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Paulette Goddard is a Actor and Producer American born on 3 june 1910 at New York City (USA)

Paulette Goddard

Paulette Goddard
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Birth name Marion Pauline Goddard-Levy
Nationality USA
Birth 3 june 1910 at New York City (USA)
Death 23 april 1990 (at 79 years) at Ronco sopra Ascona (Suisse)

Paulette Goddard (June 3, 1910 – April 23, 1990) was an American actress. A child fashion model and a performer in several Broadway productions as a Ziegfeld Girl, she became a major star of the Paramount Studio in the 1940s. Her most notable films were her first major role, as Charles Chaplin's leading lady in Modern Times, and Chaplin's subsequent film The Great Dictator. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in So Proudly We Hail! (1943). Her husbands included Chaplin, Burgess Meredith, and Erich Maria Remarque.


Goddard married the much older lumber tycoon Edgar James on June 28, 1927, when she was 17 years old; the couple moved to North Carolina. They separated two years later and divorced in 1932.

In 1934, Goddard began a relationship with Charlie Chaplin. She later moved into his Beverly Hills home. They were reportedly married in secret in Canton, China, in June 1936. Aside from referring to Goddard as "my wife" at the October 1940 premiere of The Great Dictator, neither Goddard nor Chaplin publicly commented on their marital status. On June 4, 1942, Goddard was granted a Mexican divorce from Chaplin. In May 1944, she married Burgess Meredith at David O. Selznick's Beverly Hills home. They divorced in June 1949.

In 1958, Goddard married author Erich Maria Remarque. They remained married until Remarque's death in 1970.

Goddard had no children from any of her marriages. In October 1944, she suffered the miscarriage of a son with Burgess Meredith. She was the first stepmother to Chaplin's sons, Charles, Jr. and Sydney Chaplin, whose mother was Lita Grey. Grey was only two years older than Goddard.

Discrepancies regarding year of birth

Like many other actresses, Goddard tampered with her year of birth. According to one of Goddard's biographers, Julie Gilbert, the actress was born in either Whitestone Landing, Queens, New York or Great Neck, Long Island on June 3, 1910, and according to her birth certificate was named Marion Goddard Levy. However, various later documents mention different birth years and places, as well as names. Legal documents and a passport listed her birth year as 1905 and 1915, and when asked to clarify the confusion over her age in a 1945 interview with Life, Goddard claimed she was in fact born in 1915.

She later claimed in a magazine column to have been born in Manhattan, and according to her second husband, Charlie Chaplin, she was born in Brooklyn. Goddard's name has also been cited as Pauline Goddard Levy and Pauline Marion Levy.

However, according to the U.S. Census taken on January 5, 1920, Goddard (as Pauline G. Levy) and her parents (Joseph R. and Alta M. Levy) were living in Kansas City, Missouri. She is listed as having been born in New York, and her age is given as nine years, the age being the age of the individual as of his or her last birthday, which is the question asked by census enumerators (see Jackson County, Missouri enumeration District 236, p. 5-B, family 145.) Also, her gravestone in Switzerland clearly gives her year of birth as 1910. The 1910 Census confirms Pauline's self-report as her parents were living in Manhattan in April 1910, less than two months before her birth.

Best films

The Great Dictator (1940)
Unconquered (1947)
Reap the Wild Wind (1942)
North West Mounted Police (1940)

