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Paul Lynch is a Actor, Director, Writer and Executive Producer Canadien born on 11 june 1946 at Liverpool (United-kingdom)

Paul Lynch

Paul Lynch
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Nationality Canada
Birth 11 june 1946 (73 years) at Liverpool (United-kingdom)

Paul Lynch (born June 11, 1946, in Liverpool, England) is a Canadian film director and television director.

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Dante's Inferno: Abandon All Hope, 40minutes
Origin USA
Genres Horror
Actors Vincent Spano, Armand Mastroianni, Jeff Conaway, Nia Peeples, Diane Salinger, Martin Kove
Roles 8th Circle, The Falsifiers
Rating50% 2.5395752.5395752.5395752.5395752.539575
This film is a narrative journey from Dante's own hand, through the worst of the afterlife, Inferno. It is a chronological descent to the deepest of Hell, circle by circle to the exit into Purgatory. It features most of Gustave Dore's lithograph illustrations and some excerpts of the 1911 feature film "L'Inferno".
Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film, 1h28
Origin USA
Genres Documentary, Horror, Historical, Slasher
Themes Documentary films about business, Documentary films about the film industry
Actors Lilyan Chauvin, Wes Craven, John Carpenter, Kevin Bacon, Rob Zombie, Sean S. Cunningham
Roles Himself
Rating72% 3.6464153.6464153.6464153.6464153.646415
The film is a historical and critical look at slasher films, which includes dozens of clips, beginning with Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Prom Night. The films' directors, writers, producers, and special effects creators comment on the films' making and success. During the Ronald Reagan years, the films get gorier, budgets get smaller, and their appeal diminishes. Then, A Nightmare on Elm Street revives the genre. Jumping to the late 1990s, when Scream brings humor and TV stars into the mix. Although some criticize the genre as misogynistic, most of the talking heads celebrate the films: as long as there are teenagers, there will be slasher films.


