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Paulo José is a Actor, Scriptwriter and Producer Brésilien born on 20 march 1937 at Rio Grande do Sul (Bresil)

Paulo José

Paulo José
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Birth name Paulo José Gómez de Souza
Nationality Bresil
Birth 20 march 1937 at Rio Grande do Sul (Bresil)
Death 11 august 2021 (at 84 years)

Paulo José Gómez de Souza (born 20 March 1937, Lavras do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul) is a Brazilian television and film actor, director and narrator.

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Filmography of Paulo José (17 films)

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Between Frames: The Art of Brazilian Animation, 1h39
Origin Bresil
Genres Documentary
Themes Documentary films about business, Documentary films about the visual arts, Documentary films about the film industry
Actors Carlos Saldanha, Alê Abreu, Paulo José
Rating88% 4.4407154.4407154.4407154.4407154.440715
The film makes an overview of animation in Brazil, since the first animation created in 1917, called The Kaiser, until the success of the animation film series Ice age and Rio, directed by Carlos Saldanha. Besides him, other big names were also heard, like Maurício de Souza, Otto Guerra and Chico Liberato, who report their experiences on the market and give a current panorama of Brazilian production.
Rânia (2012)
, 1h25
Origin Bresil
Actors Mariana Lima, Paulo José
Rating65% 3.2824753.2824753.2824753.2824753.282475
The film follows the story of Rânia, a young girl from Fortaleza, who spends the time on school, housework and working in a tent. Her biggest dream, however, is to become a dancer. With her best friend, Zizi, Rânia discovers the world of parties and orgies, and starts to make money with the nightlife. When Rânia meets the choreographer Estela, she finally have the chance to become a professional dancer, but will need to confront the intransigence of her parents.
The Clown
The Clown (2011)
, 1h30
Directed by Selton Mello
Origin Bresil
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Circus films
Actors Selton Mello, Paulo José, Isabela Palhano, Phil Miler, Fabiana Karla, Danton Mello
Roles Valdemar / Palhaço Puro Sangue
Rating71% 3.597963.597963.597963.597963.59796
The film tells the story of Benjamin and Valdemar, father and son known as the clowns Pangaré and Puro Sangue. They make their living traveling the country with Circus Hope, without a fixed address, no neighbors, and no ID.
Sunstroke (2010)
, 1h38
Directed by Daniela Thomas
Origin Bresil
Genres Drama
Actors Arduíno Colassanti, Leonardo Medeiros, Maria Luísa Mendonça, Paulo José, Leandra Leal
Roles Andrei
Rating59% 2.952932.952932.952932.952932.95293
Dans la ville de Brasilia, écrasé par la chaleur, Andrei est le témoin nostalgique d'histoires d'amour sans retour. Inspiré par des nouvelles de la littérature russe du XIX siècle, l'architecture utopique de la ville de Brasilia fait écho à l'Union Soviétique.
Basic Sanitation: The Movie, 1h52
Origin Bresil
Genres Comedy
Actors Fernanda Torres, Wagner Moura, Camila Pitanga, Lázaro Ramos, Paulo José, Tonico Pereira
Roles Otaviano
Rating72% 3.6411453.6411453.6411453.6411453.641145
The people of Linha Cristal, a fictitious village of Italo Brazilian descendants in Serra Gaúcha, gather to discuss the construction of a septic tank for sewage treatment. They form a commission which is responsible in ordering the budget to the town hall. The secretary of the mayor recognizes the need of the tank, but informs that there is no budget available. There is, however, R$ 10,000 available for the production of a film. This money was sent by the federal government and will be sent back if not used soon. The people of Linha Cristal have the idea of using the money to make a low budget documentary about the construction of the tank, but the film has to be fictitious. Then, they decide to make a science fiction B movie which tells the story of a monster who lives in the building site of a tank.
The Man Who Copied, 2h3
Origin Bresil
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Crime, Romance
Actors Lázaro Ramos, Leandra Leal, Luana Piovani, Paulo José, Pedro Cardoso, Sheron Menezzes
Roles Paulo
Rating75% 3.796433.796433.796433.796433.79643
Nineteen-year-old André Maciel (Lázaro Ramos) works as a photocopy machine operator in a convenience store in Porto Alegre. Disillusioned with his life and obsessed with material wealth, he dreams of being an illustrator, but his comics, though well drawn, are rejected by publishers. After André returns home from work, he spends time in his room drawing or spying on Sílvia (Leandra Leal), a neighbor who lives in an apartment across the street with her father Antunes, with binoculars.
Days of Nietzsche in Turin, 1h25
Directed by Júlio Bressane
Genres Drama
Actors Paulo José, Mariana Ximenes, Leandra Leal
Roles Richard Wagne
Rating63% 3.1711953.1711953.1711953.1711953.171195
A cinematographic essay, without dialogues, about the months Friedrich Nietzsche spent in Turin, Italy, with narration quoted by his original writings. It was there that the philosopher wrote some of his most known books such as Ecce Homo and Twilight of the Idols .