Usually with

Hans Dreier
Hans Dreier
(19 films)
Edith Head
Edith Head
(11 films)
Victor Young
Victor Young
(9 films)
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That's Entertainment! III, 1h53
Genres Documentary, Musical
Themes Films about films, Documentary films about business, Documentary films about the film industry, Documentary films about cities, Musical films, Documentary films about films
Actors Gene Kelly, June Allyson, Cyd Charisse, Lena Horne, Howard Keel, Esther Williams
Roles (archive footage)
Rating74% 3.73873.73873.73873.73873.7387
Troisième volet de "Il était une fois Hollywood", "That's Entertainment III" nous propose un nouveau panorama de l'age d'or de la MGM mais aussi des chutes rarissimes, des séquences coupées lors de la sortie des films et des essais d'autres stars que celles qui furent finalement choisies.
Chaplin (1992)
, 2h23
Directed by Richard Attenborough
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Biography, Comedy-drama
Themes Films about films, Films about television
Actors Robert Downey Jr., Anthony Hopkins, Geraldine Chaplin, Moira Kelly, Dan Aykroyd, Penelope Ann Miller
Rating74% 3.749043.749043.749043.749043.74904
The film is structured around lengthy flashbacks as the elderly Charlie Chaplin (Robert Downey, Jr.) (now living in Switzerland) recollects moments from his life during a conversation with fictional character George Hayden (Anthony Hopkins), the editor of his autobiography. Chaplin's recollections begin with his childhood of extreme poverty, from which he escapes by immersing himself in the world of the London music halls, after which he relocates to the United States.
Time of Indifference, 1h24
Directed by Francesco Maselli
Origin Italie
Genres Drama
Actors Claudia Cardinale, Rod Steiger, Shelley Winters, Paulette Goddard, Tomás Milián, Bruno Scipioni
Roles Mariagrazia
Rating66% 3.3354753.3354753.3354753.3354753.335475
Rome. Années 1930. La famille Ardengo, ruinée, n'a plus les moyens d'entretenir un luxueux train de vie et une superbe demeure, située dans un riche quartier résidentiel. La propriétaire, Maria Grazia, une veuve égoïste et vaniteuse tente de retenir un amant, Leo Merumeci, homme d'affaires cynique et dénué de scrupules, à qui elle emprunte de l'argent en hypothéquant sa maison. Celui-ci cherche, en fait, à épouser la fille de Maria Grazia, Carla, tout en s'octroyant la villa. Le fils de Maria Grazia, Michele, observe avec lucidité la lente dégradation matérielle et morale de sa famille, mais comme sa sœur, Carla, il demeure passif et indifférent, incapable de stopper le cours des événements...
The Stranger Came Home, 1h20
Directed by Terence Fisher
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama
Actors Paulette Goddard, William Sylvester, Patrick Holt, Paul Carpenter, Russell Napier, Kay Callard
Roles Angie
Rating57% 2.8568852.8568852.8568852.8568852.856885
Four friends go on a fishing trip but only three return. After an absence of four years, the fourth man, Philip Vickers, returns home an amnesiac. He tells of a "friend" who knocked him out, drugged him, and left him to die. Any one of the remaining men could be a suspect as Job Crandall, Bill Saul and Harry Bryce are all interested in Philip's attractive widow, Angie. Unfortunately, Philip's return coincides with a murder and he becomes the main suspect. Angie joins forces with her husband to help solve the mystery and clear his name.
Vice Squad
Vice Squad (1953)
, 1h27
Directed by Arnold Laven
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Noir, Crime
Actors Edward G. Robinson, Christine White, Paulette Goddard, Porter Hall, K. T. Stevens, Lee Van Cleef
Roles Mona Ross
Rating65% 3.2923253.2923253.2923253.2923253.292325
A married undertaker having an affair, Jack Hartrampf, is a reluctant eyewitness to the shooting of a Los Angeles cop. He does not wish to testify, but captain of detectives "Barney" Barnaby is just as determined.
Sins of Jezebel, 1h14
Directed by Reginald Le Borg
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Historical
Themes Films about religion, Films based on the Bible, Films about Jews and Judaism
Actors Paulette Goddard, George Nader, Eduard Franz, John Hoyt, Ludwig Donath, Joe Besser
Roles Jezebel
Rating45% 2.2737852.2737852.2737852.2737852.273785
In 9th century BC Israel, the prophet Elijah advises king Ahab not to marry Jezebel, an idolatrous princess of Phoenicia. Ahab sends for Jezebel, however, and commands Jehu, his captain, to escort her caravan safely to Jezreel. Once Jehu meets Jezebel, he immediately becomes attracted to her and she confuses him for Ahab. Jezebel finally arrives at Jezreel and is greeted by Ahab who, stunned by her beauty, provides her with an individual chamber until they marry. On her wedding night, Jezebel evades Ahab and pursues Jehu, whom she seduces.
Babes in Bagdad, 1h35
Directed by Edgar George Ulmer
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Paulette Goddard, Gypsy Rose Lee, Richard Ney, Sebastian Cabot, Christopher Lee, John Boles
Roles Kyra
Rating46% 2.33372.33372.33372.33372.3337
Arabian Nights princess Kyra goes on strike demanding equal rights for women, to the frustration of caliph Hassan. Supported by the caliph's godson, Ezar, Kyra enables the caliph to see the error of his polygamous ways, and he eventually settles down with his favourite wife, Zohara.
The Torch
The Torch (1950)
, 1h23
Directed by Emilio Fernández
Genres Drama, War, Action, Adventure
Themes Political films
Actors Paulette Goddard, Pedro Armendáriz, Walter Reed, Gilbert Roland, Julio Villarreal, José Torvay
Roles Mariá Dolores Peñafiel
Rating55% 2.76482.76482.76482.76482.7648
The Mexican revolutionary General Jose Juan Reyes (Pedro Armendáriz) and his men descend upon and take over the small town of Cholula, Puebla, and take the money of the rich men of the zone for the Mexican Revolution. The revolutionary is a Robin-Hood type vigilante that forces the local businessmen to bend to his will, while the townspeople admire him for his cause. Jose Juan falls in love with the Señorita Peñafiel, the explosive daughter of the richest man of the zone. Despite her disdain for Jose, he pursues her romantically. She is eventually won over. The original script is based on William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew.
Anna Lucasta
Directed by Irving Rapper
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Films based on plays
Actors Paulette Goddard, Dennie Moore, Oskar Homolka, John Ireland, Broderick Crawford, Will Geer
Roles Anna Lucasta
Rating62% 3.1425753.1425753.1425753.1425753.142575
When the Lucasta family in Pennsylvania receives a message that a friend's son Rudolf is coming to town to find a wife, they see a chance to make some money. The friend of the family, Strobel, will send $4,000 to accompany Rudolf. The family decides on trying to "sell" one of their own daughters, Anna, to Rudolf. The only one opposed to the idea is the father, Joe, because he hates Anna more than the others. His daughter Stella's husband Frank has to persuade Joe with a beating before he agrees.
On Our Merry Way, 1h47
Directed by John Huston, George Stevens, King Vidor, Leslie Fenton
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films
Actors Paulette Goddard, Burgess Meredith, James Stewart, Henry Fonda, Fred MacMurray, Dorothy Lamour
Roles Martha Pease
Rating57% 2.8538652.8538652.8538652.8538652.853865
Oliver Pease, qui a menti à sa femme sur ce qu'il fait exactement au journal pour lequel il travaille, se voit obligé d'enquêter auprès du public sur "Quelle influence a eu un petit enfant sur votre vie ?". Il va recueillir ainsi différentes histoires...