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Peter Gunn is a Actor British born on 13 february 1963 at Lancashire (United-kingdom)

Peter Gunn

Peter Gunn
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Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 13 february 1963 (57 years) at Lancashire (United-kingdom)

Peter Gunn (born 13 February 1963) is a British actor. He has appeared in several TV series and TV films.
On British television, Gunn is known as the character Len Cosgrove in the BBC series "Born and Bred" as well as dozens of guest-starring and recurring roles in other television series' and films such as Frost, Heartburn Hotel and Sunshine (UK TV series). To American audiences, he is probably best known for portraying Oswald Granger in the 2009 film, Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Peter's role was Brian Packham in Coronation Street, partner of Julie Carp and Headmaster of Bessie Street School.

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United (2011)
, 1h30
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Historical
Themes Sports films, Association football films
Actors David Tennant, Jack O'Connell, Sam Claflin, Werner Daehn, Dougray Scott, Dean Andrews
Rating73% 3.6978653.6978653.6978653.6978653.697865
The drama primarily focuses on the relationship between assistant manager Jimmy Murphy and the young player Bobby Charlton. The film begins in the autumn of 1956 as Murphy gives Charlton his first chance to play a match with Manchester United's first team, nicknamed the "Busby Babes" due to their unique pedigree as an almost entirely club-nurtured team of players, with the exception of a few slightly older players who have been purchased from other clubs.
Hannah Montana: The Movie, 1h42
Directed by Peter Chelsom
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Musical theatre, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films, Children's films
Actors Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Emily Osment, Jason Earles, Margo Martindale, Mitchel Musso
Roles Oswald Granger
Rating45% 2.2862852.2862852.2862852.2862852.286285
Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) is struggling with her alter-ego and her popularity as Hannah Montana and keeping her double-life a secret from the media, but Oswald Granger (Peter Gunn), a sneaky undercover journalist for celeb magazine BonChic, becomes suspicious and vows to uncover her secret for his boss Lucinda (Jane Parr). Later, Miley (as Hannah) ends up in a fight with Tyra Banks over a pair of shoes that she wanted to buy for Lilly (Emily Osment) as a birthday present. When Oswald secretly follows her limo to the party, Miley is forced to attend as Hannah instead of herself, resulting in the guests turning their attention to her instead of Lilly, especially when Hannah is accompanied by Steve Rushton and Days Difference in her performance of "Let's Get Crazy". Oliver Oken (Mitchel Musso) and Rico Suave (Moises Arias) try to stop Lilly from leaving, but the party is ruined by Rico's exploding "Happy Birthday Lilly" cake. Upset at Miley, Lilly accidentally tells Oswald that Hannah is from a place called Crowley Corners, Tennessee, not realizing that he is a journalist.
A Bunch of Amateurs, 1h36
Directed by Andy Cadiff
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about television
Actors Burt Reynolds, Imelda Staunton, Derek Jacobi, Samantha Bond, Michael Wildman, Lucy Akhurst
Roles Frank Dobbins
Rating61% 3.050683.050683.050683.050683.05068
A leading Hollywood star is attracted to Britain to play the title role in King Lear at "Stratford" believing he will be appearing onstage at the prestigious RSC in Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Instead he finds he has signed on with the "Stratford Players" in the Suffolk village of Stratford St John. He goes to Britain with his career on the downturn and having problems with his daughter who is an aspiring actress on the fringes of the New York theatre world. The local villagers are somewhat of a motley crew and are naturally delighted to have such an - albeit fading - star playing with them. Reynolds plays a typically brash American with no time for manners, and displays an appalling lack of class, considering himself too big for this lowly setting. The transition to humble actor, happy to play with the British actors takes some time, but eventually Reynolds is reconciled with his estranged daughter and accepts that he is no better, in terms of spirit and enthusiasm, than his amateur colleagues.
24 Hour Party People, 1h57
Directed by Michael Winterbottom
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Biography, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Musical theatre, Musical
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films
Actors Steve Coogan, Paddy Considine, John Thomson, Shirley Henderson, Lennie James, Martin Hancock
Roles Farmer
Rating72% 3.6481853.6481853.6481853.6481853.648185
In 1976, television presenter Tony Wilson sees the Sex Pistols perform at the Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall for the first time. Inspired, Wilson starts a weekly series of punk rock shows at a Manchester club, where the newly formed Joy Division perform, led by the erratic, brooding Ian Curtis.
Sword of Honour
Genres Drama, War
Actors Daniel Craig, Katrin Cartlidge, Richard Coyle, Simon Chandler, Christopher Benjamin, Selina Cadell
Rating61% 3.0990853.0990853.0990853.0990853.099085
Pendant la deuxième Guerre mondiale, le riche Guy Crouchback décide pour exorciser ses propres démons, de rejoindre le plus dur des commandos de l'armée britannique. Derrière les lignes ennemies, plusieurs de ses frères d'armes paient le prix fort de leur engagement pour la liberté.
EverAfter (1998)
, 2h1
Directed by Andy Tennant
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romantic comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Themes Films about children, Politique, Films about the labor movement, Political films, Children's films, Films about royalty
