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Paul Soles is a Actor Canadien born on 11 august 1930 at Toronto (Canada)

Paul Soles

Paul Soles
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Birth name Paul Robert Soles
Nationality Canada
Birth 11 august 1930 at Toronto (Canada)
Death 26 may 2021 (at 90 years)

Paul Robert Soles (born 11 August 1930) is a Canadian actor and [[television personality][. As a voice actor, he starred in series such as The Marvel Super Heroes show (1966) and Spider-Man (1967).

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Adoration (2009)
, 1h40
Directed by Atom Egoyan
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about education, Films about children, Films about terrorism
Actors Rachel Blanchard, Scott Speedman, Devon Bostick, Arsinée Khanjian, Kenneth Welsh, Noam Jenkins
Rating62% 3.148563.148563.148563.148563.14856
High school French teacher Sabine reads to her class as a translation exercise a French newspaper report of a terrorist who planted a bomb in the airline luggage of his pregnant girlfriend. If the bomb had detonated, it would have killed her, her unborn child, and many others, but it was discovered in time by Israeli security personnel. Egoyan based the story partly on the 1986 Hindawi affair.
The Incredible Hulk, 1h54
Directed by Louis Leterrier
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Themes Hulk (comics) films, Superhero films, Super-héros inspiré de comics, Children's films
Actors Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, William Hurt, Tim Blake Nelson, Ty Burrell
Roles Stanley
Rating65% 3.2958353.2958353.2958353.2958353.295835
At Culver University in Virginia, General Thunderbolt Ross meets with Dr. Bruce Banner, the colleague and boyfriend of his daughter Betty, regarding an experiment that Ross claims is meant to make humans immune to gamma radiation. The experiment — part of a World War II era "super soldier" program that Ross hopes to recreate — fails, and the exposure to gamma radiation causes Banner to transform into the Hulk for brief periods of time, whenever his heart rate rises above 200. The Hulk destroys the lab and injures or kills the people inside. Banner becomes a fugitive from the U.S. military and Ross in particular, who wants to weaponize the Hulk process.
My First Wedding, 1h34
Directed by Laurent Firode
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Rachael Leigh Cook, Kenny Doughty, Caroline Carver, Valerie Mahaffey, Walter Massey, Elizabeth Whitmere
Roles Harry
Rating47% 2.3583352.3583352.3583352.3583352.358335
A young lady (Rachael Leigh Cook) about to get married realizes that she has a problem: she fantasizes about every man she sees. She goes to confess at church but unknowingly confesses to a young man (Kenny Doughty) who is not a priest. He agrees to help her, but falls in love with her along the way. Unfortunately she still thinks he is a priest.
The Score
The Score (2001)
, 2h4
Directed by Robert De Niro, Frank Oz
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Themes Heist films, Gangster films, Escroquerie
Actors Robert De Niro, Edward Norton, Marlon Brando, Angela Bassett, Gary Farmer, Paul Soles
Roles Danny
Rating67% 3.3994053.3994053.3994053.3994053.399405
After nearly being caught on a routine burglary, master safe-cracker Nick Wells (Robert De Niro) decides the time has finally come to retire. Nick's flight attendant girlfriend, Diane (Angela Bassett), encourages this decision, promising to fully commit to their relationship if he does indeed go straight. Nick, however, is lured into taking one final score by his fence Max (Marlon Brando). The job, worth a $4 million payoff to Nick, is to steal a sceptre, which is discovered to be a French national treasure. It was hidden in the leg of an antique piano and smuggled illegally into Canada, stored in the ultra-secure basement of the Montréal Customs House after accidentally being uncovered.
The Five Senses, 1h46
Directed by Jeremy Podeswa
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors Mary-Louise Parker, Pascale Bussières, Gabrielle Rose, Molly Parker, Brendan Fletcher, Philippe Volter
Roles Mr. Bernstein
Rating66% 3.3468553.3468553.3468553.3468553.346855
The Five Senses is about interconnected stories linked by a building which examine situations involving the five senses. Touch is represented by Ruth Seraph, a massage therapist who is treating Anna Miller. Ruth's daughter Rachel accidentally loses Anna's pre-school daughter, Amy Lee, in the park, when Rachel is distracted by the sight of a couple making love in the woods. Rachel meets a voyeur named Rupert (vision), and they become friends as fellow outsiders while he teaches her the pleasure of observing others. They eventually go to one of Rachel's hiding places, where she has him dress like a woman.
