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Phillips Smalley is a Actor, Director, Writer, Producer and Other American born on 7 august 1875 at New York City (USA)

Phillips Smalley

Phillips Smalley
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Birth name Wendell Phillips Smalley
Nationality USA
Birth 7 august 1875 at New York City (USA)
Death 2 may 1939 (at 63 years) at Hollywood (USA)

Wendell Phillips Smalley (August 7, 1865 – May 2, 1939) was an American silent film director and actor.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Smalley began his career in vaudeville and acted in more than 200 films between 1910 until his death in 1939. He began directing in 1911 and they made more than 300 films between then and 1921.

Smalley was married to actress, writer, director, and producer Lois Weber from April 29, 1904 to 1922. They met in 1904 when Weber was acting in a theater where Smalley was stage manager. In 1908 Smalley and Weber began working for the U.S. division of Gaumont Film Company, where Smalley was an actor, and later a director. He is sometimes listed as a co-director with Lois Weber, and the extent of his contribution to her work is unresolved.

Phillips Smalley died in 1939 and is interred next to his second wife Phyllis Lorraine Ephlin in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Hollywood Hills.


Sa première épouse fut l'actrice et réalisatrice Lois Weber.

Usually with

Lois Weber
Lois Weber
(17 films)
Mary MacLaren
Mary MacLaren
(4 films)
Marie Walcamp
Marie Walcamp
(3 films)
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Filmography of Phillips Smalley (85 films)

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Start Cheering, 1h18
Directed by Albert S. Rogell
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Musical
Themes Films about education, Films about television, Musical films, Buddy films
Actors Jimmy Durante, Walter Connolly, Charles Starrett, Joan Perry, Broderick Crawford, Louis Prima
Roles Professor
Rating62% 3.147093.147093.147093.147093.14709
Film star Ted Crosley (Charles Starrett) is fed up with Hollywood and quits the movies to enroll in college under a fake name. While Ted tries to fit in at academia, his frustrated managers (Walter Connolly, Jimmy Durante) try to have him expelled from the college in order for him to resume his Hollywood career.
The Lady Objects, 1h6
Directed by Erle C. Kenton
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Musical, Romance
Actors Gloria Stuart, Joan Marsh, Pierre Watkin, Robert Paige, Arthur Loft, Stanley Andrews
Roles Fairbanks
Rating61% 3.0655153.0655153.0655153.0655153.065515
Football hero (Lanny Ross) weds sweetheart (Gloria Stuart), but the marriage suffers when she becomes a prominent lawyer.
Souls at Sea, 1h32
Directed by Henry Hathaway, Hal Walker
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Adventure
Themes Films about slavery, Seafaring films, Transport films
Actors Gary Cooper, George Raft, Frances Dee, Henry Wilcoxon, Harry Carey, Robert Cummings
Rating68% 3.4437453.4437453.4437453.4437453.443745
The story is based on two distinct early 19th-century themes, including the attempts by abolitionists (Cooper and Raft) to end the slave trade. Although the U.S. Constitution ended the importation of slaves in 1808, slaves were still being brought into the country under foreign flags. The abolition of slavery by Great Britain helped reduce legal trade in slaves by putting the British navy into action against slave traders, but even Britain had its supporters of the trade (here represented by Wilcoxon, as a British naval officer acting for the slave interests). The collision between Cooper and Wilcoxon is complicated by Wilcoxon's sister (Dee) falling in love with Cooper.
Second Honeymoon, 1h24
Directed by Walter Lang
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Children's films
Actors Tyrone Power, Loretta Young, Stuart Erwin, Claire Trevor, Marjorie Weaver, Lyle Talbot
Roles Banker (uncredited)
Rating64% 3.2455953.2455953.2455953.2455953.245595
The newly remarried Vicky (Loretta Young) is on vacation in Miami Beach with her second husband Bob Benton (Lyle Talbot) a Yale-man. One night Vicky finds her first husband Raoul McLiesh (Tyrone Power) on the terrace of the ballroom, and they skip between kissing as if they never divorced and the distant way of two not married people.
Bulldog Drummond's Revenge, 57minutes
Directed by Louis King
Origin USA
Genres Adventure, Crime
Themes Transport films, Rail transport films
Actors John Barrymore, John Howard, Reginald Denny, E. E. Clive, Frank Puglia, Nydia Westman
Roles Englishman
Rating59% 2.9540952.9540952.9540952.9540952.954095
The film tells the story of Captain Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond, a British officer who, while on a drive with his friend Algy Longworth and valet Tenny, is the first to discover a mysterious suitcase that is parachuted from an aircraft above, minutes before the plane crashes. The case is found to contain a highly explosive chemical, the plans for which have been stolen, and despite the urging of his fiancee Phyllis Claverling, Drummond is dragged into the mystery surrounding the whole affair, traveling by both train and ship to recover the formula.
Make Way for Tomorrow, 1h31
Directed by Leo McCarey, Ray McCarey
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films based on plays
Actors Victor Moore, Beulah Bondi, Fay Bainter, Thomas Mitchell, Porter Hall, Elisabeth Risdon
Roles Business Man (uncredited)
Rating81% 4.0943354.0943354.0943354.0943354.094335
Barkley "Bark" (Victor Moore) and Lucy Cooper (Beulah Bondi) are an elderly couple who lose their home to foreclosure, as Barkley has been unable to find employment because of his age. They summon four of their five children—the fifth lives thousands of miles away in California—to break the news and decide where they will live until they can get back on their feet. Only one of the children, Nell (Minna Gombell), has enough space for both, but she asks for three months to talk her husband into the idea. In the meantime, the temporary solution is for the parents to split up and each live with a different child.
The Preview Murder Mystery, 1h
Directed by Robert Florey
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Crime
Actors Reginald Denny, Frances Drake, Gail Patrick, George Barbier, Ian Keith, Rod La Rocque
Roles Ben - Hewitt's Legal Advisor
Rating66% 3.311713.311713.311713.311713.31171
The Accusing Finger, 1h2
Directed by James Patrick Hogan
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Crime, Romance
Actors Paul Kelly, Marsha Hunt, Kent Taylor, Robert Cummings, Harry Carey, Bernadene Hayes
Roles Senator

