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Pino Quartullo is a Actor, Director and Scriptwriter born on 12 july 1957

Pino Quartullo

Pino Quartullo
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Birth name Giuseppe Quartullo
Birth 12 july 1957 (61 years)

Pino Quartullo (born 12 July 1957) is an Italian actor, director, screenwriter and playwright.

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Pinocchio (2012)
, 1h15
Directed by Enzo D'Alò
Origin Italie
Genres Fantasy, Animation
Themes Films about children, Jeu, Films about magic and magicians, Adaptations de Pinocchio, Films about toys, Children's films
Actors Robert Naylor, Paolo Ruffini, Rocco Papaleo, Maurizio Micheli, Pino Quartullo, Gauthier de Fauconval
Roles Il carabiniere (voice)
Rating62% 3.10483.10483.10483.10483.1048
In a small village in Tuscany, the poor carpenter Geppetto decides to fabricate a wooden puppet with socket because he feels himself alone. The puppet is called Pinocchio, and that magically comes to life and begins to make jokes of all kinds to Geppetto and the villagers. Soon Pinocchio escapes, although his father wants him to go to study in school like a normal child; the puppet is captured by the puppeter Mangiafoco, who wants to roast him, but Pinocchio moves him, and manages to save his life. Pinocchio runs into other adventures, encountering swindlers: the Cat and the Fox, then the good Fairy, who protects him, and at the end Lucignolo, a rascal who leads Pinocchio in the fantastic Wonderland.
The Youngest Son, 1h45
Directed by Pupi Avati
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy-drama
Actors Christian De Sica, Luca Zingaretti, Laura Morante, Nicola Nocella, Alessandra Acciai, Massimo Bonetti
Roles l'elicotterista
Rating58% 2.9038552.9038552.9038552.9038552.903855
Luciano Baietti (Christian De Sica) is a man who has always taken advantage of the weakness of character of his wife Fiamma (Laura Morante) and his two sons Paul and Baldo. In fact, he, getting with deception, cheating, fraud and tax evasion for hotels and restaurant chains and small corporations, which now has abandoned his wife and children after marriage, psychologically destroying Fiamma and Baldo. Paul is the only one who has overcome the trauma, harboring a deep hatred of true parent and repeatedly threatened with death. After about twenty years of marriage, Luciano finds himself in trouble for all the tricks he did with his secretaries and Sticker Pillar who trust him blindly, and now must find a way out. Will find it in his youngest son Baldo which although has which 20 years is still a big kid dominated by the mother, who tries to rebuild his life creandosi a poor musical group of which he is the singer together with an old friend, but also his brother who treated as a mental patient. So Baldo, believing that review after so many years, the beloved father was invited to his villa why are headed all the properties and buildings that his father bought the scam. However, Luciano, who hopes to be saved from disaster by a second marriage is discovered, the wedding go awry, and he was arrested by the police. Baldo increasingly confused and desperate to return home to his family, and soon also joins Luciano, now reduced to a pauper after release from prison.
What Will Happen to Us, 1h40
Directed by Giovanni Veronesi
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romantic comedy
Actors Silvio Muccino, Violante Placido, Elio Germano, Valeria Solarino, Katy Saunders, Pino Quartullo
Roles il Padre di Paolo
Rating57% 2.8542.8542.8542.8542.854
In Rome three friends end to give the exams in last year of grammar high school, and grant a lovely summer holiday in Greece, on the island of Santorini. Matteo is a young problematic and indifferent, which is hoping for a ransom of his controversial personality through love. Manuel is a gruff guy who hates his father, and hopes for a better future for himself, because he does not want to work at the pet store with her ​​mother. Paolo is the more shy of the group, who is in search of himself and of love. In Greece the three know beautiful girls, however also suffer betrayals of love. At the end of the story, only Manuel discovers himself, becoming more loving and positive towards life.
Secondo Ponzio Pilato, 1h45
Directed by Luigi Magni
Origin Italie
Genres Drama
Themes Films about religion, Films based on the Bible, Portrayals of Jesus in film
Actors Nino Manfredi, Stefania Sandrelli, Lando Buzzanca, Flavio Bucci, Antonio Pierfederici, Mario Scaccia
Roles Longino
Rating68% 3.41293.41293.41293.41293.4129
The Roman tribune Pontius Pilate then runs Jesus Christ and then, never mind, allows Christ to be executed after being scourged. Crucified and dead, Jesus Christ promises to the faithful that would be resurrected three days after his earthly death. From this point Pontius Pilate begins to be opposed and hated by the Roman people that he realizes his mistake and that the Jews, who in turn are severely punished by the Emperor Tiberius.