Shadow Builder, 2h
Genres Horror
Actors Michael Rooker, Leslie Hope, Kevin Zegers, Andrew Jackson, Tony Todd, Gordon Michael Woolvett
Roles Mr. Butterman
Rating48% 2.407742.407742.407742.407742.40774
Un démon est appelé à prendre l'âme d'un jeune garçon qui a le potentiel de devenir un saint. En faisant cela, il va ouvrir une porte de l'enfer et tenter de détruire le monde.
Teen Knight, 1h30
Directed by Phil Comeau
Genres Fantasy, Adventure
Themes Films about animals, Films about dragons
Actors Kris Lemche, Caterina Scorsone, Paul Soles
Roles Mr. Percy/Parcival
Rating32% 1.6207151.6207151.6207151.6207151.620715
17-year-old teenage medieval fan Peter wins a contest for a "Medieval Adventure" from a soda company. The winners, plus a film crew from the soda company arrive at the castle for the adventure. During the night, a spell cast over 600 years prior brings the castle and all the people in it back to 1383. The evil Lord Drakin plans on retrying to take the castle. It is up to the group to stop him, and thereby return to the 20th century. They enlist the help of the former court magician, Percival, to help them.
Trial by Jury, 1h47
Directed by Heywood Gould
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action
Actors Joanne Whalley, Armand Assante, Gabriel Byrne, William Hurt, Kathleen Denise Quinlan, Mike Starr
Roles Mr. Kriegsberg, Juror
Rating54% 2.7030152.7030152.7030152.7030152.703015
Crime boss Rusty Pirone (Armand Assante) is about to stand trial again and Daniel Graham (Gabriel Byrne) of the district attorney's office is determined this time to put him behind bars.
The Lotus Eaters, 1h41
Directed by Paul Shapiro
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors R.H. Thomson, Sheila McCarthy, Andrea Libman, Frances Hyland, Tony Dakota, Michèle-Barbara Pelletier
Roles Tobias Spittle
Rating65% 3.286753.286753.286753.286753.28675
The story is told mostly through the eyes of Zoe, the younger Kingswood daughter. The Kingswoods seem to live a happy life, though teenage Cloe is frustrated with an inability to do things, like travel to Vancouver to see the Beatles. A catalyst for change for their somewhat stagnant lives arrives in the form of Anne-Marie (Michèle-Barbara Pelletier), Zoe's new teacher at the school where Hal Kingswood is principal.
A Star for Two, 1h35
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Lauren Bacall, Anthony Quinn, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Maurice Garrel, Martine de Breteuil, Dominique Marcas
Rating59% 2.9530152.9530152.9530152.9530152.953015
Un couple séparé depuis des années retrouvent leurs sentiments.
Ticket to Heaven, 1h49
Directed by Ralph Thomas, Ralph L. Thomas
Origin Canada
Genres Drama
Actors Nick Mancuso, Saul Rubinek, Meg Foster, Kim Cattrall, Christopher Britton, Michael Wincott
Roles Morley
Rating68% 3.443943.443943.443943.443943.44394
David Kappel (Nick Mancuso), a twentysomething school teacher, visits a training camp for a religious cult. At the camp everything is done in groups, along with much singing. There is also a low-calorie, low-protein diet; sleep deprivation; constant positive reinforcement; and chanting of slogans.
Willy McBean and His Magic Machine, 1h34
Directed by Arthur Rankin Jr.
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Adventure, Animation
Actors Larry D. Mann, Billie Mae Richards, Paul Soles, Paul Kligman, Bernard Cowan, Alfie Scopp
Roles Pablo the Monkey / King Ferdinand (voice)
Rating59% 2.9546452.9546452.9546452.9546452.954645
Willy McBean is sick of trying to learn history for school. Meanwhile an evil scientist called Rasputin Von Rotten is building a magical time machine so he can go back in time and be the most famous person in history. A Spanish-English talking monkey named Pablo climbs through Willy's window. He explains that he escaped from Von Rotten and he tells Willy what he is planning to do. Pablo stole the plans to the time machine.
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, 55minutes
Origin USA
Genres Animation
Themes Christmas films, Santa Claus in film
Actors Burl Ives, Billie Mae Richards, Paul Kligman, Peg Dixon, Paul Soles, Corinne Conley
Roles Hermey (voice)
Rating79% 3.9950753.9950753.9950753.9950753.995075
Santa Claus's reindeer Donner's wife gives birth to a fawn named Rudolph, but the two are shocked to discover that Rudolph's unusually red nose is capable of glowing. When Santa Claus visits their cave to meet the fawn and sees the glowing nose, he warns Mr. & Mrs. Donner that Rudolph won't be able to pull the sleigh if he continues to carry this trait for the rest of his life. Consequently, Donner tries to conceal Rudolph's nose at first with mud and later a small round cap.