Actors Drew Barrymore, Anjelica Huston, Judy Parfitt, Dougray Scott, Megan Dodds, Melanie Lynskey
Roles Capt. Laurent
Rating70% 3.502013.502013.502013.502013.50201
In the 19th century, a Grande Dame (Jeanne Moreau) summons The Brothers Grimm to her palace, where the brothers discuss their interpretation of the Cinderella story and notice a painting displayed in the room. The Grande Dame shows the brothers a glass slipper and tells them the story of Danielle de Barbarac, the true story of Cinderella. In 16th-century France, widower Auguste de Barbarac (Jeroen Krabbé), father of eight-year-old Danielle, marries Rodmilla de Ghent (Anjelica Huston), a wealthy baroness with two young daughters, Maguerite and Jacqueline, but he dies of a heart attack shortly afterwards. Before dying, Auguste's last words are directed to Danielle, which causes the Baroness to envy Danielle and treat her miserably for the next ten years. While Marguerite (Megan Dodds) is hostile and cruel to Danielle, Jacqueline (Melanie Lynskey) is kinder and more respectful to her, though she often stays out of the crossfires to keep the peace.
Roseanna's Grave, 1h38
Directed by Paul Weiland
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Jean Reno, Mercedes Ruehl, Polly Walker, Mark Frankel, Trevor Peacock, Fay Ripley
Roles Cop 1
Rating71% 3.5963353.5963353.5963353.5963353.596335
Marcello est la crème des hommes, et aussi le meilleur des maris pour sa chère Roseanna. Malheureusement, celle-ci vit ses derniers jours, et le brave Marcello doit multiplier les efforts pour exaucer le vœu de sa tendre épouse : reposer au cimetière de Trivento, où il ne reste que 3 concessions, que l'on ne peut réserver...
Twelfth Night, 2h14
Directed by Trevor Nunn
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, Théâtre, LGBT-related films, Transgender in film, Films based on plays, Films based on works by William Shakespeare, LGBT-related films, Jumeaux ou jumelles, LGBT-related film, Cross-dressing in film
Actors Imogen Stubbs, Steven Mackintosh, Nicholas Farrell, Ben Kingsley, Helena Bonham Carter, Nigel Hawthorne
Roles Fabian
Rating71% 3.596973.596973.596973.596973.59697
Viola (Imogen Stubbs) and Sebastian (Steven Mackintosh) are young twins who, on Twelfth Night (holiday) are performing on a ship and use their likeness to tease their audiences. During their journey, they are caught in a storm, shipwrecked and separated. Viola and other survivors end up on the shore of Illyria. A devastated Viola believes her brother dead. She later takes his appearance to join the court of the local Duke Orsino (Toby Stephens). The young woman has her long, beautiful hair cut by the sailor, conceals her breasts, and dresses like a young man. After that, Viola becomes a page, using the name "Cesario".
Brassed Off, 1h47
Directed by Mark Herman
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Films about the labor movement, La précarité, Musical films, Political films
Actors Pete Postlethwaite, Tara Fitzgerald, Ewan McGregor, Stephen Tompkinson, Jim Carter, Philip Jackson
Roles Simmo
Rating70% 3.5491053.5491053.5491053.5491053.549105
Gloria Mullins has been sent to her old hometown of Grimley to determine the profitability of the pit for the management of British Coal. She also plays the flugelhorn brilliantly, and is allowed to play with the local brass band after playing Concierto de Aranjuez with them, the band is made up of miners from whom she must conceal her purpose. She renews a childhood romance with Andy Barrow, which soon leads to complications. It is later revealed during a confrontation between Gloria and the management of the colliery that the decision to close the colliery had been made two years previously, and that this was to have gone ahead regardless of the findings of her report; the report simply being a public relations exercise to placate the miners and members of the public sympathetic to their plight.
When Saturday Comes, 1h38
Directed by Maria Giese
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama
Themes Sports films, Association football films
Actors Sean Bean, Emily Lloyd, Pete Postlethwaite, Craig Kelly, Jimmy McKenna, Melanie Hill
Roles Tommy
Rating61% 3.0501953.0501953.0501953.0501953.050195
A factory worker who gets scouted, firstly by the well-known non-league side Hallam F.C. and then later by Sheffield United Football Club. It was filmed at various locations around South Yorkshire including Rotherham, Sandygate Road and Bramall Lane.
Funny Bones, 2h8
Directed by Peter Chelsom
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama
Actors Oliver Platt, Jerry Lewis, Lee Evans, Leslie Caron, Richard Griffiths, Sadie Corré
Roles Nicky
Rating67% 3.3978553.3978553.3978553.3978553.397855
Tommy Fawkes is the son of comedy legend George Fawkes. After his own Las Vegas comedy act flops with his beloved father in the audience, Tommy returns to Blackpool, England, where he spent the summers of his childhood.
Blue Juice
Blue Juice (1995)
, 1h30
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy, Romance
Themes Sports films, Surfing films
Actors Sean Pertwee, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ewan McGregor, Steven Mackintosh, Peter Gunn, Heathcote Williams
Roles Terry Colcott
Rating53% 2.6504152.6504152.6504152.6504152.650415
JC seems to have it all figured out. By day he runs a surf school, at night he lies down next to his beautiful girlfriend Chloe, his lifelong dream is to travel the world surfing. However, when old mates arrive from London unannounced it releases tensions which have long been simmering under the surface of JC and Chloe's seemingly perfect relationship. Chloe decides to buy the local surfer cafe and settle down, His friends, especially drug-dealer Dean are intent on causing mischief and sucking JC back into surfing a dangerous reef, which he had attempted before, seriously injuring his back.