Savage Planet, 1h33
Directed by Paul Lynch
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction
Themes Films set in the future
Actors Sean Patrick Flanery, Reagan Pasternak, Sarah Danielle Madison, James McGowan, David Sparrow, Kevin Hanchard
Rating23% 1.1962851.1962851.1962851.1962851.196285
In the year 2068, Earth can no longer sustain human life with its natural resources depleted beyond repair. Whereas other companies are seeking to colonize the Moon, Calron sets its aim much higher: the planet Oxygen whose potential could save billions of lives. However, since it is 20,000 light-years away, a technology known as DST (or deep-space teleporting) has to be used to get there. A team, led by Cain (played by Sean Patrick Flanery), arrives but soon discover that it is home to a terror in the form of voracious, enormous, prehistoric bears and the planet itself is in an unstable condition. The team soon tries to escape from the planet, but are confronted by many ordeals. By the time the movie is over, the only two left alive is Allison Carlson (played by Reagan Pasternak) and Cain (played by Sean Patrick Flanery), who manage to teleport back to Earth.
The Keeper
The Keeper (2004)
, 1h35
Directed by Paul Lynch
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Actors Dennis Hopper, Asia Argento, Helen Shaver, Charles Fredericks, Lochlyn Munro, Alex Zahara
Rating47% 2.358082.358082.358082.358082.35808
The Keeper is about a stripper named Gina who is kidnapped by a local sheriff named Lieutenant Krebs. Krebs keeps Gina in a homemade jail in the basement of his secluded home.
Frozen with Fear
Directed by Paul Lynch
Genres Thriller, Crime
Actors Bo Derek, Stephen Shellen, Wayne Rogers
Rating44% 2.2125552.2125552.2125552.2125552.212555
Katherine Sullivan, a severe agoraphobic, witnesses the murder of her husband and speaks with the investigating detective. Then both the body and the detective disappear. Katherine hires private investigator Jack Mize to figure out, only Mize isn't so sure Katherine's version of reality is the truth.
No Contest II, 1h26
Directed by Paul Lynch
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action, Crime
Actors Shannon Tweed, Bruce Payne, Lance Henriksen, Jayne Heitmeyer, Kevin Jubinville
Rating43% 2.1902252.1902252.1902252.1902252.190225
Erich Dengler, the son of Manferd Dengler (a prominent Nazi during the rule of Adolf Hitler in Germany), poses as an Art Collector, Eric Dane, in order to take over the Holman Museum where he holds the occupants including Sharon Bell and Jack Terry who are shooting a film. Dengler attempts to unleash a lethal nerve gas bomb which threatens the safety of the world. His plan is to sell the rest of the nerve gas to the highest bidder. Jack and Sharon make it their business to stop him.
No Contest
No Contest (1995)
, 1h33
Directed by Paul Lynch
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Actors Shannon Tweed, Robert Davi, Andrew Dice Clay, Polly Shannon, John Colicos, Judith Scott
Rating44% 2.219042.219042.219042.219042.21904
A Miss Galaxy competition is hijacked by a gang who take a number of hostages and demand diamonds as a ransom. However, the host, Sharon Bell, a kick-boxing actress, is determined to stop them.
Bullies (1986)
, 1h36
Directed by Paul Lynch
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action
Actors Jonathan Crombie, Janet-Laine Green, Olivia D'Abo, Stephen Hunter, Bernie Coulson, Dehl Berti
Rating54% 2.7119552.7119552.7119552.7119552.711955
The peaceful Morris family moves to a small town and buy the town grocery store, only to run into the Cullens, a family that's been bullying the townspeople for years, and they begin to torment the Norris every chance they get. Matt Norris (Jonathan Crombie) begins seeing a girl named Becky (Olivia d'Abo), whose last name is unfortunately Cullen. In this Romeo and Juliet-esque relationship, Matt and Becky have to keep their relationship a secret, but when the feuding families find out, harassment is elevated to vicious assault.
Flying (1986)
, 1h35
Directed by Paul Lynch
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Sports films
Actors Olivia D'Abo, Rita Tushingham, Keanu Reeves, Jessica Steen, Sean McCann, Denis Simpson
Rating52% 2.6163552.6163552.6163552.6163552.616355
Robin Crew (Olivia d'Abo) is a high school student who used to be a champion gymnast until she suffered a knee injury in the car accident which killed her father. She continues to train on her own and makes her school's gymnastics team, despite outside pressures from her step-father and the other gymnasts. Robin does, however, receive support from her mother and her new boyfriend (Keanu Reeves), as the crucial gymnastics meet approaches.
Humongous (1982)
, 1h34
Directed by Paul Lynch
Origin Canada
Genres Horror, Romance, Slasher
Actors Janet Julian, David Wallace, John Wildman, Page Fletcher, Joy Boushel, Garry Robbins
Rating48% 2.410142.410142.410142.410142.41014
It is Labor Day weekend, 1946. Young, virginal Ida Parsons innocuously plays as her father hosts a raucous party. Amid the festivities, an older, drunken man named Tom Rice staggers outside and propositions Ida. When she refuses, he chases her into the woods and brutally rapes her; her dogs break out of their pen and they attack and fatally maul Ida's rapist.
Prom Night
Prom Night (1980)
, 1h30
Directed by Paul Lynch
Origin Canada
Genres Thriller, Horror, Slasher
Themes L'adolescence, Films about children, Serial killer films, Teen movie
Actors Leslie Nielsen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Anne-Marie Martin, Robert A. Silverman, Melanie Morse MacQuarrie, Jeff Wincott
Rating54% 2.701732.701732.701732.701732.70173
In 1974, 11-year-olds Wendy Richards, Jude Cunningham, Kelly Lynch, and Nick McBride play hide and seek in an abandoned convent. 10-year-old Robin Hammond tries to join them, but they start teasing her by repeating "Kill! Kill! Kill!". Robin is then backed up towards a window from which she falls to her death. Instead of reporting the incident to the police, the children make a pact not to tell anyone what happened and keep the incident a secret, but after they leave, a shadow falls across Robin's body. Later a known rapist is mistakenly blamed for Robin's death and is arrested.


Detention (2003)
, 1h38
Directed by Sidney J. Furie
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action
Actors Dolph Lundgren, Alex Karzis, Corey Sevier, Kata Dobó, Anthony J. Mifsud, Mpho Koaho
Roles Story
Rating41% 2.061462.061462.061462.061462.06146
Hamilton High School is no place for a teacher who cares. Teacher Sam Decker (Dolph Lundgren), a former soldier, doesn't care anymore. He's quitting. After military service in the Gulf War and the former Yugoslavia, he returned to his inner city neighborhood to teach at the toughest school in town. He wanted to make a difference—but nothing does at Hamilton High.


American Nightmare, 1h28
Directed by Don McBrearty
Origin Canada
Genres Thriller, Documentary, Horror, Crime
Actors Michael Ironside, Lenore Zann, Page Fletcher, Alexandra Paul, Nancy Oliver
Roles Executive Producer
Rating52% 2.6195852.6195852.6195852.6195852.619585
Wealthy pianist Eric Blade (Lawrence Day) tries to locate his missing runaway sister in an unnamed city. His journey takes him to seedy sex shops and strip joints. The police are not really interested in a missing hooker until they find out she is the daughter of a wealthy businessman.