis' help and guidance, Prescott uncovers a mystery involving murder, an inheritance, and a spooky old mansion on the edge of town.
The Prodigal, 1h52
Directed by Richard Thorpe
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Historical
Themes Films set in Africa, Films about religion, Films based on the Bible, Portrayals of Jesus in film
Actors Lana Turner, Edmund Purdom, Louis Calhern, Joseph Wiseman, James Mitchell, Francis L. Sullivan
Roles Tobiah, père de Ruth
Rating52% 2.6101652.6101652.6101652.6101652.610165
The story is loosely based on Jesus Christ's parable of the prodigal son, from the Biblical New Testament Gospels, although considerable liberties are taken with the source material, chief among them being the addition of a female lead in the form of the high priestess of Astarte, Samarra (Turner). Micah (Purdom), a young Hebrew farm boy, sees Samarra and says he will have her. He demands that his father give him his inheritance and journeys to the city of Damascus. There Samarra seduces him into losing his inheritance and betraying his religious faith. Enduring a number of difficulties, Micah finally realizes where he belongs and returns home to his father, who forgives Michael all of his sins and orders a lavish celebration of his return.
The Purple Mask, 1h22
Directed by H. Bruce Humberstone
Origin USA
Genres Swashbuckler, Adventure
Themes Théâtre, Films based on plays
Actors Tony Curtis, Angela Lansbury, Gene Barry, Colleen Miller, Dan O'Herlihy, George Dolenz
Roles Duc de Latour
Rating63% 3.1956953.1956953.1956953.1956953.195695
France, 1803, is under Napoleon Bonaparte's rule, but royalist adversaries rally behind the mysterious Purple Mask, whose daring feats give them hope. A police captain, Rochet, goes after the Purple Mask only to be taken captive by him, whereupon Napoleon assigns the expert swordsman Basquet to go after him.
The King's Thief, 1h18
Directed by Hugo Fregonese, Robert Z. Leonard
Origin USA
Genres Swashbuckler, Adventure
Actors Ann Blyth, Edmund Purdom, David Niven, George Sanders, Roger Moore, John Dehner
Roles Sir Edward
Rating57% 2.856492.856492.856492.856492.85649
James (Niven), the Duke of Brampton and the richest man in England, is so trusted by King Charles II (Sanders), he is able to have two of the King's loyal friends executed for treason. The second is the father of Lady Mary (Blyth). She travels from France to London to seek justice. While there, she meets Michael Dermott (Purdom), a soldier who fought to restore Charles to the throne.
The Scarlet Coat, 1h35
Directed by John Sturges
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Adventure, Historical, Romance
Themes Political films, Films about capital punishment
Actors Cornel Wilde, Michael Wilding, George Sanders, Anne Francis, Robert Douglas, John McIntire
Roles Sir Henry Clinton
Rating62% 3.1491553.1491553.1491553.1491553.149155
In 1780, General Benedict Arnold commands the Continental Army defences at West Point, New York. Major John Bolton (Cornel Wilde), a dragoon officer assigned to counter-intelligence, intercepts and kills a British spy leaving the Storm King Tavern, and captures a letter found on the spy. He reports to Gen. Robert Howe (John McIntire), that the coded message was from the British spy calling himself "Gustavus" to "James Osborn", in care of Dr. Jonathan Odell of New York, stating that Arnold has taken command at West Point. The secret knowledge indicates that the spy is a "highly placed person". Bolton returns to the tavern, where one of his contacts, stableboy Ben Potter (Bobby Driscoll), tells him that the Tory wife of a redcoat, Mrs. Sally Cameron (Anne Francis), is travelling under a flag of truce possibly carrying information to the enemy. She catches them searching her room, where Bolton takes her safe conduct pass after verbally sparring with her. Mrs. Cameron tries to seduce Bolton to obtain its return, but he rebuffs her. A messenger arrives with a package for "Mr. Moody," but when no one by that name can be found, another traveler, Col. Winfield, offers to deliver the package. Bolton recognizes that Winfield is an imposter, and in a struggle over the package, kills him. Other American officers arrest Bolton for murder and deliver him to Howe.
Casanova's Big Night, 1h26
Directed by Norman Z. McLeod
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Musical theatre, Adventure, Musical
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films
Actors Bob Hope, Joan Fontaine, Basil Rathbone, John Carradine, Lon Chaney, Jr., Raymond Burr
Roles Signor Alberto Di Gambetta
Rating67% 3.3937553.3937553.3937553.3937553.393755
Pippo, a tailor, impersonates Casanova to woo the girls, particularly the widow Bruni. Casanova has left town, pursued by creditors who persuade Pippo to impersonate Casanova at the behest of a Genoan family that will pay "Casanova" to test the fidelity of the son's betrothed.
The Raid
The Raid (1954)
, 1h23
Directed by Hugo Fregonese
Origin USA
Genres War, Western
Themes Political films
Actors Van Heflin, Anne Bancroft, Richard Boone, Lee Marvin, Tommy Rettig, Peter Graves
Roles Col. Tucker
Rating67% 3.390273.390273.390273.390273.39027
In 1864 a group of Confederate prisoners held in a Union prison stockade at Plattsburg, New York, not many miles from the Canadian border, escape. They head for Canada and plan a raid across the border into St. Albans, Vermont, to rob its banks and burn buildings.
Magnificent Obsession, 1h48
Directed by Douglas Sirk
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Melodrama, Romance
Actors Jane Wyman, Rock Hudson, Barbara Rush, Agnes Moorehead, Otto Kruger, Gregg Palmer
Roles Dr. Henry Giraud
Rating70% 3.548133.548133.548133.548133.54813
Spoiled playboy Bob Merrick's (Rock Hudson) reckless behavior causes him to lose control of his speed boat. Rescuers send for the nearest resuscitator, located in Dr. Phillips's house across the lake. While the resuscitator is being used to save Merrick, Dr. Phillips suffers a heart attack and dies. Merrick ends up a patient at Dr. Phillips's clinic, where most of the doctors and nurses resent the fact that Merrick inadvertently caused Dr. Phillips's death.