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Po-Chih Leong is a Director British born on 31 december 1939 at England (United-kingdom)

Po-Chih Leong

Po-Chih Leong
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Birth name Leong Po-Chih
Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 31 december 1939 (80 years) at England (United-kingdom)

Leong Po-Chih (梁普智; b. 31 December 1939) is a Chinese–British film director.


Early years
Leong, one of three children, was born in England in 1939. He attended the London Film School, before embarking on a philosophy degree. After graduation he was taken on by the BBC as a trainee film editor and later worked on a variety of productions, including the long-running series Panorama. He went to Hong Kong to help set up the film unit at the new television station TVB. As an executive producer he also directed a number of entertainment programmes, including The Star Show. He left TVB in 1969 to form Adpower, one of the first commercial production companies in Hong Kong.

Leong's first film, Jumping Ash (1976), an action film set in a drug underworld starring Josephine Siao, was one of the two top-grossing films of the season, and, at the 23rd Hong Kong Film Festival, was described as "the advance guard of the (Hong Kong) New Wave". He went on to direct a range of genres from drama to action movies, comedies, horror and satire, in both English and Chinese. Banana Cop (1984) was the story of a British–Chinese policeman who returns to Hong Kong to seek help with a case, was the genesis for his first British film Ping Pong (1986), made for UK's Channel 4, the first English feature film set in Sohos Chinatown.

After Banana Cop, Leong turned to history for inspiration and made the award-winning movie Hong Kong 1941 (1984), starring Chow Yun Fat, set in Hong Kong during the early days of the Japanese invasion. Hong Kong 1941 was an oblique comment on the 1984 deal between Britain and China about Hong Kong's future. Leong and his film maker daughter, Sze Wing Leong, directed and filmed the effect of this deal up to and beyond the handover in Riding the Tiger (1997-1998), an eight part, observational documentary series for the UK's Channel 4.

Further pursuing his interest in history, Leong made a Hong Kong English-language movie, Shanghai 1920 (HK, 1990), set in Shanghai and starring John Lone, about the rise of the legendary Shanghai gangster Big-Eared Du.

His second British feature film, was the award-winning 1998 movie, The Wisdom of Crocodiles, starring Jude Law, Timothy Spall, and Kerry Fox, with notable references to Akira Kurosawas opus, especially Rashomon, and to Jean-Pierre Melvilles Le Samouraï. In recent years Leong has made action films starring Steven Segal, Wesley Snipes, Judd Nelson, Joe Mantegna, and Oscar-winning Marcia Gay Harden. He has directed films for US network television and AMC. In 2012, he reunited with Hong Kong producer Raymond Wong Bak Ming to direct the 3D movie, Baby Blues.

Private life
Leong currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife Mary. His son James Leong is a film maker. Leong's younger brother is sculptor Po Shun Leong, and his nephew is photographer Sze Tsung Leong.

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Po-Chih Leong
Po-Chih Leong
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Sammo Hung
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Steven Seagal
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Filmography of Po-Chih Leong (5 films)

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The Detonator, 1h31
Directed by Po-Chih Leong, Po-Chih Leong
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Action, Adventure
Actors Wesley Snipes, William Hope, Tim Dutton, Silvia Colloca, William Hope, Matthew Leitch
Rating48% 2.402612.402612.402612.402612.40261
Undercover C.I.A. agent Sonni Griffith (Wesley Snipes) travels alone to Romania to expose an arms dealer and stop the sale of a nuclear weapon. When the arms dealer is tipped off to Griffith's identity, he lands himself in prison...but is quickly released by the C.I.A. only to be given a new mission: to escort a beautiful Russian woman named Nadia (Silvia Colloca) back to the United States.
Out of Reach, 1h26
Directed by Po-Chih Leong, Po-Chih Leong
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action
Actors Steven Seagal, Matt Schulze, Agnieszka Wagner, Nick Brimble, Krzysztof Pieczyński, Robbie Gee
Rating40% 2.005162.005162.005162.005162.00516
Vietnam veteran William Lansing, a former CSA agent who works on a wildlife refuge in Northern Alaska, has been exchanging letters in a pen-pal relationship with Irena Morawska, a 13-year-old orphaned girl in Warsaw, Poland that he's helping out financially. When the letters suddenly stop coming. However, Lansing heads to Poland to figure out the reason. He discovers that the orphanage that Irena was staying in, which is financed by honest – and unsuspecting – good intentioned Samaritans, is a front for a human trafficking syndicate being run by a crime boss named Faisal.
Cabin by the Lake, 1h31
Directed by Po-Chih Leong, Po-Chih Leong
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Horror
Themes Films about writers, Serial killer films
Actors Judd Nelson, Hedy Burress, Daniella Evangelista, Michael Weatherly, Susan Gibney, Colleen Wheeler
Rating57% 2.8516452.8516452.8516452.8516452.851645
The film opens with Stanley (Judd Nelson) on his boat in the middle of Summit Lake. After speaking with his agent, Regan (Susan Gibney) over the phone, Stanley accesses a hidden room in his house revealing a young woman who is chained to the floor by her ankle. He greets the woman and calls her Kimberly (Daniella Evangelista) as he places a plate of food in front of her. When he leaves the room, Kimberly walks over to the mirror and begins to cry, unaware that Stanley is studying her on the other side. Afterwards, Stanley brings her a fresh change of clothes and instructs her to dress, before gagging her with an orange and binding her hands behind her back. He forcibly escorts her onto his boat and drives out to the middle of Summit Lake, where he ties a cement block around her ankles. Curious about her predicament, he asks Kimberly how she feels, but the terrified woman does not respond. Stanley then pushes her into the lake, but promptly pulls her back up by the hair to study her expression before letting her sink to the bottom. Later, Stanley returns home to resume working on his script using the details he had gleaned from his latest victim. The next morning, he dives to the bottom of Summit Lake to tend his "garden", which consists of several women kidnapped and drowned in a similar fashion.
The Wisdom of Crocodiles, 1h38
Directed by Po-Chih Leong, Po-Chih Leong
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Thriller, Fantastic, Fantasy, Horror, Crime, Romance
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Psychologie, Vampires in film
Actors Jude Law, Elina Löwensohn, Timothy Spall, Jack Davenport, Colin Salmon, Kerry Fox
Rating61% 3.099183.099183.099183.099183.09918
Steven Grlscz (Jude Law), grand séducteur, est soupçonné du meurtre de sa petite amie, retrouvée morte dans la mer. Mais l'absence de mobile fait de lui un improbable coupable. Pourtant, le détective Roche est loin d’être convaincu de son innocence, d'autant plus qu'une des ex-petites amies de Steven a disparu dans d'obscures circonstances. Entre-temps, ce dernier vient de rencontrer Anne Levels (Elina Löwensohn). Une étrange relation s'installe entre eux.
Hong Kong 1941, 1h40
Directed by Po-Chih Leong, Po-Chih Leong
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films, Political films
Actors Chow Yun-fat, Cecilia Yip, Kien Shih, Paul Chun, Ku Feng, Wu Ma
Rating67% 3.3872753.3872753.3872753.3872753.387275
The film takes places shortly before and during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong during World War II. The story of three young friends focuses on their sufferings as Hong Kong falls under oppressive occupation.