High Art
High Art (1991)
, 1h44
Directed by Walter Salles
Origin Bresil
Genres Drama, Thriller, Romance
Actors Peter Coyote, Tchéky Karyo, Amanda Pays, Raul Cortez, Tonico Pereira, Paulo José
Roles Delegado
Rating60% 3.046333.046333.046333.046333.04633
Peter Mandrake (Coyote), an American photographer in Brazil, is preparing an in loco essay for his new book, about the "Train Surfers" (groups of boys who court danger "surfing" on the roof of the trains) in the city of Rio de Janeiro. A local call girl he is friends with is murdered, and when the police can make no progress Mandrake decides to investigate himself. Subsequently, two hired thugs break into his apartment demanding a disk, and, when he doesn't produce it because he can't do so, they rape his girlfriend and stab him, leaving him to die. Vowing revenge, Mandrake enlists the help of Hermes (Karyo), a professional knife fighter who owes Mandrake a debt, to teach him the art of knife fighting. The obsession this develops into causes Mandrake's girlfriend to leave him, wanting the whole thing to simply go away, but Mandrake refuses to let go.
Isle of Flowers, 12minutes
Origin Bresil
Genres Drama, Comedy, Documentary
Themes Environmental films, La mondialisation, Documentaire sur l'altermondialisme, Documentary films about environmental issues, Mise en scène d'une plante
Actors Paulo José
Roles Narrator
Rating84% 4.24024.24024.24024.24024.2402
A constant and verbose off-narrator guides the viewer through the life of a tomato. Beginning at Mr Suzuki's tomato field, the tomato is then sold to a supermarket, where it is acquired by Mrs Anete, a perfume saleswoman, together with some pork. Each exchange requires the presence of money, which is, together with the tomato, the constant element in the story.
Better Days Ahead, 1h32
Directed by Carlos Diegues
Origin Bresil
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama, Musical theatre, Romance
Themes Films about television
Actors Marília Pêra, Paulo José, José Wilker, Marilu Bueno, Lília Cabral, Joffre Soares
Roles Pompeu
Rating66% 3.327053.327053.327053.327053.32705
The staff of a dubbing studio celebrates the arrival of an acclaimed show called The Mary Shadow Show. To dub the main character, Dalila (Zezé Motta) indicates her neighbor Marialva (Marília Pêra), who adopts the name "Mary Mattos" as she dreams of becoming a Hollywood star. Marialva lives tormented by the death of her former boyfriend, and finds refuge on Wallace (José Wilker), a married man who promises he will abandon his family to live with her.
The Brazilwood Man, 2h12
Directed by Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
Origin Bresil
Genres Comedy, Historical
Actors Ítala Nandi, Juliana Carneiro da Cunha, Flávio Galvão, Regina Duarte, Othon Bastos, Arduíno Colassanti
Roles Guarda noturno
Rating60% 3.0463353.0463353.0463353.0463353.046335
Le film relate la vie de l'écrivain brésilien Oswald de Andrade, l'une des icônes les plus importantes du modernisme au Brésil.
They Don't Wear Black Tie, 2h
Directed by Leon Hirszman
Origin Bresil
Genres Drama
Themes Seafaring films, Théâtre, Transport films, Political films, Films about Latin American military dictatorships, Films based on plays
Actors Fernanda Montenegro, Carlos Alberto Riccelli, Bete Mendes, Milton Gonçalves, Paulo José, Nelson Xavier
Roles Padre Bastos
Rating81% 4.088564.088564.088564.088564.08856
The film revolves around a working-class family in São Paulo in 1980. Otávio, a syndicalist leader, and Romana are the parents of Tião, whose girlfriend, Maria, becomes pregnant. Fearing to be fired and thus cannot support his now fiancée, Tião does not participate on a strike, what starts a series of family conflicts.
King of the Night, 1h37
Directed by Héctor Babenco
Origin Bresil
Genres Drama
Actors Paulo José, Yara Amaral, Marília Pêra
Roles Tertuliano
Rating64% 3.224963.224963.224963.224963.22496
Dans les années 40 à São Paulo, un jeune homme a une liaison amoureuse avec les deux filles de la meilleure amie de sa mère.
Macunaima (1969)
, 1h50
Directed by Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
Origin Bresil
Genres Comedy, Fantasy
Actors Paulo José, Dina Sfat, Jardel Filho, Rodolfo Arena, Milton Gonçalves, Maria Lúcia Dahl
Roles White Macunaíma / Macunaíma's mother
Rating67% 3.3938553.3938553.3938553.3938553.393855
Based on the 1928 book by Mário de Andrade, the modern-day parable follows the misadventures of a black man (Grande Otelo) who is miraculously born to an old woman (Paulo José), who is supposed to be of the indigenous peoples of Brasil, in the jungles of the Amazon. Though born fully-grown, he has the heart of a playful child. After the death of his mother, he comes face to face with a spring that turns him white (Paulo José). With that change, he and his two brothers move to Rio de Janeiro, but are interrogated by street terrorists upon their arrival.
The Amorous Ones, 1h40
Directed by Walter Hugo Khouri
Origin Bresil
Genres Drama
Actors Paulo José, Anecy Rocha, Stênio Garcia
Roles Marcelo
Rating71% 3.577843.577843.577843.577843.57784