Un avocat est responsable de l'envoi en prison d'un innocent pour un assassinat qu'il n'a pourtant pas commis. Quand la femme de l'avocat est assassinée, personne ne le croit quand il clame son innocence.
A Feather in Her Hat, 1h12
Directed by Alfred Santell
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Pauline Lord, Basil Rathbone, Billie Burke, Louis Hayward, Wendy Barrie, Nydia Westman
Roles Man (uncredited)
Rating62% 3.1486953.1486953.1486953.1486953.148695
In 1925 London, middle-aged, widowed shopkeeper Clarissa Phipps (Pauline Lord) pities genteel, but homeless drunkard Captain Randolph Courtney (Basil Rathbone) and takes him in. When Courtney corrects the lower-class accent and grammar of her son Richard, a germ of an idea is born. Richard benefits from Courtney's tutelage as he grows up.
It's in the Air, 1h20
Directed by Charles Reisner
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Jack Benny, Ted Healy, Una Merkel, Nat Pendleton, Mary Carlisle, Grant Mitchell
Roles Mr. Winterby
Rating58% 2.933262.933262.933262.933262.93326
Night Life of the Gods
Directed by Lowell Sherman
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Fantasy
Actors Alan Mowbray, Peggy Shannon, Florine McKinney, Richard Carle, Phillips Smalley, Wesley Barry
Roles Alfred Lambert
Rating67% 3.3970553.3970553.3970553.3970553.397055
Eccentric scientist Hunter Hawk (Alan Mowbray) nearly blows himself up during an experiment. When he comes to, he finds that he is successful at last: he has created a ring that can turn living creatures into statues as well as bring statues to life. After testing the device on his dog, he makes statues of his disagreeable family; only his favorite niece, Daphne (Peggy Shannon), is spared. Hawk and Daphne celebrate the petrification of their relatives with a bottle of wine after which Daphne goes off to meet her boyfriend Cyril (Douglas Fowley). Hawk takes a drunken stroll through the cornfield where he encounters the gardener, Old Man Turner (Ferdinand Gottschalk), who turns out to be a leprechaun. Turner takes Hawk home to meet his daughter, Meg (Florine McKinney), and the two hit it off. They embark on a spree, turning other disagreeable people into statues left and right. At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Hawk brings statues of Greek gods to life. Hawk and Meg take the gods on a whirlwind tour of the modern world embodied by Manhattan resulting in more mayhem, the disillusionment of the gods, and Hawk's eventual weariness with what he has wrought. Since he and Meg wish to be together, and concluding that he is certain to be locked up as a madman, he turns the ring on Meg and himself. Hawk then awakens in an ambulance and discovers that the entire evening was the result of head injuries sustained in the explosion at the beginning of the story.
Cleopatra (1934)
, 1h40
Directed by Cecil B. DeMille
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Biography, Historical, Romance
Themes Films set in Africa, Politique, Political films, Films based on plays, Films based on works by William Shakespeare, Films about royalty
Actors Claudette Colbert, Warren William, Henry Wilcoxon, Joseph Schildkraut, Ian Keith, Gertrude Michael
Rating67% 3.394673.394673.394673.394673.39467
In 48 BC, Cleopatra vies with her brother Ptolemy for control of Egypt. Pothinos (Leonard Mudie) kidnaps her and Apollodorus (Irving Pichel) and strands them in the desert. When Pothinos informs Julius Caesar that the queen has fled the country, Caesar is ready to sign an agreement with Ptolemy when Apollodorus appears, bearing a gift carpet for the Roman. When Apollodorus unrolls it, Cleopatra emerges much to Pothinos' surprise- he tries to deny who she is. However Caesar sees through the deception and Cleopatra soon beguiles Caesar with the prospect of the riches of not only Egypt, but also India. Later, when they are seemingly alone, she spots a sandal peeking out from underneath a curtain and thrusts a spear into the hidden Pothinos, foiling his assassination attempt. Caesar makes Cleopatra the sole ruler of Egypt, and begins an affair with her.
Behold My Wife!, 1h19
Directed by Mitchell Leisen
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Sylvia Sidney, Gene Raymond, Laura Hope Crews, H. B. Warner, Juliette Compton, Monroe Owsley
Roles Homme de la société
Rating62% 3.1026153.1026153.1026153.1026153.102615
Madame Du Barry, 1h19
Directed by William Dieterle
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Historical
Themes Politique, Political films, Histoire de France, Films about royalty
Actors Dolores del Río, Reginald Owen, Victor Jory, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Anita Louise, Osgood Perkins
Rating62% 3.147793.147793.147793.147793.14779
L'ascension de Madame du Barry à travers les couloirs et les boudoirs de Versailles jusqu'à la chambre du roi Louis XV. Les frasques de la courtisane agaceront bien vite la Reine Marie Antoinette (jouée par Anita Louise) qui bannira la du Barry de la cour.